Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lady bigfoot's revenge

Lady bigfoot's revenge
By ROYALS22262
Please let me know what you think of this fictional story, I look foward to reading your responses. The University of Portland's lady basketball team had a very poor season last year. The team had always had a winning tradition, but things just came apart. The only bright spot was the play of their junior point guard Stacy Smith. At only 5'2 the short haired pretty blue eyed blonde was certainly not blessed with height. Stacy though was a true team leader, fearless, smart, quick and an on the money jump shot, made her the teams MVP. She couldn't do it alone, however, and the team had to get bigger if they were going to get better. The coaches did extensive recruiting, and they felt they found their answer. Svenya Nokova, was found in Russian Georgia, and offered a scholarship to study and come play center for Portland's team. At 6'3, 160 lbs with long full wavy reddish brown hair, gorgeous face, and strong athletic young sophomore body, she was what they needed and more. She spoke english fluently, yet her transfer still would be a tough adjustment for her. As a projected star player, the coaches felt that she should room with the team's captain Stacy, and that would make things easier for her. What they didn't realize was that Stacy was secretly jealous and intimidated by all the attention this new giant was getting. Stacy would continue to throw teasing jabs at the Russian amazon, calling her Godzilla, Kommie, and Big Foot! Svenya was tall, but she was far from clumsey, she was graceful, fluid, like a star athlete should be. Svenya, though did have very big feet, so maybe the big foot line wasn't so off base. It probably was no more than an hour after they met that Stacy noticed the big Russian's shoes next to hers and gasped. Stacy wore what she felt was a very normal size 6 female shoe, which was dwarfed by Svenya's size 13 female shoe. It was at least double her size, and Stacy made sure to comment about it. Svenya although quite beautiful, was always uptight about her large size and her very large feet. She stood out in a crowd, and always felt teased. She tried to controll herself, and tried to be dignified, avoiding any conflict wherever possible. Stacy instead of being nice and supportive, was more nit-picking and annoying. This all came to a head about 3 weeks into their relationship. The roomates had to drive to a practice session no more than 20 minutes away from the campus. Svenya, just got her license and wanted to drive, and Stacy reluctantly gave in. The whole 20 minutes was a nightmare for Svenya, as Stacy kept critisizing her, telling her what to do and how to do it. Led foot, could you slow down, watch that turn, and look out for that blue car, for pete's sake! Svenya, with stoic pride, tried to keep her cool. Practice was very physical, and the girl's went at it for a strong two hours. Stacy on numerous occassions hit Svenya hard trying to rattle the girl, fouling her unjustly. At the end of practice Svenya was very angry. She didn't want to shower, she just wanted to get back to the dorm right away! Stacy wanted to shower, but her ride wanted to leave so she had to go too. The silence now was deafening in the car as the two teamates, now combatants had no use for each other. Svenya roared back to the dorms, prompting Stacy to say how crazy she drove, when she exited the car. Svenya fumed but said and did nothing, until they got to the room. Svenya, had all this built up anger in her. Years of being teased, were now manifested in this big mouth twerp with the short blonde hair. Big foot was going to get revenge, and there was no time like the present! They both stormed into the room, and Stacy burst into the shower first. Svenya now had time to plan her revenge and her attack! As the now un-suspecting Stacy exited the bathroom after showering, she was forcefully grabbed from behind. Whattttttt the hellllll!!! Svenya, with stockings in her hands expertly tied Stacy's arms behind her back tightly and tossed her face down on to the bed. Now the legs were straightened and tied tightly together. Stacy screamed! Svenya said one more stocking to go, and stuck the black nylon she wore dancing last night right into Stacy's mouth, and wrapped tape around it and Stacy's head, to hold the stinking taste of her sandalfoot hose in place. Stacy gagged on the stocking that was all over her poor tongue. Svenya laid her on the floor at her feet, and starred into the little point guards pleading and sad eyes. First I think I practice my driving so I be better, yes? Stacy watched the amazon get a chair and place it over her laid out and tied up body. I no shower yet so I hope you don't mind so bad. Svenya sat and extended her long legs so that her Nike sneakers were on both sides of Stacy's poor face. Svenya slowly lifted each size 13 foot, and popped the sweaty smelly shoes off her enormous feet. Two very wet white socked feet now were placed next to Stacy's concerned face. I think your lips and mouth should be gas pedal, and your nose break pedal for my practice! Stacy could just grunt while sucking on stinking smelly stocking, and tried to turn her head. If you move and make driving practice hard, I stomp on your face harder and we do this longer, yes? Stacy could just stare up at the Russian dominatrix. Slowly she saw a big white wet with sweat socked foot hover over her face. The toes were lowered on to her lips, and were being pressed on as if she was a gas pedal. The right foot pressed and wiggled on her mouth. Time to stop the car, Svenya laughed. The left wetter white socked foot now searched for her nose. The sweaty stench was unbelievable as the giant size 13 foot tickled her nose like a break pedal. Stop and start, stop and start, the two gigantic white smelly socks played with and completely tormented Stacy's defenseless face. The tangy taste of the stocking was enough to make her sick, but the sardine and egg smell of Svenya's monsterous feet, were killing her. The socks smothered her face completely with pure moist sweat stink! Russian feet smell horrible, Stacy thought to herself, unable to avoid the larger womans dominant feet. All this driving making Svenya's feet very hot, time to cool off! Svenya removed both sweaty socks, and revealed two gigantic very red and wrinkled bare soles. Now I know why they call Russian's red Stacy thought, as the two heated with sweat, and tired from practice smelly feet lowered themselves to her face. Svenya now played door mat with Stacy's pretty face. The feet lifted slowly, so Stacy could see the redness and wrinkles close up, and then was smothered in complete darkness under the stinking monsters. Svenya laughed and giggled her frustrations away, gliding, wiggling and dancing her feet all over the little girl's face. Svenya's foot extended over the woman's face, with her heal on her chin, the toes went passed the top of the girl's head. Svenya posed her toes in front of the girl's eyes, so she could see how pretty they were. Long and straight toes, with long toe nails polished Kommie red. Lick my Russian toes, and get all the toe jam between them! Clean all the athlete's foot out, all that mold and wet sock lint! That's a good little toe cleaner. Suck my big toes, oh, I guess I HAVE TO TAKE THE STOCKING OUT, YES? You don't kiss my foot so good with that in there! Svenya pulled it out of Stacy's mouth, and all she could do was choke and gasp any air she could get! Without any hesitation Svenya stuck her giant size 13 foot as far into the choking mouth as she could, wedging it in there. Stacy felt like she was going to die. Now suck on my big pretty foot like your life depend on it, because it do! Stacy sucked on the hot sweaty and fishy tangy bare foot, licked it up and down thoroughly, and cleaned the toes one by one, with the toe jam too. Svenya frolicked her feet all over the girls beaten face. Now Stacy, when the fans yell you suck! and they will..... they won't know how right they are!!!!!

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