Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aprils fools (original)

Aprils fools (original)
by cjjcjjc

Jess was my sisters best friend , I had a crush on her like you would never beleave I would just turn to jelly when ever she came around. To my surprise valentines day she asked me out! I was over the moon , ok i'll admit i'm shallow truth be told take away Jess's looks and shes kind of a bitch but the fact she has that long silky black hair the skin that on normal people would be too white but on her was unbelievable hot , those blue eyes thaat soft skin those legs that were both long and smooth you could say she was not just a beauty queen she was a beauty goddess.

We dated almost a year with out S-E-X and you know for the first time in my life I didn't care about sex , I had actualy fallen in love with not only the beauty but the bitch as well we did everything together played computer games , whent to theme parks I would mention the name of the park but don't want to risk been sued so lets just say its the only theme park with a 6ft mouse and thinks thats a good thing lol anyother theme park would phone an exterminator but no , We had picnics , we took boat rides hell we even jumped out a plane together ,

Then the day was finaly here it was time for the sex , The fact I knew it was that night made me feel like indiana Jones grabing the holy grail , or luke blowing up the death star it felt good , we slowly walked up stairs to her house and there was her bed i've seen beds before but this one seemed more beautiful than 10 sunsets maybe it was the fact it was so well made or maybe it was fact i was going to have sex in it I'm going to bet my money on 2,

I stripped and lay on the bed it was soft and very comfortable but i'm guessing you dont want to read 9 chapters of how the bed was so relaxing and comfy it was almost as good as sex lol , "Dave , you know we don't have to have straight away do we? because I love the four-play more than the actual sex" she said and jumped on top of me , "what ever you want" I said , even if deep down inside i was thinking like tarzan or hulk "ME HORNEY , ME WANT SEX , DAVE LIKE SEX" but wonded what she had in mind when she pulled out some rope , She used the rope to tie my hands to the head board , then she toop some tape and taped my mouth finally she blind folded me ," Now I love having my feet smelled so sniff hard i'm just going the toilet then its sniff time" I could hear walk out and after awhile walk back in.

Next thing I heard was the sound of two shoes hitting the floor then Jess Laugthing as her most hot sweaty feet coverd my face the smell was strong like vinger and cheese and sish mixed together I know what your thinking sounds sick but my god I loved it , I inhaled deeper and deeeper faster and faster the more of that gorgess aroma I took in the more my penis tingled I was getting hard off the feet I couldn't bealeave it growing up I love the breasts and the ass and of course the pussy , feet never even crossed my mind but yet here I was more sexualy charged than ever,

After smelling her feet till I was perfectly hard and on the verge of coming my tape was removed "kiss my feet and tell me how much you love them" Jess comanded I kissed my lips pushed against her soft damp soles (damp from sweat) I loved kissing her feet "I love your feet Jess they smell incredable I love how they feel...." I was cut off with a "oh put a sock in it or maybe you would enjoy that too much" Jess laugthed "now how about you lick them clean" with that order I streched out my tounge and started licking up her feet slowly enjoying every inch of the salty taste I was in heaven She then removed the blind fold from my face

OH MY GOD my mother was sat on the bed it had been my mothers feet the whole time "Aprils fool" Jess laugthed "hey son I never knew my feet were so tastey but dont worry with your sister over there recording this to tape i'll never forget" Mom laugthed I turned my head to see beth was recording this whole thing it was an evil evil set up April first normal results in a practical joke but this was too much "Oh and from now on incase you didn't know it your mine, your siter beth's and Jess's slave just like all men should be" mom laugthed and shoved her feet back in my face for another smell rubbing them up and down I hated the fact it had between mom's feet the whole time but I loved the smell and the feel and taste

It's been 3 days since then and so far slavey is great! I get feet daily only down side is all the cooking and cleaning I never liked cooking and cleaning but then why would I thats womens work (lets see how many female den members flame for that comment lol)

The end for now...............

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