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Antonia, the goddess with huge feet.

Antonia, the goddess with huge feet.
When I was 9 years old, I lived in Europe. Both my parents worked, so
my little brother & me had a maid girl at home who, besides doing the
house, was our babysitter too. Her name is Antonia, and she is
actually a very big women at her today´s 45 years old , and she was a
giantess girl for me with 25 years old in 1980, during my childhood.
We lived 3 years in Spain, but after loosing her contact for a lot of
years, I have seen her once more in the last year. I remembered her
as a tall & strong woman, with brown hair & black eyes, and huge hand
& feet, always wearing sandals or going barefoot in my house. Now I
realize how big she was, and why she looked like a giantess for me at
my 9 years. Last time I saw her, 2 months ago, she came with her
husband to see my mother & me in a Hotel in Madrid, and after the
hugs, the kisses, and a coffee, I told her how big she always loked
for me, and I just asked her directly how tall she was. <<187 cms>>
(6´2")-she said-, (two inches taller than me).
I saw in her eyes that she remembered what happened the last night
she spent with us. That night in the summer of 1980 when Antonia got
drunk at home and for just one time she was rude and violent with me.
She quit the next day, although I never said one word about what
Back to Madrid two months ago, I did not ask about her weight, and
she was a little bit heavier than in her 25 years, although she still
looked great, but I guess she weighted now some 200 lbs. The last
thing I did before she left us was to see her foot size. I just had
the insane curiosiy, so I got my oportunity when both her & her
husband went for a swim with Mom at the Hotel pool. I managed to take
her shoes in my mother´s room and I looked for the size in the sole
of her pumps. Then, I confirmed it: She had very large feet, it was
evident, but now I had the prove; a size 44 (12,5 usa). Her shoes
were 31,5 cms long, so her feet could be 29cms long. After this
unique oportunity in one´s life, holding her big shoe in my hand, I
realized why I had a crush for women with large feet.
The very first, unique experience and the strongest in my life, I
remember it happened when I was 9. I was having a fight on the sofa
with my brother Ricky, who is 2 years younger. I was stronger, so I
was winning when he cried loudly and made Antonia come out the
kitchen and stop us. She pulled me easily from the sofa with one
hand, and my brother had the chance to kick me in the leg. I runned
after him, but Antonia grabbed me by the arm and pushed me to the
floor. I stood up & tried to go after Rick again, but she made me
fall down again with one hand. Frustated for my brother laughs, I
called her << slut >>. I realized my mistake soon, because she was
always sweet with us, & her face changed into devilish in that very
moment. She got really upset and ungry to me. She asked me << What
did you say??!!! >>. And I was really stupid when I insisted on
insulting her, mainly because I was in the floor and she towered me,
and also because I was barely 4´tall & 70 lbs, and she was 6´2" and
probably more than 180 lbs. She got really furious then, and took off
her sandal and hitted me in the shoulder with it while I tried to run
away from her. By then my brother had disappeared, and I only wanted
to go after him, so I tried to scape real bad. But Antonia did not
leave me. Taking notice that the hits with her shoe seemed not to
hurt me, she pushed me down with her arm and with her huge bare foot,
smashing my diminute chest with her sole. Her foot was much bigger
than my whole chest, and she pinned me easily to the floor under a
bit of pressure of her massive leg. While her ankle was on my tummy,
her humungous toes reached my neck and my chin. She had the toenails
painted in red, I remember the big thick toes only one inch from my
nose. And the thing I will never forget was the smell. Her foot
smelled mixed footsweat, cheese, and that product she used to clean
the floors, I don´t remember which. And she had enormous feet, man!
She said to me << You are going to pay for that insult, little brat
>>. I don´t know why I challenged her with a new gross word. And I
was scared then...but I called her <<puta>> (whore) and repeated to
leave me alone with a loud cry. She sighed and took her other sandal
off, and without one word, she just trampled full weight on my tiny
body for a couple of seconds. I cried in horrible pain!. And I
remember those 3 or 4 seconds like an eternity, with both her huge
feet on my chest, the long toes reaching my chin and lips, and her
angry face looking down at me. She got down before breaking my ribs,
and told me she would punish me harder if I insulted her again. While
she sayed this, she rubbed one foot all over my face. My God! When I
think I had that huge, wide, gorgeous foot on my face and I did not
enjoyed it!!!. Damn!!! She took her time humilliating me under her
foot. I did not try to scape again, and my world got dark when she
put her giant sole on my eyes.She also forced a couple of times her
big toe in my mouth. It was really dirty, and I did not like it. She
calmed down with doing it to me, anyway. I was crying and finally I
sayed << OK, Antonia, I´m sorry >> while lying prone on the floor,
unable to get up. She stood over me and said << I don´t know if you
really are. You have to prove that you regret. >> << Ok, I regret,
Ok?. I will obbey you. I will stay quiet.>> She laughed << Nice. Be
very quiet right now, kid. >> She put her huge sole on my face again,
and pressed my face hard with it. I think her foot was twice my face.
It was giant and very smelly. <<Smell my little toes, kid>> Little? -
I thought-. She had to be kidding. Her huge thick toes occupped my
whole mouth, nose and cheeks. I tried not to smell, but I could not
breathe and she rubbed her huge size 44 (12,5 usa) sole all over my
nose while laughing, but still with an anger look in her eyes. When I
could not resist anymore I cried: << Get off, you cow ! >> << What?
>> I got mad and spat her... << It´s enough. You don´t rule here. You
are just the housekeeping bitch>> << I did not know you were such a
stupid kid >> -She answered very angry-. Then she grabbed my arm and
took me to her room. She told me she was gonna take my brother to bed
and we were gonna follow this chat later, and left me closed there.
Two hours later, she came in the room with a mean looking in her
eyes, a bottle of wine in her left hand and a rope in her right hand.
<< I want my dinner. I am strarving. >> I said. She did not answer,
although my words made her even more upset. She smelled to wine. She
was quite drunk and seemed like she was going to make me something
really bad. << You´ve been a pain in my ass, kiddo >> And saying
that, she easily tied my hands and legs and left me on the floor
while she eated her dinner and drunk another bottle of wine. When she
finished she was very drunk. She stood by me and took her sandals
off. << Paying back time >> -she said-. And grabbing the table to
keep her balance, she stepped on my chest with both feet, and stood
trampling on me for more than five minutes, stomping every inch of my
tiny body under her huge, strong and smelly feet. I still remember my
panic watching the giantess raising her huge bare feet and stepping
on me. She was very drunk, and did not care if I was in pain or not.
She smashed me four ribs, and even they did not break, I had pain for
one month after that night. Her huge strong soles were like hammers
stomping on my little chest. And when she started to trample on my
head I almost died. Her titanic sole falled down to my face like a
big stone. She tried to stand full weight on my head, but there were
not room enough for her two giant feet, so she only put one of her
peds on my face and the other one crushed my chest. Her foot was much
bigger than my entire abdomen, and I remember her solid and wide,
warm and strong sole crushing my face . I don´t know how I did not
die beneath such an enormous pressure. I was crying and begging her
to stop it, but she just laughed. << Are you suffering, boy?. Why?.
You don´t like my feet?. Stick your tongue out and lick my sole ! >>
I did not lick nothing, so she just told me she was going to stay
trampling on me untill I cleaned her feet with my tongue. Then I
started to lick her humungous size 44 sole, what took a long time,
because my little tongue needed a lot of slurps to lick clean all her
huge sole. << Suck my toes now, you little brat. And suck all that
black toejam between my toes>> Her toes really tasted cheesy, but the
very worst thing was to tongue lick the old and dark dirty toejam she
had between her thick and large toes. It really tasted putrid. I
almost puke when she forced me to swallow it all by introducing her
heavy toes in my mouth with all her strenght.
When she was satisfied about my worship to her toes, she stepped back
and took her skirt and pantys off, showing me her whole huge and
hairy dark cunt. I was totally amazed, and the only reason I did not
run away in fear was that I was still tied on the floor. << I need to
pee. Open your mouth>> <<What?>> She stomped very hard on my face,
smashing my nose and making me bleed. <<You heard me. Open up ! >> I
hesitated and she smashed again her foot on my face, breaking one of
my lips. << I said... Open your mouth !! >> I opened and she squatted
on my face, and inmediatly, she started to piss in my mouth. A big
and strong yellow stream of her urine splatted in my tongue and
throat, while some other drops falled down all over my face. She had
drunk so much that she kept on pissing on me for more than one long
minute. I could not swallow it all, as my mouth was initially
fullfilled by the power of her hot golden stream. She laughed again
and directed her pee to my eyes too, and also to my cheeks, neck and
chest. The floor was soon all wet with her yellow urine. Her feet
were all drained on pee at both sides of my head.
When she finished, she trampled again full weight on my chest, just
to force me to lick clean her pissy soles. She forced once more her
huge toes inside my mouth, untill I cleaned them of her own pee. Then
she jumped away and told me to clean all the mess.
I cleaned it all and myself in the shower, thinking how she could do
that to a little boy like me. Specially when she had always been so
nice. I was scared to tell my parents about it. Then, Antonia called
me to her bed. She was laid on it and under the blankets. and told me
to go with her. I went and laid closed to her.
But she was still in a bad mood.
<< Not here, stupid kid. Go down, to my feet...>> She pushed me with
her foot to the bottom of the bed. She told me to sleep there to give
warm to her feet during the night. I wrapped her huge peds with my
arms, her soles against my chest. I spent the next hour under the
blankets and with her huge feet rubbing on my face and chest. She
also farted a lot of times,what almost made me puke, as every time I
tried to get out for fresh air, Antonia pushed me down with her feet.
But, only one hour later, she put her toes in my mouth and in my
cheeks and started to masturbate while forced me to suck her feet. I
got soon used to the darkness and I could see very clearly how her
big fingers rubbed and massaged her enormous cunt for nearly 10
minutes. And the more she excited, the most she sunked her huge toes
into my little mouth, forcing me to suck them. She groaned: << Suck
my toes like if your life depends on it, you wimp! >> I sucked and
sucked her toes, licking again every inch between them, while Antonia
had a long powerful orgasm. Finally she commanded me to lick her sex,
and I moved up in the bed to bury my little face in her massive
crotch. Then, she turned on her womb and laid face dowm, with her
hairy cunt on my face, and wet long drops of her juices falled down
from her cunt to my mouth. Her cum was very hot, and as abundant as a
little pee, but much more dense. She rubbered her sex against my face
for a couple of minutes, smothering me under her massive weight.
After that, she put the blankets away and stood up. << I am hot, oh
boy !>> she said while looking at me. Then, she sat down on my face
again, but this time facing my feet and offering her huge ass to me.
<< Lick my asshole now, kid. It´s all wet >> I licked her sfinter
shyly, and it tasted awful. She had farted several times and her ass
tasted like shit, so I gave up. She got mad again. << I said lick my
asshole, you bastard >>, and she bumped on my little face smashing my
nose under her huge bottom. << No, Antonia. It tastes like shit. This
is insane>> I said. << What did you say?. Oh, man. I think you still
need the final lesson... She stood on the floor and throwed me easily
at her feet. As I kept on being tied, she moved me pushing and
kicking me with her feet. One of her powerful kicks reached me in the
face, and I shouted in pain . Her enormous foot slammed against my
head like a hammer. << Let´s see how long takes to make tou pray for
my arsehole >>
SLAM !!!. Her titanic sole smashed flat on the side of my face.
<<One>> -she said-. SLAMM !!!! << Two>>, (she was gonna count one by
one her stomps) . This one smashed my nose much harder. The thuds of
her foot smashing my face were loud enough to be heared in Africa.
SLAM ! <<Three>>. SLAMMM !!! << Four>>. SLAM !! <<Five>>. SLAMM !!
<<Six>>. At this time, after her sixth tremendous stomp on my face,
my nose was a pulp, my lips were bleeding, her huge toes were marked
everywhere in my cheeks... SLAAAMMMM !!!!! <<Seven>>. This was the
most powerful stomp of all. The back of my head smashed against the
floor and my face hurted like hell. She raised her foot once more and
I think I saw it in slow motion. I still remember my terror looking
up, watching that huge sole, that enormous size 44 (12,5) foot ready
to stomp me once again. I was in hell or the sky was falling down on
my head. The Giantess, the She-Devil Goddess stomped hard for eighth
time. STHUDDD !!!!. My head smashed again on the floor. I spoke as I
could: << I...give up... Please...let me lick your ass...>> She
stopped the unbelievable punishment and put her large foot on my face
in a triumphant pose. I was really beated.
She took me to the bathroom and there, she put me into the bath tube.
She was naked all the time, but I was too scared to notice her
beauty, besides I had to watch her huge feet, in order to avoid being
kicked in the face again. When she had me in the tube, she came into
and squatted again on my face. Once again I had that huge and dark
haired crotch 2 inches from my eyes. << Open your mouth or you know
what happen...>> << No, don´t you pee on me again, please, Antonia,
don´t.. >> I prayed. << Get ready for the big business then, kid >>
And saying that, she farted in my face. The smell was awful, like
rotten eggs. And after the fart, she grunted loudly and her rosebud
opened as a huge dark cave and one humungous brown turd emerged... I
thought "Oh my God, she is shitting on me..." and in that moment, a
huge -12 inches large & 3 inches wide- turd falled down into my open
mouth, filling it completly and remaining a big part out, lied on my
face. Antonia laughed more and more while she farted and grunted
again << Eat my shit, little asshole >>. And two more large turds
were loaded on my face, one of them on my eyes, and I could barely
see. I think Antonia was still very drunk, but she was obviously
enjoying every moment of my humilliation. She raised her left foot
and puhed her shit down to my throat, telling me to swallow it. I did
it because the panic, and this was the most terribly awful moment of
my life. How could that huge woman, that giantess, be so cruel with a
little boy ?. God, I was just a kid !. And that large 6´2" tall , 200
lbs woman, had kicked, trampled, pissed, raped and now she was
shitting in my mouth. She lowered her arsehole even more, just one
inch from my full open mouth. My eyes transfixed on her titanic hole.
The head of a fourth turd started coming out, it started dropping
into my mouth. This time, a 4 inches long turd came straight into my
mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but I was puking every drop .
Then, her next load came. It was much bigger, 8 inches and quite
thick. The first bit landed on my left eye, going to my nose and the
head in my eye. The stink was terrible. I tried breathing though my
nose, but just got a big smell of shit. Again, Antonia smashed the
turds flat on my face with her huge size 44 (12,5) sole. She did not
mind to have her peds full of shit. She was delighted with forcing
her turds down into my mouth and throat with her feet.
When she finished, she left a pile of shit on my face. Some horses
don´t poo so much as this woman. Then, she commanded me to clean
again all that mess, and she went straight ahead to her bedroom.
After finished cleaning the bathroom, I went to sleep to my bedroom.
I did not see Antonia anymore. I think she went to bed to sleep too.
The next day, she left us, telling mom that her mother was ill, and
she never came back. When I saw her again, I knew she remembers it
all too. I wondered if she treated her husband in that way...
I was thinking about everything in the hotel room´s floor, on my
knees and holding Antonia´s large shoe in my right hand, when I felt
a terrible pain in my left hand , the one I had on the floor. A huge
sandaled foot was crushing my fingers. I looked up and I saw Antonia
smiling to me. She had come back from the pool and I hadn´t noticed.
She looked like a giant goddess, towering me and stepping on my hand
with her enormous foot, making hard pressure with her thick toes on
my fingers. She took her sandal off and put her huge size 44 toes in
my lips, and then she spoke up:
<< Did you miss my large feet all these years, kid ? >>
I did not hesitate my answer.
<<Yes, but I am not a little kid anymore>>
<<For me, you will always be, boy. Lick my toes. We still have twenty
minutes before your mother comes back, and I want to start where we
left this thing.>>
Her huge feet still looked enormous compared to my face. I just lied
down and let her fullfill my mouth with her humungous toes. She had
her hand in her crotch and had began to enjoy my foot sucking. It was
only the begining of the two most amazing months of my life.

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