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A night at their feet

 A night at their feet
 By feetandwam

This is a true story of something that actually happened to me.

One day, I was sleeping over at my cousins house. There was me (14), my cousin (19) and my other cousin (22).

Both my cousins were females. I will use the name C for the younger cousin and L for the older. C was mid range height, skinny. very good looking and always wore ankle or knee high boots with long black socks or black leggings with white ankle high socks. She was a brunette and had long straight hair. I think she was wearing a black tight t-shirt and black skinny jeans. L was 22 and tall, not fat but big bodied. She was good looking but not 'hot'. She always wore black lace up shoes with black ankle socks. She had dark brunette hair in a ponytail. I think she had a black singlet with a open jacket. Along with black leggings.  At this point in time I did not have a foot fetish so I did not enjoy this experience. It was only a few years ago so I will try to do my best to recall it.

I think that it all started about a week before, when L was dropping me home after she had picked me up from school. C had been working all day and was lying down in the back. She took off her knee high boots. The smell was incredible and I instantly yelled from the front seat "Omg put your shoes back on." She just giggled and tapped my head with her foot.

There was probably more dialogue in here. I don't remember it perfectly

Anyway, so I got to their house and only L was there, she said C was still at work. We were playing a board game, can't remember which one. When C walked in. She said she was so tired and her feet were so sore. She plumped down on the couch and took off her shoes. The way me and L were sitting had her feet right next to me. "Oh my god! Your feet stiiiink" I said. "Aha really?" She said placing her foot on my face. I could smell them so bad and instantly hit them away from me. She tried a couple more times and I just hit them away. Then L grabbed my arms and C put her feet back in front of my face. I shook around but I couldn't get away from her feet. "Stop." I said. "Alright sorry" she said. L let go of my feet. "One day, I'm going to make you smell my feet after work. Maybe I'll even make you TASTE them." "Whatever you say!" I joked. We laughed and me and L kept playing. About 10 minutes later I had to go to the toilet. I went off and closed the door. I walked back out and couldn't see L or C. I assumed they were going to try and scare me so i said "haha very funny guys you can come out now." neither of them came out. I acted like I didn't care so they would give up. I started watching Tv.

After about a minute they both popped out of nowhere and dragged me off the couch. L sat on me and held my arms down so I couldn't move (like i said she was big). I started yelling "What the hell are you doing?" They ignored me and C grabbed some duct tape and taped my legs together and then to the floor. I tried to kick around but failed so I tried to sling my arms free. I failed and L put my arms up for C too tie together. She then tied them to the floor. "What the Hell?" I yelled. "Oo, one more thing." L ripped off a piece of tape and placed it over my mouth. C sat down on the couch while L lied down on the floor."Remember when you thought my feet stunk after work?" C said to me. "Now you get to smell them up close!" She took off her knee highs revealing her long black socks. She placed them on my face and told me to sniff. I mmphed into the tape and kept moving my head from side to side. L held my head still so I couldn't move and C put her feet back on my face. "The quicker you listen to us, the quicker we'll let you free" C said. I was forced to breathe through my nose and the smell was offensive. It smelt like sweat and vinegar (I love the fact I remember that, makes the whole memory a lot better). I tried to move
my head away but L's hold was too strong. I was forced to smell the incredible stench of her feet and L and C just laughed at me. C rubbed her feet all over my face. She started by making me smell her mid-sole for about 15 minutes before putting the ball of her foot on my nose. It was very smelly but better than the mid sole. She kept her foot in that position for about 5 minutes before swapping her feet. She then decided to really torture me and make me smell her toes. She wiggled her toes in her socks and then placed them on my nose. She rubbed her toes from side to side and up an down. she wiggled them on my nose and commanded me to sniff. After about half an hour she took her feet away and sat down on the floor next to L.

"You wanna have a go?" C asked L. "Yeah" she said, sitting down on the couch. "Haha, my turn." L took off her shoes and started tapping my stomach with her socks. "Smell my shoe first" she placed her shoe on my face with my nose in the hole. The smell was horrible and I wasn't looking forward to smelling the main source. She kept her shoe there for about 2 minutes before taking it away. "Ok, now you can smell the source. Lucky" she giggled and placed her black socks on my face. The smell was nearly as bad as C's but L had finished work a few hours before but hadn't showered yet. She rubbed her hot, moist socked feet all over my face for about 10 minutes. "Make him smell your toes as well" C said. She then placed my nose just under her toes. She wiggled and moved her toes around for about 20-30 minutes. The smell was so bad but with C holding my head and the tape over my mouth, I was forced to breathe in the stench. Finally she got off me and C let go.

They told me I was going to rub each of their feet, 20 minutes a foot. They loosened the tape around my wrists but left my legs. I started with L as she was already on the couch. C sat me up and told me to put L's feet in my Lap. I did it and I could feel the sweat and fluff on the L's sock. I rubbed her sole for about 15 minutes before she told me to do her toes. "This is so niiiiice." "Well need to do this every time haha." L said. When the first 20 was up she told me too swap feet. I did her foot but I started with the toes this time. After a few minutes she got me to do her sole. I did it for 20 and I felt so degraded.

Finally the time was up and C and L swapped positions. "This is gonna feel so good after work!!!" C said as she put her feet in my lap. I grabbed her foot and started massaging the ball of her foot. About 10 minutes in she told me to start the toes. I grabbed her toes and wiggled them around as well massage and bend them. "That feels so nice!" She said. After the 20 was up she swapped feet. I was about to massage her sole when she said "do just the toes for 20 minutes, it feels so good." I hated everything about her feet from feel to smell. I hated the bony feeling of her toes but I gave them a good 20 minute massage.

 They tightened the tape around my arm again. "Alright, now we want you to lick our socks." C took off the tape and I instantly started yelling. "What the hell guys? Why are you doing this?" I asked. "Put a sock in it." she yelled. shoving her foot in my mouth. "now are you going to lick our feet or are we going to have too make you suck them?" "Okay, I'll lick." I tried saying through her foot. Her socks tasted horrible and I wasn't looking forward to having to lick them. She took her foot out of my mouth and told me i was to lick every single bit of her sock. She put her foot flat In mid-air, telling me to lick the top of her foot. I knew the top wouldn't be as bad so I started licking. They didn't have much taste but the fluff of the sock was irritating me. I licked it up and down for a good few minutes. Getting the top of her toes as well. She then put her sole right in my face and told me to start licking her sole. I could taste the sweat now and It tasted awful. I liked up and down her sole and did her toes as well before she swapped feet. I started with the top before she made me do the top.

After about 30 minutes she sat back on the floor. L sat down on the couch and put her feet in front of my face. She kept them there for about 10 seconds and I didn't know what to do. "Start licking!" I stuck my tongue out and touched her foot with my tongue. I instantly stuck my tongue back in. I could actually taste dirt, sweat and fluff. "What are you doing?" L yelled. "Sorry!" I said and I started licking her foot up and down for about 10 minutes. They tasted 10x worse than C's and I felt sick licking them. She eventually said for me to start her toes. I put my tongue on her toes and started licking and moving my tongue around her toes for about another 5 before she swapped her feet. I licked her sole for 10 minutes before the toes again.Her feet were one of the worst things I had ever tasted.

"Okay, now give my feet some kisses." I pecked her foot and asked "How's that?" "Is that the best you can do?" She said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Pash my feet!" I grabbed her foot and started smooching the ball of her foot. I kissed for about 10 seconds before I stopped and slowly worked my way up her foot. I felt so humiliated and I was going to kill them (not literally) when I got free. I pashed her foot all the way up the arch then I asked "Do you want me to do the toes as well?" "Yes please!" She replied. I started kissing her toes. As I was kissing she forced her toes in my mouth. "Mmpphhh" I said through her toes, I was trying to say what are you doing? "haha." C laughed. She took out her toes and I kept kissing them.

 After a couple more minutes her and C swapped positions. "Start kissing mine!" C said. I did the same thing again, kissing her ball first, gradually working my way up. After about 5 minutes She told me to do her toes. I went all around her toes before I swapped feet.

 After I did her other foot she told me to open my mouth. "No way." I said. "Fine then, you're not going anywhere." L and C both sat on me, hoping I would give in so I  wouldn't have them on top of me. After a couple of minutes it didn't work so L said "Watch this." She got off me but then sat straight on my face. She wiggled her ass around until she got comfortable. Her leggings weren't tight so if she wanted to she could have put my nose slightly in her ass crack.She thankfully didn't though.   "Just tap when your willing to open your mouth." The pressure on my face became too much so I tapped. "Oh great." L said, smushing her ass on my face one last time.

C sat back down on the couch and told me to open wide. She shoved her socked foot into my mouth and told me suck. I tried to move my tongue into any free space in my mouth. I failed and all I could taste was her foot. It tasted so bad and all I wanted to do was get up and smash my cousin. I tried loosening my bonds but couldn't and realised I should just do what they say if I wanna go anywhere soon. I sucked for all it was worth and the taste made me feel sick. After about 5 minutes her and L swapped.

I sucked the socks of L. Her feet still tasted so much worse then C's. She told me to suck harder and to lick around her toes as well. I tried my hardest to do that but struggled. "Come on. Do better." I eventually got the gist of it and found it wasn't to difficult. I finally finished and C said "Well, one more thing and then we'll untie you." That excited me and I was so happy that I was going to be free and able to get revenge on these girls.

"We're gonna to blindfold you and you have to guess whose feet your smelling." Seems easy enough I thought. They tied a towel around my eyes and told me not to cheat. "Alright, just go." I said. A pair of feet went on my face and I tried to tell the smell. They smelt rather sweaty so I guessed C because she had just finished work. "Wrong!" L said. "Oh by the way, everytime your wrong you get an extra minute of punishment. They kept going for about 10 more minutes. I asked them how many I got wrong and they said 60 something (I can't remember the actual number). They said they'd cut it down to an hour for me.

They told me I just had to smell their feet for an hour, 30 each. L went first and put her feet on my face. My nose just under the toes. He rubbed her feet around and the smell hadn't gotten any more bearable. After a half an hour she swapped places with C.

C's feet still stunk but it hadn't slightly gotten better. I sniffed for a good 30 minutes while she laughed. Finally they untied me. I yelled at them and went upstairs. Locking the bedroom door so they wouldn't talk to me. After about an hour I got hungry so I went downstairs. They apologised and said it was just for fun and not to be too upset. I forgave them but told them Id have my revenge. They made me some food then we went off to bed.

Part 2
I had it planned perfectly. It was my sisters birthday and my family was over, including my cousins. I would excuse my self to go do homework. Then after a few minutes call up the girls to 'help me'.

So I started the plan. "Sorry guys, but I have some homework I gotta do." And I went upstairs. I set everything up, I had planned to call up one of the girls, then the second. I was going to tie them up, sit on them and make them do whatever I say. Perfect!

 "Hey C, can you come up here for a minute?" I yelled from upstairs. "Alright!" C yelled back. I went behind the door so I could pull her down from behind. She walked in and I went to tackle her. I got her down and grabbed the rope when L came in and got me off her and sat on me. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I was trying to get revenge." I said giggling, hoping she would see the funny side and leave me be. "Well maybe we need to teach you a lesson." C said. "It's fine." I said. "No, I insist." With that L held my hands up and C tied them up. They didn't bother tying my feet up as it seemed pointless if L was sitting on me.

"Help!" I yelled. L put her foot over my mouth and I quickly turned my head. C held my head still. "How are we going to shut him up?"  C asked. "Grab some tape." L said. "Where's the tape?" She asked me, taking her foot off my mouth. "Why would I say?" I said. "Because I will use my sock if you don't tell me." The threat was enough to scare me. "In the bottom draw." I said. C grabbed the tape and placed a piece over my mouth.

"Alright, you can sniff my feet first." L said. She took off her black shoes, the same ones from the other day, and put her black socked size 10's on my face. "I've still been wearing these socks from the day we tortured you. I've had work, the gym, parties and university. How good does that smell?" L said to me. "at least you don't have to smell my soccer socks!" C said. "Oh well, maybe next time." Next time? I thought to my self as I breathed in L's foot stink. She rubbed her feet all around my poor face as she yelled at me to sniff louder. I sniffed as loud as I could. Her feet smelt about 5x worse then last time and I felt  so awful and degraded smelling them.

After a while she slid her ass down to my legs. Then C sat on my stomach and took off her high boots, revealing her old, dirty long black socks. I could smell them already and they weren't near my face. C put her boot too her nose an sniffed. "Wow, that stinks!" "Good thing I don't have to smell my feet." She joked as she placed her size 8's on my face.  She placed my nose under her toes and left it there for a good 10 minutes. "My feet should smell so beautiful, I just came from work!" She said. I ignored her and focused on the feet in front of me. I tried to avoid the smell but it was impossible. She then started rubbing her feet all around my face and my hair. It smelt sooo much worse then last time and it made me sick! After a while she took her feet away and swapped positions with L.

L then took off her socks and put her BARE feet on my face. It smelt a lot worse than her socked. She wiggled her toes around as She rubbed her foot sweat all over my face, yelling at me to sniff. "Sniff. Smell my stinky ass feet." She constantly gripped my nose with her toes. She kept this up for about 15 minutes before she swapped with C.

"Alright, now I'm gonna take off my socks." She pulled off her socks. She actually struggled to get them off, that's how sweaty they were! She placed her feet straight on my face and the smell hit me like a heavy blow. C rubbed her feet all around my face as I was forced to smell the stench. I had a computer in my room and L and C said they wanted to use it. So C grabbed my arms and L grabbed my legs and they carried me to the desk, then placed me underneath it. My face and neck were under the desk while my body was out in the open. C then sat on my chair and L grabbed another chair and they sat so C was above my body and L was next to her. C then placed her feet back on my face and started going on the computer, almost as if I wasn't there. She would occasionally slide my nose in between her toes but it was normally just rubbing her feet around.  My face was damp with her foot sweat  .

 L and her swapped positions and L said to me "I'm going to take off the tape now. If you speak, we will tell your parents we saw you watching porn and masturbating." "Understand? If you do, put your nose in between my first and second left toes. If not, put your nose in my right toes." I lifted my face slightly and put my nose in between her left toes.  She left it there for a little bit before she took her feet away and ripped off the tape. I thought about screaming but remembered what L said, even though it wasn't true. "Alright, you've never tasted our bare feet have you?" I didn't reply, incase I still wasn't allowed to talk. "Answer me!" she yelled. "No." I said. "Then your in for a treat." she teased. "Tongue out."  "no!" I said, deciding to stand my ground. "Fine then, I guess we will have to go tell EVERYONE downstairs you were watching porn!" I immediately stuck my tongue out. "Good boy, now are you going to refuse our orders again?" C asked. "No" "Good" L said, placing the ball of her foot on my tongue. She started moving her foot up and down on my tongue as I tasted foot sweat and dock fuzz. Her bare foot tasted awful and I coughed several times. "How does my foot taste?" As I opened my mouth to reply, she shoved her first three toes into my mouth. I widened my mouth by force and she fit the last two in. "Haha, suck my sweaty toes." I tried to move my tongue away but all I could taste was her feet. "if you want me to stop just say so." She told me. "Mmph... mmmmmphed." Was all I could get out. "You love it? Alright then." She said as she placed the heel of her other foot on my nose so I could taste and smell her feet in tandem. "My feet better be sparkling when the leave your mouth!" She said to me as I sucked and sniffed her foul feet. This continued for about 15 minutes before she swapped positions with C.

 C's feet, like last time, smelt  worse but tasted slightly better, but still completely awful. She placed her heel into my mouth as best she could and told me to lick it up and down, at the same time, her arch was on my nose.  I licked her heel spotless before she shoved her toes in my mouth. "I bet my toes taste amazing!" She teased as I sucked her sweaty toes. I was forced to swallow sock fuzz as I sucked as well. She made me suck her toes for about 20  minutes before they heard the stairs.

They quickly untied me and pulled me up and opened up my homework. My Aunty came in and said everyone was leaving. Without a word, they both walked out and left as I pondered how I let it happen again and whether I would go for revenge, I decided against it.  

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