Thursday, July 14, 2011

Babysitting The Brat

Babysitting The Brat

By Amber K
Kim returned home from jazz dance class with less than an hour to prepare for her date. Her boyfriend Jacob was a Marine stationed at the 29 Palms military base and his occasions to receive leave time seemed few and far between. Since they had little time to physically spend together most of their relationship was based on phone sex in conjunction with masturbation. Though Kim thought of herself as having the sexual appetite of a normal girl ... she was rather over sexed in nature and the lack of genuine sexual stimulation took its toll. If she hadn't loved Jacob to distraction she would have certainly broke off the long distance relationship for one that include a higher level of physical intimacy.
Tonight was the day after her 26th birthday; she and Jacob had wonderful plans. Dinner and a movie then back to her place for a night of erotic delights. Recently their phone sex had taken an interesting turn. They had mutually discovered that Jacob loved to be dominated and Kim loved to dominate. Thus for the last few months the talk had turned to subjects of forced ass licking and sniffing, bondage, and spanking. As Kim prepared to remove her leotard and jazz shoes she looked upon an array of leather restraint straps laid out across the bed. She'd purchased these at an adult web site on-line and couldn't wait to use them in real life as opposed to imagining their scenarios over the phone line.
As she headed from the bathroom the phone began to ring. Thinking it was Jacob she answered in a breathy voice. The voice of her father responded.
"Are you OK, Kimmy?"
Taken aback, Kim quickly changed her voice "Aaaa ... ya Dad, just a little tired."
"Sorry to hear that hon."
"s'OK, what up?"
"Well I need you to do an important favor for me and your Mom."
"Step-mom, Dad..."
"OK, me and your step-mom...Candy has an important mixer to go to tonight and we can't find a babysitter for Diana and ..."
"NO FREAKIN' WAY, DAD! Jacob and I have serious plans this evening!"
"I'm sorry hon, but we can't be late and we can't as well leave Diana by herself ... she’s only 13."
"You and Mom left me by myself all the time when I was that age."
"Well, that was you, sweetie ... Diana’s not as mature as you were then."
Kim thought of step-sister Diana and grimaced. She hated the little brat. Kim's father had married Candy, who was twelve years younger than him, five years ago. To make matters worse, Candy brought Diana with her. Diana was Candy's daughter from her first marriage ... though Kim's Dad treated her like his own . Diana was one of the most obnoxious children Kim had ever had the displeasure of meeting. She was precocious as hell and was always finding new ways to get attention. Kim had been forced to baby-sit Diana only once since the marriage and remembered it with vivid distaste. The girl may be 13 but she was short like her mother and appeared much younger; especially with her blond pig-tails that she insisted on wearing. Kim thought Diana could still easily pass as an 11 or 12 year old, she sure had the demeanor of a child. Again she grimaced.
"This would really mean a lot to your Mom ... er ... Candy and I. Especially Candy."
Kim's grimace deepened. She could read the veiled attempt at a guilt trip in her father's last remark. Candy had loaned her $400 to fix her car last spring. She'd been trying to pay it back ever since but money was tight as always. She’d only managed to chip away $115 which meant she had a long way to go. Despite the fact that she hated Candy only a little less than her daughter Diana, she was still indebted to her … and neither her father nor Candy would let her forget it.
"Oh, crap ... all right. Just let me jump in the shower and call Jacob and I'll be right over."
"Well, you can do all that stuff over her, Kimmy. Candy and I have to leave within the next twenty minutes or so. We're already late as it is."
"All right, all right! I'll be right there!"
Kim slammed down the phone and frowned at her reflection in the mirror. What a sucker you are Kim Hanford. After a moment she regained her composure and began to strip out of her sweaty dance gear. As Kim peeled off her jazz shoes she wrinkled her nose at the hardcore foot-reek that virtually filled the room. She flexed her toes to air out her hot feet. A thin sheen of slimy sweat covered her pinkish soles. She was about to dig out the toe jam with her fingers but decided against it, knowing her hand would wind up smelling like stinky-feet all night.
Wishing she could at least clean up a bit, she pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Looking around the room she remembered, much to her displeasure, that she had yet to do laundry and only had the clothing for her date laid out. She dug through the hamper and pulled out a pair of crusty socks and sniffed them to discern their level of cleanliness. The incredibly strong tang of vinegary feet assaulted her nose. Kim yanked her head back in surprise. With a discouraged shake of the head, she donned the recycled socks anyway and pulled on a pair of boots.
"My feet are going to smell real great now," she whispered sarcastically as she finished lacing the boots.
She arrived at her father's house just as he and Candy were coming down the walkway.
"There's food in the fridge if you get hungry ... Diana's already had her dinner so she shouldn't be a problem," her father said in passing. Candy merely smiled as she passed. Kim sneered at Candy's back the moment she had turned away. She had barely normalized her expression before Candy suddenly turned around. "I almost forgot, Kim ... Diana's been getting into my make-up and jewelry ... you know how girls are. Anyway, see that she doesn’t go in our bedroom. She's knows its off limits but she's ... well ... you know girls."
As they both continued towards the car, "Girls nothing ... you mean to say, 'you know how Diana is'. I wasn't like that when I was a kid. She’s a little old to be playing "dress-up" anyway for Christ’s sake," Kim sneered under her breath. She watched them climb into the Cherokee and speed away down Copper Avenue. Kim stood there a moment, then sighed and walked towards the house.
Once inside Kim went straight to the living room and called the base. Jacob was as disappointed as she, but they came to a quasi-acceptable compromise. His leave had been extended to two days; they had a bit more time than she had originally thought. The new plan wasn't quite as fun as the original. No dinner and no movie. He was to go to her apartment, use his spare key, and hang out there until she was done babysitting the brat. She had invited him to her father's, but Jacob knew Kim's dad wasn't all that fond of her dating a Marine ... and they both decided the situation would be too uncomfortable when Candy and her father returned to find Jacob in their house. Jacob promised to call when he arrived at the apartment.
After hanging up the phone Kim realized just how quiet the house was. Where was that little brat, anyway? She climbed the stairs to the second floor. Once reaching the landing she put her ear to Diana's door. From inside she could hear a stereo ... some Hip-Hop something-or-other. Good, Kim thought, maybe she'll stay in there all night. Now for that shower. As she made her way towards the master bathroom her stomach grumbled loudly. She hadn't eaten since the morning and with all the running around she'd forgotten just how hungry she was. All right ... first food then the shower.
As Kim finished washing the last of her dishes, the phone rang, startling her and almost causing her to drop the dish. It was Jacob and he had just arrived at the apartment. He commented on the leather restraints and her heart sank. She'd forgotten all about them and they were suppose to be a surprise. Oh well, the cat was out of the proverbial bag now. She switched phones and returned to the living room. After talking a bit the conversation began to gravitate towards sex as always. Before long they were into it.
"I lay you down on the bed and make sure your hands and ankles are tied tight ... then I pull off my panties and straddle your face. I reach back with both hands and spread my ass cheeks so you can get a good, long look at my asshole. Now I want you to smell my ass. Take deep long breaths and smell it. Put your tongue in there now. Wiggle it around and taste my ass inside. Then I grab hold of ..."
"EEwwwww, GROSS!" came suddenly from the phone. It was most certainly not Jacob's voice! Then a girlish tittering followed the statement which was cut short by a phone being hung up.
"What the hell was that?!!" Jacob blurted.
"That little fucking brat was listening!"
"How long has she been on," he said sounding concerned and a bit embarrassed, "We've been saying some pretty crazy shit."
"I have no idea but I'm going to find out. I'll call you back, OK?"
"Sure. No problem."
Kim slammed down the phone and ran for the kitchen. The room was dark and there was no trace of Diana. It then dawned on her that the only other line in the house was upstairs in her Dad and Candy's bedroom. She ran up the stairs two steps at a time and exploded through the bedroom door, a ball of fury. Diana screamed in surprise and nearly feel off the bed. Her face was caked in make-up. Diamonds and pearls hung from every conceivable place on her neck, wrists, and hands. Even in all that ridiculous regalia she looked more "the little kid" than ever. Kim looked at Candy's dressing table to see an unholy mess of powder and open containers, lipstick smears and jewelry boxes empty of their contents. Screw 10 or 11, Kim thought, she acts like a 6 year old!
Kim turned her furious gaze back to Diana who attempted to look unabashed. "Why the hell were you listening on the phone you little bitch!"
"I'm telling my Mom you called me a B-I-T-C-H." Diana spelled out "bitch" emphatically before assuming a self satisfied smirk.
"Well I'm telling your fucking Mom you're in her goddamn room fucking around with her goddamn make-up and jewelry!" Kim remembered that Diana's favorite activity was her church’s summer camp. She mentally invented a barb to torture the girl further. "Candy told me that if you were in here, after being told not to, she'll ground you and not let you go to summer camp."
Kim watched with satisfaction as Diana’s face dropped. The smirk fell away and was replaced with an award winning pout. She knew that this specific pout was legendary and never failed to assist Diana in achieving whichever goal was in her mind. Kim’s father had fallen for it numerous times though Kim wasn’t impressed in the least.
"Now march into the bathroom and wash that crap off your face you little shit!" Kim commanded whilst pointing at the adjoining bathroom. Diana slid from the bed slowly and began to petulantly remove the jewelry and replace it in their proper boxes. She slowly walked towards the bathroom. She paused in the door frame and looked back at Kim.
"Well?" Kim said, fists on hips.
In a high, mocking falsetto, "Oh, Jacob … sniff my butt … lick my pooner …la la la," Diana wiggled her butt at Kim and then stuck out her tongue. As Kim darted forward, Diana leapt with the speed of children and slammed the door. As Kim’s hand touched the handle she heard the click of the lock within. "God I hate this child," she said to herself. Then in a louder voice, "Open this damn door Diana, right now! Do you have any idea of how much trouble you are in? If this door isn’t opened in ten seconds, I’m on the phone to your Mom!"
Kim began to count out loud, "1…2 …3 … 4 …" The door slowly swung open. Diana stood framed in the doorway; the make-up still caked on her face giving her the appearance of a very short prostitute. Kim thought of this and tried to keep the smile off her face. "The door stays open … and you wash your face … now!"
As Kim watched Diana wash, she thought of the taunt the little girl delivered before seeking sanctuary in the bathroom. Again the fury began to rise. Not only due to the attitude of the little twerp, but mostly because no matter how much she threatened there would be absolutely no repercussions for her actions. Candy would poo-poo the incident … her father would simply shake his head. As usual the brat would do as she wanted and skip away Scot-free. Kim’s grip on the bathroom door molding tightened till her knuckles were white. The love of her life, and loins, was waiting at her apartment while she was stuck here enduring this little monster. Her father was off gallivanting with his floozy and probably having a rip-roaring time. This was complete and utter bullshit! I’ll be damned, she thought, if this little bitch gets away with this. Its all her damn fault anyway.
Diana began to towel dry her face whilst casting wilting looks in the mirror directed at Kim. Kim hung her head in anger. When she opened her eyes she noticed Diana’s fuzzy slippers and something her father told her last year suddenly resurfaced. A thought began to bloom in her mind. An evil, masterful thought. A slow smile spread across her face as her mental gears began to turn. Diana turned to be confronted with Kim’s sinister visage. The girl shivered in spite or herself.
"I want you to follow me, Diana." Kim crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Sit down!" she said while pointing at the floor in front of her. You want to act like a child, I’ll treat you like one, Kim decided. As Diana sat, Kim began to explain the first part of her plan. "I hope you understand the situation you are in. You’re in big trouble young lady! Not only have you messed about in your Mom’s things, after being warned not to, you’ve been vary naughty with me. I also know that there are suppose to be no locked doors in this house and you broke that rule as well. You don’t leave me with much choice, do you?"
Diana tried to pout again but changed her mind mid expression. Kim noticed and was pleased. "I know you think you have everyone wrapped around your horrid little finger, but not me. I think you should be punished, but I’m afraid that puts us both in a bind. If you miss summer camp, I’ll probably get stuck baby-sitting you … and neither of us want that, correct?" This part was untrue … Kim knew Candy would never keep her dumb kid from going to camp, but it fit the plot nicely. Kim figured Diana should also know that … but the child wasn’t all brains. "Therefore, I will administer your punishment and not tell you parents."
Diana seemed hopeful for a moment and then began to look skeptical … which slowly turned to fear. Again, Kim noted this and was pleased. "Don’t worry, I don’t believe in violence … but you will be punished nonetheless." She allowed a long moment of silence to follow for dramatic purposes. And now for the fun part, Kim thought.
"What are those?" Kim said suddenly … enough so to make Diana jump. Diana looked down to see what Kim was indicating.
"My slippers?" Diana ask in a hesitant little voice.
"That’s right … those are Diana’s slippers. And what’s inside Diana’s slippers?"
Kim was elated to see Diana’s eyes widen and the corners of her mouth turn down in a grimace of disgust. Like a flash fire, crimson color bloomed on the little girls cheeks. "What’s inside Diana’s slippers?" Kim asked again more persistently.
Still nothing from the girl. Kim’s smile grew more sinister.
Two years or so prior, Diana had thrown a fit about how smelly her mother’s feet were after she had returned from dancing at the clubs with Kim’s father. Candy had come home and removed her shoes and socks whilst watching the tale end of the local news. Diana was sitting on the floor near the couch coloring in a coloring book. Candy stretched out her feet and unthinkingly wiggled her toes mere inches from Diana. Apparently the smell hit the little girl and she went into a mini fit. Candy was rather intoxicated and took the girls protests as playfulness. Her father had said that Candy’s Mom used to wrestle with her and her brothers when she was a little girl. When Diana forcefully pushed her Mom’s foot away, Candy took this as a playful attempt at rough-housing.
Candy then thrust her stinky, stocking clad feet into her precocious daughter’s face. She pressed her toes over the little girl’s nose and forced her to sniff. Diana screamed and bolted from the room with her Mom in laughing pursuit. The girl tried to escape to her bedroom, but Candy overtook her … tackling her daughter onto the bed. She then peeled off her stockings and placed the toe part over the girls nose and proceeded to tickle her mercilessly. According to Kim’s father he entered the room as Candy placed a hand over Diana’s mouth and covered her nose with her reeking foot. Also, according to Kim’s Dad, the whole room reeked of Candy’s potent feet.
Candy was laughing so hard that tears were pouring down her face as she forced her daughter to endure her odiferous soles and toes. Candy continued to chant things like "Smell those stinky feet, Di! Smell ‘em good kiddo!" Then, Kim’s dad had said, he noticed the tears on Diana’s face were not from laughter. He told Candy and helped her off girl. As soon as she was free, Diana bolted for the bathroom and locked the door. It took hours of cajoling and pleading to get her out. After that the "no locked doors" policy came into effect.
Soon there after Diana developed a severe aversion to feet. She even went so far as to refuse to even say the word "FEET" or "FOOT". The word "STINKY" also seemed to make her uncomfortable, even when not used in the context of feet. She would be extremely embarrassed if she saw a women with open-toe sandals or worse still … barefoot. Men’s feet didn’t seem to bother her quit so much, but women’s feet caused her to turn beet-red. If she happened to encounter the smell of feet she would pinch her nose and blush. Candy and her father thought it would fade in time, whilst Kim thought it was another ploy for attention. All concerned were proven wrong. If anything, Diana’s mental state concerning the subject worsened to such a point that Candy wanted to take her to therapy.
The next step, Diana began to refuse to wash her own feet. She didn’t want to look at them, talk about them, or touch them. She always wore the same socks ... very rarely changing them. She even refused to take them off when she went to bed. To hide the smell, she would wear her house slippers or shoes constantly. The therapist was unable to get anywhere since Diana would refuse to speak on the subject. The final decision was that she would grow out of it. Well, she had yet to …as her response was proving to Kim.
"Answer my question, Diana, or no summer camp!"
Diana covered her ears ostentatiously and yelled "MY FEEEET!" Then came a genuine pout and an even deeper blush.
"Good girl!" Kim cooed, "Now take off you slippers."
Diana seemed to contemplate this and then begrudgingly removed them. Kim looked at her sock clad feet. The toes were almost yellow and had obviously been worn for some time. "Now the socks," Kim said, once again pointing.
Diana looked like a deer caught in headlights. "OFF!" Kim commanded. The smell of the girl’s feet was slowly creeping towards Kim, but just a hint of the aroma. Diana removed her stiff socks with a pained expression. She squeezed her eyes shut and remained so as Kim looked down inspecting the girl’s pudgy little feet. Without warning the cloying scent turned to a powerful one. Diana pinched her nostrils closed and began to whine. Despite the fact that Kim was inhaling this little brat’s reeking feet she was filled with joy. This was a momentous occasion. Diana had never suffered any kind recrimination for her actions. It was all coming home in style.
"Knock off that whining crap!" Kim snapped, "Now lift your foot to your face and smell it!"
Diana’s eyes snapped open. "I hate you and so does my Mom! She says you’re a slut! I heard her tell Daddy Shane!" Daddy Shane was what Diana called Kim’s father. It took a moment to sink in … then Kim exploded.
"You little bitch … smell your own stinky feet! SMELL ‘EM NOW DAMMIT! SMELL THOSE FUCKING THINGS!"
Diana blanched as Kim shouted and managed to go an even deeper shade of red. Her hands clamped to her ears and she began to loudly chant Mary Had A Little Lamb at the top of her lungs. OK, Kim thought, I did that too when I was a kid … more like 5 than 13. At least we have something in common, she ironically mused. She then realized that there was no way she could get the child to smell her own feet without severe physical contact. She hated the kid, true, but she wanted to torture … not injure. But, a little physicality would move things along.
Kim stood and grabbed two belts from her Father’s dresser. She then spun around and grabbed hold of Diana. With her eyes shut, ears covered, and her screaming sing-song litany, the girl was taken totally unaware. In seconds Kim had bound Diana’s hands behind her back and both ankles together and tossed her unceremoniously on the bed. The girl began to scream obscenities that shocked even Kim. She snatched up one of Diana’s filthy socks and stuffed it in the girls mouth.
"There," Kim chided, "Suck on that for a while." Kim sat back on the bed and watched Diana writhe for a bit. Seeing her bound, she thought of her sexual plans with Jacob and realized she was still very much aroused. This even heightened her anger. Kim then noticed Diana was slowly working the sweaty sock out of her mouth with tongue and teeth. Kim grabbed up a pair of Candy’s black nylons from the floor and tied the sock in place. As an after thought, she placed the crusty toe end, partially whitish-yellow with stained sweat, over Diana’s nose and looped it around to keep it in place.
Now the smell of Diana’s feet was becoming even more apparent. Unconsciously Kim said aloud, "Your feet are fucking smelly, Diana…" The girl seemed to go ridged and her eyes bulged, her entire body aquiver. Ahhh, Kim thought, if she won’t smell them ….
Kim reached down and took hold of Diana’s bound ankles. She lifted her bare feet off the bed and inspected her soles. She really has pretty little feet, Kim thought. Then, bending forward she hovered her nose over Diana’s wriggling toes. She locked eyes with the girl to heighten the embarrassment and took a deep sniff. The smell exploded in her head. The stink was so heady it seemed to make her entire body go weak for a second. Her nostrils quivered uncontrolably and her eyes were on the verge of watering … but something else was happening that she couldn’t quit come to terms with.
Once she slowly came back to reality she noticed that Diana had stopped squirming and was starring transfixed. Kim took another strong sniff of the girl’s feet and was again deeply affected by the smell. Once she had again composed herself Kim began to speak. To her surprise she had unconsciously adopted her "sexy voice" she used for the phone-sex with Jacob. She was shocked having not planned it, but seeing the adverse effect it had on the girl she continued …
"Mmmmm, you’re feet are soooo stinky, Di. Oh yes they are you little bitch. They’re so fucking smelly and raunchy. Your sexy little stinky feet make me soooo hot!" To her dismay, the last comment had slipped out, but with another shock she realized it was true. Kim took another deep sniff, now completely oblivious to Diana’s mortified stares. Again the shock of the smell filled her being but this time plummeted directly to her pussy which soaked her panties through. Holy shit, she thought, I’m a fucking pervert! Kim was disturbed but at the same time excited beyond reason. She took one smell after another, pressing her nose against the slimy feet, immersing herself in their overpowering stench. Having the girl at her mercy was astoundingly erotic … and for some reason the combination of her embarrassment, the activity of foot smelling, and the strong smell of the girl’s feet was making her head spin with lust.
Diana starred in terror as Kim continued to smell her feet for what seemed like hours. She was shamed beyond belief. Then Kim drunkenly pulled her face away and starred back at Diana. Her face was flushed and feverish … her eyes slightly glassy.
"Ohhhh, little Diana … we’re taking this to the next level," Kim purred.
Diana’s terror increased as Kim climbed from the bed and clicked off the lights. The room was engulfed in an inky dark. Slowly Diana’s eyes adjusted to the shadowy chamber. The path lights, down on the lawn outside, slightly illuminated the room. She could see Kim returning to the bed. She wanted to cry out, but the sock prevented it and each time she drew in air she could feel the smell of her mother’s fetid toes coursing into her body with each shuddering sniff. She moved her tongue to try and dislodge the sock but each time she did she was forced to taste her own foot sweat.
Kim was now sitting on the edge of the bed. Oh no, Diana screamed in her head, what’s she doing? The clunk-clunk of Kim’s boots hitting the floor seemed deafening to Diana. She then watched in mortal dread as Kim peered over her shoulder whist she slowly peeled off her socks. Even though she fought it, Diana’s eyes were drawn to Kim’s bare feet. They looked pale as milk in the semi-darkness. Then, with more confusion than terror, Diana watched her step-sister stand and pull off her jeans and panties. She now stood completely naked from the waist down.
"Mmmmm," Kim purred, as she climbed onto the bed like a stalking lioness. She sat next to Diana and regarded her with hooded eyes. The girl looks so helpless, Kim thought. How utterly delightful. Her attention then drifted to her own feet. The crusty socks had absorbed her foot-sweat, leaving only the slimy toejam betwixt her toes. She could smell that her boots had acted as a hothouse of a melting pot. The smell of her feet in her stink-ridden jazz shoes, the smell from her used gym socks and the deep, warm cloying scent of sweaty feet in leather from her boots had combined to create a supper odor that Kim decided could probably strip paint. It was sharp and meaty all at the same time. She tried to compare the odors with popcorn, corn chips, cheese, vinegar, the girls’ locker room in high school … but everything feel short. It was all of those smells and more mixed together. Then she thought, if they could strip paint, what could they do to little girl’s noses?
Before Diana realized what was happening, Kim flipped the toe end of the stocking away from her nose. She gasped a breath of what she thought would be clean air but was met with a more powerful smell than the stockings. In Diana’s moment of disorientation she neglected to see Kim simultaneously lift her feet and swung them around. Kim’s bare soles quickly descended to cover Diana’s face, plunging her into a chaotic maelstrom of darkness and intense foot-smell.
The pungent foot-vapors seemed to force their way into her … exploring her senses as they mercilessly raped her nostrils with their rank fumes. Her eyes rolled back beneath her closed lids as wave upon wave of foot-effluvium spun her down into the depths of near catatonia. Then, when Diana was on the brink of this chasm of stink, she felt a burning. A heat that was spreading through her entire body emanating from somewhere within her. She slowly surfaced back to reality and felt the warm smooth flesh of Kim’s feet rubbing her face. She again tasted the salty and musty sock in her mouth and new this to be her own foot-taste. The next thing she felt was her body rocking on the bed … then the fire, the heat … not within her, but between her legs!
She could feel that Kim had pushed the belt binding her ankles further towards he feet, allowing her legs to angle out. Her skirt had been pushed up and her panties torn asunder. The heat was branching out from between her legs where Kim’s fingers and palm expertly manipulated the folds of her pussy and the bud of her clitoris. Her instinct was to snap her legs closed but something made her spread them wider. Kim used this opportunity to slide a finger inside.
Diana felt an intense amalgamation of pain and pleasure as the fingers worked deeper and deeper inside of her. She could feel Kim’s thumb rotating on her clit in rhythm with the probing digits. Another shuddering breath bore the reek of Kim’s soles into her lungs. The aroma seemed almost sentient, sending tendrils of sensation which probed into her … filling her chest and loins with a burning heat. In one epiphanous moment Diana felt the pieces of a puzzle snapping into place.
Her mind rushed to the night she was forced to smell her mother’s feet. This was the first time she actually allowed herself to think about it since the event. These same feelings were born that night and pushed away … deep inside the subconscious. The feelings were so strong and confusing she had been near terror and filled with shame. With each sniff of her Mother’s malodorous feet her panties had grown wetter and wetter.
Now there was something building within her. A growing tension almost like having to pee and holding it for hours. It grew and grew as the puzzle pieces continued to mentally snap into place.
There was something magical about this smell. She inhaled again and realized she was in love with Kim’s feet. Nothing had ever smelled this horrifically smelly and wonderful. And yes, she was being forced to suffer their power and that was part of the exhilaration. She took another deep sniff as her eyes began to water anew. The pain between her legs was subsiding and replacing it was a liquid thrumming of exquisite sensation. The pressure in her abdomen continued to build. The intensity would have frightened Diana if not for her preoccupation with Kim’s foot-smell and her own dawning realizations.
Another sniff and another. She could now feel Kim’s nose sniffing at her own feet. Diana lustfully cupped her toes around the bud of Kim’s nose and felt the breath sucking past her sweaty flesh. Her thoughts continued to spin …
The power of feelings that the smell of her Mother’s feet had birthed two years ago had been too much for Diana. Unable to comprehend them she had tried to suppress it. Each time she would see a woman’s foot or toes, or happen to have caught the scent her blood would race and the confusion and fear would return. She had denied her urges for so long it had nearly sent her into a neurotic state. Nearly, hell, she had been. She was 13 and acted like a six year old because she was terrified of becoming a woman.
This was what she had wanted. What she had needed. This was it. She was being raped by her step-sister. Her senses were being raped by her pungent foot-smell and her pussy raped by her probing fingers … and she was in heaven! Building and building. Pressure inside. Climbing in intensity. Was she going to pee all over Kimmy?!!
Then the orgasm hit.
All thoughts were roughly smashed away and her body became rigid. Her back arched off the bed for second before she began to buck uncontrollably. Kim’s three fingers plunged knuckle deep into Diana’s sopping pussy and each wiggled separately searching out the thirteen year olds G-Spot and hitting it hard. Diana screamed into the sock-gag and took one tremendously long sniff of Kim’s feet … trying to fill her lungs to capacity with nothing but that blessedly repulsive stench of foot-funk. Then darkness.
Diana awoke unbound and un-gagged. Kim was sitting next to her on the bed looking exhausted.
"You took your punishment like a good girl … and if you play your cards right we won’t have to do it again."
Two things occurred to Diana in that moment. First, she would make sure that she angered Kim again. She still had yet to experience the things she overheard her telling her boyfriend. The idea of being forced to smell and tongue Kim’s asshole sent a shiver through her body. The second was that the next time her Mother wanted to rough house she would play along and encourage the forced foot smelling. She was a lucky girl. Diana smiled.
"Something funny?" Kim’s face darkened, "Maybe you need something to remind you for the rest of the night." Kim reached down between her toes and scraped out a slimy gob of toejam. Before Diana could react, Kim jammed the tip of her finger in Diana’s nose. She pressed down, smearing the mass on the inside of Diana’s nostril and upper lip. The strong smell of Kim’s feet again filled Diana’s head. She knew this smell would be with her all night. It was hard to try acting unhappy about it, but she did her level best.
Kim sensed something different about the girl, but couldn’t really put a finger on it. She also felt odd herself. She had this driving urge to viciously begin smelling the girls feet again. She was trying to discount the turn-on of smelling to the situation, but it seemed more than that. A lot more in fact. Maybe she could find a reason to repeat the punishment. She was an imaginative women … she could invent something. Besides, looking at Diana’s face, she decided it would be a comfortable place to sit. That little nose of her's would fit quite nicely up my ass, Kim thought.
Though both girls wore an outward expression of sternness, inside both were smiling to beat the devil.


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