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Teasing Spencer

Teasing Spencer

By Author Unknown

My sister (who at this time was 17, almost 18) had her friend, Spencer over. Spencer was the smartest girl and I commonly tease her for it. Well, one day Spencer was having an emotional day (her boyfriend broke up with her) and my sister told her to sleepover. She accepted. At around 8:00 I went to ask my sister if she knew where the tv remote was. She didn't. Spencer then asked "wait, is it missing?" I said "No, I just came in here to test her knowledge, bright one" She gave me a dirty look and I left to go find it. A couple minutes later, my sister shouts to me "Matt, I found the romote, come here." So I went to her room.

"where is it?" I asked. My sister replied, "it's under the bed. Must've gotten kicked there."

So, I got down on my elbows and crawled under her bed (only my head and shoulders were under the bed) while grunting "why's it under the bed?"

I didn't see it, but by the time I was going to say this I felt something heavy drop on my lower back/butt. Spencer had jumped ontop of me!

"What the hell, Spencer?" I said "Bet you don't think I'm so stupid now." "Actually, I still do." "Well, we're gonna change that tonight"

I heard ducttape being ripped off of the roll. I'd forgotten that my sister always kept a roll in her room. I tried to get out from under the bed, but with Spencer on me, I couldn't move much. I tried to fight her off as she tried to ducttape my hands.

"Hold his hands!" Spencer shouted to my sister. My sister grabbed both of my arms and held them together. "Let me go, Michelle!" They just ignored me while Spencer wrapped the tape around my wrists and arms several times. She then moved to my ankels and calfs and taped them together thoroughly as well. I tried to break free of the tape, but couldn't. After I was taped up, they pulled me out from under the bed. I started to curse at them.

"Shut up!" They both said as they made me stand up. "Let me go!" I shouted, quite angry at my situation. Spencer put a long strip of tape over my mouth. "Mmph!" I said through the tape. "That's much better" Spencer said as she laughed.

They forced my bound hands (that were behind my back) down so that they were touch my lower back, and wrapped duct tape around my lower back so that my hands were secured to my back. In this time I was laid on the floor of my sister's room and licked off the tape.

"Let me go right now!" I said. My sister just put her hand over my mouth and said "will anything shut him up?"

"I got an idea" Spencer said. She stared at me and grinned. She then reached down to her feet and pulled off both of her sweaty white socks.

"These should do the trick. That way, he can't lick off the tape!" Spencer said. "Not bad for a dumb person, huh?"

I mmmped into my sisters and and shook my head. My sister took off her hand and told me to "open up" while Spencer brought her socks closer to my face. I just shook my head back and forth.

Spencer said "they can't be that bad. I didn't even work out today, we only went to the mall for a few hours." I still didn't like the idea.

My sister said "fine, I'll make you." and squeezed my jaw to force it open. I took my chances and screamed for help. I got to about "Hel-mmph!" when Spencer shoved the first sock into my mouth. My sister put her hand back over my mouth to prevent me from spitting it out.

"MMM, do you like it?" Spencer asked me. I mmmmphed the negative. "Good, I have another one coming for ya."

My sister took off her hand and I tried to spit the sock out. Spencer used her free hand to push it back in. Then she shoved the second sock in making sure the entire thing went into my mouth. After my mouth was crammed full with her dirty socks, my sister clamped her hand over my mouth saying "bet those are tasty" and then laughed.

Spencer got the tape ready. When my sister took her hand off my mouth Spencer put no less than 7 pieces of tape over my mouth so that most of my lower face was covered in ducttape.

I tried to spit the sock against the tape, but it held strong keeping the disgusting sock trapped in my mouth. The taste was horrid. I rolled around trying to free my hands or spit out the sock. Michelle and Spencer just watched and laughed.

"What's the matter, Spencer's socks taste kinda sweaty?" asked my sister. Spencer laughed at this adding "probably"

I just mmmphed like crazy, trying to alert anyone else in the house. But with the socks and the layers of ducttape, my mmmphs could barely be heard outside of the room, much less, through the house.

"So, you think I'm stupid." said Spencer "well, I'd just like to point out that you're all tied up - by girls no less - with a "stupid" girl's sweaty socks in your mouth"

I mmmphed at her, trying to tell her to let me go, but it was completly muffled by the socks. The socks in my mouth could only be described as stale. They were quite moist from the sweat of her foot and tasted slightly bitter. My tongue was completed surrounded by these nasty socks and so, no matter how I moved my tongue, the disgusting flavor was still at it's strongest.

Spencer must've seen my face twist up from the taste of her nasty socks. She said "well, sorry if my DIRTY SOCKS don't taste very good. Maybe if you weren't such an asshole, I would have used clean socks. But no, you were being a jerk, so you got the dirty and sweaty socks fresh off my sweaty feet!

The girls then ignored me and talked about guys and music for about 15 minutes while I rolled around on the floor, mmmphing, waiting for the nasty taste of the socks to reside. It didn't.

Spencer then said to me, "boys are stupid. I think they should all be like this, tied up with dirty socks in they're mouth - they never say anything useful anyway." She then said, "and I'm going to make you suffer even more." She gave me and evil smile, then giggled a little bit.

She grabbed the chair at my sister's makeup table and put it on top of me so that the legs were on both sides of my body. She said in the chair with her feet resing on my stomach.

"Now," Spencer said "you're in for a treat." I just stared at her. "You know those dirty socks you have taped in your mouth right now?" she asked. I mmmphed a violent "yes". "well, now you're going to meet the source." "MMMMMPHP!!!! MMMMMPPPHHHH!!!!"

I screamed into the dirty socks and tried to roll around, but the chair legs prevented even my rolling. Spencer giggled as she lifed up one of her bare feet and held it about 1.5 feet above my face.

"Arn't they pretty?" she asked sweetly I was still mmmmphing like crazy, begging to be let go. She just laughed and siad "well then, I guess you should get a closer look"

She slowly lowered her foot to my face. I tried to move away, but was stuck in one place. She rest her foot with the arch over my mouth and my nose buried in the ball of her foot. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPH!!!"

Her foot smelled absolutly horrible. It was incredibly sharp and pungent. It smelled liked she hadn't washed it in days. I mmmphed loudly and tried to move my head, but her foot followed easily and stayed over my nose.

She just laughed and said "what, don't they smell good?" I mmmphed again. I was forced to take breaths through my nose, meaning I had to endure her horrible foot odor. She thought this was hilarious and laughed loudly. She then slid her foot down a little and cradled her toes over my nose. This brought the disgusting odor back to it's full strength. "mmmmmmmph!!!" I screamed through the dirty socks. "I know that it smells wonderful. Like flowers right?" "Mmmmph!" "That's what everyone tells me, so you must be enjoying yourself then, right?"

Not exactly. Being tied up by two 17 year old girls, gagged with their dirty, sweaty socks and forced to smell their stinky bare feet isn't really enjoying myself.

After about 10 minutes, she made me smell her other foot. She continued to taunt me: "It's so nice having you here, gagged and smelling my bare feet."

Finally, after 30 minutes of enduring her stinky feet, she took them off of my face and removed the chair. She said "your sister and I are going to watch tv, but we don't want you to miss us, so..."

as she said this, she grabbed one of my sisters white workout shoes. I mmmmphed like crazy again. My sister worked out a few hours almost every day. She's had those same shoes for about 3 years. Spencer put one to her nose and sniffed and twisted her face.

"these are disgusting" she said, half gagging. "but I'm sure, you'll love them. You loved my stinky feet afterall." and she laughed while she held the opening of the shoe over my mouth and nose while tying the laces behind my head. The shoe was tightly tied to my face.

With the dirty socks still taped in my mouth, I was forced to smell my sister's gym shoe. It was very moist and thick-smelling. It had the pungent aroma of my sister's feet and smelled somewhat rotted. Spencer laughed at me while I mmmphed and tried to shake the putrid shoe off of my nose.

"well, we'll see you in an hour" Spencer said as she and my sister left, closing the door behind them.

The socks in my mouth were still bitter and disgusting and the shoe was incredibly foul and making me feel slightly sick. I struggled violently and mmmphed several times trying to call for help. "mmmph. mmmph. MMMPH MMMPPHMMPH!!!"

But nothing, and the tape held strong. So for the 48 minutes of my life I remained tied up with sweaty socks in my mouth and a gym shoe tied over my nose... and nothing I could do about it.

After the hour was up, Spencer and Michelle came back and said "so, did you smell all the odor out of your sister's shoe, yet?"

I was out of energy (from struggling) and just glared at them. Michelle jumped on her bed and read a magazine and Spencer was giggling while untieing the shoe from my nose.

The shoe came off and I enjoyed about 2 seconds of fresh air before Spencer's toes assaulted my nose again.

"See," she said "don't my feet smell better than your sister's nasty shoe?"

If they did, it wasn't by much. Her feet were still pretty ripe. After about 5 more minutes of smelling she removed her feet. She then said, "I have some good news for you" and she sat on my chest.

She then ripped off the layers of ducttape, grabbed the socks that were in my mouth and pulled them out.

"blach!" I said "thank you, will you please let me go now, I promise not to call you stupid anymore."

"That wasn't even the good news!" Spencer said.

I started, "What good news could you possibly ha-mmph!" Before I could finish my sentence, I had half of Spencer's BARE FOOT shoved into my mouth. It took me a second to realize what happened, then I let out a long groan out of disgust.

"The good news," began Spencer, "is that I will allow you to clean my feet so they don't smell bad anymore." She just stared into my eyes and smiled as if it were really a treat.

I, on the other hand, was in no smiling mood. Her foot tasted incredibly salty. My tongue was pinned against the arch and ball of her foot. I tried to move it away, but this just resulted in my licking more of her foot. The taste of her stinky foot was making my stomach turn.

I MMMPHED loudly, but Spencer just said "How does my foot taste Matt? I didn't get a chance to wash them after the mall today, so they should be full of flavor!" and laughed.

They were full of flavor, but it was all salty. The thought of being forced to taste this teenage girl's sweaty, bare feet was degrading. While the one foot was still firmly shoved in my mouth, she brought the toes of her other foot over my nose.


As if it wasn't bad enough having to taste her bare (unwashed) feet, I was being forced to smell them as well.

"There" she said "a stinky foot in your mouth to keep you quiet, and a stinky foot over your nose for you to enjoy." She laughed.

After 10 more minutes she removed both of her feet. She took the foot that was over my nose and shoved the heel into my mouth, leaving my nose trapped under her arch/ball. The heel in my mouth created a seal and I could not breath through my mouth, once again, forcing me to smell her rancid feet. Her heel was bitter and slightly calloused.

Finally (after shoving that foot into my mouth for 10 minutes as well), she took both feet off my face and said "I wonder if your sister wants a turn?" I shouted "NO!"

She just told me to shut up. She grabbed one of her socks, stuffed it in my mouth again and pressed her foot over my mouth, keeping the sock in. I mmmphed into her foot while she asked my sister if she wanted a turn.

Much to my demise, my sister responded "yeah, I guess that could be fun."

My sister hopped off of her bed and took Spencer's spot on my chest while Spencer got up, but kept her foot firm over my mouth. My sister signaled her to take her foot away. She hesistated, but did. I quickly spit out the dirty sock.

"Please, Michelle" I begged, "let me go"

"No," she responded "this looks like fun. Besides, you're always teasing me about how much my feet stink after my workouts, maybe you deserve to be under them for a little bit?" She then whispered something in Spencer's ear and they both giggled. Spencer grabbed the ducttape. My sister looked at me and held her foot over my head, wiggling her toes. "Open wide" she said.

It was one thing to have Spencer's disugting, sweaty feet in my mouth - it's kinda like a prank. But to have my SISTER'S bare, sweaty foot in my mouth would be aweful. Not only because it's embarassing to have my sister dominate me so, but she DID workout today, and hasn't showered because she went to the mall with Spencer. Her feet were probably pretty nasty.

I kept my mouth shut. She just sighed and used her big toe to wiggle into my mouth, once she got the big toe in, she kept moving her foot left and right, slowly forcing it into my mouth. I tried to tell her to stop, but it came out: "michmmple, polmpmmh, stopmmmph!!!"

She kept shoving until about half of her bare foot was in my mouth. My bottom lip was resting on the bottom of her arch, almost to her heel. Her feet were disgusting! They were incredibly salty and also very bitter. She knew that they would be nasty, but she went ahead and forced it into my mouth anyway. That's probably why she was laughing.

"Taste good, Matt? I worked out for ya today, my feet should be nice and sweaty, just how you like 'em" she taunted

I was too busy being disgusting by my sister's sweaty foot to realize that Spencer was unraveling tape from the roll. She lurched over to me, lifted my head up and began wrapping tape around the back of my head and the back of my sister's heel. After she went around about 4 times, I realized why. My sister's foot was stuck in my mouth.

"there" my sister said, "now my delicious foot won't fall out of your mouth. You can enjoy it as long as I want you to!"

I mmmphed my disgust. My sister moved her foot slowly to the left and right, laughing as my head went with. Spencer then put her foot over my nose and said

"Ha! Now you have your sister's sweaty foot shoved in your mouth, and you're smelling mine!"

It was hell. Spencer's feet were as gross smelling as usual, my sister's feet were disgustingly salty, it was terrible. After 30 minutes, Spencer took away her foot and my sister undid the tape and removed her foot from my mouth.

My sister said "well, I think you've been punished quite a bit, we can probably let you go."

I said "thank you!"

Spencer piped in "but Michelle, he hasn't had to smell your feet yet." My heart dropped.

"you're right" said my sister "fair is fair"

I was begging them not to and to just let me go, promising that I'd leave them alone the rest of the night. My sister, in the meantime, went over to her laundry bin and grabbed 2 incredibly dirty socks.

"These" she said "are from my cheerleading competition. I wore them the whole morning we practiced, the whole 5 hour competition, and the rest of the day afterword. As you can tell, they're a little dirty." She grinned

"Michelle, please" I begged.

She didn't care. She bent down to me, and held them over my mouth. I didn't open up, so she said "fine, you can smell them" and held one over my nose.

I didn't want them in my mouth, so I finally took a breath through my nose and gagged.

"ugh! Those are fow-mmmmplph!" when I opened my mouth she shoved both socks straight in, toe-end first, stuffing the opening of the socks into open areas within my mouth. Tape was immediatly plastered over my mouth. They then high-fived each other and laughed.

The taste was horrific. It was obvious that the competition was last week, the toe-ends of the socks were very crusty. The rest of the sock was incredibly moist. As they rested in my mouth, the sweaty from the socks dripped in my mouth. With my mouth taped, I was forced to swallow the disgusting juices. The socks themselves weren't even salty anymore, they were just incredibly bitter.

I thrashed around and mmmphed loudly - mostly out of frusteration at being forced to suck on my sister's disgusting dirty socks. She just laughed her head off.

"I gotta say matt" she said between laughs "even I feel kinda bad shoving those in your mouth. I wore those for a LONG time, and sweated in them a lot. They sat in my laundry basket for a week. And there they are - securely taped inside your mouth!"

"How do they taste?" she asked

I just mmmphed loudly. I kept trying to dislodge the filthy socks from my mouth, but not only did the tape hold securely, but I would use my tongue and that would just make the flavor that much worse.

My sister then said "time for the main event." She quickly sat on my stomach and made Spencer hold my head (she put her bare feet on each side of my head). My sister then smiled and said "enjoy" and she lowered her stinky bare foot over my nose.

The smell of her foot was as bad as the disgusting socks taped in my mouth. It was very pungent and thick. She laughed as she heard me breath in her foot odor. I'm sure it was a humorous sight for her:

Her brother tied up in her room, with her disgustingly dirty socks taped in his mouth and forced to smell her putrid feet.

I mmphed threw the dirty socks for her to get off, but she obviously couldn't understand me. Her foot odor was making me feel light-headed so I tried moving my head away, but Spencer held tightly onto and said "ah, ah, ah. You need to stay right here and smell your sister's stinky bare feet" and then would laugh.

"what's the matter?" my sister asked. "Don't you like my stinky feet? You liked Spencer's stinky feet. Do you just not like my stinky feet 'cuz I worked out today?"

I mmmpheed wildly. She just laughed.

After 20 minutes she took away her feet and took out the disgusting socks. They gave me a 5 minute break, then Spencer shoved some of her other dirty socks (she "found" a pair in the backseat of her car) in my mouth and taped it shut.

She then taped her bare, smelly feet over my face and said "goodnight!" and slept. I stayed this way throughout the night.

In the morning I was finally let go after they each shoved their sweaty feet in my mouth one last time.

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