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A Lesson Learned, a Fetish Awakened

A Lesson Learned, a Fetish Awakened

By Gapjaw

Ever since I was a young kid, I can remember having a peculiar interest in feet. This was really just female feet, but I found something intriguing about every pair of female feet. At five, six years old I would lay awake at night having thoughts about the feet belonging to my mom's friends, or even the moms of my schoolmates. I always thought about how interesting it would be to have them tease me with their feet. These thoughts weren't unprovoked, however.

My mom had liked teasing me with her bare feet when I was little. There was a general thought process that feet were gross and were the worst thing you could touch somebody with. Nevermind that burping, farting, and scratching were somehow socially acceptable. Sure, feet do have a rather unusual odor to them at times, but it can be an inviting odor, especially during a younger age when you are still exploring and learning.

So through several years of being subjected to my mom placing her bare feet on my head or my face, or just simple pokes at my body, I had grown a bit interested in feet. But, much like a bright student who does not awaken until later in life, my true affinity for feet did not awaken until I was somewhat older- with the aid of some rather unusual people, whom by coincidence, happened to be blood related.

As an only child with a single mother, I often had to be babysat. Typically, I was babysat by my cousins, all of whom were in junior high or high school at the time. I had two aunts, both of whom had married a pair of brothers who were less than stellar as husbands and fathers. When they left, my aunts combined their small families together as a way of making ends meet. Thus, all 6 of my cousins lived together, which for some of you, may be the ultimate nightmare of raising 6 girls.

They were almost like sisters to me because I saw them so often. When all our mothers would go out, the girls would babysit me and we'd play sports typically. They were very athletic and participated in sports all year round, dabbling in soccer, basketball, tennis, and field hockey. You know, sports that were hard on the feet, resulting in sweaty, dirty, smelly feet.

Being the youngest of the group at age 12, the oldest being 18, I was always teased and picked on. When I'd lose in sports, I would be moody and they would pick on me for it. They'd try and make me laugh by tickling me, but eventually they became fed up with my attitude. This resulted in punishment more severe than tickling, usually some roughousing, but it didn't take long for them to decide upon using their feet as weapons.

The first time it happened was during the summer. I was being babysat on a hot day during which the older girls had field hockey practice. I was being a bit of a pain to the three girls who were home to watch me, as I wanted to watch cartoons while they wanted to watch some programming with the stereotypical hot high school guy played by a 30 year old actor. So I pouted and slammed doors and yelled at them, and they put up with me as much as they could. The younger girls were not ready to assert their dominance over me as they were my superiors, but not ready to use their given power. The three older girls, however, would not tolerate my behavior, as was the case when they got home from practice that day.

The eldest three were Tiffany (18), Lauren (17), and Gina (17). Tall, athletic girls with long blonde hair and a tan complexion, partially from their fathers and partially from the teenage girl's desire to experiment with tanning. They were all just over six feet tall, except for Tiffany, who was 6'4. She was byfar the most athletic; she also had the biggest feet.

The three younger girls were Karen (16), Kelly (15), and Beth (13). They hadn't grown quite into the size of the elder three sisters, but they would with time. They were still tall for their age and still sporting larger feet than the other girls in their age brackets. They had yet to succumb to the teenage bitchiness the other three had become hooked on; but they were learning slowly.

When Tiffany, Lauren, and Gina had walked in the door, Karen, Kelly, and Beth all complained immediately about me. The girls were tired from practice and did not want to put up with the hassle I was dealing. They were already aggrivated and sore from a long day of practice and had not had the chance to even shower yet.

"Kyle! Get in here now!" Tiffany yelled. I sheepishly sulked into the living room, where the eldest 3 sat on the couch, noticeably exhausted and irritated. The younger 3 stood up with their arms folded across their chests, looking at me with disapproval. I could see they were tired, dirty, and not looking to deal with a brat after a long day in the sun. "Each time we look after you, you get worse and worse," Tiffany continued. "We're tired of trying everything and anything to put you in your place. I don't appreciate you thinking you can get away with more just because three of us were not here to enforce a stricter code of discipline."

I stood there uncertain of my fate, wondering if they would tell my mother or make me do ridiculous house chores. They had punished me several times over through various tedious tasks, but nothing had phased me. This time, however, Tiffany seemed to have a thought stuck in her head that she was ready to use.

"Maybe it's time you get the punishment we've given Beth every time she's been the young brat," she said, a smile forming on her face and the others. I looked at Beth who seemed a little uneasy but forced a smile, when suddenly Kelly and Karen each grabbed me from behind and held me in place. Surprised, I struggled to get out of their grip, not wanting to see what was about to happen. I watched in painful curiosity as Tiffany, Gina, and Lauren each put their feet up on the table with their sweaty socks still on, wiggling their toes in their socks and smiling.

"Maybe we should just let him be this time..." said Beth, who certainly seemed a little uneasy. "Come on sis, you know the rules- brats have to suffer when they won't learn, just like you eventually learned, right?" said Tiffany, still wearing an excited looking grin. The girls dropped me to my knees in front of the table and brought me forward, right in front of their feet. I could already smell their sweaty socks and I felt a slight bit of repulsion, but at the same time a new feeling of curiosity.

"Me first," declared Tiffany. Her feet came up to my face and pressed against my nose as the other girls instructed me to start sniffing. With no other way of breathing except for inhaling, I began to obey the orders and sniff her feet, scrunching up my nose and softly groaning. Her feet smelled terrible, but something inside of me felt lit up by this sensation. The more sniffs I took, the more I began to want to keep sniffing and see where it went. Tiffany moved her feet all over my face, caressing my cheek with her feet as she moved over and let Gina take her turn.

"If you don't sniff well enough, we're going to have to turn up the volume on you," Gina threatened. "So make sure you take big whiffs, or else!" Obeying the orders and not saying much of anything, I continued the sniffing with Gina's feet. She ran one sock over my mouth while keeping the other stuck under my nose. All the girls stayed around me, watching intently, not doing much talking aside from giving me orders. They seemed to find a certain fascination in this as well.

When it came time to smell Lauren's feet, she kicked off her socks. "I'll be the one who makes it tough on you," she said, smiling. "Make it good or else," she too threatened. I cringed a little as I felt my cousin's bare feet caress my face, her toes lightly running over my cheeks and pinching my nostrils closed. She put her toes in my nose and held my head closer by putting one foot behind my head. Forcibly, I sniffed inbetween each toe, and all I could smell was the odor of her pungent feet above my lips. Tiffany nodded at the younger girls to pull me back, but keep me on my knees.

"How was that? Learn your lesson yet? Beth learned hers this same way," said Tiffany, looking over at Beth who stared down at her own two feet. I turned my head and answered coldly "If you call that punishment, you've got another thing coming you slut." I didn't even know what slut meant, other than it was a word demeaning to girls. Tiffany's eyes grew wide with surprise, then narrowed with anger.

"But Beth didn't learn her lesson entirely until we made the punishment harsher, and you're going to find out how much worse it gets!"

The girls brought me forward again as Tiffany and Gina kicked off their socks as well. Both Tiffany and Gina had large feet, with big toes and soles. I loved the shape of their feet and their toes- like how some men will appreciate the curves on the body of a woman, I found this phenomena with their feet. Tiffany thrust her right foot in front of my face and issued the demand "Clean my foot with your mouth, every last part of it."

I began to protest, suddenly feeling like this was a little bit weird. Forced sniffing is one thing, but now having to put her soles, her toes, her heels, all of her foot, on my lips, in my mouth? She's my oldest cousin! She seemed to have no problems asking me to do this.

"Don't hesitate, cuz. Beth was very good at this and she learned very fast as a result. Maybe you will too." Beth remained very quiet the entire time, and it hit me that she must have gone through all this before, possibly in repeated sessions. My train of thought was interrupted when Tiffany's foot pressed against my lips as she barked "Get cleaning!" With not many other choices, I slowly began to kiss the bottom of her foot as she leaned back, looking relaxed, smiling. "I could sit here and do this all day, kid. It's like getting a massage for as long as I want, so if you want to get through this and not be tired, you'd better be good and fast about it."

Kissing her foot turned into licking her foot, licking inbetween each toe and eventually sucking each toe. Soemthing in me decided to put an effort into this, almost as if I was being graded and wanted to keep them happy. I began sucking on her big toe as though it were a popsicle, which seemed to please her more than one would think it should. "Now get the rest of my toes, just like that..." she said, moving her foot around for me to suck each toe. The taste of her feet in my mouth was different than I had expected a smelly foot to taste- it wasn't bad; rather it had a taste that was unique and inviting you to keep tasting it. I began to feel my desire, my intrigue for feet awaken again, thinking back to how my mom would tease me with her feet.

I would do the same for Tiffany's other foot, and eventually the same for Gina and Lauren as well. I could feel my penis bulging as a newfound lust excited me, but scared me at the same time. These were the feet of my cousins, but I wanted so badly to experiment with feet and taste them and play with them. As they held me in place to decide my fate, I licked my lips while looking down to savor the taste of their sweat and odor, while hoping they didn't notice the bulge in my pants. I was nervous and excited- I had never been this close to any girl before, let alone her feet.

"So, have you learned not to be a brat yet?" Tiffany asked. Curious to explore more of this while trying to tell myself it was okay, I thought carefully about my answer. Seemingly without hesitance, despite taking the time to think it over, I blurted out "Big footed slut!" Surprisingly, Tiffany smiled and spoke softly. "Gina, what time are our mothers coming home?"

"Not until tomorrow," she said, also picking up a big smile full of mischief. Tiffany, Gina, and Lauren all slowly nodded in silent agreement, as Tiffany stood up and began to speak. "Bring him into my room and tie him down to the bed, girls." Looking at Karen, Kelly, and Beth, she said "Make sure you three come in with no shoes or socks on, because we're going to need your help too."

Turning to me, she smiled sweetly and said "When there's a big, sweaty, smelly foot in your mouth, no one can hear you call for help, little man."

The girls dragged me down the hallway and into her room as I watched Tiffany take Beth by her arm and pull her along. Gina and Lauren looked excited. Karen and Kelly seemed flustered, rushing me to the room, as though they could not wait for the next punishment.

As for me- well, this was going to be a long day and night, and the first of many.

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