Thursday, July 14, 2011



Just two days after I had been released from the enslavement of Jodie and her little sister Rhiannon I bumped into the latter on the bus. I was by myself and she was accompanied by two of her friends.

"Tinkerbell." She exclaimed as I sat down near her. "Remember your promise." I knew she had told me to kiss her feet when next I saw her but I pretended I had forgotten, and remained in the chair.

Rhiannon then got up and stood in front of me. She was wearing a school blazer, light blue blouse, tight black trousers and two-inch heeled school shoes.

"Bow down and clean my dirty school shoes or I'll get Jodie to make you be my slave again." She ordered, glancing occasionally to her onlloking friends - who were really enjoying this.

I slid uneasily off of my chair and bowed down at the younger girls feet.

"Do a good job Tinkerbell." She laughed. As she said this I began to lick her school shoes for her.

"See, told you." She said to her freinds. "At my feet. I can make him do whatever or I want."

"What if he doesn't do what you say?" Asked one of her friends.

"Then I just snap my fingers and my sister will kick him in for me." She boasted as I worked on her school shoes. The girls giggled at the spectacle of me slaving away at the younger girls feet.

When she reched her stop, which was before mine Rhiannon told me I could stop and then got off the bus.

I had thought that was it, my debt repaid. But later that evening I was walking past their house. As I did the front door opened and out walked Jodie, the tough 19 year old sister of Rhiannon who had enslaved me in the first place. Jodie was dressed for a night out in a short denim skirt, knee high cream coloured high-heeled boots and a tight fitting white crop top. Over this she wore a thin leather coat.

"OI." She called to me, "Come here you little shit." I turned to her dominant voice. She walked down the path towards me, her heels clicking loudly on the concrete.

"My sister tells me that you refused to kiss her feet today." She stated, "She says that instead you insulted her and then ran away." I couldn't believe it, the lying bitch! How could I get out of this one.

"Well." Said Jodie, "I'm afriad you'll have to come in and make iy up for her. I'm in a rush so I'd appreciate it if you'd just walk in, rather than me having to kick your head in and drag you in."

"She's a liar." I snorted, and then I turned and walked away. As I did I heard the sound of high heels stalking behind me. Then I felt said high heel driving into my back. The blow knocked me forwards and I staggered, fell and landed on my knees. As I did Jodie grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, holding me there like a squirming maggot.

"Looks like you chose the hard way." She said angrily. She then let me go and kicked me reperatedly. After several kicks she brought me down to her feet, where she kicked my head, chest and gut repeatedly until one kick caused me to caugh blood.

Did you enjoy that you wimp?" She grinned, looking at me shivering painfully at her feet as she stood with her booted feet dangerously near my head and her slender hands resting on her hips.

Next she picked my up by my shirt and dragged me into the house. Once inside she pulled me into the kitchen and placed me in a chair at the table. Next she went off and returned with the same bundle of leather and chain that Rhiannon had discovered in the shed two days ago. As I recovered from the beating Jode strapped me to the chair, and my chin lay on the table.

As soon as I was secure you whistled for her sister. Rhiannon then appeared, wearing only knickers and a loose white T-shirt.

"Present for you." Jodie grinned, motioning towards me. Rhiannon hugged her and then walked towards the table. She pulled up a chair and sat down, placing her bare feet up on the table mere inches from where my bruised face rested. Her feet pretty much filled my vision.

"Shame you couldn't have been a good boy for me, Tinkerbell." Rhiannon mused, bouncing her foot near my head. "Now I'm gonna have to make you suck my feet again. But first I think you should clean Jodie's boots for her night out tonight!"

And with that Jodie sat upon the table and placed her booted feet on my head, dipping each one in front of my mouth in turn, allowing me to drag my tongue accross each one. Then she hopped off of the table.

"Thanks sis." Jodie said, and then she left.

"Just you and me now, little Tinkerbell." Rhiannon joked, "Now before I make you suck on my pretty little toes I think we should paint them." Rhiannon then reached over and picked up a small leather bag on nail polishes.

"Tinkerbell, you have to paint each toe a different colour." And with that she placed the bag in front of me. With my hands strapped to the chair courtesy of Jodie I had to use just my mouth for the task.

Rhiannon would pin a bottle to the table as I unscrewed it with my teeth, then I would pick up the brush and run it delicately over one of her well-maintained toe-nails. After I had painted all ten different colours Rhiannon had me blow each one dry individually.

"Now, massage my feet with your tongue, good Tinkerbell." She insulted me. However despite her insults I still complied and took her foot in my mouth, massaging it with my tongue.

"Do my feet taste good, Tinkerbell?" Rhiannon laughed. When she had finished this humiliating exercise she shifted forwards and rested her feet on top of my face. The ball of her foot duf into my mouth and nose.

As she sat there she poured herself a drink and drank it slowly, occasionally dragging her foot accross my face or prodding my uncomfortably.

Next on her agenda Rhiannon disappeared and returned, she had now covered her knickers with a black, knee length lycra skirt. On her feet she now wore three inch high-heeled shoes. Again she sat down and rested her feet on the table, her heels scraping the enamel surface.

Next she clicked her fingers.

"Lick, Tinkerbell!" She ordered. I then busied myself with cleaning her shoes.

"Good Tinkerbell." Said Rhiannon when she had finished. As a reward she then undid my straps, but not before applying the deadly custom chain collar that had been used two-days ago.

"Now let's go for a walk so I can parade you round the neighbour hood." She sneered at me. And that's just what she did.

And as a final coup-de-grace she had adorned a pair of sandals to show off her toes. As she saw people she knew she would first tell them that she forced me to paint them for her. Then if said person looked dubious she would tug on my leash and have me kiss her toes, one by one - much to any onlookers surprise.

Eventually we came accross one friend called Paula, another girl her age. After explaining the situation she said to Paula; "What's your favourite colour, pick one on my toes." Paula bent down to examine her exquisitely painted toe-nails.

"Blue." She said.

"Tinkerbell. Lick my blue toe-nail and don't you dare stop." Rhiannon ordered. And then as I cleaned the already perfect toe-nail Rhiannon chatted to her friend. After fifteen minutes she stopped.

"Now be a good Tinkerbell and lick Paula's shoes Tinkerbell." She said, choking me with my leash. Paula lifted her foot and I licked the grimy bottoms of her trainers for her. After this Rhiannon undid my leash.

"Shall we kick him in like my sister does?" Rhiannon said as I lay at her feet. Paula nodded enthusiastically. Paula then held me in place my jamming her trainer clad foot on my throat. As she did so Rhiannon kicked me repeatedly before standing expertly on one foot, right on top of my crotch.

"Beg for mercy." She ordered. I could not fight the pain for long and begged for mercy from below Paula's dirty trainer.

After that they both had me kiss their feet one last time and thank them for beating and choking me, and then finally Rhiannon let me go, but only after insisting I crawled the entire distance, which I did.


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