Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Mom's friends feet

My Mom's friends feet
By Author Unknown
    This is also a true story. About a year later after the thing with my sister. My mom's friend Ashley came over to visit. I haven't seen her since elementary school so she

    looked a lot different then I remember. Well my mom went out to get dinner with my sister and brother, which left me alone with Ashley. I wasn't thinking about feet

    when I came over to sit next to her, you know just be friendly. I sat down next to her and i noticed a smell coming from her feet. I couldn't believe it! I was alone with a

    woman that doesn't know I have a foot fetish and her smelly feet are inches from my leg. I excused myself a minute and went to the bathroom to think of a idea how I

    could get her to give me those feet. I came back a minute later with an idea. I said to her that in health class we had to massage 5 different people in 5 different places.

    She was hesitant on the idea, as I said all I needed was the feet. She told me that maybe I should do my brother's feet, (Gross!). I lied and said I already did his back.

    She tried to change the subject and talk about school. I tried to make her feel sorry for me by saying, "I guess I'll go rub my own feet." She didn't take the bait. I went

    to my room for a minute to think of one more approach. I got a good idea. I came back and sat down and started talking about other things for a little while. Then I put

    my plan into action. I mumbled like I was angry that I was going to fail health because of this project. Then she said the magic words, "Well if you really need to you

    can massage my feet." I was ecstatic as I came over a pulled off her stockings. She told me her feet kinda stunk but I said they didn't. She said they really did and put

    them to my nose to smell. OMG! I thought I was going to cum right there but kept my composure and started massaging her feet. They were sweaty and greasy as I

    spent the next 10 minutes massaging one of her feet. She relaxed and was falling asleep. My mom was supposed to be home in 15 minutes so I had to work fast.  I

    checked to make sure she was asleep and lifted her foot up to my face and started sucking her toes. I started with her big toe and the toe jam inbetween the toes.

   Then I moved to her heel and scraped off some dead skin. Finally I licked her soles and cumed on her toes. Am I lucky or what shes a hard ass sleeper a doesn't feel

    any of this. I clean up, dry her feet off and put her stocking and shoes on. I hear my mom pull up so I wake Ashley up and told her my mom was home. She left shortly

    after dinner and I haven't seen her since.

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