Friday, September 16, 2011

The Tennis Match

The Tennis Match
by author unknown

It all started one day when i was playing basketball by myself at one of the near by courts to my house. I was at a park that had a field, a basketball court and a tennis court. Anyway I was shooting around when I noticed a girl walking up to the tennis court. I could not tell if she was pretty or not at first but then when she made it too the court I saw her slender, shiny looking legs. I glanced at her, checker her out. She was a blonde about 25. Attractive to say the least. She started to bounce the tennis ball off her racket over and over again. She seemed to be bored and waiting for someone to show up. So I just kept playing basketball. I was constantly looking over at her to see if she was looking back, but she was not. She was now sitting down, she was on her cell phone. Her legs were out in front of her, My cock began to harden slightly. I then got the courage to walk over to her. She was off the phone by then. I said 'no show huh''? She said ''yeah'', with a smile. We talked for a few minutes, then I invited her to a game of basketball to 11 win by one. She was pretty good. she had a 10-9 lead, I had the ball and I got a lay up. Tied at 10 next point wins. She was sweating a lot. I could not help but get a stiff, it smelled really sweet, her body odor. She took a fade away and it hit the rim and missed. I ran and got the rebound and cleared it. I took a shot at it went in. I had won. She had a look of disgust in her face. She must of taken the game seriously. So she said nice game. My feet really hurt she added. Then she challenged me to a tennis game. I wasn't bad at tennis so I accepted. She then said 'how about we put a wager on it''! I said sure what do you have in mind? She said if she wins that I would have to be her slave for an hour. Wasn't so bad I thought, what if I win I asked??? She smiled seductively and said I will take all my clothes off and let you have you way with me. I felt a sudden urge in my body. I said all right lets play!

So the match began, we would play one set, well believe it or not it was 8-8 and the deciding point was all tied up. She was even more nervous than me since tennis was her sport, she served one hard, but I hit it back the opposite way and it scored. I had game point now. She looked as if she was about to cry, she was really serious. She served this time and let out a cry, I hit it back and it went back and forth. I was about to win I had a perfect angle, and I hit it. I saw her run over to get it before it bounced over the line, her face was beat red. She dove and somehow hit it, I tried to get it but it was on the line, a score for her. it was even again, she said yes out loud and pumped her fist. Then she took the lead right away with a 80 mph serve she was really into this. Before I knew it she served game point. She fell to her knees and screamed out loud. Gee I thought why is she so die hard about this, maybe she didn't want to lose at her favorite game. Anyway she called me over, she was sweating even more and breathing heavy. She said 'i knew I was going to win, no one has beaten me in years, you came close but I was able to pull it out''! I said so what do you want me to do? She started untying her shoes, she removed them. At that instant my nostrils filled with a stinky smell. I gagged and coughed immediately. Her feet were all red. She tried so hard in that game that her feet got all sweaty. The stench was so bad I started coughing. She seemed turned on by this. her breasts were stiff, I could see her nipples hard in her white shirt. She said 'Cant handle the smell can you''? I said what do you want me to do? She told me to start to rub her feet. So I did. they felt soft actually, despite them smell I got an erection from the soft feel of her feet. She then Said '' smell my feet, inhale deeply I want you to know how much I worked to play basketball and then kick your ass in tennis''! I moved my nose over and inhaled. The aroma almost made me barf. I made a sound, this only turned her on more, the fact that I had to do this. that I was her foot slave and she could make me do whatever she wanted for an hour. She made me sniff in between her toes, Despite the bad smell, I was turned on. licking a sexy girls sweaty feet just made me horny for some reason, especially smelly, sweaty feet. She then told me to start sucking. the taste was gross at first but then I started to like it. I could taste her soft, moist skin, my erection was bulging out of my pants now. I took them off. She smiled at the size of my cock. She was excited that her sexy feet made it that erect. She began to rub her breasts and moan softly as I worshipped her stinky, feet. I even got a footjob. Then I began to suck on her toes all at once, I could not hold it in. I came right there, loads and loads of it. I moaned as I Let it out, and so did she. It had been an hour my time was up. She said ''wow that was fantastic! You wanted my feet so much it turned me on, maybe we can keep making these fun bets every day and have typical wagers''? I smiled and said sure, But lets find a sport we are both good at! She laughed and said later sweetie. I went home.

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