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Author Unknown

Part One - The Taking

Sigma Iota Nu was the hottest sorority going on campus. The sisters were all very popular, pretty, and wealthy. Though the school had a non-discriminatory policy on pledging, the SIN gals always found a way to skirt around it. If you were a sister of SIN, you were hot. End of discussion.
I was a sophomore, in my fall semester, and thought often of pledging a fraternity. The school did not allow Freshmen pledging, so I had been debating over the summer who, if any, I would want to pledge.
Erin was a junior who I had gone to High School with. She had pledged SIN while I was a freshman; I remember her telling me that though the process was arduous, it was all worth it in the end. I figured I’d ask her which fraternity she felt would be best for me, given that we had schooled together for eight years and she had a little more knowledge than I.
Erin at that point lived in South Hall, a regular dormitory on campus. Most of the upper classmen lived off campus in townhouses, but there were no official fraternity/sorority houses. Erin did, however, live with two other sisters, Melanie and Kristen, both of which were juniors who had pledged with her.
I arrived at South Hall around three in the afternoon on a Wednesday in early September, about two weeks before the pledge processes began. When I knocked on Erin’s room, the door was answered by Kristen.
"Hi," I said. "Is Erin here?"
"Hey John," Kristen replied, obviously remembering me from last year. "Erin went down to the Commissary to grab some food – want to come in and wait? She’ll be back in a few."
"Sure," I replied, strolling in behind her. The girls lived in a fairly large room with a main common area in the middle, and four small rooms branching off, one for each bedroom and one for the bathroom. In the common area sat Melanie and a girl I did not know.
Now Kristen was a medium height blonde with hips to die for. I think one of the other gals caught me staring at her butt as I followed her in, but I couldn’t be sure. Melanie, a short black haired beauty, sat on the couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table, bare. They were very shapely feet, with petal like toes that bore a bright metallic polish. In the armchair sat the stranger, a tall, regal looking girl with long black hair. She was dressed in a red blouse that nicely defined her ample breasts, straight black slacks, and shiny black boots with a chunky three inch heel. She stared at me with a stern, haughty gaze that made me feel as if I were shrinking into the red carpet which covered the floor.
"This is Diana, our President," Kristen said by way of introduction. "This is John, one of Erin’s friends."
"Hi," I offered, extending my hand. Diana continued her stare, ignoring it. Kristen plopped herself down on the couch next to Melanie, and her slender bare feet joined Melanie’s on the table. She had long toes coated in red polish, and a shiny silver toe ring adorned the second digit of her right foot.
Left feeling a bit out of place, I had no where else to sit but the floor. I lowered myself down to an Indian position.
"So," Melanie said, flexing her toes, "What’s up?"
I stayed silent for a moment, still a bit taken by the stare Diana was giving me. I felt so insignificant under those imperious green eyes, it was hard to concentrate. She seemed to be measuring me up, but whether for pain or for pleasure, I could not decide.
Finally, I stammered out, "I. . uh, I wanted to ask Erin her opinion about some of the fraternities on campus, I was thinking of. . .uh, pledging."
"Oh!" Melanie exclaimed. "Well, Diana is a senior – she knows a lot of the guys better than all of us."
"Really," I replied, filling the silence. "Well, uh, I was wondering which one I would fit best in, and since Erin has known me for a while. . ." I trailed off, leaving again silence in the room.
"Hmmm," Diana mused. "You know, I think the boys of Delta Kappa would like you. . .I could speak to them."
Delta Kappa was one of the more prominent fraternities on campus, and SIN was their sister sorority, which meant a lot of parties and events with the two groups. I had sort of passed on DK, thinking myself a little too shy. They were all football players and other jocks. I didn’t play any sports. I said as much, but Diana cut me off.
"Oh that’s just the perceived image – I think I can get them to take you under their wing." She had this calculated look in her eyes that scared me. She wasn’t telling me the whole story.
"Diana, I’m not sure if-" Kristen was cut off by a stare from Diana.
"He’ll do just fine."
Melanie giggled mysteriously, and Kristen just shook her head, a slight smile on her face.
I felt completely out of the loop, looking up from my place on the floor at Diana, gazing down at me as if from some unimaginable height. I looked at the girls across from me, their faces somewhat obscured from my angle by the soles of their feet, mouths broken by the line of toes.
"Well, I guess that would be very nice of you," I said to Diana. I suddenly felt the urge to get out of there, regardless of when Erin returned. I felt uncomfortable. "Just tell Erin I stopped by, and I’ll catch up with her later." I rose and started to head for the door.
It was a command from Diana. I did indeed stop, and slowly turned around.
"Now," she continued, "I can speak to the boys, but you have to be serious. It will be very bad if the President of SIN asks for a favor only to have you not show up. Will you take this seriously?"
"Umm. . .I guess, I mean, that is. . ."
"Good. Be at Townhouse 15 tonight at seven, and I will arrange the meeting."
I wanted to speak, but Diana had turned to the girls and began to talk about finding new pledges, so I just walked out, feeling a bit dumbfounded. I had a meeting with the most popular fraternity on campus, but something just didn’t seem right.
As I walked down the hall, I decided I would go to the meeting, but not join. DK was not my scene, but I didn’t want to offend Erin by making her President look foolish. I would go, but I would take control of the situation. Maybe I wouldn’t pledge any fraternity at all.

Come seven o’clock, I walked up the long hill just across from the campus towards the townhouses. There were forty houses in all, and each was the home to eight students. Though the houses abutted each other, the walls were very thick concrete and noise complaints were unheard of, save for the occasional house party that spilled into the outdoors. Each house had a spacious basement that confined most parties, and also served (so I had heard) as a great room for pledging activities.
I assumed Townhouse 15 was a DK house, so I was a bit surprised when the door was answered by a tall girl with short, curly red hair.
"Hi!" she said very cheerfully. "I’m Erica. Are you the boy Diana sent?"
"Um, yeah, I was supposed to be meeting some guys from Delta Kappa."
"Yes, yes – come in! They’re on their way."
She led me into the ground floor of the house, which held a living room twice the size of the one in South Hall, and a small kitchen. In one corner was a dining table, and around the living room were three couches, two armchairs, three ottomans scattered about, and a coffee table.
Erica was, as most SIN gals are, gorgeous. She was wearing tight fitting blue jeans with a black shirt, and white cotton socks were on her feet. I was mesmerized by the rhythmic motion of her hips as she bounced into the house in front of me, and as I entered I couldn’t help but stare. I didn’t look up right away, but when Erica announced, "This is Megan," I looked up and saw another beautiful blond laying back on the couch. She was looking directly at me, and she had to have seen me staring at Erica.
"Uh, hi," I said, feeling my face turn red. Megan was stretched out lazily, smiling a little at my discomfort. She also wore jeans, and they seemed to go on forever, stretching tightly over her hips and extending down her long legs stretched out on the sofa. At the end of each leg a bare foot was displayed, her ankles crossed so that her soles only were exposed to me. I felt about two inches tall.
"Let me get you a drink," Erica said, gesturing towards one of the armchairs.
"Um, that’s OK," I replied, sitting down, but she was already bouncing into the kitchen. I looked over at Megan, who had turned back to the TV she was watching. "So, uh, you know Erin?"
Turning from the telly, on which some music video was playing, she said "Of course – she’s one of my sisters."
Right, I thought. Stupid question.
Erica came back into the room holding two glasses of red liquid. "Here," she said, extending one to me. "It’s SIN’s trademark punch!" She took the other glass, plopped down into one of the other couches and placed her white socks up on an ottoman, taking a sip from her glass.
I found my throat a bit dry, so I gulped down a mouthful. It tasted fruity, but it most certainly had alcohol in it.
"Mmm," I mused, "this is strong stuff."
"Yeah," Erica replied, "we drink it all the time."
I sat a few minutes sipping punch and watching the parade of videos on TV, waiting. As I gulped down the last of the punch, I asked, "How long will the DK’s be?"
"Oh I’m sure they’re on their way," Erica replied. "Would you like some more punch?"
"Ahh, sure," I said as I rose, meaning to head in the kitchen and fix it myself.
"No, here," Erica was up fast and snatched my glass. "You are our guest."
Megan laughed so fast I almost missed it, but Erica had gone into the kitchen and rather than follow I shrugged and sat down. I started to notice my arms and legs felt heavy. The punch most have been stronger than I thought.
Another girl came down the stairs from the bedrooms. She was medium build, with brown hair and darker skin. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt, she looked like a teenager almost. Her feet were bare, and her toes were painted red. Her t-shirt proudly proclaimed, "LIVING IN SIN," and when she went into the kitchen I saw on the back it said "Sigma Iota Nu Spring Formal ’00."
"Is that the new meat?" I heard her ask Erica.
"Oh yes," Erica replied, walking out with my punch glass. "This is Katherine, another of the sisters.
"Hi, I’m John," I said, standing awkwardly. I definitely felt a bit lightheaded.
"Yes, hellllo," she replied with a wicked smile. "Please, sit down."
I did, and reluctantly took the second glass of punch.
Katherine sat on the third couch next to my chair, curling her legs under her. "So you’re a friend of Erin’s?"
"Yeah, we went to school together."
I was taken aback, as the words came out a bit slurred. I was no alcoholic, but one glass of jungle juice usually did not have this effect on me. The girls giggled.
"You’re not a big drinker, huh?" Erica asked.
"Well, I. . ." my words trailed off as my vision blurred. I shook my head, but it felt sluggish. I was nodding off.
"Awwwww," I heard Katherine say faintly, "The poor baby."
My vision went black, and the last thing I felt was my head hitting the back of the chair. I lost consciousness.

Part Two - The Breaking

When I came to, the first thing I noticed was I couldn’t move, and I was laying on my back, naked.
"What the @#%$?!" I exclaimed, or tried to. My tongue felt enormous, and I had very bad cotton mouth. My eyes were blinded by a harsh light from above. I tried to lift my head, but it felt like it weighed a ton. My arms were tied down to the floor on either side of me, and my legs were spread and tied down as well. Was this some sort of DK initiation?
The light from above was blinding me, and I could not discern my surroundings. I felt very foolish.
I heard footsteps approaching. I tried in vain to look. Suddenly the light was blocked by a dark shadow that descended squarely on my face. By the silhouette, it looked like the bottom of a shoe, and by the feel, one with a heel.
The pressure was enormous as the shoe ground my face, pushing my head down on the hard, cold floor.
"Hello, worm," a female voice said, muffled a bit by the shoe on my face. "I think there’s some dirt on the bottom there. . .LICK IT OFF!"
I remained motionless, and heard multiple laughs from somewhere beyond me.
"See girls – he needs some motivation!" the voice directly above me said.
The shoe left my face and quickly slammed down on my groin, crushing by testicles between the heel of the boot and the floor. I groaned loudly in pain, and I could barely make out a tall, imposing female figure standing above me, laughing as she twisted her heel back and forth across my balls.
"You like that, worm?" she asked. She lifted her boot heel off my groin, pulled it back, and kicked hard. I yelped.
"NOW LICK!" she yelled, shoving the sole of the boot back onto my face.
My balls felt like they were on fire, and the pain was spreading into my stomach. Panting, I stuck out my tongue and licked the coarse tread of the boot, feeling bits and pieces of dirt and grime come loose, some falling into my throat.
"That’s it, worm, eat the dirt from beneath my boot, swallow it up!!" she ground the heel into my mouth harder, and I coughed, choking.
"See, girls, I told you he would work out!" she said, turning back around. She gave another swift back kick to my groin with her heel as she strode away.
Completely in shock and pain, I stared as Diana walked and stood above me, looking down at me with a vicious smile.
"DK materiel?" she asked, placing her clog on my chest. "Hardly! Look at that pathetic thing!" She flicked the tip of my penis with the toe of her boot, and I winced in pain.
"Please, I-" My words were cut short by Diana stepping down hard on my neck, forcing the air and speech from my mouth. I gagged.
"You will NOT speak!" she commanded. "Stay silent, and listen, worm!"
As I lay there gasping, I wondered what kind of predicament I was really in. Diana obviously meant business.
"Now," she proceeded, not bothering to remove her boot from my neck, "us sisters of SIN, as it were, have developed sort of a tradition over the years. We select each fall a freshman or a sophomore boy, and, quite simply, make him our slave, or, as we call him, Worm. This year, we’ve decided on you."
The boot heel crushed down harder on my neck, causing me to choke and I sent spittle flying out, a few drops landing on Diana’s boot.
"I told you NOT TO SPEAK, WORM!"
I squirmed, gasping for air.
"Megan? Show him what we have to offer."
Megan strode forward, straddled one of my legs, crouched down, and leaned hard with one knee into my groin. I moaned.
"This is you," she said smiling, holding up a Polaroid.
With horrified eyes I looked at a picture of me from behind, leaning astride the naked body of Katherine in all her teenage looking glory, bound to a bed and gagged with a terrified look in her eyes. Katherine flipped through a small pile of Polaroid’s, each showing me from behind performing various sexual acts on the bound and gagged girl. Because the shots were from behind, it was impossible to tell I was unconscious. I felt ill.
"Get it?" Katherine said, grinding her knee hard into my balls.
I whimpered in reply.
Katherine backed off, and Diana, removing her boot from my neck, placed it squarely on my chest. "Now, here’s what happens. We take pathetic pukes like you, drug them with some punch, photograph them in some very compromising set ups, and hold them for blackmail. They’re Polaroid’s, so there’s no copies, no negatives. You serve us faithfully and willingly for the next year, and at the end of the term, you get the pictures and your freedom back. But for the next year, SIN owns you. When we say squirm, you lay on the ground and squirm like the Worm you are. You are at the beck and call of every sister in SIN, and you will be stationed here in Townhouse 15. You will live here in our basement, attend your classes, but believe me, every free minute of your time will be spent serving the sisters, obeying they’re every whim. Understood?"
I was reeling. She was serious about this! I couldn’t believe it. And to top it all off, despite the pain in my groin, I was becoming aroused by the idea of serving twenty beautiful women. Diana noticed this, and smiled.
"See girls? Every time! Do I know how to pick them or what?"
I heard a lot of laughter. Could Erin be back there, letting this go on? I had always thought of her as a close friend, but she was always older than me, and thus had often bossed me around when we were kids. I supposed she could be back there, giggling with the rest of them at my helpless predicament.
There was no way out. I could not risk my life’s future with those pictures. The embarrassment factor alone was unimaginable, not to mention any disciplinary actions the school or the law would take. In the pictures, Katherine looked like an under age girl being raped by me. They had me by the balls, both literally and figuratively, and even though it was making me hard, I felt scared.
"I don’t think Worm answered you, Diana," a voice said from behind her.
Sure enough, Erin strode forward, her short blond hair framing her beautiful face. She wore open toed wooden sandals, shorts, and another "LIVING IN SIN" t-shirt.
Diana smiled and stepped back, rubbing the sole of her clog hard on one of my nipples.
Erin looked down on me, and I searched for pity in her eyes. She only smiled faintly, and said softly, "I never thought you would be our next Worm."
"Erin," I began, but she cut me off by bringing her hard wooden sandal down on my groin, yelling, "That’s MISS Erin from now on, Worm!" The other sisters laughed as I squirmed on the floor, bound and helpless as Erin mercilessly tortured my groin, having me howling in seconds. This brought on a lot of hoots and cheers from the girls, some of them yelling, "Harder! Harder! Make him SCREAM!"
After what felt like hours, Erin removed her sandal from my groin and placed it on my chest, so that the toe was resting on my chin. I could see the tips of her toes resting comfortably, the red nail polish glistening from the above light.
"Now kiss my foot and swear loyalty, Worm!"
I strained my head and my lips brushed lightly on the tips of her toes.
"SWEAR!" she yelled.
"I swear loyalty to Miss Erin," I quickly stammered out.
"More!" she said. "I want you to promise to obey every command without hesitation!"
"I swear to obey every command of Miss Erin and never hesitate," I continued.
"Good," she said. She replaced the sandal with the other, this time holding it in the air directly above my mouth. On the sole was a large piece of gum. "Eat it, Worm!"
Remembering the pain, I pushed my head up and used my teeth to scrape the dirty chewing gum from her sole. The sisters continued their laughter as I hurriedly chewed and swallowed. Erin rubbed the residue into my hair and strode away, saying, "Next!"
Katherine strode forward, still wearing shorts and the t-shirt, her feet still bare. She stood gazing down at me, her head tilted to one side as she studied my rock hard member.
"I think you will like serving us, Worm," she commented, lightly brushing my shaft with her left foot, the toes curling around it and rubbing up and down. I squirmed in ecstasy as she gently massaged the tip with her toe nail, slightly scraping it. I came in an explosion, sending white drops everywhere.
Katherine caught as much as she could with the sole of her foot, and then placed it over my mouth. I could see the black dirt from the bare basement floor behind the cum.
"Lick it off, Worm, and swear loyalty to Miss Katherine."
I was aroused, but I had never tasted my own spunk before. Unfortunately any time I had to think was cut short by her pressing the foot insistently to my lips, rubbing it back and forth. Wanting to avoid any more pain, I lapped it up as fast as possible, and said, "I swear loyalty to Miss Katherine, and promise to obey her every wish without hesitation."
"Good," she said, smiling smartly. "Very good." She too rubbed the residue into my hair and strode away, also saying, "Next!"
The parade seemed to go on for ever. Each sister took a turn walking up and torturing me a bit, forcing me to lick dirt from the soles and heel of their various footwear, or kiss their toes. Twice more sisters forced me to cum, and each time I had to shamefully lick my seed from their feet. One sister, Miss Julie, jerked me off with her stocking clad feet, and then forced the cum stained nylon into my mouth and forced me to swear loyalty while suckling it.
I felt completely spent, bound on the floor and helpless as each sister humiliated me and forced me into their service. By the time it was over, I had kissed or licked every sister’s feet, from the dirt caked in Miss Liz’s running sneakers to the sweet tasting soda stains from Miss Wendy’s high heel. I was truly a Worm to these girls, and they let me feel like it for hours.
After all of the sisters had taken a turn, Diana strode forward again.
"Now we will untie you, Worm, and these are your rules. Disobey them, and suffer. Clear?"
"Yes, Queen Diana," I responded, addressing her, the President, differently than the other sister. The Vice President I was to call Princess Erica, and the rest, Miss plus their respective names.
"So. You are never to leave the floor. Crawl around only on your hands and knees. When a sister calls you to here bedroom, enter on your belly, as the Worm you are. When in the common area you may crawl, unless commanded otherwise. When any sister enters the house, you will crawl to her and kiss her feet, greeting her properly. If you are servicing a sister and another enters the room, crawl to her and greet her the same way, even if the other sister tells you not to. In this way you will still greet each sister, and the one you were servicing may punish you at her leisure. DO NOT FAIL TO GREET A SISTER, or you will be severely punished. Yes?"
"Yes Queen Diana," I replied, still having a hard time believing all this. While Diana was talking, two sisters had untied me. Katherine had given me a swift kick in the groin when I didn’t turn over and kneel at Diana’s feet fast enough. I was now on my hands and knees, face to the ground, and Diana was still sprouting orders.
"When you see a sister on campus, you are to greet her properly, but you need not publicly prostrate yourself. We like our Worms to be secret, but don’t be surprised if a sister punishes you anyway, even though you are doing what you were told. Your life is ours, to treat as we wish, and if that means spending a night tied down with a high heel up your ass, so be it. Clear?"
"Yes Queen Diana."
"Good. Now, you will probably not remember every sister’s name, so you are to crawl now to each one, greet her properly, and beg if you cannot remember her name. NOW!"
I crawled to where the sisters where assembled. Erica stood first, still wearing her jeans and white socks.
"Hello, Miss Erica," I said, bending down and placing two reverent kisses on her fluffy socks.
I crawled forward, and greeted Miss Jessica the same way, kissing the tops of her sling back shoes.
I proceeded down the line, again kissing sandaled feet, bare toes, booted feet, sneakers, and clogs. I had greeted twelve sisters properly when I came to a tall, black haired girl. She had been the first to "greet" me when I had awoke, her feet shod in the tall black boots with the clean soles that I had licked. I couldn’t remember her name.
The girls got a good laugh when I prostrated myself completely before her, saying, "Please, Miss, I humbly beg of you to tell me your name," placing reverent kisses to the shiny leather boots.
"You’ll have to do better than that, Worm!" the sister yelled, crushing my hand with one boot heel.
"Please, Miss, I am a lowly worm, groveling at your feet, and I humbly beg of you, please tell me your name that I might honor you and serve you. Please, I beg you."
What I sight, I thought to myself. Here I am, on my belly, wincing in pain as a girl crushes my hand with her heel, and I’m begging her to tell me her name while a gaggle of other girls watches on and laughs at my pathetic groveling.
After about ten minutes of begging and kissing, the sister finally tells me her name is Miss Sara, and warns me if I ever forget again, she will have me beg for days.
Kissing each boot one more time, I thanked her and proceeded down the line. Fortunately, I forgot no other sister’s name, and when I finished, Diana again stood before me as I knelt at her expensively shod feet. In triumph, she placed her left foot atop the back of my head, forcing my face into the cold concrete.
"Rejoice, sisters! We have once again a Worm for the year!"
The girls cheered and I squirmed, pinned under the heel of my new Queen for the year.

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