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Eddie Teddy

Eddie Teddy
by Ste Letto

Part 1

Jessica pulled into the car park of Hollister Associates, waved at the security guard, then found her way to her usual space. The pretty 25 year old worked in the accounts department, processing cheque runs and calculating wages. She was wearing her hair long, letting it grow out. This was part of her change of image to mark her new start away from Eddie. She felt a little flutter of distress, then shook it off. He was out of her life for good. She smiled, remembering the feeling of liberty it had given her to suddenly have him gone. The flat, her flat, and the car, her car, were now places she loved.

She stepped from the car, the tread of her black, knee high, boots, gripping the tarmac floor firmly. She was a slender girl, almost elfin, standing 5ft 6 in her stocking feet. Her boots made her 5 ft 8, and she liked the extra inches; they made her feel bigger and stronger. She wore transparent white tights, a black knee length skirt and a simple, white cotton, long sleeved blouse. With a smile of satisfaction she picked up the rather flattened and bedraggled teddy bear that lay on her seat, that she had sat on while driving to work and locked her car. She walked to her office, swaying her hips and laughing. She tossed the stuffed animal under her desk, then smiled and said hello to her colleagues.
She had no real enemies, she was a bright, cheerful, friendly, easy going girl. She walked into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee, humming quietly to herself. With a steaming mug in hand she went back to her desk. After setting the mug on her coaster she leaned across and turned on the computer monitor on her desk, balancing on one foot, letting the other lift and hover behind her. She slid her chair back, peeked under the desk to see where Teddy was and sat down.
Teddy was an old teddy bear Eddie had given her when they first started going out. Even though she now hated Eddie, she decided to keep teddy. Her booted feet reached for the soft fur covered creature, finding him where she'd looked only moments before. She smiled to feel the soft body between her booted feet and dragged him into position. She liked to rest her feet on teddy whilst she worked, and she liked to imagine Eddie was somehow in teddy and suffering for her comfort. It was ironic therefore, that that was exactly the situation.
Magic is a strange thing, and none who know its secrets will ever fully explain. All Eddie knew was that on the night when he finally left Jessica for good he had an accident, a bad accident. He was left dying, in agony, in the rain, praying for a second chance, a chance to be spared, to make ammends and to be with Jessica again. When his pain stopped he was ecstatic, when he found himself in semi-darkness, unable to move he was bewildered. When he found he was neither blinking, nor hungry he feared he had gone mad. Some time later, when it got light, and he found himself on Jessica's bed he gave up trying to understand. He saw Jessica's hips, her thigh and panties. He heard her soft sleeping sounds. He couldn't understand. When she woke, and rolled over, and her belly pressed on his face he really couldn't understand. He watched as she rolled back, then looked down. Her brown eyes were sad, but still beautiful. She reached toward him, and picked him up. She stared into his eyes. "Ahh Teddy," she began, "Eddie, Teddy, Eddie, Teddy. In my mind you are Eddie, and you hurt me, so I'm gonna hurt you." With a small grimace she gripped Teddy's arm and squoze it tight. Sharp pain shot from the place where she gripped him. Jessica smiled, "Does that hurt?" she asked slyly. "Yes, yes it does," Eddie thought. Jessica retained her grip, then began twisting, turning Teddy's arm agonisingly round. "Arrrggghhh" Eddie screamed in his mind, "Stop, please stop."
Jessica laughed coldly. "I can torture you all I want." She let go Teddy's arm and laid him down Slowly he became aware he had been changed, he had become her teddy. He was looking up at the ceiling of her room. Jessica moved round the bed until she was stood at the edge where Teddy lay. She looked huge, menacing yet cute all at the same time. The white t-shirt she slept in didn't cover her bottom and Eddy had always loved to see her bum and thighs and back from this position.
Jessica checked his position. She lay him parallel with the edge of the bed. Hovering her cotton clad bottom menacingly over Teddy's body she asked "Hmm, where should I sit?" Slowly she looked round and down, "I know. Do you mind if I sit here?" she asked Teddy, laughing sadistically. Without even waiting for a reply she said "Guess not," and sat down. Eddy was amazed. She felt like a house landing on top of him. His whole body was pressed and stretched. He thought he might rip apart, that his seams might go and his insides, his stuffing, might come out. Jessica crossed her legs, wiggled and said "Wheeeee," laughing out loud.
Then, suddenly she was gone. She had to get ready for work, and playing, however much fun it was, wasn't something she had time for. Eddie heard her on the toilet, then in the bathroom. At some point she came back to the bedroom to get dressed. She put on a sleeveless pink top, a creamy miniskirt and high heeled sandals, showing her pink painted toe nails. She pretended to accidentally knock Teddy to the floor, and said "Oops!" while giggling. She looked down at Teddy, drew back her foot, and kicked him across the floor. Eddie thought his ribs would break, but then remembered he didn't have any. Still, it bloody well hurt. Jessica walked to him, raised her foot again, and jabbed her heel down into his belly, indenting it and stepping until only the material of his body seperated her heel from the floor. Eddie felt as if his belly were on fire. It hurt more than when he'd had a tooth drilled and the anaesthetic hadn't worked. Jessica pretended she didn't know what she was doing. She looked down slowly, with a look of mock concern on her face, "Oh I am sorry," she said, "you got underfoot silly." She kept her heel in place whie she shook her head slowly back and to. "You need to be more careful. She removed her heel, then kicked him again. "Yeaaaaa!" she shouted "Eddie is a soccer ball." She kicked him across the landing, then down the stairs, stepping on him twice on the way. Finally she kicked him into the kitchen, and stood on him while she made breakfast. She left him in the centre of the floor while she gathered the things she needed. Every pass to and from the fridge involved a full weight step on his vulnerable and helpless body. She stepped on him while she fetched orange juice, and on the way to the counter. Then she took the carton back, and fetched milk, stepping on him again, sliding a little on the shiny floor. She stepped on him when she put the milk back, and so on.
When her breakfast was cooked she popped Teddy onto her stool and sat upon him gleefully. "If you're hungry," she said, "you can eat my ass!" She chuckled as she ate, almost spilling some. The ten minutes while she ate seemed an eternity. Eddie was wracked with pain, her arse was crushing him flat.
When she got off him it took ages to recover. By the time he did she was ready to go to work. She carried him out to the car, threw him on her seat, slipped in and sat down. Her bum compressed him again. The click of the seatbelt terrified him, as it confirmed they were locked together. Jessica's butt was warm and all consuming. It overwhelmed, overpowered and overcame him. He felt her moving to press the pedals, heard the engine cranking, felt her thigh shifting as she pressed the accelarator and wanted to die. Why in God's name had he made that wish?
Jessica loved the drive to work that morning. It was lovely. The 45 minute drive seemed a real pleasure. Every time she paused in traffic or was stopped at lights she would wiggle her ass and say "How ya doin' down there sport?" then laugh. She drove without a care in the world. She liked the way Teddy's padding made her seat so much comfier. "You're going to be my seat every day from now on Ed, isn't that nice?" she told him.
At work she climbed from the car, slipped Teddy into a carrier bag and took him in. She tossed him under her desk and was soon working away. Part way through the morning, not even conscious of her actions she kicked off her sandals, sought out Teddy's furry form and planted her heel upon him. Her left heel bored into Teddy's belly, under the additional weight of her right leg, as she had her legs crossed.
Eddie was swimming in a sea of pain. At its best it was like toothache, at its worst it was indescribable. Her feet stayed still only for seconds, then they wagged, they lifted and dropped, they moved and resettled, one beside the other, they trod on him in time, almost like marching. Eddie had never realised what restless feet Jessica had.
He thanked God for lunch break, but then remembered Jessica always had sandwiches at her desk. While she ate, her right foot flattened his head, her left his belly. Lunch was agony.
This became the pattern. Every day she sat on him at breakfast, and in the car going to work. She rested her feet on him at work, then sat on him going home, and then at home while she watched TV. At night he lay under the covers, at her feet, smelling her feet and her farts.
Eddie Teddy part 2
Since people seemed to like part 1, and the idea wouldn't go away, here is part 2. If enough people like it there'll probably be a part 3 and possibly 4.

Part 2

Eddie would often try to decide what part of his new existence he hated the most. This varied depending on what torment he was undergoing at that moment, although certain themes recurred. Take a typical workday morning in September.

The day began with Eddie lying helpless and immobile at Jessicas feet, having served there throughout the night. Due to his magical transformation Eddie did not sleep, he had no need of sleep. He was awake all the time. At night, as Jessica lay softly snoring, blissfully unconscious, Eddie lay in the dark, thinking. Sometimes he remembered how life used to be. Sometimes he thought about how life was now, and sometimes he thought about how it would simply go on and on. To add to his torments, as colder nights approached, Jessica had modified his body. She had cut a slit in his belly and scooped out some of his stuffing. Suffice to say this was as painful as it sounds. Yet all through this and the coming procedure Eddie had been wide awake, and Jessica had been happy, content and comfortable, unaware of the agonies she was inflicting. Eddie had lain across her bare lap, staring up uselessly. Jessica had been dressed for bed in fluffy woollen socks, big knickers and a faded Star Wars T-shirt.

He’d thought her incredibly beautiful, almost ethereal, with her hair pulled back in a long ponytail, and her face scrubbed and cleaned, without any make up. She had a neutral expression, marked only by close concentration. He remembered her impaling him with the sharp point of her scissors, twisting them back and forth before closing the handles to slice his furry belly. (This produced a feeling not unlike having his belly filled with molten metal.) He remembered her scooping out handfuls of stuffing before testing the gap for size. He remembered her lining the new space with a silky material taken from an old nightshirt. Each stitch as she sewed it in brought sharp, fresh pains. He remembered her attaching a zip to the opening in his belly.

Then he was left, lying half on, half off her seat as she boiled a kettle and filled a pink hot water bottle. She made sure the top was tight, and slipped the bottle inside Eddie’s body. The hot heavy bottle seemed to be cooking him from the inside out. Through a haze of pain he saw Jessica grinning broadly. “No more cold tootsies for me,” she said, chuckling, “ehhh Teddy.” Eddie screamed inside.

As Jessica carried him upstairs Eddie felt the bottle shifting and moving in his stomach. It felt as if it was threatening to rip him open. Waves of pulsing, nauseating heat ran from his centre. He guessed this was what Hell was like. Jessica whistled happily as she stepped gaily up the stairs. Her socked feet made almost no sound as she walked.

She flicked on the lamp by her bedside, then, while Eddie baked in the agonising heat, she turned down the quilt and slid her new novelty hot water bottle under the cover, being careful to push him down to where her feet would soon seek him out. She smiled to herself and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and attend to her night time beauty regimen. After that she took a leisurely trip to the toilet, before returning to the bathroom and washing her hands.

Feeling pleasantly sleepy she slipped into bed, and reached for her book. She loved to read for half an hour before settling down to sleep, it was one of her pleasures. As her long legs extended, her fluffy wool clad feet soon found Eddie’s hot body. She rubbed her socked feet against the pleasingly warm fur of his belly and giggled happily. “Ohhh Teddy,” she said in a childlike voice, “your fur is so warm. I hope you don’t mind if I rub my poor cold little feet on you all night!” She said the last two words with a cold hostility. “All night Ted,” she said again, “without socks I think.” The combination of Eddie’s hot body and her fluffy woollen socks was making her feet too hot.

Eddie was burning up. When Jessica rubbed him with her feet the water in his belly shifted and moved, he felt pained and bloated. He felt her feet thrusting into him, her soles pressing down insistently. After she spoke, she moved her left foot off him, resting the side of her right on his face as she took off her sock. His face was compressed almost flat. Soon her bare foot found him, as she removed her left sock and flung it into her washing basket. Moments later her two bare feet were on him. She playfully bashed her bare heels against his head, seeming to deliberately target his beady eyes. Despite being hard plastic, he did actually look out at the world from these eyes and her bashing heels set up a fierce headache. Next, continuing to torment his eyes, she dug her big toenails into them, scratching at them. Jessica’s playful, wilful, restless feet were driving white hot slivers of pain into his eyes.

Finally, after what seemed and eternity, she stopped playing. Instead she turned Eddie sideways on and rested one foot on his belly, while the other pressed down on it. She was lying on her side reading. She wiggled her toe occasionally, scratching under his chin, but other than that her feet stayed still. Eddie felt the reminder of the pains in his head and eyes, although these were thankfully fading. What he felt most now was the pain from her feet crushing his belly and the hot water bottle pressing back. It was a hideous, hot, bloated feeling.

Jessica read, completely caught up in the world of her book. She shifted her feet every now and then when they grew a little too warm, but all in all she thought this hot water bottle cover was lovely. When she was ready for sleep she sighed, stretched, turned out the light, rolled on her side and drifted off.

Eddie lay pinned beneath his tormentor’s feet, in the dark. He was hot, and in despair.

Eddie Teddy Part 3
With many thanks for the encouraging responses to part 2, here's another installment.

Part 3

The memory of that day, when she turned him into a hot water bottle cover, frequently ran through his mind. He was still lost in the memory when Jessica woke up. It was a damp, cold dark morning. Jessica groaned at having to wake up and go to work. “It’s not fair,” she said loudly. She slipped from the bed, and Eddie wondered if she might, for once, leave him there at the foot of the bed. Then a hand reached in and dragged him out. The light was on and it hurt to look into it. Jessica unzipped his belly and removed the now cold bottle. In a bad mood she snarled at him.

“It’s all your fault,” she announced, throwing his soft body to the floor. He lay, flat and lifeless at her bare feet. She jumped in the air and came down, feet side by side, thudding into his belly. “All”, she said, stamping her right foot on his belly, “your” she shouted, stamping her right foot hard onto his belly again, “fault”, she concluded kicking her heel against his face.

She kicked him across the landing and into the toilet. As she sat the toilet she rested her cold feet on his belly, scuffing them back and forth over and over. She stood on him as she wiped herself, and then kicked him into the bathroom. She stood on him, going up on tiptoe now and then, as she brushed her teeth and washed her face. She jumped into the shower, leaving Eddie limp and agonised on the hardwood floor. He slowly recovered as she showered. He dreaded what was to come. He heard the shower switch off, heard the curtain rattle back, saw Jessica’s face above him, saw her dripping, soapy foot overhead, and cringed inside. She smiled grimly and stepped out of the shower onto his chest. His fur and fluff chest surrendered to her weight. He felt like she was crushing him. Her other foot came over and settled by the first, and he wished he could die.

Jessica stood on him as she dried herself. Swivelling round to face the mirror. Her legs flexed and moved, her buttocks and breasts swayed enticingly above him, her face was impassive and her feet were unknowingly cruel. Eddie saw suds and water droplets on her skin, saw her towel them away, and felt every move as she raised and lowered her rounded heels and pressed her long toes down and in hard.

It was 10 agonising minutes before she was ready to leave the bathroom. Eddie was kicked into the bedroom, and stood on as Jessica pulled on skimpy panties. She stood on him, on one punishing foot, as she pulled on black, opaque tights, swapping feet half way through. Every wobble as she lost and regained her balance was a sickening wave of discomfort. She stood with the nylon covered sole of her left foot scratching at his face and the right crushing his legs as she pulled on and fastened her knee length skirt. She slipped on black, flat soled, knee high canvas boots, crushing his whole body as she stepped and moved to keep her balance and put on each one. Then she put on her bra and slipped on a white blouse, with an open collar, over which she wore a long sleeved black stretchy cardigan.

She kicked Eddie down the stairs and into the kitchen, stepping on him every time she crossed the floor from the counter to the fridge. When she was ready to eat, Eddie was placed on a hard seat and sat on, compressing him and threatening to rip his seams open. With less stuffing he found his body flattened out more. Despite not having to breathe, this experience always left him feeling like she had crushed his ribs and made it impossible to breathe.

Before he knew it, Eddie was on her car seat, being smothered and crushed beneath Jessica’s shapely rear, which was tightly packed into a close fitting skirt. She had the heater on, and that made her arse hot and just a little sweaty.

At work, under her desk, Jessica planted her booted heel into his belly, and crossed the other foot over. The weight was terrible and it felt as if she were cutting him in two. Her top foot waggled and danced playfully. Midway through the morning Jessica slipped off her boots, and Eddie was left with two moist, highly aromatic, black nylon covered feet pressing down mercilessly onto his trapped body. Her heels were on his legs, the toes on his chest. She wriggled her toes and jostled her feet absentmindedly, as she did every day. Eddie’s body was stretched and pressed. Her toes and heels seemed determined to press him completely flat.

Jessica looked across the office. Her friend Miriam was sat away from her desk, with her left foot crossed over her right knee, allowing her to massage the aches and pains away. “What’s up Miri?” she asked. Miriam smiled, “My feet are killing me, these high heels are too tight!” Jessica nodded understandingly. “Wanna borrow Teddy to rub your feet on?” Miriam grinned, “Do you mind?” she said shyly. Jessiac laughed, and without saying a word she tossed Eddie over.

He had a moment of giddiness, then he landed in Miriam’s lap. Miriam was older than Jessica, but good looking never the less. She had a prim look and way about her, but always wore her brown hair nice, had good make up, a tight blouse and short skirt. She wore white nylons, and her shoes lay discarded under the desk.

Eddie soon found himself under that desk. Her shoes lay on their sides, near his head and the rancid smell came at Eddie in sickly, overpowering waves. The hot feet themselves soon found his soft and comforting little body. Miriam twisted her soles on him, smearing him with their sweat from foot to head. She flexed her toes into his scalp, left foot, right foot over and over, sighing with pleasure at the sensations. Her toe rubbed and scuffed at his roughened fur. She pressed his belly with her heel, slammed her toes into his face, chuckled softly and then did it again. “I wish it was Arthur down there,” she told Jessica, “I’d make the bastard pay!” Jessica laughed. Arthur was Miriam’s no good ex husband. “I like to pretend it’s Eddie, under my feet and powerless to do anything about it.” Both girls laughed.

They had the office to themselves. “Let’s pretend it is Arthur, or Eddie. Let’s work him over together,” Miriam suggested. Jessica jumped at the chance. The two ladies stood over Eddie in their sweaty nylons. He saw black nylon to one side, white nylon to the other. Jessica pressed her toes against his little arm to pin him down. Miriam laughed. “You can’t get away now can you, hmmmm?” she asked. “See how you like this!” Miriam raised her foot and stamped her heel into Eddie’s groin. In spite of his being just a bundle of rags and stuffing it hurt. It throbbed with all the gut wrenching pain of the real thing. Miriam giggled, pressed her heel in again and began grinding it back and forth. “This is fun,” she shouted. “I know,” Jessica replied.

For Eddie it was far from being fun. He was in a world of pain. In a haze of distress he was dimly aware of a black nylon foot pounding his face, then a white nylon one, a black nylon foot on his belly, then a white nylon one. He was hurting all over as the girls walked on him, back and forth, back and forth.

He didn’t know when, but the girls put their shoes back on. High heels ripped into him as flat soles pressed him flatter than he’d ever been before. Jessica kicked his head as Miriam punctured his belly, arms and legs. When his head came off, Miriam ripped her heel through his belly.

She stopped, mouth agape. “Sorry” she said softly. Jessica laughed, “Don’t be, I’ll just stitch him up and then he can take more punishment. At that both girls laughed. Eddie, however, did not laugh. 

Part 4

Jessica lay asleep in the early hours, on her side, dreaming. In her dream she was lying sunbathing on a beach and something was tickling her foot sole. No, she realised, tickling wasn’t quite the right word; licking was the word she was looking for. Something, or someone, was licking her foot sole, and it felt nice. In her dream, and in reality, Jessica sighed, and wiggled her toes, as she rolled onto her back, stretching like a cat. Now the tongue was lapping her heel. In her dream she sat up, looked down to her feet, and saw a dog, lapping at some ice cream that had spilled on her foot. Jessica grinned lopsidedly, and said “Shoo.” In the dream, the dog kept licking. Jessica opened her eyes, and was swept by that weird moment of disorientation that comes when we go from being asleep to being awake.

The soft morning light was beautiful, coming in through her curtains. She let her eyes adjust as she gathered her thoughts and came back to the real world. She saw her bed, not a sun lounger, the carpet, not sand, and her ceiling, not a blue sky. She smiled wanly, and thought, “I wish that dog was still here, his tongue felt….” She never completed the thought, because that was when she realised that someone, or something, was still licking her heel. She frowned in puzzlement, thinking “What the Hell…” and threw off her duvet.
Her first thought was “Nothing there,” as she saw only her naked body, the bedsheet below, and her feet, which were resting on Teddy. She saw that the heel being licked was resting where Teddy's mouth was. She frowned again, unable to grasp what was happening. Then it happened. As she stared at her slender bare feet, she saw Teddy open his mouth a fraction, and put out a little pink tongue which lapped at her heel. Jessica shrieked and kicked Teddy off the bed.
She lay there trying to figure out what was going on. Slowly her heart rate returned to normal. This was helped by the fact that Teddy didn’t suddenly loom up, like a possessed doll, and start attacking her. She sat up, moved to the foot of the bed and peered over. Teddy lay, on his side, facing away from the bed, unmoving. Jessica grew braver. She sat on the edge of the bed and extended her bare toes, prodding Teddy in the back. His fur felt soft, cool, normal. She wondered if maybe she’d been mistaken.
She used her toes to flip Teddy onto his back, and saw him rock slightly side to side before growing still. Her face showed amused puzzlement. Feeling brave, Jessica pressed her toes into Teddy’s stomach and saw nothing unusual. She stamped her toes into his belly, which didn’t have a hot water bottle in, then twisted her foot left and right. Teddy’s inert body twisted against the carpet in response to her foot’s twisting motion. Jessica couldn’t work it out.
Feeling strangely nervous she moved her right foot up toward Teddy’s face. His head stayed still, facing upward. Her soft sole hung over Teddy’s head, the heel above his little mouth. Still nothing. Jessica let her heel come closer to Teddy’s mouth, but paused with it just touching the opening. She felt disappointed when nothing happened, then chided herself for being so silly. She looked away from Teddy, but then she felt it.
A little, wet, pointy tongue lapped at her heel. She shrieked and looked down, certain there would be a cat down there, but there was no cat. She hopped off the bed, crushing Teddy underfoot on the way, and looked underneath, but there was nothing there. She was on her toes, on Teddy’s head, squatting to look under the bed, crushing his head flat. She had no idea of the agonies Eddie was going through under her delicate feet.
Feeling puzzled, she stood, stepped off Teddy’s head and hovered her toes over Teddy’s mouth. When nothing happened, she pressed her pretty pink toes down against Teddy’s mouth and felt a wet lick. She made herself hold her foot still, and looked down. She could clearly see Teddy licking her toes. As she watched, wide eyed in wonder, Teddy’s little rough tongue ran under the pads of her toes. Fighting not to giggle, Jessica held her foot still as the pointy tongue ran right to left, then left to right.
Jessica splayed her toes, spreading them as wide as she could. Teddy’s little tongue pushed up between her big toe and its neighbour. Jessica saw that the tongue collected some toe lint and some flaky skin, which discoloured its surface. She was amazed to see the tongue disappear into Teddy’s mouth momentarily, then reappear clean. She giggled with delight. Teddy was a footlicking, shrimping, dirt cleaning bear. It was too precious. She would have to see how much he would do, how much gunk and grease he would swallow off her feet, and her friends. The next few days were going to be very interesting.

Part 5

Jessica sat at home, watching television, wearing a green, vest top and boxer shorts. She had her left leg folded up on the couch so that her right knee was hooked over her left ankle. Her right foot swung back and forth idly, skimming over Teddy’s furry head.

At the side of the couch sat her shoes and socks from work. She’d worn black pants with black woollen socks and loafers. These were a battered old pair of loafers that made her feet sweat. The insole, as always, was slick with sweat and grime.
In the dim light from the TV screen, Eddie looked up, through Teddy’s beady eyes, at the foot that hung just above, and at the smooth bare leg that foot was attached too. He saw the soft, wet sole, coated in a film of stale sweat, saw the creases and wrinkles, the pockets of ingrained dirt and the bits of sock lint that adhered to it. He knew that Jessica needed only to press her little bare foot down and he would be compelled to lick, swallow and serve. He guessed that the irresistible urge to lick her foot was triggered partly by smell, partly by sight and partly by the sensation of her foot touching or hovering just above his mouth. Whatever the truth, he could no more stop himself licking her foot, than he could once have stopped breathing.
Jessica slipped forward slightly on her cushion and pressed her greasy toes against Teddy’s lips. Eddie felt his mouth open. God he hated these moments. It was like being violated in the worst possible way. She gave him her foot to lick, and despite his every wish, his little mouth opened and his little tongue set to work. He felt her toes inside his mouth, felt the nails brush his upper lip, then the knuckles. He felt his material mouth stretching as her foot invaded, threatening to tear agonisingly. He felt her hardened toe pads touching the back of his mouth, and felt a sensation like gagging. He felt a tension in his tongue. His tongue wanted to move. It was like knowing you were going to sneeze. He tried to fight it.
His tongue moved onward, slowly, but it still moved. Eddie willed it to slow. He had to get control. This horrid, humiliating abuse had to end. Jessica, aware of something different, wiggled her toes in his mouth. Eddie’s concentration broke and he licked the pad of her foot. His mind rebelled. Her foot pad was hard and sweat soaked. It tasted foul, bitter and earthy. He tried to pull his tongue back. It refused, staying pressed to Jessica’s sole. To Eddie’s disgust, his still tongue released saliva. This washed the ingrained dirt from Jessica’s foot pad and made him taste it all the more.
Above him he heard sighing. “Ohhhh, that’s nice!” Jessica said, eyes closed, head lolling back. He was fighting for some dignity and she was getting extra pleasure. Yet now that he had discovered this modicum of control he felt he had to develop it. His tongue slowly worked against the foot thrust deep and hard inside his helpless mouth. Eddie fought and fumed. The way his tongue, salivating freely now, ran over a patch of sole, cleaning it, then withdrew while he swallowed the nauseating mix, made him feel sick. He cleaned off dry skin, which his tongue busied itself with for several minutes until he got it and ate it. He cleaned off the dirt from her apartment floor, which he swallowed, feeling it fill the hole in his belly. He cleaned off sock fluff, that had stayed behind in the moist gaps between her toes. Everything that his disobedient tongue cleaned off, ended up being first tasted and noted, then swallowed. It accumulated inside him every day.
Jessica withdrew her foot from his mouth, making him lick the instep instead. The instep was wet and greasy, disgusting, nauseating and soul destroying. He so wanted to resist, to not lick, or swallow, but he had to. He could slow it down, but that just prolonged the agony. He wished he’d never tried to fight.
Above him, Jessica sighed again. “This is delicious,” she said as Teddy lapped at her funky, gunky sole. “I wish you’d always lick my feet slowly like this.” Eddie hated to disappoint, but he had no intention of carrying on, prolonging his suffering this way. He stopped trying to resist, thinking, “I’ll just get it over with and lick at normal speed, at least that’s not as bad as this.”
Eddie felt his tongue maintain its slow glide across Jessica’s slick sole. His mind screamed, “Nooooooo!” He was forced to lick slowly now, because Jessica had wished it. It slowly dawned on him that this entire thing was Jessica’s wish. He was helpless, at her feet, sickened and humiliated, because she wished it.
Incredibly his stomach churned and gurgled. It was as if his Teddy body was trying to digest the disgusting meal she had made him eat. He didn’t notice at first as Jessica swapped feet, until the smell of fresh foot sweat and grease suffused the air. “Oh my God!” he thought, “There’s no end to it!” His little Teddy tongue, tireless in its servitude, set about cleaning her left foot. He lapped her heel, filthy from walking barefoot on the carpet at work that morning. He lapped her arch, wet with sweat and greasy too. He lapped the edge of her foot, the pad, the bit under the arch of her toes, and finally between those toes. He licked slowly, and steadily. Every bit of dust, dirt and grit was swept into his revolted mouth and tidily swallowed. He grew fuller and more nauseous all the time. Yet he carried on.
A mammoth act of will resulted only in his tongue pausing, stuck on her foot sole. Jessica purred her approval. “Ohh Eddie, this is the best yet!” He was shocked, normally she called him Teddy, but then he remembered her confessing her fantasy that Teddy was him, trapped and helpless. “I’d love to think it was really you Eddie,” she said wistfully. His tongue jabbed at her footsole repeatedly, in one spot. “Stop that!” his mind cried. “Is that a signal Eddie, a signal that it is you,” his tongue kept jabbing. “If that is a signal for yes, give me a signal no,” she asked. Eddie was horrified when his tongue swept left and right. Jessica squealed, “This is incredible!”
“Let’s see,” she said giddily. “Is this the year 2004?” Eddie’s tongue jabbed at her sole, correctly answering yes. “Is my name Andrea?” Eddie’s tongue swept left and right, correctly indicating no. Still Jessica was doubtful. “Is my star sign Libra?” she asked, knowing full well it was Scorpio. Eddie helplessly signalled no. He signalled no for ten more star signs, until she said Scorpio for which he signalled yes.
Jessica screamed with excitement. “It’s really you Eddie”, he signalled yes. “When I sat on your Teddy body, when I used you as a hot water bottle, foot rest and foot cleaner, it was you?” he signalled yes. “Poor Eddie, that must have been horrible” she said loudly. His tongue signalled “Yes, Yes, Yes.” Jessica rolled about she was laughing so much. “You have to lick my feet”, she stated, and he signalled “Yes Yes Yes”. She giggled endlessly. “Can you see?” she asked, then “Can you feel, and smell?” The “Yes, Yes, Yes” answers came thick and fast. “This is too precious” she announced.
She leaned down and picked him up, holding him in front of her face. “Your gonna be real busy.” She said matter of factly. “You’ll be licking my feet, mum’s feet, Angela’s feet; and all the girls at work’s feet.” Eddie’s stomach turned. She knew it was him, knew he hated it, and she was planning to make it a whole lot worse. “I feel a fart coming on,” she announced, and before he knew what had happened Eddie found himself under Jessica’s white panty covered arse. Her soft, warm cheeks spread to cover him. They compressed him into her cushion. She wiggled. “Here it comes Eddie,” she teased. He fought to move but was powerless. “Any – second – now,” she announced. His stomach rolled. Then PFFFFWWWRRRRRTTTT! She gave him her fart full force. Eddie thought he would be sick. It was warm and rotten smelling, like something left too long in the fridge. Above him, the mountain of female flesh wobbled delightedly. “Ohhh this is gonna be great,” she said. Eddie thought otherwise

Part 6

Jessica concentrated on the feeling of her arse surging down onto Eddie’s helpless form. She let her head fall backward, until she was looking up to the ceiling, and laughed out loud. She shook her head, side to side, then looked around her. Something, some idea, was pricking at her mind.

She caught sight of her loafers and socks sat on the floor, and smiled. Staying sitting on Eddie’s squashy teddy body she leaned down to the floor and picked up one of the shoes. She held it in her lap. Her face crinkled up in displeasure as she grimaced and said “Jeez girl, your shoe stinks!” She giggled as she tried desperately not to inhale the foul smell coming from the well worn shoe. She imagined a cloud of yellow vapour hovering about the opening at the heel.
With the shoe in her lap she bravely reached inside and pried at one end of the insole. Her fingernail managed to find its way under the edge, which had curled up very slightly. She managed to slip her finger under, feeling the roughened underside. Her thumb came down, and slipped a little on the slick insole surface. Jessica’s lip curled in disgust. She gripped harder and began to peel the sweat ingrained piece of material from the shoe. It lifted and lifted until she was able to pull it free. With a grin of triumph she held the insole up.
She dropped the shoe back on the floor, lifted her bum, and slid Eddie out onto the seat at her side.
Wagging the insole playfully over his face she smiled cruelly. “Look Eddie, look here,” she said slyly, “look what I got for you!” Eddie looked, and inside he felt a creeping nausea start to build. “Tasty,” Jessica said, grinning, “real tasty.” She turned the insole in her hand until the slick smooth side was toward Eddie’s face. “Try it” she suggested, letting the indented toe section brush Eddie’s teddybear lips. Eddie felt sick. The smell of her feet had been bad, but this was like years of footsweat and gunk all added up to make one revolting package. His sense of smell was in full working order. He smelt old sweat and fresh sweat combined in a heady brew. He felt his mouth opening and in his mind he screamed “Noooooo!” He felt his tongue bunching, then extending out, to touch, to lick, to taste. The taste was foul, like bad cheese. The sensation of touch was worse. His sensitive tongue swept over the smooth insole, feeling its cold, clammy wetness. Stale sweat covered his tongue, along with particles of dust and dead skin. He licked her insole as if it were the sweetest tasting thing in the world. His tongue swept back and forth, back and forth over and over, yet all the time he was willing himself not to, longing to stop, to resist. Like before, this just made things worse. Like before he just succeeded in prolonging the agony. His little tongue crawled over the clammy morsel. At times it stopped completely. This made the feel and taste all the worse.
Eddie’s mind was in turmoil. He felt sick. He felt stupid. He felt helpless and humiliated. He had never felt this powerless before. He was a thing, a toy, a tool to be used and abused. Jessica knew it was him, and she knew he would hate this, and she was abusing him for fun. The sound of her mocking voice and laughter only confirmed to him how she felt.
“Awww,” she began, “whatsa matter wid liddle Eddie Weddy then?” She crooned. “Is the nasty wasty woman making liddle Eddie Weddy clean her howwid insole?” She chuckled, “Poor lickle fing! She’s just so mean!” Eddie had always hated baby talk, but he hated it all the more now. “ Jessica hummed softly to herself as she moved the insole so he could clean the heel. Eddie’s tongue would fill with slime and grease and dirt, and he would feel it clinging to every inch, clogging every pore, and then it would happen. Eddie hated to feel the hopeless inevitability of the moments when his tongue would begin its slow progress away from whatever it was licking and into his waiting mouth. His tongue withdrew, his mouth filled with saliva, the muck lifted off, and he swallowed the foul mixture down into his belly. There it would sit as he somehow, magically, absorbed it. He was living off the dead skin, dirt, grease and toejam Jessica’s feet provided. That thought alone made his head swim.
Jessica inspected the insole and laughed, saying, “Thanks sweetie, you did a real good job there. I’ll let you clean the other one tomorrow.”
Leaving Eddie on the middle cushion she slipped off the couch and fetched a pumice stone, a cuticle scraper and some nail clippers. She also carried a sheet of newspaper. Smiling all the time, she placed the paper on the floor and placed her toes down on it. With her right heel raised she began pumicing the dried skin of her heel. Flakes of dead skin cascaded down to settle on the paper, forming a pattern of grey dust. Jessica worked slowly and carefully, along the edges and under the pad, getting wetter skin higher up. It all fell onto the waiting paper. Her right foot lifted, and the left came down. Now she worked on her left foot in the same careful way. “Its so important a girl has soft smooth feet, don’t you think?” she asked wickedly. She kept working until she had made quite a pile of dead skin.
Finally she stopped rubbing. She leaned down and folded in the corners of the paper so the flakes collected in the centre. She raised the paper with its offering of skin flakes up and over Eddie’s face. She brought one edge of the folded paper closer to his mouth. The smell triggered an automatic response and Jessica giggled to see Eddie’s mouth open. “Ohhh,” she said mockingly, “you want this do you?” She knew full well he did not. “Eddie Teddy wants to eat the skin flakes from my little feet,” she said mockingly. “What a nasty little bear you are!” She grinned as she upended the paper and let the flakes slide into Eddie’s mouth, using the backs of her fingernails to brush the last few flakes down and in.
Eddie watched in horror as she tilted the paper and the flakes slid down toward his mouth. He couldn’t turn his head or close his mouth, quite the opposite in fact. All he could do was watch and wait with his mouth obligingly wide open, and accept her offering. He felt he would cough, retch or gasp as his little mouth filled with the sickly food. His little tongue collected every last bit until he could swallow it all down. Three swallows did the trick, and Jessica smiled and patted his cheek like a good boy. “I bet you’re still hungry though, aren’t you?” she asked quietly. “I know what you’d like.”
Eddie knew what was coming. He saw Jessica working and heard her self satisfied chuckles. “Wow, so much dirt under one nail,” she announced. Eddie’s tummy rolled. “She wouldn’t,” he thought desperately, “She couldn’t. Even Jessica wouldn’t do that to me.” Then his heart froze. He saw Jessica rolling a ball of what looked like black dirt or clay. He knew what it was. It was the dirt from beneath her toenails. “Look Eddie,” she demanded, “look what I’ve got for your delight. It’s a ball of toe dirt. And you’re gonna swallow it all up!” Eddie was revolted. He was disgusted and horrified. He was sickened. Jessica rolled the ball between her thumb and forefinger. To his eyes it looked huge. She brought to to his nose. “Smell Eddie, smell,” she chanted. Eddie did smell it, and the smell knocked him sick. Then his mouth opened, obedient as the lid on a pedal bin. Jessica lowered the revolting ball and dropped it in his mouth.
“How’s it taste Ed?” she asked. If Eddie could have answered the answer he would have given was “Hideous”, but all he could do was taste it and prepare to swallow. His tongue chased the ball of filth round his mouth for over a minute before he could catch it and take it to the back of his throat. When he swallowed he wept inside. He honestly didn’t think he could sink any lower.
Jessica knew differently. She took the nail clippers and clipped her nails. Ten fragments of nail varnished toenails were cut off and collected in her palm. Ten sharp, jaggedy fragments of toenail waited to be swallowed. “Here’s your reward Eddie,” Jessica said gaily. She tipped the nail clippings into Eddies open mouth. “Hold them in your mouth before you swallow,” she commanded, “savour them on your tongue.” Eddie seemed bound to be and do whatever Jessica wanted, so he did hold the sharp nails in his mouth. He felt they were cutting his mouth and tongue. “Now swallow”, she said slyly. He did swallow, and the jagged fragments caught, and cut and tore at his delicate throat. He felt slivers of agony in his throat were the nails cut him. It was a hideous, overwhelming pain. He felt them settle in his stomach, where they churned and rolled, cutting him there too.  

Part 7

Several days later Eddie found himself on the floor of Jessica’s living room while Jessica playfully dug her bare toes into his groin. She had only been home from work for a few minutes. Her recently discarded high heeled sandals lay on their sides close by. Her pure white feet made a sharp contrast with her black pants. Her left ankle and heel were raised, as she pressed her toes and the ball of her foot down onto the top of his thigh. She knew this would hurt him, but she didn’t care, she just didn’t want him to slide away from her. With her right foot she probed, pressed and prodded his crotch. She wormed and wiggled her toes in between his legs, her face a picture of concentration.

“I wish you had balls so I could crush them,” she told him sternly. She smiled grimly, and continued probing. Then she paused. She pulled her toes up and back a little, then pressed them in again. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she felt something. She pressed harder, and yes, there was something. Just below the surface she felt two orbs, two little round things. She smiled. “Why Eddie, maybe you do have some balls after all.” She touched, prodded and probed the developing area. Her toes stroked over his balls, which now protruded from his body, hanging away slightly, just like real balls. She spread her toes, and clamped them round the material that separated his balls from his stomach. She smiled, then tugged on the trapped nuts.
Eddie felt sharp bolts of pain shooting up from his groin, it felt as if she were sticking needles into him down there. Jessica’s left foot still pinned him by the leg, trapping him at her torturing feet. She began humming softly, content and amused. “I bet this really hurts,” she announced, pulling so hard she thought his bollocks might rip free from his body. “Too bad you’re helpless ehh?” She chuckled. “Poor little Eddie, helpless at a girl’s feet.” She laughed. “Imagine being helpless at my mom’s feet, or Kirsten’s or even,” she paused, “Linda’s!”
Eddie was doing everything he could not to imagine those things. Jessica’s mom, Maria, was bad enough, but Kirsten was Jessica’s sister who’d never liked him, and Linda, Linda was the ex from hell. They had split up because she was a bit crazy and jealous. He really didn’t want Linda getting her feet on him.
“Let’s see,” Jessica mused, working her toes up and down on his trapped ballsacks, “I could say you’re a toy from the sex shop, and that you lick feet if the girl pumps on your balls like this. Sort of like working a foot pump.” She laughed, “Yeah!!! A foot pump, they’d buy that. He hee. You’d be in agony as they pumped and pounded at your balls, and licking away at their nasty, dirty, sweaty, greasy feet. Ooooohh, it just gets better and better.”
Jessica smiled down at Eddie, and kept pumping her toes up and down. “I think I’ll ring my mom right now, see if she wants to come over.” Eddie could only lie there in helpless fear as Jessica dialled her mom. He heard laughter and chatter, then he heard Maria saying she’d be right over. “Hurry mom,” Jessica said, “there’ll be a treat for your feet!” Maria tried to guess what it could be, but Jessica wouldn’t say. “I’ve been on my feet all day at the shop,” Maria said plaintively.
Jessica hung up and said “Not long now Eddie, mom’s on her way!” Eddie felt sick inside. It wasn’t that Maria was unattractive, far from it, she was only 38, and she’d kept her looks and figure. She was a tall woman, with shiny black hair, an Italian face, a curvy body, big boobs and nice ass, but she always wore boots. He remembered one drunken night the three of them had been together, him Jess and Maria. He’d ended up on the floor at his mum in law’s feet, and she had planted her cowboy boots in his lap, bumping his manhood. “Take them off please,” she had said, stamping her heels alternately into his thighs. A laughing Eddie had complied, but then he’d nearly puked because her feet smelled rancid, like corndogs left to go bad. He didn’t want them sitting wet and slimy on his little face, with him unable to do anything but sniff them and lick them.
Before he knew it Jessica was guiding her mother into the room. She looked tired, but sexy, in a combat style sleveless green vest, tight blue jeans and what looked like the same cowboy boots he’d remembered. “Here it is mom,” Jessica said laughing, “and you won’t believe what it can do!” Maria looked at her daughter sceptically. “You’re tellin’ me that if I pump my toes on his nasty little bollocks he’ll lick my foot for me.” Jessica could barely contain her giggles, “That’s right mom, just try it.” Maria looked at her, grimacing, “What filthy little beast thought that up I wonder?” Jessica could only smile enigmatically.

Her mom sat down on the couch, crossed her legs, and pulled off her right boot. The foot inside was inside a pink woollen sock. It looked wet and disgusting. Jessica winced at the smell. “Jesus mum, that stinks,” she said laughing. “Sorry baby,” her mom replied, “they’ve always been that way. Remember when I woke your daddy up by wafting my toes under his nose, he nearly had a fit.” Both women laughed at the memory. “Off with this as well” Maria announced, and she pulled off her soaked sock. She revealed a big, bare, meaty, broad, sweat soaked, greasy, pink monster of a foot. Her nails were sharp, and it looked like the varnish was several weeks old. “That’s one,” she said, lowering it to the floor next to Eddie’s head. Eddie was appalled at the smell. Even from just by his side it smelled bad. Waves of foul, wet perfume wafted over from her foot to his nose. He stared at the side of her foot and his stomach rolled at the thought of licking it. He looked up to see her other boot come off, and moments later her other sock as well.

Maria used her bare feet to swing him round to face her. She looked hopeful but dubious as she moved her left foot toward Eddie’s waiting groin. Eddie watched her foot closing in on his defenceless balls, knowing she intended to find them, trap them and press upon them. His powerless state was too much to bear. Maria’s strong toes rummaged in his groin. Jessica pinned him to the floor with her toes to stop him sliding away. “Thanks Jessie” said her mom, smiling. “No prob”, Jessica replied, “pleasure to help.” Jessica grinned, delighted at this opportunity to further humiliate and torment Eddie.
Jessica’s toes found Eddies new balls. She concentrated on settling her toes over the orbs, trapping them, stopping them slipping free so she could pump on them. Eddie felt cold fear filling him up. “And you want me to pump these balls with my foot?” Maria asked her daughter. Jessica fought not to laugh out loud, “Yes mom. That’s exactly what I want you to do!” Maria shifted slightly in her seat, getting a better position for the task, “And if I do, he’ll lick my foot?” Jessica nodded again. “Well, that would be nice,” Maria mused, “so, why not?”
With that she began pumping her toes up and down, pressing Eddie’s balls to the floor. As she pressed down, calf muscle flexing, she stretched the material between Eddie’s abdomen and balls. It felt as if she were cutting or tearing his flesh. As his balls met the floor Maria put more effort into pressuring them. She felt them meet the floor, felt them spread and widen and smiled. She twisted her foot from the ankle to maximise the grind on the balls under her toes. Eddie felt his body was going to explode. He had never felt pain like this. Powerful, pulsing, surging waves of pain and nausea spread from his abused groin. Maria let her toes lift, letting his balls return to full roundedness, but then she crushed them flat again. Up and down, up and down went her toes, sending ripples of pain and nausea through his immobile body.
“Now you just put your other foot on his mouth and wait,” Jessica told her. Maria grinned, slightly embarrassed, and moved her foot over Eddie’s face. Despite the pain I his groin, he fixed on her slick wet sole. He saw the hardened skin of her heel and the pad of her foot. He smelt the old and new sweat mixed together. He felt his mouth swinging open, and his tongue come out. He trembled as her slick foot descended to make use of his mouth and tongue. Waves of pain and nausea crashed over him, yet his tongue moved obediently against his will, serving Jessica’s. Maria’s foot touched his lips, and he felt it, cool and clammy. Then his tongue set to work. It brushed across the pad of her hardened footsole, tasting sweat, and grit and wool from her socks. Maria shrieked, “That feels weird.” Jessica giggled too, “Yeah! But in a good way!” Maria nodded, “Hmmm, hmmmm.” Eddie’s tongue was now cleaning under the arch of her long toes, taking the damp sweat and the toejam. He licked into the gaps and wiggled to get everything he could find. His mind reeled. This was degrading, this was humiliating. “How’s it feel mom?” asked Jessica. Maria had closed her eyes with the pleasure. “It feels great!” she croaked. One foot was still pumping his balls while the other slid to and fro to get his tongue on every bit. Eddie tasted foul, sickly things, he tasted dead skin and grease, everything that coated this dirty female foot. He was aware of the stuff building up in his mouth, aware of the taste, and aware of the building urge to swallow. Finally he couldn’t resist. He swallowed the gunk from Maria’s foot, feeling it slip down his throat and land in his belly. He knew he would magically digest it, and he felt awful. He hardly noticed when Maria swapped feet, and the next half hour carried on just like the last.
“He makes a great cushion too mum,” Jessica said quietly when Maria’s feet were clean. “Does he Jess?” her mum replied. “Maybe I’ll try that another time.” She sat then, her left heel on Eddie’s stomach, her right foot crossed over. She absent mindedly waggled her bottom foot, flattening Eddie’s belly even more. This went on for an hour or so until Maria had to leave. She stood up, both bare feet on Eddie’s belly, and bent down to pick up her socks. She balanced on her right foot as she put the left one on, then swapped feet. Eddie was being crucified. When she put her left boot on she stepped on his face, crushing it with the heel. She didn’t even know she was doing it. Jessica thrilled to see Eddie suffer this way under her mom’s feet. Maria stayed crushing his head as she put her right boot on, then she kissed her daughter and let her walk her out. Eddie lay on the floor in a daze.
Jessica returned to stand over him. She pressed his chest with her toes “I think my mom really liked you,” she said, then she laughed.

Part 8

Jessica and Linda had an odd relationship. Linda had known Jessica for years, and had split with Eddie long before he and Jessica got together, so they were still on friendly terms. Jessica called Linda on the phone and asked her to pop round, saying she had a surprise for her.

Linda arrived at 7.30pm on a Tuesday night looking smart, if a little intense. Her lustrous black hair was cut into a sharp, almost spiky bob. Her pale skin seemed almost white, a stark contrast with her hair. Her green eyes shone like a cat’s. Her lips were blood red, wide, but thin. She carried her slender body with an elongated poise, like a dancer, and even her movements had an odd, flowing style. She was dressed conservatively, in a brown leather jacket, over a blue woollen shirt, tucked into blue jeans. She wore flat soled black leather, knee length boots.
Jessica smiled to see those boots, imagining how sweaty the feet inside them would get. She invited Linda in and offered her a drink. Linda followed her into the kitchen and accepted a glass of red wine. The two chatted. Finally Linda said, “Okay Jessie, what’s the surprise.” Jessica lowered her glass and rolled her eyes. “This might sound a bit crazy,” she began, “but I’m not gonna tell you straight away.” Linda tilted her head and looked at her strangely. “I’m not gonna tell you,” Jessica added, “because you wouldn’t believe me, not straight away anyway. So what I’m going to do is show you.” Linda still looked unconvinced, but she nodded slowly as if to say “Okay!”
“Come into the living room and sit on the couch,” Jessica invited. Linda did, accidentally stepping on Eddie as she came round. Her foot flattened his belly, and she slid a little across the floor. “Yeeek!” she squealed, as she fought to regain her balance. “Why the hell did you leave that there,” she protested, raising her foot and stamping on the nuisance at her feet. “I could’a been killed,” she said heatedly, before kicking Eddie in the head.
Jessica smiled. “And why are you smiling?” Linda asked, the toe of her boot now flattening Eddie’s face mercilessly. “You’ll see!” Jessica said annoyingly, “but let’s say you’ve found the surprise.” Linda looked around a few seconds, then down at her foot crushing Eddie’s head. “This bear?” she asked, raising her toes, then letting them fall again. “Yep” Jessica replied, smiling again. “I know it makes you smile every time I step on him, but what’s the big deal? I mean, it’s just a bear?” Jessica grinned and raised her eyebrows, “Sit down Linds and slip off your boots.”
Linda looked at Jessica as if the girl had gone mad. “My boots, why should I take off my boots? You don’t get off on women’s feet do you? You’re not a foot fetish are you?” Jessica smiled, “I don’t have a foot fetish if that’s what you mean,” she told Linda. Linda looked at her a few moments then shrugged her shoulders, “What the hell?” she said quietly as she began to slip off her footwear.
The right boot came off first, then a black nylon knee high sock followed, before the left foot was similarly bared. Her feet looked hot, wet and tired. Eddie could smell them already, waves of foot stink were flooding his nostrils. He could feel his jaw preparing to open, his tongue preparing to flex and whatever it was that he used for saliva glands starting to work. He felt sick to the stomach. Of all the women he could imagine using him this way, Linda was the one he would have wished to avoid most. “Now put your feet on its face,” Jessica suggested, “and wait.” Linda looked at Jessica, then at Eddie, and lowered her feet down. She settled the wet and aromatic specimens over Eddie’s eyes, nose and mouth. Eddie fought not to lick, he fought not to do it for Linda. His jaw opened slowly and Linda felt a tickle on her sole. His tongue emerged, and Linda shrieked to feel a lick. Her foot lifted a fraction. Jessica pressed it back down with a hand on Linda’s knee. “It’s safe,” she told her, “and quite fun.” Linda started to smile and relax as the sweeping tongue cleaned her foot sole. “Is it a toy?” Linda asked. “Better than that,” Jessica replied. “Better?” Linda echoed. “Much,” Jessica said softly, “ask it a question!” Linda looked puzzled.
“How can it answer?” She asked. “Well, side to side sweeps of his tongue are for “No” and jabbing tongue movements mean “Yes”.” Linda thought this was all insane, but Jessica seemed to believe she was telling the truth, so she didn’t know what to think. “Is my name Linda?” she asked. Eddie’s tongue jabbed at her soft sole. “Is my name Andrea?” she asked, and his tongue swept side to side. “Am I a boy?” she asked, and again got side to side sweeps. “Am I a woman?” she tried and he jabbed at her foot. “Are you a toy?” she asked and got side to side sweeps.
“You’re doing this somehow aren’t you?” she asked Jessica. Jessica showed her her hands were out in the open, “How can I be?” she asked. “Then how’s it work?” Jessica smiled. “Ask him if he has a name.” Linda asked and Eddie signalled yes. “Ask if you know his name.” Again, Linda asked and Eddie signalled yes. “If I know his name,” Linda began, “that means he’s someone I know!” Jessica just nodded. “You’re saying that there’s the spirit of someone I know trapped in this teddy bear’s body?” Linda asked. Jessica nodded.
Linda looked down and said “Do I know you?” Eddie’s tongue jabbed a yes. You’re not,” she began, then paused, “it’s not, “ and she paused again, “You couldn’t be,” she shook her head. Jessica spoke up, “Have you noticed, he’s waiting for a completed question. He can’t answer until you say it?” Linda hadn’t noticed, but now she did. “It’s Eddie, isn’t it? I know it is!” Eddie’s tongue jabbed at her sole. “But how, when, how?” She shook her head.
“I’ll tell you what I know,” said Jessica, while he cleans your feet.
Eddie licked and laved at the wet and slimy soles of his unstable former girlfriend. The two girls chatted and laughed contentedly above him as he descended to fresh levels of degradation and humiliation. “He has balls too?” Linda wanted to know. “Oh yeah,” Jessica replied, “I like to torture them.” Linda laughed. “I’d like to bust them.” Eddie’s heart lurched. “Do you mind if I bust his nuts Jessie?” she asked pleadingly. Jessica smiled. “Well, maybe we could do one each.” Eddie desperately wanted to stop, to be normal again, to escape these mad bitches, but he just stayed there, on the floor, small, helpless, immobilised

Eddie desperately wanted to stop, to be normal again, to escape these mad bitches, but he just stayed there, on the floor, small, helpless, immobilised.

“How about,” Linda said, “if he does a good job on my feet we won’t bust him today.” Eddie didn’t catch her stage wink at Jessica. Jessica smiled, “Yeah, okay, that’d be fair,” as she spoke she winked back. Eddie just heard the words. He set to work with passion and zeal. He licked her heels, working his tongue to loosen the hard skin, wishing he had teeth to nibble and do a real good job. Moments later he had teeth, and he used them to nibble at and scrape away the dead skin and calluses. Linda let her head loll in blissful appreciation. “This feels so nice” she purred, “Eddie’s so good at eating feet.” Both women laughed. Eddie nibbled the edges of her feet, the pads, and the hard patches on her toes. He even nibbled her toe nails, swallowing the bits, feeling them scratch and catch in his throat and belly. He licked under her nails, collecting the black dirt that had gathered there. He licked in between her toes, were they were warm, moist and aromatic. He swallowed sickening mouthfuls of toe jam. He cleaned each foot like his life depended on it. Finally he was done, convinced he could not have done a better job.
“How are they?” Jessica asked. Linda studied her feet carefully. “He’s done a wonderful job,” she replied, “so now it’s bustin’ time.” Eddie’s heart lurched, he couldn’t believe it. This was too cruel. He lay on the floor and shivered inside. He saw his two tormentors standing, rising off the couch and towering above his helpless, motionless, voiceless form. Jessica slid him away from the couch, into clear space. She squatted and took hold of his balls, tugging at them to separate them. She squeezed one ball between thumb and forefinger, grinning. Linda squatted also, and her eager fingers found his other ball. She too compressed her selected nugget between thumb pad and fingertips. Eddie was in agony. His vision was swimming. He felt sick to the stomach. The girls’ grips were incredibly tight. He wanted to black out because of the pain. They dropped him on the floor and Linda raised her bare heel.
Eddie came back to consciousness in time to see Linda grimace with the effort and bang her heel down. His ball compressed, but did not burst. She chuckled, “Tough little fucker,” she said through gritted teeth. She raised her heel again, adjusted her aim, then stamped. His ball flattened even more, tearing slightly, but still held. To Eddie it felt as if someone had a blowtorch to his groin. Linda raised her foot again, and stamped, catching the bollock dead on and bursting it, pulping the contents before she ground her heel upon it triumphantly.
Jessica applauded her friend. She waited a good half an hour for Eddie to recover his senses, she wanted him to get full benefit of her actions. The girls relaxed and chatted as an agonised Eddie came down from the peaks of agony Linda had inflicted. Finally Jessica wanted to do it. She fetched something from the toolbox and came to stand over Eddie. In her hands she held a pair of pliers. She showed him the ridged grips. Eddie’s stomach was filled by icy fear. Jessica gripped his bollock with the pliers and squeezed. Eddie was in agony. Pulsing waves of sickening pain spread from his groin, throughout his form. He longed to scream. Jessica’s hand, wrist and arm trembled from the effort. She squoze as hard as she could, but the ball was too tough. She used her other hand, and the ball flattened even more. She kept pulsing her grip and putting Eddie through fresh agonies but still the nugget wouldn’t pop.
Linda used her hands around Jessica’s, grimacing with the effort, until finally, the ball burst. Both girls laughed triumphantly as the grips of the pliers clicked together.

Part 9

Eddie passed out again. He didn’t know how long he was out. All he knew was that he woke to feel hideous, throbbing, pulsing, nauseating pain in his stomach and groin. At first he thought it was the aftermath of the ballbusting Jessica and Linda had done to him, but then he realised that was wrong.

While he had lain unconscious, Jessica had been struck with a really simple idea. “Why not give him his balls back, so we can bust them again?” she said to herself. She had smiled a little wicked smile when she had that thought, and Linda had smiled too, knowing her friend had something wicked in mind. The girls had come up with a wicked little plan, a plan that Eddie was just about to discover.
It began with Jessica wishing his balls back. This time, however, she wished them back bigger and stronger and more sensitive to pain. The new balls he grew were twice the size of the old ones the girls had mushed. That done, the girls both put the bare toes of their right feet on one ball each and began to press. They each felt their chosen bollock compressing under their cruel toes. Each girl took to pulsing their toes up and down, up and down, easing off, then pushing down hard, over and over again. They knew this would send sickening waves of gut wrenching pain through Eddie’s body.
Linda and Jessica watched his eyes, face and mouth closely for signs of consciousness. When Eddie’s mouth stretched wide, and his eyes opened and started looking about feverishly they laughed delightedly. “Hiya Eddie,” shouted Linda. “Welcome back sleepy head,” said Jessica.
Eddie lay still, helpless and pained, looking up at his tireless tormentors with horror. They were tireless in their attentions and tireless in their inventiveness. “Hey Eddie baby,” said Jessica sulkily, her face distorted by a big, mock, pout. “How come you wanted to clean Linda’s feet but you didn’t clean mine?” Eddie’s mind was a whirl. “I’m hurt” Jessica said, still pouting. “I think you should clean my feet. Don’t you?” she said teasingly. Eddie lay looking up, trembling inside. “I gave you your balls back,” Jessica continued, “So I think the least you could do is thank me!” Eddie was having a hard time keeping up. The intense experiences of the last few weeks were catching up. He seemed to be losing his grip on reality.
“You know,” Jessica said, sounding as if she were musing aloud, “I could restore you completely, you know, to human again.” She said this last with a soft voice that belied her evil expression. Eddie’s mind was really in a whirl now. He’d never even considered that possibility, the possibility he could be restored to being a man again, rather than a helpless, powerless, enslaved foot licker and cleaner, a toy for girls. “Of course,” Jessica continued, “I’d have to believe you were sorry for not licking my feet. Maybe if you did as good a job on my feet as you did on Linda’s I’d believe you were sorry!”
Jessica did an amazing job of keeping her voice level. The only sign of her true intentions was the big stage wink she threw in Linda’s direction. Linda smiled and winked back, amazed that Eddie might fall for the same trick again.
Linda sat and pinned Eddie’s legs so he wouldn’t slide away, while Jessica brought her dusty, dirty, stinky, sweaty, gunged up feet to bear. Eddie opened his little mouth as wide as it would go. He put out his tongue as far as he could, reaching toward the filthy feet of his tormentor. Jessica saw, and slowed her feet’s descent. She wanted to make Eddie suffer every instant. “Come on then,” she said, holding her feet out of his reach, “get licking. Get that tongue out and ready for action.” She could see that Eddie was striving as hard as he could to please her and win his freedom, win his humanity back.
Jessica made a sound of annoyed disappointment, and said, “Here you are then, I’ll bring my feet to you.” With that she planted her left foot over his eyes while her right settled over his mouth. Eddie’s tongue immediately set to work. His wet tongue lapped at her dusty sole. He left clean tracks in the filth and grime that adhered to the cruel girl’s footsole. His tongue pressed against her sole with all the force he could manage. He hurt himself in his desperation to serve well. He licked her sole, round and round, then up and down. He made sure to get every bit of dust and dirt, every scrap of dead skin. Jessica moved her foot about to ensure he got to every inch. He licked and nibbled the hard skin of her heel. He licked up between her toes to get every last little bit of skin, dust, dirt and toejam. He licked under her toenails, cutting and scratching his sensitive little tongue. He licked the sides of her feet, her arches, the pads behind her toes, under her toes and under her nails. He spent over an hour cleaning and refreshing Jessica’s feet, the feet of the girl who was constantly hurting and humiliating him. All the time he worked, he had to pause again and again to swallow the flood of sickening crud that came from her feet. It filled his belly. It fed him. It became him. He even nibbled at and swallowed bits from her toenails.
Finally he could lick no more. Jessica lifted her left foot, and examined it with microscopic scrutiny. Saying nothing she lifted her right. Seconds passed, then minutes. Eddie’s nerves crawled. He screamed inside. He so wanted to be normal again. He knew he’d done a good job. She had to be pleased, she just had to. In his mind he was begging, “Please turn me back, please turn me back.”
Finally Jessica spoke. “Well,” she began, “You did OK,” Eddie’s heart sank, he thought he’d done better than OK, he thought Jessica’s feet looked as clean as they would if she’d just come from a salon. “They’re fairly clean,” she said, “but they’re noth perfect.” She was teasing him, using a tone of sad solemnity. “Look here,” she said, showing him her little toe on her left foot, “there’s a speck of dirt here.” Eddie looked, he couldn’t understand, there was nothing there. “Guess I’m not gonna be changing you back then,” Jessica said sounding sad, “guess you don’t want to be normal again.”
Suddenly she laughed. “Or maybe I’m just being a bitch!” she shouted. “What do you think about that?” Eddie’s hopes crashed. Linda looked over, “Does that mean it’s busting time again?” she asked, unable to keep the glee from her voice. “Sure does,” Jessica replied.
Eddie felt his insides crawling with fear. The two girls kicked him into clear space again. Linda squatted down and did something Eddie didn’t believe was possible. She twisted his teddy bear legs, in their teddy bear sockets round until they pointed back from his groin up toward his face. His balls now lay big and exposed at the girls’ feet. Linda stepped with both bare feet onto Eddie’s head, compressing it with agonising pressure. She stood with her arms folded, pinning Eddie to the floor. His head felt as if it were going to explode.
Jessica stepped round until she had her back to Eddie. Looking round and down she moved back until she could pin both balls under her heels. She pinned his nutsacks, smiled, then rocked back on her heels. The balls spread wide, as Eddie screamed inside. Jessica held her left foot still, and ground her right heel against the trapped ball below. Eddie’s brain exploded with pain. Jessica stamped on the ball she’d just been grinding. She stamped on it over and over and over again, each time a little harder, each time giving it a twist and a grind after. The ball resisted and resisted, until after more than thirty stamps, it gave way. It was hot and wet and messy, and Jessica delighted in grinding her heel in the soupy remains.
Now she attacked his remaining ball. She turned to face him, and began working her toes in and down, letting her sharp toenails cut and tear at the vulnerable appendage. Her foot shifted and moved. Her toes bent and flexed. Her face was etched with concentration. She smiled grimly. She stepped on his ball with the pad of her left foot, then her right, over and over. She pressed it flat over and over. She stomped on it over and over, until it too gave way.
Linda stayed on his head the whole time. She danced and shimmied throughout. Finally she too stepped off.
Eddie was still conscious. “Thanks sweetie,” Jessica said blowing him a kiss, “that was fun.” Both girls laughed at his crumpled, hopeless, defeated face. 

Part 10

After that night Eddie’s life settled into a soul destroying routine. Jessica would have him at the foot of her bed every night, where she could either deliberately or accidentally kick him about. She would sit on him, bare assed, while putting on her make up, then in panties while she ate breakfast. She would leave him under the leg of a heavy chair all day while she was at work, knowing he would be in pain. She would return from work and sit on the chair, slowly slipping off her shoes or boots, sighing and massaging her hot feet, grinning as she imagined the intense pain Eddie was suffering under the chair leg which was being pressed to the floor by her weight. She would grind the sweaty sole of her clammy black nylon clad foot into his face, pressing her toes into his sensitive eyes, boring into his furry head, twisting and turning her torturing tormenting toes, maximising Eddie’s discomfort. Yet, no matter what she did, his initial resolve to be with her never faltered. Despite all the pain and suffering Jessica inflicted, he retained a vestige of love and affection toward her.

Jessica had stopped taking Eddie to work because she had started flirting with a guy who had just started and she was planning to surprise him. His name was Brad. He was young, rugged, athletic and handsome. He made no secret of the fact that he had the hots for Jessica. She started dressing sexier to please him. Short skirts and tight blouses became the norm. Spiky high heeled shoes and boots were her footwear of choice. Now she always wore stockings.

One evening she invited Brad back to her apartment. She knew that tonight was the night. She was gonna let him make love to her. Jessica was amazed she had been able to resist this long. She came home at 6.30 and walked around the apartment singing, her stocking feet soundless on the wooden floors. She picked Eddie up from his place under the chair and smiled at him broadly. She tormented him by not speaking. She was dying to say what she was planning, but she knew that would spoil the impact. She really wanted to break his heart and spirit. Eddie was churning inside. He could tell Jessica was up to something, something really bad. He was dreadfully afraid.

Jessica carried him into the bedroom and sat his teddy bear body on the pillows at the head of the bed. She fetched an armful of the furry toys she had in her closet, remnants from her teenage years. Eddie found himself surrounded by inert furry bodies. For a moment he wondered if any of them were alert like him, but then he dismissed the thought. He was the only one.

Jessica set out red candles, lit them, then left the room humming softly. Eddie couldn’t see as she undressed. He did hear the shower, and he did hear her singing gaily. He could only sit there pent up with frustration and confusion and wait to see what Jessica had in store.

At 8.00 Brad arrived. Jessica made sure Eddie would hear their passionate kisses and embraces. She had worn Brad’s favourite outfit, a tight fitting, red and white cheerleader’s outfit she had worn at university, complete with white socks and flat training shoes. She dragged Brad into the bedroom. The room was only lit by the blood red candles, giving the whole room an eerie, witchcrafty glow. Eddie looked on in despair as Brad’s hands roamed over Jessica’s shapely body. He couldn’t help himself watching as Brad and Jessica kissed, Jessica arching her body into Brad’s with wanton abandon. Eddie’s mind whirled. He saw Brad’s hands on Jessica’s ass, saw his fingers raising her skirt. He saw Jessica reaching down to peel off her cheerleader dress, leaving herself standing exposed in white panties, but no bra. Eddie watched as Brad sucked Jessica’s breasts, saw her eyes widen and her lips part.

Jessica quickly stripped Brad of his shirt, his pants and his Calvin Kleins, then slipped off her virginal white panties, wet and sticky at the crotch. Soon Brad was on his back on the bed and Jessica was manhandling his cock. Eddie saw Brad’s cock swell and change colour in response to Jessica’s teasing caress. He saw her eyes lock onto his own as she slipped Brad’s cock inside her tight channel. Eddie watched Jessica slowly ride Brad’s cock, rising and falling, smiling, letting her head loll, biting her lip and smiling joyfully. Jessica began to make little noises. She let out louder and louder pants of excitement and little screams, that built and built until her belly turned molten and she came all over Brad’s cock.

In that instant, Eddie lost the last little bit of love for her. His wish to be with her was broken. The wish that, twinned with Jessica’s wish for revenge, had made him her helpless toy, was shattered. Eddie slipped from the teddy body that had held him. He slipped from the tenuous life he’d lived.

As Jessica came and came again Eddie died.

It was hours later that Jessica discovered Eddie was gone. When Eddie Teddy failed to lick her foot. She was surprised to find she wasn’t bothered. She had had her revenge and now she had someone she cared about her who could fuck her silly. She smiled. It was enough! 

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