Friday, July 22, 2011

The tease

The tease
By ROYALS22262

Aaron Cox married his beautiful high school sweetheart Jane Palmer when they were both 21 years of age. Jane was and still is quite the looker, 5'7 long auburn hair and green eyes and about 115 lbs, with a small but perky chest. At the time of her marriage, her youngest sister Quincey was 12 years old, had stringy blonde hair that was pulled into pig tails, freckles and braces on her teeth. Quincey was asked to be the lead flower girl, and she accepted. Aaron loved nothing more than picking on this young child. It would be comments like brace face, freckle puss, pig tailed miss piggy, or anything that could bother her. He also enjoyed practical jokes. For their wedding she was supposed to toss flower petals down the aisle that they were to follow down on. With hundreds of people there, and it being video taped, Aaron thought it would be funny to put glue stick on most of the petals in her basket. When the big day came, she came down the aisle and began to try to toss the petals, and they all started to stick to her hands and then on to her pretty dress. She's walking down the aisle totally upset as she couldn't figure out what was going on, and now all these people were laughing at her and she was humiliated. She was brought to tears, and later when she found out it was Aaron behind this she vowed revenge. Six years passed, and the awkward and humiliated Quincey Palmer grew up into this unbelievably gorgeous young woman. She was now a gorgeous 5'9 120 lbs of green eyed strawberry blonde perfection. Her long full hair, complimented her full heaving chest and equally full and sexy lips. Her absolute best feature though was her long tanned and toned legs that tapered into slender ankles and the most shapely size 9 female feet that you ever saw. As she got more and more beautiful over the past six years, she would use these assets to manipulate and torment Aaron as much as possible. She had noticed him checking out her legs and feet many different times. She made sure to wear short skirts and sexy strappy sandals whenever she was around him. She would dangle a shoe on the tips of her sexy toes any chance she got. She loved how uncomfortable he'd get in her presence. She was getting him back for all the teasing she had to endure, and all the stupid comments over the last few years. She was getting the last laugh now. Recently she deliberately came over when she knew her sister was out. Aaron answered the door and she invited herself in. He was watching the game, and she said she'd stay till her sister got home, and she made herself comfortable on the couch. She looked incredible, again. She had on a short and tight bright yellow sundress exposing her golden tanned body and her long smoothe legs. She had on yellow strappy sandals with a 3" heel, showing off her amazing feet. Aaron couldn't concentrate on the game with this vision so close to him. He couldn't help but stare at those really sexy perfect feet. They were long and narrow, with long toes, the second toe slightly longer than the big toe. Her toenails were long and shapely, not too long, and they were coated with clear polish. She wore a toe ring on her right foot's second toe. Her foot sloped so gracefully, with a nice high arch, and her foot looked so soft, without any blemishes, marks or callouses at all. She asked Aaron for some orange juice which took him out of his trance. She drank the juice slowly, wetting her full lips, and moistening her dancing tongue. Aaron tried small talk with her, but he was rivited to her wiggling foot, and sexy crossed leg. She gave him the best foot show that she could, watching his eyes with her full gaze, and making him sweat. She then accidentally spilled some juice on the rug by her sexy foot. She was sorry, and Aaron went to get a wet towel with cleaning solution on it. He bent to clean the stain, and her wiggling foot was now inches from his face. The object of his lust was now so very close. A slow tease of a sexy size 9 foot, with crystal clear toenails glowing right next to his face, almost touching his cheek, and then his nose. He fussed with the stain, hoping to smell the perfect foot. He knew she was teasing him now, as she never made any attempt to move her foot away. He realized that she had to know he loved feet, and particularly hers. She was loving his torment. She would point to a spot on the floor that he missed with her long toes. He detected a small faint odor of leather, as he tried to waft more of it into his nose. Then, just when he thought this couldn't go on, he found the tip of the sandal, and her sexy toes tickling his lips. Do you like my feet Aaron? How could he deny it, he was visibly aroused. Yes, you have beautiful feet. Well, what do you do when you have something beautiful by your lips? Aaron looked up ito her pretty twinkling eyes, and then craddled the precious sandal in his hands, and gazed back down to her foot. He began to kiss his wife's sisters feet, and he was so excited yet ashamed. I spilled a little juice on my toes, please clean them off. He licked each of her toes one by one, as she laughed at him on the floor at her feet. French kiss each pearly toe, she ordered, and he did. Smell my feet, do you like how they smell Aaron? How do you feel sniffing your wife's sisters feet Mr big man. Big bad Aaron's just a low life foot sniffer! Get your tongue between my shoe and my sole, bend your mouth, taste the bottom of my foot! Aaron licked at her foot and twisted his face like it was his last meal. If his wife finds out about this it might be his last meal. Get on the floor on your back at my feet now! Aaron laid there following every command. Do not move, just lay still. She started stepping on his neck, chest and thighs with her 3" heels while remaining seated. She would start lightly and gradually increase the pressure. She would press the sexy sandal into him until he would groan from the pain. What a wimp you are! She started rubbing his groin with her right shoe, and dug the left shoe into his chest and neck. Feel good Aaron? When he got very hard, she'd stop, and wait, and then start again. After about 20 minutes of that, she stood on him completely, all 120 lbs now dancing on him. She felt him sink beneath her sexy heels, she loved walking on him, symbolically and physically. She would tease his face with one sandal while stepping on his chest with the other. She would tickle his chin with the tip of her shoe and her toes. She would wiggle her toes into his ribs, and dance on his stomache until he screamed. He loved it and hated it all at the same time. This is where you belong Aaron, under my feet! She slowly stepped out of each sandal and continued to step on him barefoot. She would smother his face under each sexy foot. Her feet did smell like a soaking wet leather, with a hint of cheesey spice. He tried to get all her foot smell into his nostrils, he wanted to enhance his future memory of this day. He heard her laugh, he felt her softness, he saw and touched her beauty, and he was smelling her bare essence. His senses were over loaded, and he began to lick her bare soles, to complete this experience. He knew her feet completely, and he was a slave to them. The girl he teased and tormented got him back in spades, and was loving it. The door openned and there was Jane now looking with disbelief at her husband of six years on the floor beneath her sisters size 9 bare feet. Hi Jane, Aaron and I were playing our own version of foot ball, I hope you don't mind! The truth is, he kind of sucks at it, and she laughed with her right foot completely in his mouth!!!

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