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Sandy's Bet

Sandy's Bet
Author Unknown

My name is Sandy, and I discovered a while ago how men are attracted to my legs and feet. I am 27, have blond hair, am about 5’11’’ with long, sinewy legs and I always wear a toe ring and keep my toenails painted bright red or some funky colors like blue, purple, etc. I met my boyfriend Ken at our gym. At the time, he was dating another woman named Karen. Karen is a brunette, about 5’7’’, and has a nice compact build. She does a lot of stairmaster and weights and is in great shape. Ken was talking about marrying her, he is 31 and thought it was time to settle down. I changed all that.
Ken is a doctor, so he works odd hours and at the time he and Karen were on different schedules. I seemed to run into Ken a lot at the treadmills at our gym, and we struck up a friendship. One day, he confided in me that he had seen a piece on TV about high school girls wrestling competitively with boys and that he had always wanted to do this but it wasn’t socially acceptable when he was younger. I told him that I had dated a wrestler when I was I high school, and we used to wrestle for fun and that if Ken ever wanted to have a friendly match to just let me know. He was very excited by the prospect of this, and took me up on the offer later that week. I pinned him in our first match, and we started to wrestle at my apartment after we worked out at the gym, a few days a week. What started out as a physical attraction developed into a relationship and Ken left Karen to be with me. Eventually, Ken opened up to me and told me that he had a major league foot fetish and loved to be dominated, so our wrestling matches evolved to where if I won, I’d sit on his face and grind on him until I had an orgasm. Then, often I would turn around and make him lick my asshole and of course for the grand finale I’d make him smell my sweaty, stinky feet and lick them clean. If he won, he could do whatever he wanted to me, make me take him in my mouth, from behind, etc. I was somewhat surprised when Ken brought home a double-ended dildo and told me if he lost he wanted me to use it on him. This was something that worked out great because we both got off when I did. Maybe I’ll write to you in more detail about our matches another time.
I wanted to write about something that happened between Karen and I. Karen also went to our gym. I didn’t run into her that frequently, and she had never confronted me directly about Ken leaving her for me. I was surprised when she approached me one day and said, "I was cleaning out my apartment and I found some of Ken’s things. Can I drop them off at your apartment this week? If I went to see Ken, it would be awkward." "Sure I said, come by tomorrow night at 7."
Then next day I got home from the gym at 6:30. Ken was working and was probably going to be home around 8. At 7, the doorbell rang. I answered and Karen was standing there. She didn’t have anything with her, which I found confusing since I thought she was coming to drop off some of Ken’s things. "Well, are you going to let me in?" she asked. "Oh, yes. I’m sorry.", I said. I stepped aside and let Karen in. "I didn’t really have any of Ken’s things. I talked to him last week, I asked him why our relationship didn’t work out and he told me about what the two of you do, your wrestling, you sitting on his face, making him smell and kiss your feet." I was annoyed that Ken had told her all this, but I’d have to deal with him later. "Anyway, I could have done all that with him, I have nice feet and I’m athletic. I came to challenge you to a match. I think I could whip your ass. Are you up for it? Same penalties for the loser as you and Ken’s matches." I was shocked, but I was also mad. "OK, I said. You’re on. The mats are in our den." We walked into the den. I was wearing a sports bra and shorts from working out. I shimmied out of the shorts. Karen took her shirt and shorts off too. We were facing eachother in our sports bras and panties. I noticed that she was also wearing a toe ring and her toenails were painted dark red.
We circled eachother for a minute and then we locked hands, trying to force eachother down to the ground. I was afraid that Karen would be much stronger than me since she lifted weights more, but with my height advantage, I was able to get the upper hand. I had pushed her wrists back and was able to push her down on her knees. She was struggling to get back up when she dropped her head down. Seizing on this, I clamped my thighs around her head and began to squeeze. I let her hands go so I could stand up straight and squeeze as hard as I could, arching up on the balls of my feet. Karen tried to pull my legs apart with her now free hands, but my legs were too strong. She began slapping and clawing at the back of my thighs, and I could feel her cheeks getting hot against the inside of my thighs. Her breathing was getting more labored, which I could see from her back moving up and down more slowly. She stopped scratching at my legs and her arms now hung limply down to the floor. I knew I had her. I reached down to her panties and pulled up sharply on them, pulling them tightly up against her pussy and her ass when I straightened up. I squeezed her head harder. My muscles were starting to ache, but I kept it up. Her breathing had slowed down considerably, so I let go of her head and stepped to the side.
Karen slumped to the floor. The insides of my thighs were soaked with her sweat. I was going to humiliate her now. I took my panties off and pulled her panties off. I got two pairs of pantyhose, and tied her arms tightly behind her back, tied her ankles together, and turned her over. She was mine. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly. I gently tapped her cheeks with the balls of my feet and cupped my toes over her nose trying to wake her up a little. I knew my feet smelled ripe from just working out an hour ago. As she started to come to, I quickly straddled her, sitting on her breasts. "OK, you win. What are you going to do?" she asked. "Well, you’re going to lick me until I get off." Her eyes got wide as I slid forward and put my hands around the back of her head. I lowered my sweaty pussy right onto her mouth and began to grind back and forth on her face. I have to hand it to her, she was a gracious loser. She was eating me out and keeping her word on the bet. I ground on her face for about ten minutes, and was surprised at how exciting it was dominating another woman. I came, gushing on her face. I slid back, and after a minute she looked up at me and said "OK, are you going to untie me yet?" "No, we’re not done. I’m mad that you pried into my personal business. There’s more penalty to go." I stood up and turned around. "You’re going to lick my ass now." I pulled my cheeks apart a little and sat on her face, burying her nose and mouth in my ass. I pressed my asshole down and felt her licking my little brown bud. I did this for about ten minutes, and again her breathing was getting slower.
I stood up. Karen’s face looked red and hot from being suffocated under my sweaty butt. "Now you’re going to smell my stinky feet, Karen. Every time you think of me or see me at the gym I want you to remember the helplessness you feel right now, and the aroma of my feet." I started with my left foot, cupping my toes around her nose. "If I don’t feel you inhaling my scent, I’m going to tape your mouth shut so you have to breath it in." I could feel her breathing in and out, the air moving between my toes. After ten minutes, I switched to my right foot. After ten minutes of that, I said "OK, now you’re going to give my sweaty tired feet a tongue bath. Especially around my toe ring. Start at my heel." I placed my left heel over her mouth and she began licking it. My feet must have tasted quite salty and cheesy because I had run for forty minutes on the treadmill. I moved my foot, having her lick her way up the bottom of my foot, to the arches and finally had her suck all my toes. I then had her do the same to my right foot.
I then got up and went to the drawer and got out our double-ended dildo. "See this, Karen? This has been up Ken’s ass, now it’s going to go up yours. First, I want you to suck on it to get it ready." I stood over her and pushed the tip of one end into her mouth. Although I was angry with her, I always put a condom on the end I used on Ken and washed it off when we were done, so I felt I wasn’t going to get her sick doing this. She sucked on the dildo submissively for several minutes. I pulled it out and got the harness and a condom. I inserted my end into my pussy, which was still wet from being eaten out, put the harness on and put a lubricated condom on the other end. I picked Karen up and carried her to the couch. I put her down on her knees and pushed her face down, so I could fuck her ass from behind. I poured some massage oil down Karen’s butt crack and slowly started working the dildo into her asshole. It was pinkish brown, and I could see it pulsing around the dildo. She began to moan. I fucked her with the dildo, which was also moving back and forth inside me and after several minutes, I came for the second time. I pulled the dildo out of Karen’s ass and pulled the harness off and pulled it out of me.
I went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of water and brought them back into the den. Karen was sitting up, her hands and ankles still tied. I held the glass up to her lips and helped her drink some water. "I hope you learned a lesson, Karen. If you pry into my relationship with Ken again, I’ll have to kick your ass all over again. I’m going to relax a little bit before I let you go." I moved her over to the floor in front of the couch we have in the den and sat on the couch. "Lay down, I need a foot rest. I placed my bare feet on her face and rubbed them back and forth while I watched TV and drank my water. A few minutes later, I heard the door open. It was Ken coming home. He called in, "I’m home. How’s things?" "Well, we have some company, Ken. We’re here in the den" To be continued…
Ken walked into the den. When he saw a naked. bound woman on the floor under my feet, he looked shocked. I moved my feet off of Karen’s face. "Look who dropped by, Ken." Karen looked up at him. "Hi, Ken" she sighed. I put my feet back over her face. "It seems that Karen knows an awful lot about us, Ken. She dropped by to kick my ass for stealing you from her. Who else are you running around telling the intimate details of our sex life to?" Ken was at a loss for words, but there was no hiding the growing bulge in his pants. He was wearing the green shirt and pants from the hospital, and his erection was standing out like a pole. "Well, I guess I’m going to have to kick your ass too. Get undressed." Ken took off his shirt, shoes, socks and pants. He was wearing briefs and his bulging erection was straining against them.
"Winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser and Karen, Ken. Ready?" Ken nodded. We circled each other and I moved forward to try to grab Ken. He got me in a side headlock and began squeezing my head. I put my arms around his waist and picked him up off the ground, but he was too heavy to throw down. If I didn’t do something else, I was going to lose. I grabbed Ken’s balls and began to lightly squeeze. "If you don’t let go, I’m going to squeeze harder." Ken wasn’t letting go, he knew it was his only chance. I increased the pressure on his balls, and he began to ease his grip on me. I pulled my head away from his side and grabbed his erection with my other hand. Now he was at my mercy. He stood before me in a combination of excitement, pain and discomfort. I began pulling him down to the floor and squeezed his balls sharply. He dropped to the floor and cupped his hands over his balls in agony.
I sat on his back and cupped my hands under Ken’s chin. I then pulled his head back slowly, putting pressure on his neck. He groaned as I increased the pressure, but he didn’t take his hands away from his groin. I had my legs in front of me and I was leaning back as far as I could. After a few minutes, I let go and Ken’s head slumped to the floor. I cupped my hands under his chin again, pulled his head back and snapped my legs around his head. I began to do the same thing I had done to Karen, I squeezed as tightly as I could. Ken knew what was coming. I increased the pressure and I could feel Ken’s five o’clock shadow against my thighs, and he was beginning to sweat from the heat of my squeezing him. He had taken his hands away from his aching balls and he was now trying to pull my legs apart, but he knew it was hopeless. All you could see was his hair, and you could hear his breathing slowing down. "You’re not going to hurt him, are you Sandy?" asked Karen. "No, I know what I’m doing. Just shut up and observe." Ken had stopped moving, he had passed out. I got out two more pairs of pantyhose.
I tied Ken’s hands behind his back and tied his ankles together tightly as I had done with Karen. I could smell his feet when I was tying his ankles. I pulled him over to Karen, so his feet were next to her face. "If you still want Ken so much, you can kiss his feet." I stood over her and started rubbing her pussy with my foot. She was starting to get excited by this. I rubbed my big toe back and forth over her clit, first going up and down and then going side to side. She was getting off on this now and I rubbed faster and faster until she came. Ken was still knocked out. I stood over him and tapped his face with my foot. He began to mumble and I placed the foot I had gotten Karen off with over his face. His cock began to throb again when he breathed in the combination of my foot scent and the smell of Karen’s come. His eyes began to open. "Well Ken, if you miss Karen so much you can lick her pussy juice off my toes." I pushed my big toe into Ken’s warm mouth and pushed it in and out, fucking his mouth with my toe. He hungrily sucked on it. Ken’s erection was bouncing back and forth. I pulled my toe out of his mouth, sat down next to Ken and wrapped my feet around his erection. I began to massage his cock, moving my feet up and down. Ken began to moan. I continued to pump his cock, and when he was about to come I moved my left foot in front of it to catch his come. I continued to rub the underside of his cock with the smooth bottom of my other foot, end he exploded into the toes of my left foot.
I scooted over to Karen. "Well Karen, since you miss Ken so much you can lick his come off my foot. Lick every drop off and savor it, this is the last time you’ll get to taste him." I placed my dripping foot in front of her face and she began to lick his come off. She swirled her tongue over the ball of my foot and I spread my toes so she could clean in between them. She sucked all my toes like little cocks and after a few minutes she had eaten all of Ken’s come off. "Good to the last drop, Karen? Okay, I’m going to let you go now." I turned Karen over and untied her hands and ankles. She didn’t say a word as she got dressed. "One thing before you go, Karen. Come kneel in front of me, kiss my feet and tell me and Ken that I am superior to you and that you will not pursue Ken." She knelt down, kissed the tops of my feet and said "Sandy, you are superior to me and I will not try to get Ken back." Now that I had completed her humiliation, I let her out the door. I went back to the den. Ken was still laying on the floor tied up. He asked me, "Are you going to fill me in on what happened?" I told Ken the whole story and watched him get erect again. I was getting horny again so I straddled Ken’s face and had him eat me to another orgasm. Then I rode his cock until he came, and untied him. I thought that would be the last I’d hear from Karen. I was wrong. To be continued…
Part Three
After the ass-kicking and humiliation I put Karen through, I was pretty sure she was going to stay away from Ken. A few weeks later on a Saturday, Ken was out shopping when his pager went off. I picked it up and there was a message from Karen on it. I couldn’t believe it. I called her. She answered the phone, "Hi, Ken." "Hi, Karen. Why are you paging Ken?" There was silence for a moment. "Well, Karen? I thought I told you what would happen if you didn’t stay away from Ken. I guess I’m going to have to kick your ass again." "Well Sandy, if you think you can, why don’t you come over here right now and try?" I was shocked that she was taunting me like this after I had thoroughly humiliated her the other week. "Okay Karen, I’ll be over in a half an hour." I was still in my workout clothes, having gone to the gym that morning.
I knocked on Karen’s door. She answered, smiled and said "Come on in. I’m glad I’ll get a chance to have a rematch." "You’re glad you’ll have the chance to eat my pussy, ass and kiss my feet again?" I said. "We’ll see about that" said Karen. "Let’s go to the basement." I followed her down the stairs to a finished basement. The room had been cleared out and there were mats in the middle of the floor. "Have you been practicing, Karen?" "You’ll see, won’t you Sandy?" I was beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to come over here. I took my shorts, sneakers and socks off. Karen took her shorts and socks off and now we were facing each other like the last time. Karen grabbed my right arm and twisted it, getting it behind my back. She was pulling up on in as hard as she could and when I tried to spin out of her hold, she spun with me. I felt her step back from me and the next thing I felt was her knee crashing up into my pussy. My knees buckled, the pain was incredible. She pushed me down on my knees and pulled both of my arms behind me and began to pull up on them. I couldn’t believe I was getting beaten already. My head was spinning from the pain in my groin and my arms were starting to ache. She was jerking up on them as hard as she could, which was lifting me off the floor. I tried to stand up, but she put her foot on the small of my back and shoved me forward.
As I got up on my hands and knees, I felt her legs around my head. She was going to use my move on me! I looked down and could see her rocking back and forth on her feet. Her toenails were painted bright red. "See those feet, Sandy? You’ll be showering lots of attention on them shortly with your mouth. Take a good look." She then began to tighten her grip on my head. I was getting dizzy. The next thing I knew, I was on my back and I was tied up. I must have blacked out from her leg scissors. I was on the floor, my arms tied spread out to the legs of a sofa and my legs were tied spread out over me, to something at the top of the sofa. "Well, what a difference a couple of weeks makes, doesn’t it, Sandy? Your turn to serve." She stepped around and disappeared from my view for a second as she sat on the sofa. Then the pink bottoms of her feet appeared over my head. A strong scent saturated my senses as she lowered her feet on to my face, rubbing the undersides of her toes against my nose. I couldn’t see much besides her toes and the balls of her feet over my eyes. Her feet smelled strongly, like she had been wearing old running shoes for a while. She rubbed her sweaty, smelly feet all over my face and I was helpless to do anything about it. All I could do was lay there and breathe in her foot aroma. "How does it feel, Karen? Do you like how my feet smell? I haven’t taken a shower since yesterday morning, preparing for this. Wait until you have to eat my pussy and ass out." She was rubbing the balls of her feet over my lips and cupping her toes over my nose. I closed my eyes, but I couldn’t block out where I was, her feet smelled too strongly to forget. She was intent on humiliating me as much as I had humiliated her a couple weeks ago. She got up and walked around, standing over me facing my feet. "Now you’re going to eat my ass, Sandy. Ken told me that you’re good at that." She lowered herself onto my face until I couldn’t see anything. Her asshole smelled musky. She lifted herself up for a second and said "Now, be a good little loser and lick me out." Well, I guess fair’s fair. I had lost, so I rimmed her asshole. She was pretty clean, even if she hadn’t taken a shower since yesterday. I rimmed her for a few minutes when she got up and I could hear someone coming down the steps. "Hi, Ken. Look who’s licking who this week." I looked up and was relieved to see Ken there. "Ken, tell her to untie me and let’s go. Thank God you’re here." Ken smiled weakly and shuffled his feet. "Ken said that if I beat you, he’d fuck me in front of you, Sandy." I couldn’t believe it. "Ken, go ahead and get undressed. We’re going to show Sandy how real people have sex." Ken stripped as did Karen. Ken laid on the floor on his back and Karen climbed on top of him. She began to ride him. I could do nothing but look on. After a few minutes, they both came simultaneously. After a minute of climaxing together, Karen got up off of Ken and came over to me. "Did you like the show, Sandy? You can clean up after it now." She straddled me and pulled my head towards her dripping pussy. I could feel her wetness over my nose and my mouth as she pressed her pussy against my face. "Suck me out, Sandy. Suck all of Ken and my juices." I lapped Ken and her come out of her pussy and she began to grind against my face. I swirled my tongue around her clit. "Wow, Ken. Sandy’s got a hot little tongue there." She bucked against my face and I could smell her pussy juice all around me. After a few minutes, she came and it streamed all over my face. Ken came over and licked it off of my face, but I could still smell it.
"Okay, Ken. Move away from Sandy, it’s time for her to service me again." Karen sat on the floor across from me. She had a dildo, which she began rubbing over my exposed pussy. As embarrassed as I was, I was still getting highly aroused. She inserted the dildo in my pussy and began to fuck me with it, while rubbing my clit with her other hand. She brought me to an intense orgasm. She stuck her fingers under my nose. "Clean my hand off, Sandy." I licked my cunt juice off her fingers. She rolled a condom over the other end of the dildo and began to work it into my exposed asshole. After she worked it in a few inches, I could feel my asshole pulsing around the dildo, squeezing around it. She sat on the floor across from me. "Now you can give my tired feet a tongue bath." She put her left foot over m face and I began to lick it starting at her heel. The bottom of her foot was salty and it still smelled strongly. I licked my way up the arch of her foot and then she fucked my mouth with all of her toes. She had a fat big toe, it seemed almost as wide as Ken’s cock. Then she switched feet and had me do the same to her right foot. "See the little doggy Ken, licking my feet like a good obedient little girl? Now I’m going to untie you, Sandy and you will kneel before me with the dildo sticking out of your ass like the little doggy with a tail that you are and kiss my feet and declare to Ken and I that we are even." I knelt in front of Karen and kissed the tops of her feet. "You and I are even , Karen. I am not superior to you." "Good girl Sandy, I hope your next few meals taste like my feet." She threw my clothes to me and put her arm around Ken, who was standing there with a huge erection.
"New rules, Sandy. Every Friday night, we will wrestle. Next week at your place, the following week at my place, etc. Whoever wins gets Ken for the week." Ken was grinning ear to ear, that bastard. I’d get him later. "Okay, Karen. That’s fair enough." We shook hands and I left her and Ken to enjoy their week together. To be continued?
Part Four
I stewed all week thinking about the humiliation I suffered under Karen’s feet, butt and pussy. Most of all, I wanted to get back at her for making me eat her out after Ken fucked her. And of course, when I got Ken back for the week, I’d teach him some new lessons, too. I worked out pretty hard all week, thinking about getting revenge.
It was Friday night, and I was waiting for them to show up. I was wearing a pair of old workout sneakers, and I slipped the right one off and pulled my toes up to my nose to see how stinky my feet were. Hopefully I’d be rubbing them all over Karen’s face soon. They smelled pretty ripe. I put my sneaker back on. The doorbell rang and I answered it. There was Karen with Ken. "Rematch time, Sandy. Ken, are you ready to watch a repeat of last week?" I said, "Pretty cocky, aren’t you, Karen?" "Yeah, I’m pretty cocky" she said, smiling at Ken. "I got to have Ken’s cock all to myself this week. How was your vibrator?" "Let’s just get started, Karen. The sooner we start, the sooner I’ll be rid of you for the week."
We went into the den, stripped down to panties, taking our sports bras off. I took my sneakers off, Karen was wearing clogs which she kicked off. I noticed that her toenails were painted bright blue and she had a toe ring on the second toe of both her feet. I also noticed a rise in the crotch of Ken’s pants. We circled each other, locked hands and tumbled to the floor. I managed to get on top of Karen and I got hold of her wrists and stretched her arms out as far as I could over her head. I was straddling her, and I hooked my feet inside her knees and stretched her legs out in a grapevine. As I did this, I lowered my upper body so that I was smothering her face between my breasts. I bet Ken wished he was under me right now! Karen began turning her face from side to side, to try to get out from under my breasts, but all she succeeded in doing was to have her face rubbed back and forth by them. Realizing this, she began to buck her hips to try to throw me off of her instead. I had her wrists pinned down pretty well, so this was her only way out. I tried to sit on her as firmly as I could, but my center of gravity was pretty high up on her body, so she was able to roll me off of her. I got my legs untangled from hers and began to get up.
Karen charged at me, and our arms tangled again. I ended up getting her in a side headlock. I began to squeeze her head more intensely, and she was pulling at my arm trying to loosen my grip. We were both starting to sweat a lot. Karen stopped clawing at my arm and put her hands around my waist. She picked my up off the floor and we both fell to the floor. When we landed on the floor, I lost the headlock on her.
Before I knew it, she was behind me. Karen had hooked her arms under mine and was now putting me in a full nelson. I could feel her breasts against my back as she lifted me up off the floor. I brought my body forward and then tried to slam my hips backward, which threw us both on the floor, but Karen kept the full nelson on. My head was bent forward from her hands being cupped behind it, and my neck was getting sore. She wrapped her legs around my stomach and began to squeeze me in a scissors. There wasn’t much I could do, so I let her apply these holds and waited for her to get tired and loosen them up so I could get free. Other than my neck being a little sore, there wasn’t much else she could do in this position. "Want to submit, Sandy?" "I don’t think so, Karen. You’ll have to do better than this." I could feel her legs squeezing around me harder, but she wasn’t at the right angle to make me too uncomfortable by doing this. I looked over at Ken, who was stroking his hard-on a little. I felt Karen let up on the full nelson, and before she could grab me anywhere else, I tried to spin my body around.
This turned out to be a mistake, because Karen was able to keep her leg scissors on, and now she was able to make it much harder for me to breathe because she was at a side angle, so she could crush my stomach. This was exactly what she was doing. I tried to pry her legs apart a little with my hands, but her legs were too strong. Karen got a hold of my wrists and pulled them behind me. Again, my movement was restricted and this time, it was getting very hard to breathe. She squeezed as hard as she could. After a couple of minutes, she stood up.
I was laying on the floor catching my breath. Karen took one of the pairs of pantyhose that we had put out to tie the loser up with and turned me over and tied my hands behind my back. I was in trouble. Then she grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs towards my head. She folded me over, and Ken handed her another pair of pantyhose and tied my ankles together. I couldn’t believe it- I had lost again, and now I was going to suffer more humiliation. As she held my ankles, bending my body over she lowered her left foot over my face. The now familiar pungent smell of her feet invaded my senses again. She rubbed her toes over my nose. "Sandy, you must be getting used to this by now." Karen was becoming quite the dominatrix and I was becoming quite the slave under her feet. There was nothing I could do. I was at her mercy and I just had to lie there and breathe in her foot aroma. She rubbed her foot over my nose and mouth, working the smell of her toes into my nose. She did this for several minutes and then she let go of my ankles. My feet landed on the floor. I looked up to see her taking her panties off. She straddled me, and she turned her worn panties inside out and began to rub them over my face. Karen rubbed the crotch part of her panties under my nose and over my mouth, forcing the smell of her pussy on me.
"I have a different plan tonight, Sandy. Ken, carry her into her bedroom." Karen stood up and Ken came over. His erection was sticking out like a pole. He leaned down, scooped me up and carried me to the bedroom, with Karen behind him. "I’m going to fuck Ken right on your bed, and I want him to last good and long, so you’re going to suck him off first." Ken put me down and guided me down on my knees next to the bed. He got undressed, sat on the edge of the bed, put his hands around the back of my head and brought me towards his cock. I decided that this was better than eating Karen’s pussy or ass, so I did it. I licked and sucked Ken’s cock, my head bobbing back and forth. He had been pretty excited from watching us wrestle, so he didn’t last very long. After a couple of minutes, he exploded in my mouth and I swallowed the streams of come. After he was done, Ken laid back on the bed. Karen came over and picked me up. Ken moved over, and Karen laid me on the bed. "Now you’re going to listen to me fucking Ken right on your own bed, Sandy." Then she took her panties, and stuffed them in my mouth inside out, so the crotch part was right on my tongue. I could taste her pussy. After that, she took one of her clogs and put the opening over my nose. I could see the imprint of her heel as she brought the shoe to my face. She tied another pair of pantyhose around my head, tying the clog in place so that I had to breathe in the stench of her worn shoe. Ken was looking at me and he was starting to get hard again.
"I’ll give you something to look at, Ken." Karen stood up on the bed and placed her left foot over Ken’s face. His cock sprang to attention as she rubbed her foot over his nose. "I don’t think Ken has much need for you anymore, Sandy." Then she lowered herself on Ken and began to ride him. I was being bounced up and down by Karen doing this, and I could do nothing but listen to them grunt and groan and taste her pussy in my mouth and smell her rancid foot scent in her shoe. After what seemed like an eternity, Ken had an orgasm and Karen climbed off of him. He then brought her to orgasm manually.
Ken went into the kitchen, and brought back three glasses of water. Karen sat me up, pulled her panties out of my mouth and untied the stocking from my head, removing her clog. She held he glass of water to my mouth and I drank. "Well, Sandy, we’ll see you next Friday at my place, if you’re not afraid to show up for another beating." I was too embarrassed to say anything. She untied me, got dressed and then she and Ken left. I had another week to figure out how I was going to reverse this trend.

Part Five
I was still seething from the thrashing I took last week from Karen. Ken called me during the week and I began to chew him out a little, but I knew that I had brought this on myself. Anyway, all I cared about now was beating Karen. I worked out hard all week, stopping Wednesday so my muscles had two days to rest and recover.
I went to Karen’s house Friday night and knocked on the door. "Well, here’s my little foot slave. Come on in, Sandy, my feet could use your face tonight." I followed her into her den and we got down to our fighting clothes. Ken was sitting in the sofa. We circled each other and Karen got me in a side headlock. I put my arms around her waist and picked her up off the floor, throwing her. We both fell forward, but she lost her grip on me and I was able to get behind her. I grabbed her left wrist and wrenched her arm behind her back. I began to pull her arm up as hard as I could. She was trying to spin out of my hold, but I spun with her, maintaining it. I was determined to pay her back this week for all of the humiliation she had dished out the last two weeks. I swept my foot in front of her legs, knocking her to the floor. Then I quickly jumped knees first on to her back. She let out a loud scream as I landed hard on her, knocking the wind out of her. I brought both of her hands behind her back, and pushed her wrists as far up her back as I could. "Ow, Sandy, are you trying to rip my arms off?" "I guess so, Karen. Payback is going to be a little unpleasant for you, I think."
I dug my knee into her back and continued to pull her arms up. I could feel her resistance let up, so I let her arms go and quickly grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs back. I simultaneously stood up so I could get her in a Boston Crab. I got her feet under my arms and pulled her legs backward, putting a lot of pressure on her back. She was slapping the floor in pain. "Ken, tell Sandy to let up please." "I didn’t make the rules Karen, you guys did. Sorry." I pulled back harder and harder, and now Karen was grunting in pain. She reached back with her arms and tried to grab my legs to knock me off balance, but she couldn’t get any leverage because her body was bent so far back.
I was ready to tie her up and get some revenge. I let her legs go and picked up a pair of pantyhose. She knew what was coming, so she turned over and tried to get up but I was on top of her pretty quickly. I turned her back over and pulled her arms behind her back, and roped the pantyhose around them. I tied them pretty firmly and got another pair and reached behind me and tied her ankles. It felt good to have finally beaten her again. I stood up and walked around in front of her. I put my left foot in front of her face and put my toes over her nose. I pushed her head back, forcing her nose deep in between my big toe and the ball of my foot, which made it impossible to avoid breathing in my scent. "Unfortunately, I think you have gotten a little rusty at this, Karen, so I’ll have to retrain you." I rubbed my foot on her face for a minute and then I turned her over onto her back. I stood over her with her head between my feet. I picked my right foot up and lowered in onto her face, rubbing it back and forth. "How does that smell, Karen? I’m going to make sure you remember me this week while I have Ken." I pressed my foot down on her face, stepping hard on it. "Your co-workers are going to ask you what new perfume you’re wearing. You can tell them it’s Eau de Feet, by Sandy." I worked my feet all over her face.
"Ken, take your pants off and come over here." Ken did as I instructed him and he was standing next to me. His erection was throbbing. "Kneel down next to Karen." I sat on the floor and wrapped my feet around his cock, aiming it at Karen’s face. I rubbed my feet up and down, masturbating Ken and intermittently rubbing my feet on Karen’s nose. Ken was grunting more and more, I knew he was going to come. "Open wide, Karen. Maybe you’ll catch some." Ken began to come, shooting streams of come onto Karen’s face and hair. Some went into her mouth, but it mostly got on her face. Some got on my feet, and I placed them over Karen’s face now. "Since I was kind enough to feed you, the least you can do is clean me up." I placed my left foot over her face and she licked all of Ken’s come off the sole of my foot and my toes. Then I did the same with my right foot.
"Now that Ken has gotten off, it’s my turn. Ken, pick Karen up and carry her over to the chair in the corner." I took my panties off and sat in the chair and Ken put Karen down, kneeling in front of me. I spread my legs and pulled Karen’s head into my pussy. "Eat me, Karen." Her tongue darted in and out of my pussy, and then she began working my clit over. I was still holding the back of her head, and I ground against her face until I had an orgasm. I pulled her head back, and her face was red and sweaty, and my come was dripping down it. She was quite a sight.
"Now I want to fuck Ken, and I want him to last even longer than last week when you fucked him. I’m going to have Ken fuck you up the ass, so he’ll have gotten off twice before I ride him." I didn’t have to tell Ken twice, he was rolling a condom over his cock. I pushed Karen’s head to the floor and put my feet on the back of her head to hold her down. Ken pumped her waiting asshole. After several minutes, he came for the second time. He pulled out, and left the room to get cleaned up a little.
I rolled Karen over, and she stretched her legs out. "I guess it’s going to be a lonely week for you, Karen." I pulled my right foot up to my nose. "Well, they’re still pretty ripe." I jammed my stinky foot into Karen’s face while I waited for Ken to return. He walked into the room a minute later with another condom in hand. "I want you to fuck me right over Karen’s face, Ken." I straddled Karen like I was going to do a reverse face sit, and Ken straddled her the other way. I lifted my body up a little, so Ken could enter me. As Ken pumped me, I could feel Karen’s face underneath us. His balls were probably banging her chin as he pumped me in and out. We fucked for about ten minutes like that, and he came again. "More cleanup, Karen." I stood up and turned around, and lowered myself onto Karen’s face. She licked all of our come out of my pussy. I stood up, gave Ken a kiss and said "Well, it’s good that Ken is back in his rightful place." I untied Karen. Ken and I got dressed and I brought him home for the week with me.

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