Monday, July 11, 2011


By Amber
Jim hated going to the doctor and he especially hated spending any time in the hospital whatsoever. Unfortunately, he had cut his foot on a rusty nail and needed stitches. To make it worse he received a tetanus shot that hurt like hell. Soon after the shot Jim had shown signs of an allergic reaction and the doctor requested an overnight stay for observation. His mother had then bid Jim farewell and left him all alone in the hospital room. Jim had just turned 13 the day before and he decided that beyond a doubt this was the crummiest way to spend a birthday weekend.
The other bed in the room was unoccupied which left Jim quite lonely and very bored. He felt fine! There was no damn reason, that he could see, to stay the night in this awful place. His foot didn’t even hurt anymore! Jim sighed and continued to flip through the TV channels with his remote.
Just about the time Jim was about to turn off the TV and try to get some sleep the door to his room opened and a nurse walked in. She hovered in the doorway for a moment looking at him. The room was lit only by his nightstand lamp and the glow from the television. The rest of the room was dark. In the shadows Jim could not really see what she looked like but he could tell by her silhouette that she was tall with wide hips and a slime waist. She shut the door behind her and stepped into the light. She was very pretty Jim noted, yet in a severe kind of way. She wore no makeup to speak of and had high, broad cheek bones. Her skin was very pale and wan. Here blond hair was pulled back in a tight bun which tugged the corners of here eyes slightly up. Perched atop her head was a nurses cap.
She crossed the room towards the bed and Jim heard her rubber soled nurse shoes squeaking on the tile floor. She stopped at the foot of the hospital bed and picked up his chart. Her nurses’ uniform appeared almost too small for her. Her breasts seemed to be struggling to snap the front buttons of the blouse. Her cleavage was deep and very exposed. Jim also noted that her skirt hugged her wide hips tightly and rode a good bit higher on her thighs than any of the other nurses in the hospital.
Jim continued to examine her in distracted interest as she read his chart. He looked for a name tag but she didn’t appear to be wearing one. That’s weird, he thought.
"Allergies, huh?"
It took Jim a moment to realize she was talking to him.
"I said, allergies huh?"
"Oh … yeah … I guess the shot made me sick."
"Shots can do that," the nurse said and smiled in a way that made Jim uncomfortable.
She was a lot younger than any of his other nurses too. She couldn’t be more than 25 … maybe 30. All the other’s had been either dried, withered, old hags or big, fat, waddling middle-aged hags.
"Why don’t you turn off the TV so I can examine you."
"Sure … " Jim said as he clicked off the TV. The room got even darker as the picture winked out. She replaced the chart and walked to the bedside. She fumbled with the bed’s side-rail until it slide down out of the way. Jim looked down as she finished wrestling with the latches … to his shock he noticed that she wasn’t wearing the white stockings that all the other nurses wore. She was bare legged! This is really weird! I must just be tired, he thought, I’m making too much out of this.
The nurse then leaned over him and Jim had a full eyed view of her wide expanse of cleavage. She wasn’t wearing any perfume and she smelled a little musky. She took hold of the beds remote and pulled the wire around behind the bed frame to her side. Depressing one of the buttons the bed began to lower with a hum of the motor. It stopped in its lowest position only a few feet from the floor.
"OK, now I need to do a thorough check to make sure all of your reflexes are in working order."
"I’m really OK," Jim protested, "honest … I feel fine!"
"I’m sure you do, but we have to be sure. Better safe than sorry, and doctor’s orders besides," she said cheerily. The nurse then bent down and began to untie Jim’s hospital gown.
"Hey, what are you doing?"
"Just relax sweetie, I have to examine you … don’t worry, I’m a nurse … there’s nothing to be embarrassed about." Jim laid there stiffly until she finished uniting the gown. "Now sit up a bit …" Jim lifted his back and she pulled the gown off. "There," she said with a smile.
Jim’s hands automatically moved to cover his exposed genitals. "Now don’t be bashful!" she scolded. Reluctantly Jim moved his hands back to his sides and starred at the ceiling, his face turning beet red. "Oh, he’s blushing!" she announced with glee.
The nurse then began to run her hands over his body, exploring and prodding, starting at his chest and working down. Jim closed his eyes tight and blushed an even deeper red. Then he felt her fingers brush his penis and balls and he twitched. Using her thumb and index finger the nurse took hold of his penis and began to roll it back and forth between her digits.
Jim’s eyes snapped open … "Whaa …"
"I have to make sure the shot didn’t make you impotent … now just relax like a good boy and let the nurse do her job." Her scolding tone wasn’t enough to keep Jim’s penis from growing hard. In seconds he was totally erect and even more ashamed.
"Ohhhh, that’s a good boy … no trouble there."
After what seemed like an eternity she ceased her manipulation of Jim’s penis and stood up. Jim heard her shoes squeaking again as she walked away from the bed. When he opened his eyes she was carrying a high stool, which she set down at the head of the hospital bed.
"Now we need to check your olfactory senses … "
"My ol –what?"
"Your olfactory senses … " The nurse seated herself on the stool. Crossing her legs, she set her ankle across one knee and began to untie the laces of her white nurse shoes. "Your sense of smell, for one …" Jim watched in stunned amazement as she finished untying the shoe and pulled it off. The cheesy aroma of feet began to fill the room. She indeed was not wearing stockings, instead she wore ankle high white socks in their place. At least socks that used to be white … the sole of the sock was a dirty yellow color. With a flourish she peeled off the sock and tucked it into the shoe.
Jim gazed transfixed at her bare foot. The top of the foot and toes were the same creamy white color as the rest of her, but the sole itself was a dark pinkish hue. She flexed her foot accentuating the high arch and broad pad. He nails were unpainted and as she wiggled her toes, bits of sock fuzz fell to the floor. Without hesitation, the nurse swung her foot over the bed and hovered it above Jim’s face. He immediately held his breath knowing that the nurse’s foot would reek horribly! It was much bigger than his initial surmised. It must be at least a size ten or eleven. From toe to heel it was the length of Jim’s face! The foot began to lower until it rested on the tip of his nose. Jim continued to hold his breath.
"Now be a good boy and sniff my foot."
Jim began to get dizzy from lack of oxygen.
"Common now, sniff it. Smell my foot and tell me what it smells like … be a good boy. The sooner you do it, the sooner we can finish up the examination."
Jim had never heard of an examination like this before, bet he was barely past twelve … what did her know to argue with a nurse. She obviously knows what she’s was doing, right?
Jim steeled himself, leaned his head slightly forward and took a sniff of the nurses foot right beneath the space between her big toe and the second. "Oh my god!" he sputtered. The foot smell was so rank and intense he nearly gagged. As it was, his throat tightened up and his nostrils quivered and flared in revulsion.
"Good," the nurse said, "again please."
"Again please."
Jim took another sniff of the nurses rank foot. The heady stench again made him shiver with revulsion.
"And again …"
Another …
"And again …"
Another …
"Again please …"
And another …
Jim was now dazed with the strength of the nurse’s horrible foot-reek. A loud clunk brought him back to his senses and he opened his eyes in time to see the nurses other foot, now shoeless and bare nestle alongside the first.
"Now I want you to smell both of them. Deep measured sniffs … very slow. This is a test remember? I want you to concentrate on the smell of my feet and tell me all the things they remind you of. I also want you to try and determine how long they have gone without being washed. Now begin … "
Jim tried to do as the nurse asked, but as he sniffed her feet he couldn’t concentrate … they were too overwhelming! "I can’t… " Jim whimpered.
"Oh now, yes you can … try and think, what do they smell like?"
"FEET!" Jim blurted out in agony.
"Now of course they smell like feet, silly … but what do they remind you of?"
Jim took another tortured sniff … "Aghh … aaaa … my sister’s feet after soccer games … excepted stinkier!"
"Good, and what else?"
"Aaaaa … my Mom’s jogging shoes …. "
"I don’t know …" Jim whimpered.
"Keep sniffing now and think."
"Stinky old socks and smelly shoes … my sister’s bedroom when she’s having a slumber party … vinegar … soy sauce … buttered popcorn that’s been left out over night … …"
"Very good! I’m very pleased with you!"
"Can I stop know?" Jim pleaded.
"No not yet … keep smelling them … now try and decide how long its been since they’ve last been washed."
Jim‘s whole body was twitching with torment. His nose hairs felt like they were melting! He’d never smelled feet like this before! How could he tell how long since they’d been washed? It smelled like a hundred years! If he said that she might get mad! Do all nurses feet smell like this, he wondered? Being on their feet all day in those tight nurse shoes they’re bound to get ripe, but not this bad! Another shuddering sniff and then another …
"I don’t know … honest, I don’t!"
"Shall I tell you then? Well, its been at least two weeks since I last washed them or changed my socks … does that surprise you?"
"NO … " Jim whined.
"I didn’t think it would," the nurse chuckled. "OK, moving right along … " The nurse swung her feet away and Jim gasped a breath of fresh air. The scent of her feet was still on his face and lingering in the room but the air was fresh in comparison.
"Now we need to test you sensitivity. I’d usually do this examination with my hands, but as you can guess I’ve been on my feet all day and its nice to sit down for a change so I think I’ll use these." The nurse again wiggled her toes and flexed her arches. "Now tell me if you can feel this …" With the toes of her left foot she pinched the skin of Jim’s scrotum.
"YES!" Jim squealed.
"And this?" with her other foot she pinched his scrotum again and kneaded his balls with her toes.
"Good … very good. Annnndddd … this?" The nurse then took hold of Jim penis between her toes and began to squeeze. Jim was speechless. She worked his penis between her big toe and the second so just the head poked out. With the sole of her other foot she began to rub his cock-head with circular motions. The nurse’s sole were smooth as silk but when she moved her heel onto the head and began to rub he felt the scratch of calluses. She alternated between the smoothness of her sole and the rough abrasive heel until his cock was again erect. Jim was still was unable to speak.
"Can you feel that?" The nurse began to rub her sole faster and Jim’s body tensed. The sensation was almost too much to bare.
"How about this?" She placed his erect member between her arches and began to move them steadily up and down. Jim’s precum lubricated the already smooth flesh of her feet and her insoles glided effortlessly up and down the length of his shaft.
"Can you feel that?" she asked again in an almost taunting voice.
Jim could only groan. Her feet began to move faster and faster still until Jim was nearly bouncing on the bed. Suddenly without warning Jim was erupting. Ropes of pearly white cum jetted from the head of his bulging cock, spattering his belly, chest and covering the nurse’s feet and ankles.
"OH! You nasty, wicked boy! Look what you’ve done!" She yelled. "You bad, bad, naughty boy! You’ve sprayed all over my feet!"
Jim was confused but cowed by her sudden anger. "I’m sorry …" he mumbled sheepishly.
"I’m afraid sorry isn’t good enough, young man," she scolded Jim whilst shaking her finger in his face, "now what kind of a nurse would I be if I let you get away with something like that without punishment? Not a very good one, I’d say!"
"I’m sorry …"
"Lick it off …" the nurse extended her cum dripping foot toward Jim’s face.
"What?" he asked bewildered.
"I said lick it off! NOW!"
Jim extended his tongue shakily. "DO IT! Do you want me to tell your mother and sister what you did while I was examining you?" she pointed at her foot with meaning.
. The idea of his sister and Mom hearing that he came on the nurse was a terrifying thought indeed! In a blind panic Jim began to lick away the salty semen Again the nurse’s rank, malodorous foot smell was assaulting his nose. Her putrid feet tasted even saltier than his cum and much more bitter. Once all the jiz was gone she didn’t seem satisfied and ordered him to lick between her toes to ensure he’d gotten all of it. The second his tongue slipped between her toe cleavage he tasted the slimy toejam that lurked within. With a gag he choked it down.
"Good … now the other." The second cum drenched foot was now hovering before his face. Jim had forgotten about the other foot. He had doubts as to whether he could survive the experience a second time. With grim determination he went to work, licking away all of his own cum and devouring her toejam.
"All right then, now we can get on with the examination. And I expect full cooperation from you, mister!" she admonished sourly. "Now turn around and get on your hand and knees!"
"You heard me … up!"
Jim climbed around on the bed until he was positioned with his ass in the air.
"Arch your back now, mister, I haven’t got all night."
"OK!" Jim whimpered.
"I’m sorry to be cross with you, young man. I’ve had a long day."
"Its OK, I’m sorry I made you mad when I … you know …"
"That’s all in the past."
Jim felt rather silly talking into his pillow with his ass in the air.
"Now this may feel a bit strange , so try and prepare yourself. I need to examine your prostate."
"What’s that?"
"Well, its in here…" Jim felt two of the nurse’s fingers slip into his ass crack. She then spread them in a V, parting his cheeks and revealing his anus. Jim gasped as a lubed finger slid up inside his ass. The nurse’s finger went knuckle deep and she pushed even harder for further depth. No sooner was it inside than she stared to probe. He could feel the digit moving around inside and he felt as if he was about to go to the bathroom. She seemed to be looking for something.
"Yeeeessss, that’s it. Here we go."
She began to wiggle the finger and press on something up inside Jim’s chute. Jim began to feel a heaviness in his groin and no sooner did he notice the sensation than he was again growing erect.
"Oh look at that."
"I didn’t mean to …"
"I’m just stimulating your prostate, young man. It has varying effects as you can see. Now I need to see if there’s any change when I do this."
Jim heard her spit and before he could ask why, her free hand had encircled his once again swollen cock. Her palm and fingers were slick with saliva and she began to rub and pull. Again she spat, but this once hit is anus and her finger that was still buried inside. Jim felt the saliva drip down the crack of his hairless ass and onto his testicles. The finger then began to slide in and out of his asshole, pausing at times to tickle his prostate.
Jim’s body was locked in position and every fiber in his body was vibrating. The nurse worked her hand and finger in unison, pumping his cock and plunging his ass with the same slow rhythm. Occasionally she would say "Yes, I see," or "Hmmm, interesting response," as she continued her examination. Mostly the nurse just said, "Yeeessssss…"
The bed shifted slightly and Jim locked down to see the nurse crane her head under his belly until she was face to face with his penis. She continued to explore his back door as well as rub his cock, but she now appeared to be examining from a different vantage point.
"Yes, good. The head is almost purple … clear secretion noted from the head of the gland, good. Member swells momentarily when anus is stimulated, yes good. Patients glandular responses is noted as …ghcckkk" The nurse’s commentary was suddenly cut short as a stream of jizum erupted from Jim’s penis, filling her mouth. Another rope spattered her forehead and cheek and a third filled her mouth further. A few more squirts landed on her bulging cleavage and dripped between her breasts.
"Oh my god! I’m sorry!" Jim cried.
He heard the nurse gulp and swallow. Oh no! She swallowed it, Jim thought in fear!
The nurse crawled off the bed and Jim dropped onto his back. His anus felt like it was gaping and his penis was once again soft and tiny. He looked in terror as he saw his cum dripping from the nurses chin and spotting her blouse. His eyes strayed to the further remains of the deluge that soaked her ample cleavage.
"OH! You wicked boy! You’ve made quite a mess this time! I hope you don’t treat all your nurses like this! Your mother will hear about this for sure!"
"NO!" Jim cried. "PLEASE!"
"Keep your voice down, young man. There are other patients in this hospital!"
"Please don’t tell my mom!"
The nurse began to unbutton her blouse. As the last button was undone her enormous breasts sprang free. With no bra nor blouse to hold them in check her boobs leapt forth in all their glory. Jim was unable to stifle his gasp at their size and perfect shape. They looked like the boobs he’d seen in his father’s Juggs magazine.
"Now you clean my tits this instant!" The nurse jumped onto the bed grabbing the back of Jim’s head. Her gigantic breasts swayed before his face, the sheen of cum glistening. A bullet erect nipple was thrust into his mouth and soon Jim was lost in her mountainous cleavage. Jim was unsure of how much time passed while he feverishly licked and sucked at her huge tits.
When she finally let him come up for air her face looked like a thunder cloud, and she was breathing heavily.
"I’m sorry, young man, but you’ve left me no choice. I’ll have to show you how we nurses treat bad boys like you." The nurse then unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She was naked beneath and now stood fully unclothed. She slapped her ass with both hands. "Now you’ll see what happens …"
The nurse then put a knee on the bed next to Jim’s shoulder and kicked her leg over like she was mounting a horse. Her ass came down heavily on Jim’s chest and he gasped for air. Her ass cheeks filled his vision and when he looked up the space of her lower back to her shoulder she looked like a giant sitting atop him. The nurse then lifted her weight up until she was on her knees and scooted back slightly. Now her ass was hovering over Jim’s face and he looked upon it with terror. Musky tendrils of fumes were creeping from her ass in a cloying aroma. With two hand she spread her ass revealing the puckered brown and pink anus and the pink swollen pussy lips below.
"Now I want you to smell it. Lean your head forward until your nose touches my anus and take a sniff."
Jim remained motionless.
"DO IT!"
Jim leaned forward and took a sniff. The nutty aroma of her ass filled his nose. It was strong and heady and very rich. "Keep sniffing it and take your punishment, young man." And sniff it he did.
"Now push your nose in and smell me inside." This Jim wouldn’t do. "No way! I can’t … I just can’t"
As the last word left his mouth the nurse sat down full on his face. She wiggled and bounced and Jim was sure his nose would break. He then felt her asshole relax and his nose slipped inside. "SNIFF!" Jim tired but couldn’t get any air in. "SNIFF!" she demanded again. Again Jim tried and he started to panic. He couldn’t breathe! "I told you to smell inside my ass!" Jim tried to say he couldn’t breath but it only came out as a muffled murmur.
"Well, young man, you disappoint me. I’ll have to give you the special medicine that I reserve only for the most difficult cases." The nurse suddenly shifted and her sopping pussy slide over Jim’s mouth. Of course in this position, the nurse’s asshole was directly beneath Jim’s twitching nose. No air was to be had via his mouth, so once again he was forced to sniff at her smelly asshole. Deliriously Jim wondered how such an attractive woman could smell so much!
"I want you to lick until the medicine is ready …"
Beyond the strength to protest, Jim began to lap at the nurse’s dripping pussy. Her juice ran down his chin and over his neck soaking the bed sheets beneath. His tongue probed and licked as he was forced to sniffed her ass scent. "Its coming … " she cooed. "Its coming … the medicine is coming …" The nurse began to rock back and forth on Jim’s face. Her anus bumping his nose occasionally, rubbing more of its slime on his face. Then the nurse’s body tensed and she remained motionless.
To Jim’s shock, a hot jet of liquid filled his mouth. To his horror he realized it was pee! Again the nurse began to rock on Jim’s face as if she were riding a mechanical bull … her piss was like a faucet turned on full! It filled his mouth leaving him no choice but to swallow. "Take it all … take it … take it … take the medicine … bad boy … bad naughty boy." Jim was left with no other option but to gulp down the golden deluge as it fountained from the nurses urethra directly into his open mouth.
The stream ended abruptly and the nurse climbed off of Jim’s face. She then turned and stood on the bed. She placed her feet on both of Jim’s wrists, effectively pinning him to the bed. She began to laugh wickedly and rub her clit in a savage frenzy. Jim could see that she had grasped one of her filthy socks in her free hand. She lifted it to her nose and inhaled deeply, sniffing her own foul foot stench. Again another stream of piss shot forth and began to shower Jim’s face and chest. The nurse aimed the stream of urine as she masturbated, making sure it went mostly on Jim’s face and in his mouth as he gasped for air. Her laughter grew in hysteria until it was almost a witch’s cackle. He entire body convulsed as she came, shaking the bed and Jim as well.
With a slam the door burst open and four orderlies rushed into the room.
"I found her!" one of the burly men screamed. Soon other men and nurses were pouring into the room. One man held a straightjacket in front of him as if it were a shield and another orderly clutched a hypodermic needle.
"Alright now, Janice, get down off the bed nice and easy and come with us. You need to go back to your room now."
"Are you going to fuck me in the ass again, Randy?!!" the nurse screamed with glee.
"Whatever you want Janice … now climb down off of there and come with us."
Jim watched in stunned silence as the men encircled the bed.
"Are you going to bring the little girls again, Randy?!! I love to fuck little girls!"
"Sure Janice, just come with us …"
The nurse then looked down at Jim. "But he’s not done taking his medicine yet, Randy." With that the nurse turned around with her ass over Jim’s face. In a fluid motion she squatted and Jim could see her asshole distending as she bore down. Before she could complete her movement the orderlies dragged her off the bed and wrapped her in the straightjacket, simultaneously jabbing her ass with the needle and pushing the plunger. Janice giggled and screamed as they dragged her from the room. The door slammed and Jim was alone.
A few minutes later a doctor and a few nurses came in, cleaned Jim up and moving him to another room. The doctor gave Jim a shot.
"How the hell did she get out Dr. Klien?"
"I really can’t say Helen, she must have stolen a set of keys again."
"I wish they’d move the psyche ward to another wing. This is the third time she’s gotten out this month. God only knows what she’ll do next time. Last month, when we found her in pediatrics, she had that bottle shoved so far up the little girls anus I thought we’d never get it out. We can’t keep this quiet much longer. The staff could be held liable not to mention …"
"Shush, Helen, the boy’s still awake."
The nurse leaned over Jim. "Its OK, sweetheart, you were having a bad dream … nothing happened, just go back to sleep and everything will be fine … "
When Jim awoke the following morning and his mother drove him home, he might have believed that it had all been a dream; but the smell of ass and rank foot stink that still covered his face forbade any such fancy. And as he was drifting off to sleep in his own bed, the sound of the 10’Oclock news filtered through his bedroom wall …. "…. and the local authorities are still on a manhunt for a Glenville Psychiatric patient who is believed to have escaped custody early this morning. Janice Marlow is considered dangerous and unstable. Under no circumstances is she to be approached before contacting officials … in other news the Dow is down 35% … and the ….."

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