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The 11 - on -3 AMBUSH !

The 11 - on -3 AMBUSH !

By Dubbs

It was the third consecutive sweltering, hot July day, and the girls have had enough of the bullshit. They were also frustrated and sapped of energy from the heat, not to mention the yelling. It was then they were about to devise a plan to get back the bastards that they disliked.
Overall, 11 girls were in on it now. It would be later in the evening, as the 2 asshole kids were assigned to close up shop at the shack. The girls are ranging in age from 17 the youngest and 22 the eldest. FYI, here are their names, ages heights and weights and shoe sizes.

Amber, 20, 5'8 133 Size 9
Kate, 21, 5'7 142 Size 9½
Jenna, 17 , 5'5 122 Size 8
Joanna, 19, 5'6 140 Size 7.5
Kelli, 22, 5'8 139 Size 9½
Jessica, 18, 5'4 126 Size 7
Danielle, 18, 5'7 129 Size 9
Traci, 20, 5'6 135 Size 9½
Samantha, 19 5'3 118 Size 7
Nicole, 22 5'5 133 Size 8
Jamie, 18, 5'9, 145 Size 10

As you can see, they all in your mind could be hotties. And as a foot loving freak which you are, you can easily imagine every one of them having sexy stinky perfect feet. (and bodies too of course). And really, they ALL were beautiful in their own way!...
Amber and Kate seemed always to have that 'mean streak' in them, and for those who know them well (and their friend Nicole too for that matter), nobody would really be shocked that it was them who will spearhead this attack on 2 unsuspecting young punk 17 yr old kids, that will be mercilessly tortured into god knows what. And, not just because they were looking at the group, but they had to make assholish comments, like punk kids do. The 3 girls had gotten their lunch from them, on their work break. Amber and Nicole were wearing those classic leather 2 inch thick heeled loafers, with bare feet. God only knows how stinky and stanky they could be, while Kate had bare feet in her ccanvas shoes. They all met back at that spot, same outfits and all later that night.
And 3 other cars pulled in as well. Out from a small red car came sexy Traci and her friends Joanna and Samantha. Traci was looking hott, with a little top, tight jean shorts and bare feet in a pair of old Keds. Joanna & Samantha came from their job, where Traci picked them up. They both work in a dealership, typing up bills and such. They both had Bass high heeled hoafers like Amber and Nicole;, except Joanna had on black tights which were "sure to be stankin", she would say to Samantha, who responded "and mine are bare and extra ripe and stinky!"
Car number 2 had Danielle who drove with her 2 friends, Jamie and Jessica. They all graduated together and all were working hard this summer and wanted to take out their frustrations tonight. Danielle is a stuning chick, 5'7, blond hair and sexy size 9½ feet and sexy toes. She was wearing a cute summer dress and a pair of sexy leather sandals that expose the toes slightly. Jamie, who wore the same pair of black socks 3 days in a row, said, "Dani u sure your feet will be stanky enough in sandals?" And Danielle told Jamie, "u know, my feet really sweat alot in these believe it or not! They stink more with these than with my shoes in socks all day!" and the 3 of them laughed heartily. Jessica had barefeet in a pair of old Nike's, that were well-worn all school year and all summer as well. She told them, "u know, my feet might stink worse than anyone here, and I'm only 18!"
They all met up in a big crowd, and were waiting for Kelli and her sister Jenna. Jenna, 17, was a cheerleading chick and super sexy and popular. And a great athlete. A nice 5'5, 125 pouns figure, she was picture perfect. But long before her beauty set foot in this town, her sister, Kelli, was even more beautiful than Jenna, and little sis sure followed her footsteps. Kelli was the most gorgeous girl in 11 and 12th grade, being named Prom Queen 2 times. She is 22 now, however and beginning to fill out a tad. But at 5'8, 139 pounds, and titties getting fuller and fuller after her HS years, she is a sizzling sexy sweetheart. And she cannot wait to rub her stinky ripe barefeet in these kids faces. She is wearing just a t-shirt and jean shorts and bare feet in her canvas shoes. Jenna is wearing the same.
Kate and Amber then told the crowd to follow them after the instructions-- find the 2 kids, just get 'em down and start tying them up--on the floor. And to shut the lights and lock the door of the snackshack. They all stormed up and in, surrounded the boys and overpowered the 3 of them. There was a 3rd kid there who was only 15 years old. It was like mass chaos, 3 boys on the ground all fighting to get free, and slowly things sorted themselves out after the struggle.
The girls were yellin, screamin, kickin and a stompin' on these poor boys, the 3 of them were down in 10 secs flat. 2 boys got sat on and pinned by 3 girls each. The other boy was held down by 3 more, and, Amber and Kate came over to the helpless chubby 17 yr old.
>> Pt II

Amber stood over his head with 2 foot on each side and looked down. The kid was pleading with her to let them all go. Meanwhile Traci, Nicole and Joanna tied the 15 yr old up and duct-tape his mouth. Nicole stood up and STOMPED his chest full-force! There was a loud GRUNT sound , And the boy writhed in pain although he was bound to tables and unable to speak. Then Nicole and Kate helped out the other trio, who was just beating the kid senseless as he tried to fight them off. Jessica and Jamie were kicking him in the back of the head and stomping his back, as was Danielle and Traci jumped in as well. They finally tied him and duct taped him, and Amber came over to him. Amber put her big foot perfectly on the side of his puny neck and firmly pressed down on it with her big shoe on. The kids face rapidly got red and he was squirming and squeaking like, as she spoke loudly: " You three little pricks may not even live tonight , so you'd better do like you're told and never say a f---ing word. If you live, that is! We are taping this and we know who you are and you dont know us you little shits. You are going to smell some womanly toes and love the cheesey stench from our hard working feet. And you will act like you love it, or you'll get stepped on and maybe kicked to death."
Amber stepped off the kids neck which was almost like purple. All the girls were talking and chiming in, with Kelli saying, "I wanna f---in suffocate them with my feet! I cant wait!". Joanna said, "Can't I kick this kid over here a few times?" Kate yelled out, "Joanna, do WHATEVER you WANT!". And with that, Joanna walked over to the first kid whom Amber nor any of the girls had hurt, but who was the one who ultimately feel the most pain for the night-- and KICKED his skull as hard as she could with her Bass loafer on. The sound was unreal--like a crack of a whip and it amazed even her. The kid tried to defend himself with his elbows, which he of course couldn't do at all. The girls were laughing at the loud sound. Samantha came over as well and just pressed her right foot on his face and stepped on it, right on the flesh of his face and was saying, "dont you love me stepping on your face, roach?", with that, all the girls started laughing and you could see them all, itching and wanting to snap out on the tied up slaves.
***** You could just see it on their young, innocent faces, that they were free and this would be great fun for them. After all, they want to be one of the 'big girls' too, and this was Amber and Kate's sick twisted idea.
And with that, Danielle, Jamie and Jess got up and went over to the 15 year old and Danielle began standing on him, Jamie kicking him (as she did before, she was a great soccer player) and Jessica having a little fun and getting everyone to laugh, by playfully stepping and pressing on his balls with her foot, toying with them ever so slightly but just enough so she could easily feel the hardness of the kids balls almost being crushed. She was giggling amongst the chaos, pressing with the toes as the little scrawny kid kept trying to move his torso from the pain.
Kid #2, was getting stomped all over his body by Traci, Kelli, and Jenna. Traci, 135 pounds worth, stood up on his chest and just stood there, and she yelled out, "Girls, look at me! I can feel his chest like caving in hahaha!" and with that, Nicole went over to #1, who would suffer the most overall for the long night, and with her heeled loafers STOMPED his chest and stood up, full weight on his upper chest. And then Jamie, who is 18 and the heaviest by 5 pounds at 146, stood up with her size 10's on the 15 yr old's upper chest. She yelled out, "I am Queen of the Hill" and as she stiood there, you could here a faint crack come from his chestbone/. You just knew he couldn't hold her weight. She stepped off, then Danielle stepped on. She then stepped on his face with her left foot, and hisa chest with her rigfht, and was in a surfing pose. Keep in mind, all these kids' mouths' were duct taped solid and all the could do is groan and grunt, which was happening a LOT!
Nicole walked over to #3, upon hearing the crack, and said, "Time to stomp this little boy" and stomped the side of his head. She then firmly applied her big foot to the side of his skull and srtood up as Danielle got off and went over to #1. Nicki ground her hard soles into his flesh as he squeaked in pain.
Kid number one was about to suffer tremendous pain. The girls left #3, the 15 yr old alone for a while. Kate and Amber however were just annihilating the #1, the biggest of the 3 who was chubby. Big Amber stood up on his chest, and Kate was standing on his head. Danielle came over and pressed her sexy sandaled foot on his throat and pressed down, while Joanna stomped his stomach. And little Samantha came over and tried out Jessica's ball-stepping fun. Samantha with her hard soles dug her foot into his crotcch, feeling with the loafers and stepped on #1's nuts until she could feel the hard little marbles. She yelled out, "I could crunch his nuts like roaches!" Nicole stuck her foot in for a try. She was jammin' her size 8's in his crotch and pressing violently with the toes of her feet, like she was tryin to step on ants. Suddenly the kid twitched wildly, and Nicole yelled out a squeak and jumped off, because she felt like she popped his nut.
Amber yelled out, "OK enough for now-time to SMELL OUR STANKY FEET!!!!" and all the gir;ls yelled with applause, as the girls lined the 3 boys up alongside each other and 3 chairs were placed perfectly over their chests.


The girls were anxious with anticipation of the great fun and torture that they would now be dishing out. The 3 boys had tremendous fear in their eyes. The girls decided that they would go with the 3 "most experienced" at the foot torture. That would be the big 3, Nicole, Kate and Amber. Most likely they would have the stinkiest feet of all. Then, Joanna yelled out, "Hey, what fun would that be, the 3 worst smellin feet going furst? Save them for LAST!" A loud cheer! The girls nominated Jessica first, who is 18 and wearing bare feet in a pair of old Nike's. Jessica tiold the group, "watch me, I used to get my borthers all the time !!" and Jess stepped onto #1's bruised chest and sat in the chair. She kicked off her size 7's and pressed the ripe bare toes over the kid's nose. The girls watched in disbelief. The kid was trying to move around his head. Kelli stepped over and pressed her canvas-shoed foot over his throat and threatened to "squish your adams apple" if he moved any more. They all laughed, and #1 began to deeply inhale Jessica's stinkie toes. In seat #2 sat Traci. The 20 yr old beauty has BIG ffet and long sexy toes. She smothered the poor kid beneath her stankin big toes, which were stuck in an old pair of Keds all day long. Nicole promptly squeezed his head between her ankles as he began to feverishly squirm as Traci suffocated him beneath her cheezy feet. "Thanx Niki, " yelled out Traci who began just drillin and grinding her toes and toenails into his nostrils.
In chair #3 sat Joanna. She couldn't wait to take off her loafers and press her nyloned cheazy stankin feet in these kids faces. She pressed her left foot right on his nose, as her friend Samantha secured his head. "Smell my stinky feet boy!" yelled out Joanna. She moaned with pleasure as she coiuld "feel this poor sap smelling my toes! It's great!"
Over ar chair #1, Jenna was getting restless. "My turn, Jess!" she yelled as she gave her a shove. Jessica stood up, stepped on the kids face and allowed Jenna to hop into the chair. Jamie secured the kids head as Jenna pryed her canvass shoes off by using the kids head. She quickly pressed both sexy size 8's over his nose, and kept them there withou movement. "Bet those are smelling rosey!" she yelled out. She then began grinding them all over his face and nose.
Over at Chair 2, Traci got up, in favor of a patient Kelli. Kelli, with HUGE 36DD tittles, and a 145 pound frame and big sexy feet, stood up on this kids chest and stood there momentarily, looking at him. "Poor boy, you are going to suffocate under these stinky feet, I swear to GOD" as she sat down, and prted her shoes off using his head, just like her little sister Jenna. She pressed her right size 91/2 foot with toenails painted red, perfectly over his nose, with the toes over the nostrils. She pressed it in roughly; and watched the kid try to squirm and hold his breath. She quickly STOMPED his chest with the left foot, forcing him to take a deep whiff. Off came shoe 2 and the left foot, ripe and fresh, was placed over his nose. Kelli yelled out, "I f---ing love doing this, I'm getting wet!"
At chair #3, Samantha finally got her turn- pressing her sweat soaked bare feet and toes on his face. Her feet were extraordinarily cheeasy, and this poor kid suffered like crazy, over 15 mins worth under the feet.
It was Jamie's turn for seat #1, and Danielle then sat in chair #2 as Samantha tortured the poor kid. Jamie's feet were size 10, huge feet, and she was the only girl wearing socks. Black socks that she had worn for 3 days in a row! She pressed her left socked foot on the kids face and nose and his body began shaking and he tried to move his head away-But to no avail. Foot 2 then was placed and Jamie grinded and kept moving the feet around, all over his nose so that at NO point did foot leave his nose. She then called Jenna and Jess over to watch-- she jammed the 2nd and 3rd toe of her right foot into his nostrils. While doing this, she took off her left sock, and then pressed the bare ceesy foot over his nostrils. :"How do those smell buddy??" she taunted.
Keep in mind, these girls were ROUGH with the feet. They smeared their sweat on their faces, and especially their noses. Now it would be time for the big 3.
Kate sat in seat #1, Amber in 2 and vicious Nicole in seat #3. Kate kicked off her canvas shoes and pressed her 9½'s in his face. This was his 4th different foot hes had to smell, and none were more potent than Kate's. His eyes rolled up into his head as he inhaled the foot sweat from Kates rancid feet. The same reaction could be said for Amber's victim, who she smothered with a hot, wet, sloppy, stinky FOOT. Those feet, jailed all hot day long in leather healed loafers, attacked this kids nose and senses like an army. She was in heaven, rubbing and pressing them in a male's face, just think about what was happening!?!?! These feet weren't just washed out of a shower, you know. They f---in REEKED, every shoe beiong worn had accumulated many many hours of sweat, from many, pretty, sexy teen and twenties women. Who could imagine there could be such stench? The boys told me that after 10 mins of it, they actually got hard and loved it, especially the sweaty feet fresh from the leather loafers. It was a cheezy, sweaty smell, which was actually sweet and lovely, as sick as that sounds. Nicole was pressin her cute ripe toes fresh from her old loafers, in #3's face, commanding him to "smell them dry and clean". These kids were sure to have been not only scarred for life--but also fem foot lovers for life. Yes, the smells were sickening at first, but you LEARN TO LOVE IT ! I could only wish I were that lucky to be of those boys that evening. o

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