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An experience from the past.

An experience from the past.

This happened many years ago when I was a teenager and my aunt was
visiting from out of town. After hanging out with her all day and
showing her the town, my parents were pretty tired. We got back home
and had dinner. After dinner my parents said good night to my aunt
and told me to make sure that she has everything she needs. My aunt
was about 35 years old and she had the most beautiful feet ever. She
took really good care of them. And they were really big too, size
11. She had red nail polish on and her toes looked so delicious.

Anyways, after dinner my aunt told me that she's not really sleepy
and if I wanted to watch a movie with her. I said, sure and we went
to the living room and popped in the video.

She sat on the couch and put her legs up. Instead of sitting on the
couch, I decided to lay on the carpet in front of the couch. Oh you
can sit on the couch dear, you don't have to lay on the floor, she
said. I told her that it's no big deal and I actually prefered
watching tv laying on the floor. The truth was I just wanted to be
near her feet. So I laid down on the carpet and started watching the
movie. After a little while my aunt switched positions and wanted to
put her feet on the carpet but I was laying there. She said, you
know you're in the danger zone I can easily crush your little body
with my feet, you might want to move. She could crush my little body
with her feet, did she really say that, I thought and felt myself
being turned on. I am a pretty strong boy, I have a back of steel, I
responded with a joke. She smiled and tried to look for a place on
the carpet to put her feet. I saw that and said, no I am serious,
you can totally put your feet on me, it's no problem.

She asked, are you sure? I looked at her and laughingly said yeah
aunt Mila I am not that weak. She said, ok and lifter her legs and
placed her beautiful size 11 feet on my back. We both went back to
watching the movie. Her feet felt so nice on my back. Since her feet
were so big, it felt like they were just wrapped around my back. I
was just imagining how wonderful it would feel if they were on my
face. Mmmmmmm, I closed my eyes and imagined it. The movie was about
two hours long and so I had two hours to somehow seemlessly get her
feet close to my face. My aunt pressed her left foot on my back and
said, since you're providing a foot rest for me, I'll give you a
nice massage, how's that? Yes! I thought to myself and said to her,
sounds good. She started massaging her big feet on my back. She
moved them back and forth and ground them on my flesh. It felt
great. At one point she brought one of her feet too back up and I
almost felt it just behind my neck. That's it. It got me too excited
and I had to find a way to somehow accomplish my goal.

I raised my head, looked towards her and said aunt Mila, I have to
go to the bathroom, I'll be right back. She looked at me, lifted her
feet off of my back so I can get up. As I was walking towards the
bathroom she jokingly said, hurry back my feet are waiting for you.
I will, I said as I left the room. I actually didn't need to go the
bathroom. My plan was to go back and lay down a bit farther from her
legs so instead of my back her feet would end up near my neck and
shoulders. Brilliant! I know.

After a couple of minutes I walked back ino the room and saw her
sitting on the sofa with her feet just a few inches from the carpet
and the movie was paused. I said, you didn't have to pause the movie
for me I have already seen it. She said, I know I didn't pause it
for you, I just couldn't enjoy it without you under my feet. She
smiled and I got so excited. Your body feels so warm under my feet
that it warms up my feet and I feel so relaxed, she said. Yeah and
your massage makes me feel so relaxed, I responded. Well good, now
get back down here, she jokingly said and leaned back on the couch
with her feet dangling in air waiting for me.

Now, I had to be very careful in picking my position. So I kneeled
down and laid on my stomack on the carpet in front of her feet in a
way that my head and shoulders were just in her feet's reach. From
above the couch she couldn't really see where I was and brought down
her feet and they ended up on my left shoulder. She must felt it as
she leaned forward and saw her feet on my shoulder right next to my
neck. My face was towards the TV and I acted as if I couldn't feel
her looking at me. After a couple of seconds she leaned back and
pushed the play button on the remote and slowly started massaging
me. That was great, I could feel her left foot very close to my
neck. She moved her feet back and forth. Every once in a while her
foot with touch my neck and my hair but neither of us said anything.
I was getting more and more excited. After a few minutes I turned my
face away from the TV and put it down on the carpet. As I did that
her toes touched my left ear. She could tell that it was my ear. She
extended her leg and tapped me on the cheek with her big toe and
said, what's the matter dear, you don't want to watch the movie? Her
toe on my cheek gave me a big jolt as I couldn't believe her foot
just touched the side of my face. Hiding my excitement I said, no
that's okay I have already seen it and plus your massage feels so
nice that I just want to relax with my eyes closed. You can go ahead
and watch the movie, it's cool. She said, wow I didn't I was such a
good masseus with my feet, maybe I'll massage your face with them.
She playfully rubbed her toes on my cheek for a second and then
moved them back on my shoulder. I wished she could have rubbed my
cheek for a little longer. And that would be the continuation of my

After a few minutes I moved my head left and right a couple of
times. Are you uncomfortable, honey? She stopped massaging me and
asked me. I said, no it's just that your heels have been on the same
place on my back for a while and it's started to hurt a little bit,
can you move them up or down a bit? Sure, she said and tried moving
her feet towards my lower back but since I was laying in such a way
that my lower back was out of her reach, she couldn't get to it. I
prayed that she wouldn't shift her position to get to my back. But
she was too relaxed where she was sitting. Well, I can't reach down
on your back so I'll just move up, she said and moved her feet
towards my head. She placed her right foot on my upper back and her
left foot ended up on the back of my neck. It felt like heaven! Is
that better, she asked? And I said, yeah that's much better. She
then started the massage again and her left foot went back and forth
on my neck. Because of the size of her foot, it totally covered my
neck. The weight of her foot felt simply wonderful on my neck.

Then I slowly turned my face towards the sofa. As she massaged my
neck the heel of her foot brushed up against my chin and my cheek.
She didn't say anything and continued to rub my neck. Her heel
touched my face everytime she brought her foot back as she massaged
me. I quietly starting groaning. She heard me and asked me are you
okay down there? Is my foot being too heavy on your neck? I said
hesitantly, I am a little tired of laying like this, maybe it'll be
better if I laid down on my back. Okay, she said and lifted her feet
as I turned. All set? she asked. Yup, I'm ready to serve you as your
foot rest, I joked. She laughed and put her left foot on my cheek
and rubbed it teasingly for a few seconds and then moved them to my
chest. Since it was dark in the room I am sure she couldn't tell
that I was extremely excited. Because of my position next to the
couch her feet were on my upper chest, very close to my chin. As she
rubbed them on my chest the side of her left foot would touch my
chin as it moved back and forth.

I think she could now tell that I was getting a kick out of the
massage because at one point as her foot touched my chin, she didn't
move it away. Instead she slowly started stroking my chin with her
toes. I kept my eyes closed as I enjoyed this moment. She moved her
foot up a little bit and placed it on my throat and continued to rub
my chin. Her foot's weight on my throat felt painful and enjoyable
at the same time. She noticed that I had started to breathe hard.
She reached for the lamp on the side of the couch and turned it on.
I closed my eyes because of the brightness. She leaned forward and
looked at me. Oh honey your face is all red, are you okay, she said
and placed her foot on the side of my face and slowly rubbed it. I
opened my eyes and I continued to think of an excuse. I looked up at
her and saw her looking down at my with a concerned look on her face
as she still had her left foot on the side of my face. I could see
her toes right underneath my eyes. Why is your face all red? She
said as she continued to rub my right cheek with her toes and the
ball of her foot. I couldn't think of anything to say. Was my foot
too heavy on your throat? she asked and that gave me an idea and I
said, yeah I think so, I was having a little trouble breathing but
you seemed so comfortable that I didn't wanna say anything. Total
bullshit! I know :)

She looked at me with a mixed a look of pity and effection and said,
awwww you poor thing. And then all of a sudden it was like a dream
come true. She lifted her foot from cheek and gently and
effectionately placed it on my mouth. I got a strong jolt in my
whole body and I tried to cover it as much as I could. Her big size
11 foot was on my mouth. The sole of her foot was right on my lips
and the rest of her foot pretty much covered almost both of my
cheeks. She gently mashed my lips under her foot and said I can't
believe you would be such a good boy. She blew a kiss towards me and
pressed her foot a bit harder on my mouth. That's when it hit me.
Since she didn't want to get up and give me a kiss on my face, she
basically used her foot to plant a kiss. Wow, the thought of that
even turned me on further. She moved her foot away from mouth and
placed them on the carpet. Dear, I am really impressed and thank you
for caring for my feet. She smiled, but I don't want to put my feet
on your throat anymore, I almost killed you.

Well, I said as my mind was thinking of something real fast, you
could always massage my face and take care of the tension in my face
muscles. Oh no, I couldn't massage your face with my feet, they
probably stink, she said. And I thought to myself that she just had
her foot on my mouth, why would she say that. But I realized right
away that she had put her foot on my face because she was concerned
about me and didn't even think that she was touching it with her
feet. I quicky said, no your feet don't stink at all, there were
just under my nose and I didn't smell anything. Really? She said and
lifted one of her feet upto her nose. I think they smell a little
bit, she looked at me with a slight look of disgust. And that's
true, they did smell a bit but of couse that wasn't a problem with
me. Fine, I acted disappointed, if you don't want to massage my
face, that's okay I know you're tired. No no, I do want to massage
your face but I am concerned about you having my stinky feet on your
face, she said quicky. She extended her leg and placed her toes on
my nose, here smell them and tell me if it's the smell is too
strong. I smelled her toes and wow! They smelt wonderful in my
opinion. I grabbed her foot with my hands and gave her big toe a
kiss and said, no aunt Mila, your feet are beautiful and they don't
smell at all. She smiled and said wow, what a complement. She
reached for the lamp again to turn if off and said, well get ready
dear, here come my beautiful feet on your face.

My heart was beating really fast and I prepared to see my dream come
true. She turned the light off, leaned back on the couch and slowly
brought her feet down to the side of my face. She rested both of her
heels on the carpet and placed the ball and toes of her left foot on
the side of my head and the ball and toes of her right foot ended up
on my right cheek. She then slowly started rubbing them. Every
second felt wonderful. I opened my eyes and watched her toes move up
and down on my face. I had no idea what's going on in the movie as I
was too lost in this sensual face massage.

After a while I got the feeling that she started to like my face
being mushed under her feet. She moved her left foot move from the
side of my head and onto my forehead. A couple of seconds after that
she did the same thing with her right foot and planted in on my
mouth. She then slowly moved them back and forth. My whole face was
covered by her feet except for my nose. My heart was now out of
control and I was in ecstacy. Your lips feel so soft and nice under
my foot, she laughed. I didn't say anything and just laid there
quietly as she continued to massage my mouth with the sole of her
foot. At one point as her foot slid back on my lips and stopped at
my cheek, I opened up my mouth a little bit. Her foot slid forward
and her big toe went between my opened lips and touched my teeth.
She hesitated for a second and continued to slide her foot back and
forth. Everytime she did that her toes touched my teeth. After a
couple of times, as she slid her foot back up on my mouth and as her
big toe touched my teeth, she stopped it right there. She slowly
tapped my teeth with her big toe, then raised her foot in the air
and said, did you brush your teeth tonight? By then I knew that she
was enjoying this playful game. I said, no I haven't yet. Well, no
worries dear, I'll do that for you, she laughed and brought her foot
down on my lips. She gently aparted my lips with her toes and slowly
pushed her big toe in a little bit and started rubbing my teeth with
her toes. I quietly enjoyed this chain of events and kept my eyes
closed, well I kinda had too since her other foot was on my forehead
and eyes. See, now you know you have such a great aunt who even
brushes your teeth, she said in a playful voice as she continued to
rub her toe all over my teeth. It felt great.

It was now time to take this whole thing to the next level. As she
was rubbing her toes on my teeth, I opened my mouth a bit more and
her big toe pretty much dropped in my mouth and touched my tongue.
ooooooooh, she said, that tickles, and moved her toe out of my
mouth. Was that your tongue? I slowly nodded my head. It feels so
weird on my toes, she said. I could easily tell that she was
enjoying this and was totally in an exploratory mood. She brought
her toe back towards my mouth and slowly pushed it in and placed it
on my tongue. I have never felt anything like that on my foot
before, she said as she slowly massaged my tongue with her toe.

Then all of a sudden she took her toe out of my mouth and away from
my face. She said, honey are you okay with this? I don't want you to
be okay with this just because you don't want to say anything? Was I
okay with this, I thought to myself? Heck yeah!! But I said to her,
aunt Mila, I am totally okay with it and I will let you know if I am
not, of course, I just wish I had a bigger mouth. I brilliantly
threw that in there so she would ask why I said I wish I had a
bigger mouth but unfortunately she missed it :( Okay good, she said.
If you feel uncomfortable or if I hurt you, you'll tell me, right?
Of course, I said. She brought her foot back on my mouth and said,
well you have already smelled your aunt's beautiful feet, it's time
you taste them too. I could tell she was smiling. I said, sure I am
ready. Okay honey, why don't you stick your tongue out at much as
you can and so I can massage it better, she said with excitement.
How could I say no. I stuck my tongue out as much as I could. She
located my tongue with her toes. She then lifted her foot, placed
her heel on my tongue and slowly slid the sole of her foot across my
tongue all the way to her toes. How do they taste honey, she asked?
I said, it's pretty weird but they taste so good that I can't tell
you. That's what I thought, she said laughing. She pressed my tongue
against my bottom lip and started sliding the sole of her foot back
and forth on it. After a little while, she realized that her foot
was all wet with my saliva. She placed it on my shirt and started
rubbing the saliva off of it on my shirt.

In a few minutes her foot was dry. Then instead of putting it back
on my mouth she took both of her feet off of me, turned on the light
and sat up straight on the couch with her feet on the carpet next to
my head. I looked at her in confusion. She said, sit up for a
second. So I got up and sat in front of her on the carpet. My face
was very red and my heart was pumping like crazy because of this
wonderful experience. I thought it was over but I was wrong :)

She looked at me in the face and said, I just realized you said
something a little while ago. I looked at her with an empty look?
She raised her leg and put her right foot on my left shoulder and
gently started massaging my ear with her toes. Honey, you said that
you wished your mouth was bigger, what did you mean by that? Oh! I
thought to myself, she heard me! But I didn't want to go for it
right away so I acted embarassed and dropped my head looking at the
floor. What? She smiled and lifted her leg from my shoulder, brought
it in front of my face and slowly lifted my chin up with her foot.
Oh it's nothing, I said hesitantly. C'mon, you can tell your aunt,
it's okay, she said as she pulled her foot away from my chin and
gently planted it on my face and pushed it back a bit. I didn't say
anything right away. She massaged my face for a little while. Your
face looks so cute under my foot, she said in an effectionate voice
as she mashed my face with her large foot, I wonder if could stand
on your face and completely crush it. She playfully slapped me with
her foot. Taking advantage of the situation, I said, aunt Mila you'd
be surprised how strong I am. Even if you stand on my face, I can
still take it. She slapped me on the face with her foot again and
said, yeah I had a feeling you would say something like that. But
first tell me what you meant by having a bigger mouth. So I decided
to tell her, well when you touched my tongue inside of my mouth,
your foot felt so nice inside that I just thought if I had a bigger
mouth or if you had smaller feet, you could put your whole foot in
my mouth. I looked at her to see her reaction. She pulled her foot
away from my face and look at them. So wait, are you saying I have
really large feet, she smiled at me. No, no your feet are perfect, I
just thought if I had a bigger mouth, I could probably fit your foot
in my mouth, I responded quickly.

Hmmmm, she said looking at her feet. Then she looked at me and said
in a very casual way, we could still try and see how far it goes? My
heart skipped a beat. Even though I knew she was very intrigued by
this whole thing but I didn't think she could go for it. But I don't
want to choke you to death, she said, so you would tell me when it's
enough, right? I said, all excited now, yes I would tap your leg
with my hands. Okay then dear, open your mouth wide, she said with a
micheivous look on her face. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as
wide as I could. She slowly inserted her big toe in my mouth, felt
it around inside and then pushed the rest of her toes in. I could
already feel my mouth full of her foot even though it was just her
toes so far. My lips were wrapped around her foot. She pushed it
further in slowly. I could now feel her toes moving towards my
throat. I felt like gagging but I controlled myself. She realized
that she would need some force if she's going to push her foot
further in my mouth. She raised her other leg and brought her other
foot behing my head and held my head their for support. She started
to push again and I gagged. She stopped pushing but didn't take her
foot out. She waited a few seconds and then continued to push her
foot in. I felt her toes inside of my throat and it started to hurt
now. I opened my eyes and tapped her leg with my hands to give her
the signal to stop. She was carefully looking at me and said slowly,
not yet honey, just a bit more, stay strong. I couldn't believe it,
she was totally getting into this now. She moved her toes inside of
my throat and felt it around. The upper part of her foot was pushed
against my the upper side of my mouth and her sole was firmly placed
on my tongue and teeth. She gave her leg a little jerk and pushed
her foot further in. I gagged again and now I had tears in my eyes.
I looked at her again. She looked at me and said very slowly, I know
it's hurting honey but would you be brave and keep it in for a
little bit for your aunt? I couldn't even respond. She knew I
wouldn't last long and whatever she wanted to do she had to do it
now. She looked directly into my eyes and said, honey this is going
to hurt a little bit more but I know you love me and you'd do it for
me, so get ready. She pushed the back of my head with her foot
towards herself and at the same time gave her right leg a strong
jerk and forcefully pushed her foot deep into my throat. I gagged
again and my whole body moved. Tears were now just flowing down my
cheeks with pain and my mouth muscles were stretched as much as the
could. Almost half of her big foot was in my mouth and I could feel
her toes way deep into my throat. Her foot was so deep in my mouth
that if I had a longer tongue I could almost touch her heel with it.
She could see my mouth stuffed with her foot as my cheeks were
bulging out with it. I closed my eyes again because it was too
painful. She was careful not to move her toes in my throat to much
because she didn't want to scratch my throat with her toe nails.
Okay honey, one more final push and then we're done, okay, she said.
I wanted to say no but I couldn't even shake my head. She firmly
held my head with her foot, bent her right knee a little bit to get
some support and then suddenly straightened it with a forceful push
to her foot in my mouth. Her foot got shoved a bit further in my
mouth and throat and my whole body shook with pain. I felt like my
mouth was going to explode. My tongue was totally being crushed
under the sole of her foot firmly placed on it inside my mouth. I
could now feel her heel very close to my lips. I felt like I was
going to die.

After two painful minutes, she took her foot out of my mouth and I
fell on the floor trying to catch up my breath. She dried up her
foot as she looked at me quietly as I held my throat with my hands.
I was very excited in the beginning but later on the pain had
overtaken it. I laid quietly on the floor as my heart beat slowly
started to come back to normal. I had no complaints though, this had
been great. My aunt waited a couple of minutes as she saw me on the
floor and then stood up. She walked around me and stood next to my
head. How're you doing honey? She looked down at me. I smiled and
said, I'll be okay. She smiled back, you did good. I am very proud
of you. Now let me help you get rid of the pain in your throat
faster. I looked at her in confusion? She said, get up and lay down
next to the wall and I'll show you what I mean. I got up, walked
towards the wall and laid down. I wondered what she wanted to do to
help me with the pain. She walked up to me and slowly placed her
foot on my throat. It hurts, doesn't it, she asked? I said, yes
please don't put weight on it. She lifed it from my throat and said,
you feel better about your pain in your throat you need to feel a
different kinda pain to get distracted from it. She put her hands on
the wall, lifted one of her feet and brought it down slowly onto my
mouth. I will now step on your face with both feet and you'll forget
about the pain in your throat, she said, and trust me within a few
minutes it'll be better. Plus you told me you're strong enough to
have me stand on your face, right? She smiled. I nodded. She pressed
her foot firmly on my mouth and put more weight on it. It felt
painful but great. She slowly lifted her other foot off the carpet
and placed it on my forhead. She was now standing on my face. She
must weighed around 140 pounds. My face was totally crushed under
her weight. She stood there for a few minutes and then started to
grind her feet on my face. I felt like the whole world had just come
down to my face. She totally mashed my face under her feet. After
about 5 minutes she stepped off my face and grabbed my hand to help
me stand up. She gave a little kiss on my swolen cheek and asked if
I was feeling better. I smiled back and said yes and I thanked for
this wonderful experience. She said, no honey thank you. Now we
should get some sleep. I hugged her and started walking towards the
door and that's when she said, honey. I turned back. She was still
smiling. She said, tomorrow we'll put the other foot in your mouth.
Good night :)

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