Monday, July 11, 2011

Wayne's foot world

Wayne's foot world
By ROYALS22262
This is yet another work of fiction, to those that read it, please give me some response on whether or not you like it or hate it. Thank you very on with it. Wayne Hoyle from Austin Texas was a career petty criminal. He spent most of his 45 years in some kind of prison system. Wayne always the lover of female feet and footwear, didn't get many opportunities to act on his fetish in male prisons. His very last crime was the robbery of a shoe store, where he left finger prints at the scene of the crime taking some of the ladies footwear along with the cash. In prison he read about Chuck Jones and his stealing of Marla Maples expensive footwear, and maybe for the first time he felt that he wasn't alone. He was the only son raised by a pretty but often drunk mother and three mean spirited older sisters. As a young boy when he was bad, his mother came up with a unique punishment. She would force him to the ground, and she would step on his chest with her heals on, forcing him to grimmace and squeal like a baby. She was a tall woman of 5'10, shoulder length curly brown hair,deep blue eyes and very long legs that ended with monsterous size 11 feet. At 140 lbs she was not fat at all for her size, but to a young boy, she was an amazon. One fateful day, she began to lose her balance while administering some trampling as punnishment. She decided to slip her heels off, revealing beige hose with a seam up both sexy legs, and reinforcement over both sets of toes. Wayne could still see that her toes were painted bright red, but the smell of her feet almost immediately clouded his vision. Her feet had a very cheesy whisky smell, that mixed with old shoe leather. Damn ma! your feet stink to high heaven. His mother a bit drunk, found no humor in his comment. I guess I got to teach you some manners and respect boy, now look straight up and don't you move, or momma's gonna really have to hurt you! Wayne's world probably changed for the worse right there and then. He watched this enormous stockinged foot decend toward his face. He couldn't believe how big it was, and that it was his own mother doing this to him. The foot gently laid itself softly on his face, turning everything dark, as he could see nothing, but only smell nylon cheesy stink waft into his nose. The smell made him involuntarily shiver, and he tried to cough out the stink. He felt his mom lightly guide her sweaty beige nylon all over his face. She lifted her foot up, just so he could get a better look at the bottom of her toes, and her sole, before stepping on his face again. Please mom, stop, it smells awful, please no more. She just tickled his nose with her wet and smelly toes, and laughed. Are you learning your lesson yet, or do I need to call your sisters in to help me? No, no not them too, I'll be good I promise. Kiss mommies toes and show her how good you'll be from now on. Now suck on mommies toes, get all the foot smell off my nylons, that's my boy, oh your a good little shrimper! I guess I'll have to call you shrimp from now on, and she laughed a loud and evil shreak. Wayne sat in his cell some 35 years after that day, and still heard that laugh, and still had many memories of his mothers stinking feet. Those size 11's must have danced on his face at least 100 times. The smell of her toes has never escaped him. He also had memories of his sister's tormenting him with their feet too, following mother's lead, but that's another story. Wayne at 6'3 also had the memories of being called shrimp, and that bothered him also. What bothered him most now was that the parole board came back with a split decision on his early release. It was 2 yes, 2 no, and one undecided. He had been a model prisoner, and now was doing everything right. He was going to be given the unique opportunity to plead his case to the undecided panelist one on one, in her office. If she decides yes, majority rules and he gets early release. Wayne's big day was two days away, and that's all he could think about. The day arrived and Wayne was led into Jessica Cole's office. The door was abruptly shut behind him, and when he turned around, there was a vision before him sitting on her desk, long legs crossed and a smile on her lips. Come sit here in front of me the melodic voice instructed, firmly but friendly. Wayne was nervous about his fate, and this woman's beauty intimidated him. She looked just like Angie Harmon the actress married to that football player that's always hurt, he thought to himself. She was 5'8 long brown hair, longish nose and thin lips, but it all came together to spell beautiful. Red blouse accentuating perky breasts, black mini skirt, no hose and long tanned bare legs ending at high heeled black strappy sandals a gorgeous bare foot with bright pink painted toenails that were all long. He sat in front of this goddess and watched her wave her foot back and forth right in front of him. So, you want to be released early huh? Why yes maam, he replied. Well Wayne, are you reabilitated? I sure am! You seem sure of yourself Wayne, but you see, I'm not so sure!!! What do you mean maam, I've been a perfect inmate, always stayed the course here! Wayne, I still think you have this foot problem. She gently slipped her right sandal off her foot, and held it next to Wayne's nose. Are you gonna tell little old me that you don't want to sniff my sexy shoe. The leather smell hit Wayne hard, that's not fair he yelled! Oh Wayne I think it's fair, I don't know if you could be trusted out in the world. You could trust me maam! Well Wayne could I trust you to take my sandal and sniff it completely. You want me to? Yes Wayne, I do. Wayne took the sexy sandal and sniffed it hard and deep. Aggghhhh!!! That smells soooo good! Smell the toe part Wayne, that's a good shoe sniffer! You still like shoes don't you Wayne? Yesssss maaaammmm!!! She started up his leg and to his chest and toward his face with her bare size 9 foot with the bright pink toes. Are you ready for the real thing Wayne, here it comes. Her graceful toes tingled his lips, and she ran her bare foot up and down on his face. The foot was dry and a little cold, and smelled like leather and some kind of salty fish. He inhaled deeply, loving every inch of this sexy foot. Open wide, and she gently moved her foot in and out of his mouth. Suck my toes, my prisoner! Lick my pretty pink toenails, each and every one. Get that toe jam out between each sexy long toe! Yesss Wayne, you still have a thing for pretty feet! Wayne lapped at her foot, like a starving cat to milk, Yes maam! WAYNE, based on this little experiment I can't in good sound mind release you early you know. Wayne barely heard her, but didn't care as he loved the perfect foot, and then the other one even more. You know Wayne, we could schedule another meeting next week to review this further though! Yesss maammmm!!! Wayne didn't your mother ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full!! She laughed at her humor and watched Wayne take her whole left foot in his mouth!!!

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