Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

By Carnaj

“C’mon, Kirk. It’ll be fun.”

Karen Gibbons gave her younger brother a playful shove then poked him in the ribs trying to get him to lighten up. Kirk tried to suppress a smile and gave her a ‘knock it off’ glare in return, but she could see that he was definitely coming around.

They were sitting at a corner table at Denny’s, enjoying a late night coffee with her friend and her son after a movie at the Cinema 4 theater downtown. It was late, and Karen could tell that her brother was getting tired and wanted to go home, but she was still enjoying herself with the company of her best friend and wasn’t quite ready to leave. They had gone to the restaurant after the movie, a usual ritual when the four of them got together, and they had been having fun sipping coffee and chatting for what seemed hours now-

“Are you scared, Kirk?”

Claudette smiled in a sly knowing way as she lit a cigarette, blowing smoke across the table at Kirk. Karen saw it and had to smile as well. Claudette was directing her attention on her brother, but Karen could see that she was keeping everyone at the table involved with a slight glance. Claudette knew how to work a crowd, certainly. She was a psychiatrist at the Harden Mental Institute outside of town and it was a part of her job to get to the root of a person’s problems and inhibitions- to know how and what they thought. She used everything at her disposal, from her brains to her looks to the very way that she held herself in conversation. Claudette Martin was not beautiful by any means, mind, but she carried herself well. She was almost forty, and her hair was lightly streaked with gray but well styled and always in place. She wore little make-up, but always just enough it seemed. She was a bit plump to put it mildly, but she wore clothes to accentuate her breasts and ass and legs, tonight a pair of tight black slacks, leather low-heeled pumps and a gray turtleneck sweater. Without looking Karen knew that Claudette had her legs crossed under the table and was casually swinging her foot brushing the toe of her shoe against Kirk’s pant leg. Just a bit of flirting, but Karen knew that it was making her brother uncomfortable as he shifted slightly on the plastic seat of the booth.

“He looks scared,” Sandy chuckled, tapping a cigarette of her own on the Formica tabletop. “He’s startin’ to sweat.” They all laughed as Kirk shifted in his seat again and flushed red. Karen reached across the table and touched Sandy on the arm, smiling widely at her little joke, even though it was the truth. Sandy Martin smiled back and winked, and Karen felt her own skin warm in her cheeks.

Sandy was five years younger than she was at her own twenty-nine, but she still had a certain charm that occasionally got her hot. She was gorgeous certainly, with black curly hair and her mother’s dark, Mediterranean complexion. She was in good shape too, which only made her more appealing, tall and fit with dreamy dark eyes. They had dated once not so long ago, despite the difference in their ages. It was on a lark really, and had not even started as a date per se. Karen and Claudette had been planning a double date actually with two doctors that Claudette knew from the area. Karen’s date had cancelled at the last minute however, being on call, and Claudette had suggested that Sandy sit in on the foursome rather than Karen spend the night alone at home. It had only been dinner and maybe dancing originally, and Karen figured that she could call it an early night after hanging out with Sandy for awhile. It had not worked out that way.

Sandy Martin had been totally into Karen and a fun date besides. She was a marvelous dancer, and he had an endless line of stories from her time at college in New York City. She had been charming and sincere, and maybe Karen had had just a bit too much to drink, but one thing had led to another and the short date had turned into a long night on the town ending at her apartment. She had taken her best friend’s daughter to her bed and she had been incredible! Sandy had known just what she wanted it seemed, just what she had needed, and Karen had returned in kind. It had been the best sex she had ever had, and she still remembered the night warmly. That had not been Karen’s first Lesbian encounter, and Karen did not think of herself as being gay, but Bi with Sandy was definitely a possibility.

If only she was not so young. Too, she had no real job yet, having just graduated and taking a bit of a vacation after school. She was living with her mother for a time now, weighing her options, though potentially she had the world at her feet. She was intelligent and had received top marks at NYU Law School. She could have gotten a job with any law firm in Manhattan, but for some reason she chose to return home for a decidedly lesser career in their hometown. It was hardly New York with barely thirty thousand people, but that was just another point in her favor that she would give up the stardom for her home. She was a decent, real woman…

Just so young…

Karen sighed, taking a cigarette that Sandy offered and leaning forward for her to light it. She heard her brother cough, saw him wave his hands about to dispel the smoke as there were now three people at the table smoking. His face was twisted in disgust, and he looked as though he was about to start whining. She wished that her lazy, lay-about brother were more like Sandy Martin!

She looked at her brother seated beside her in the booth and rolled her eyes at the annoyed scowl that he was giving her. Kirk was a little dweeb sometimes, and she often wondered if maybe he had been adopted. They looked nothing alike really, beyond the shape of their noses that was similar and the sandy color of their hair. Where Karen was tall and curvy- at least three inches taller than her little brother’s five-foot-seven- he was short and skinny. Karen worked out, her muscles toned and her legs long and strong from running. Kirk was slim and almost frail, his body practically straight as a board and almost girlish- like a twelve-year-old. Karen was not well endowed, like Claudette, but she was mammoth compared to her stick-like brother. She looked at him now and had to suppress another smile. With his long hair and slim face he almost looked like a little girl. Hell, with a bit of make-up-

“I’m not scared!”

Karen blinked to hear her brother’s voice choking out a denial. He almost squeaked, rasping at the smoke billowing about him and she had to giggle. Sandy and Claudette laughed as well and simply blew more smoke in his direction, adding to his discomfort. Kirk glared, waving at the smoke but said nothing, taking it. Wimp!

“Then why won’t you do it, Kirk?” Claudette smiled, raising her eyebrow at the younger man. She was almost twenty years older than the younger Gibbons, but Karen had seen the way that her brother glanced sidelong at her friend sometimes. He was eighteen, and at that age when any woman looked good to a point. Hell, she had caught him stealing glances at her a time or two as well as Sandy, and she knew that Claudette stirred something in him. He was still blushing.

“It’s stupid!” he snapped, taking a sip of his coffee. “The movie was stupid! People can’t be hypnotized like that.”

Karen saw Claudette’s smile widen at her brother’s denial, but she had to admit that she probably agreed with him on that. The movie they had seen had been a crime thriller, and in the end it had turned out that the killer had been hypnotized by his wife and best friend to get him put away in jail so that they could inherit his fortune. The movie had been all right, but the plot had had a few holes in it. Karen had always heard that no one could be hypnotized to do anything against their true nature- and most times that included killing. Claudette disagreed, and said that anyone would do anything while hypnotized if the circumstances were right, including murder. Karen figured that Claudette knew what she was talking about as she often used hypnosis in her job. Karen had seen her friend in action, and wanted to believe her, but she still had her doubts.

“Yes they can,” Claudette countered, her voice sure and steady. “I could hypnotize you to kill, if the conditions were right.”

“No way!” Kirk objected, and Karen had to agree. She just could not picture her skinny little brother hurting anyone, let alone killing them. Still, she was intrigued-

“What do you mean by conditions, Claudette?” Karen asked, taking a long drag from her cigarette and following suit with her friends by blowing the smoke at her brother.

“Well, I probably couldn’t make you kill anyone outright,” Claudette said sipping at her own coffee, “but I could make you so dedicated that you would kill to protect me, and maybe even kill someone that you really, really hated. They say that hypnotized people won’t go against their nature, and that’s true to a point, but if the opportunity presents itself, well, you would do what you had to do while in a trance because not doing so would affect you even worse.”

“What do you mean, Mom?” Sandy asked, suddenly interested and sitting a little straighter.

“Well, part of my job is to delve into the psyche of the allegedly criminally insane. I’ve put more than a few people under; thieves and rapists, wife-beaters, and what I do is implant suggestions that will get them to change their way of thinking. Just last week in fact I had the chance to prove that point. I was presented with a man that had beat his wife and put her in the hospital. In hopes of reducing his sentence he volunteered to be a subject for me, signing all the proper forms and agreeing to be hypnotized into changing his attitude. He was like you, Kirk. He didn’t believe, but I soon changed his tune. I put him under- though he was a bit stubborn I’ll admit. In the end however, I implanted the suggestion in his subconscious that if he ever raised his hand against a woman that he would double over in agonizing pain.

“After I brought him out I tested my theory and started to belittle him, insulting his manhood and life, and finally slapping him in the end. He had agreed to everything, remember? Well, as soon as he raised his hand, even to defend himself, he cried out and grabbed his stomach with cramps. He dropped to his knees in agony, moaning and crying for me to stop whatever I had done. The only way for him to ease the pain was to apologize to me- to actually beg my forgiveness. That was another suggestion I had implanted. I let him writhe around on the ground, watching him and laughing until he figured that out for himself. When he finally apologized and actually begged for me to forgive him he had been in intense pain for almost a quarter of an hour. He got the idea though.”

“Damn, Mom,” Sandy chuckled, stamping out her cigarette in the ash tray on the table, “you’re a bitch!” Claudette laughed. Karen glanced at her brother and saw that he was still sweating and looked even more uncomfortable after Claudette’s story. She wondered if maybe Claudette was already trying to hypnotize her brother and wondered what she might do to help. It could be fun.

“C’mon, Kirk…” Karen said again, nudging her brother and rubbing his leg with her foot. She felt him shift again, but knew that he was considering. She changed her tactics. “Let her try. Just show her that you can’t be hypnotized.”

“Well…” Kirk hesitated, his gaze shifting about the table, then looking about the room. They had requested to be placed in a back, corner booth away from the rest of the patrons, as they tended to get loud at times. There were only a few people in the restaurant however, the closest a lone truck driver nursing a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper.

“You won’t make me do anything stupid will you? Bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken? None of that shit!”

Claudette chuckled, chaining another cigarette to life. “You won’t do anything that you don’t want to Kirk. Your subconscious will protect you. See, in the case of the wife beater, he didn’t really want to hit women. He knew that was wrong so it was easy to set him up against it. You don’t want to bark like a dog, so your psyche won’t let you. You’ll only do what you think is right and proper.”

Karen heard Sandy snigger, and wondered what the joke was. What did she know? Finally Kirk nodded-

“Okay,” he sighed, trying to get comfortable. “What do I have to do?” Claudette smiled and started digging into her over-sized leather bag. She eventually produced her cigarette lighter and flicked it to life before setting it on the table. The flame flickered and wavered in the room’s air conditioning, but the fire did not die.

“Just watch the flame, Kirk, and concentrate on my voice and what I say. Try to relax.” Claudette looked about the room,” It’s a bit bright in here, but if you watch the flame, the pretty flickering flame, it should be fine. Watch the flame, Kirk. Watch what I do…”

Claudette waved her hand above the Zippo’s fire, flicking her fingers through the top of the flame making it waver and dance. “Watch the flame, Kirk, and relax. Think happy, calming thoughts. Can you do that for me?” Her voice was low and soothing, and Karen found it hard not to listen; though she did not want to fall under herself. She looked away from the lighter, watching her brother as he licked his lips and stared at the small, flickering fire. His blue eyes were wide but intense and Karen thought that he already seemed mesmerized.

“It’s pretty isn’t it? Look at the way it dances.” Claudette wiggled her fingers in and out of the flame, her long nails shining in the light. Her hands were smooth and soft, her rings sparkling. “It’s beautiful. So relaxing… You could watch the fire all night, couldn’t you Kirk?” she asked, her voice soft and half singing, but her tone was like speaking to a child, short and simple.

“Yes…” Karen gasped to hear her brother’s soft reply. He sounded half asleep already. Karen glanced up at Sandy and saw her grinning and wondered if she was doing so from personal experience. Had Claudette hypnotized her own daughter before?

“You love the flame. You love the way that it flickers and dances about. You love the way my pretty fingers control the flame. You love the way that it smokes, the way it roils up and about. The smoke makes you calm and relaxed. You love the smell of the smoke. You crave the smell of cigarettes, and lighters and smoke. It relaxes you. It makes you high, the smell, the cool flavor of smoke makes you relaxed and high and calm.”

Claudette glanced aside at Sandy and then at Karen. Sandy took a deep drag from her cigarette, pursed her lips and blew the smoke right into Kirk’s face. He did not cough at all, but rather inhaled deeply. Karen quickly followed suit, mimicking Sandy with a long, drawn out breath. Before long, Kirk was enshrouded in a billowing cloud of blue smoke, and Karen could see his head starting to droop, his eyelids fluttering. Oddly, he was smiling stupidly, like he was drunk.

“The smoke makes you high and calm,” Claudette continued, adding her own cigarette smoke to the growing cloud. “You crave the smoke. You love the fire because it makes you feel good. You want to feel good. Everyone wants to feel good. You would do anything to feel good. You crave the smoke, BOY, and would do anything for anyone who made you feel so good by smoking, by sharing their smoke with you. The smoke calms you, and you want to be calm… relaxed… It makes you feel almost indebted and subservient, and you want to do anything for anyone who smokes and makes you feel so good to return the favor. Any woman! Any man! The smoke and flame relaxes you…”

Kirk’s eyelids were drooping though he was struggling to watch the flame. His attention wavered, following Claudette’s other hand as she waved a cigarette about, taking a long, slow drag, blowing smoke, and flicking her ash away. Too he watched Sandy and Karen as they joined in. He was split three ways, watching the three cigarettes dance about in the air over the table, circling the flaming Zippo.

“You feel so good now. Relaxed… Indebted… You love us don’t you, because we make you feel so good? Sandy and I, and your sister? We smoke, and we make you feel relaxed. You feel so calm. You could probably just nod off if we would stop talking. You want to, don’t you boy? You’re so calm now that you just want to sleep.”

Kirk tried to answer, but in the end simply nodded, trying to keep his eyes open and watching the flame and cigarettes. His eyelids were almost closed, and his head was bobbing on his shoulders.

“You can sleep if you want. You trust us, Kirk, and you know that if you want to just go to sleep you can. Go ahead, boy. Sleep…


Kirk’s head nodded forward, his chin resting on his chest. Karen placed her hand on his chest and pushed him back against the seat, afraid that he would fall forward and crack his head on the table. His head lolled back as he started to snore, his mouth hanging open.

“Wow…” Karen gasped, looking at her now-slumbering brother. “Is he out?” she asked, looking at Claudette as she closed up her lighter and slipped it back into her bag. She knew the answer already, just looking at Kirk.

“Totally. He’s under and ready to do whatever we tell him,” she stared at Kirk, “aren’t you, Kirk?”


Karen giggled to hear her brother’s low, monotone response. His eyes were closed but his head bobbed back up as Claudette addressed him.

“Kirk…” she started, blowing smoke from her cigarette at him, “Boy… You don’t mind if I call you ‘boy’ do you?”


“It’s just a term of affection, really. It just means I like you. I’ve given you a pet name. Boy… Say it back.”

“Boy,” Kirk responded, and Karen had to stifle a giggle. He almost sounded like a little boy.

“I know you trust me,” Claudette continued, “but I want you to respect me as well. You do respect me don’t you? I’m a doctor after all, and everyone respects doctors and lawyers. And I’m older than you, and everyone should respect their elders, even if the age is only a few years or even days.”


Claudette smiled. “Then I want you to address me as Ma’am to show your respect from now on. Even after you wake up you will show me the respect that I deserve and you will address me as Ma’am. I am better than you are after all. I’m a doctor, and your elder, and a woman too, and you were brought up to respect women I know. I’m a woman and I deserve to be spoken to with the proper respect. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes… Ma’am…”

“Good, boy.” Claudette smiled, chaining yet another cigarette to life. Karen saw Sandy do the same, and when she handed her another, she did as well.

“Very good. But it would be better if you addressed everyone as Ma’am or Sir. After all, Karen is your elder and your better as well. She’s an office manager and commands many people at her job. Her subordinates respect her as their boss and as a woman. She deserves to be called Ma’am too. And Sandy as well. She is obviously better than you are! She’s older and stronger and better looking. She’s a lawyer, obviously your better. From now on you will call her Miss, and Karen and I- any woman that speaks to you for that matter- you will answer with a respectful ‘Ma’am’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am…”

Karen felt herself getting damp and warm between her legs to see her brother answering Claudette so respectfully. She had to bite her lip to keep from laughing outloud, afraid that she might break the spell that held her brother in thrall. Claudette simply smiled.

“Anyone who smokes is your better, and you want to show them the respect that they deserve too, because they make you feel so good. In fact, you will do whatever they ask just to please them, they are so much better than you. You will feel small and inadequate before people who smoke. They are cool and superior, and you are low and beneath them. When someone is smoking in your presence, you will want to do whatever you can to make them happy. The sight of their cigarette will be like a phallus to you, and you will worship whoever smokes before you. You will show them utter respect and answer their questions and do what they say without hesitation. Smoking makes you hot, and horny, and hard. You will crave release when you see someone smoking, but know that you won’t get it until you do as they say. No matter what they say, you will do it. It is your purpose in life now to make smokers happy. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Karen was surprised at her brother’s quickening responses. The more Claudette spoke it seemed, the deeper Kirk went under. All the while Claudette and Sandy were blowing smoke about Kirk, and Karen too. She could see that he was almost in ecstasy, and a quick glance at his crotch showed that he was getting hard as well. Claudette glanced at her daughter, nodding slightly and Sandy leaned forward-

“Do you respect me, Kirk?” She took a drag on her cigarette, working the butt in and out of her full lips and Kirk almost seemed to whimper.

“Yes, Miss…”

“And what about me, Kirk?” Karen chimed in, almost giddy with the game. “Do you respect me too?”

“Yes, Ma’am…”


Karen leaned back in the booth and took a long drag from her cigarette. Her heart was racing, and she felt warm under her arms and between her legs. She was sure that there was a damp spot showing in her own crotch. She glanced across the table at Claudette, but her friend simply smiled conceitedly and tapped ash into the glass tray on the table.

“Told you.” She smiled even wider, her gaze drifting momentarily to her daughter. Sandy was staring at Kirk, and Karen could see her wheels turning as she smiled, biting on her lower lip.

“Makes me wonder what you did to me when you had me under, Mom,” she said suppressing a giggle. Karen felt a quick tingle shoot down her spine to hear Sandy’s sweet chiming laugh.

Claudette laughed. “You, my darling daughter, I just gave direction. I wanted you to excel in school, and you did.” Sandy shrugged, but she returned her mother’s contagious smile, a twinkle in her eyes.

Karen puffed on her cigarette, taking a long hard look at her entranced brother again before turning back to Claudette. “So, I guess you better wake him up again.”

“Why?” Claudette asked, looking to the young man. “He’s not complaining.”

“Well, you proved your point. Not that he’ll remember when you wake him up.”

“He’ll remember whatever I want him to remember. All of it, or nothing, or anything in between.”

“Really?” Karen asked, her eyes growing wide. Claudette nodded.

“It’s true, if I just woke him now he’d remember nothing like he’d been asleep. It’d be like a dream that he couldn’t quite recall. If I tell him otherwise though, he’ll remember everything, or whatever I tell him. He’s like a sculptor’s lump of clay right now. I just have to mold him. Watch…

“Kirk?” Claudette asked, no longer even relying on the cigarette to get the attention she wanted. Karen realized that her brother was totally enthralled.

“Boy?” Claudette repeated softly, using his new ‘pet’ name. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. I’m going to wake you soon, but I want you to remember a few things first. Understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good.” Claudette turned to Karen; “You need to use positive reinforcement as you’re laying suggestions. Like a dog, praise helps them to remember.” Claudette turned back to Kirk.

“Kirk. You respect us, I know. You respect us because we smoke, and we are cooler than you are, better than you. But I want you to know that EVERYONE is better than you are! You will show everyone respect, because you are the least, the lowest person on the face of the Earth.”

Karen gasped and reached towards Claudette, but her friend pulled back and shook her head. Sandy reached out and gently grasped Karen’s hand, whispering-


Karen hesitated, watching, waiting to see what would happen next.

“You will show respect to everyone! You will respond ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Sir’ to everyone who says anything to you. Anyone! If a bum on the street asks you for change you will say ‘Yes, Sir’ and give him all your money. Because he is better than you are! If someone asks you directions you will stop what you are doing and lead them where they want to go. If someone asks for help you will do all that you can to make them happy, no matter what, whatever they want – “

“No!” Karen leaned forward again. This was going too far! It was too much! Claudette was turning her brother into… into…

A slave!

Karen licked her lips at the thought. She hesitated, imagining her brother doing whatever she asked without the back talk, without any hesitation. And not just her, by what Claudette was saying, he would now obey everyone; their parents, her friends and neighbors, even a stranger on the street. She felt her panties getting damp as she thought about it, and heard Sandy chuckling-

“Yeah, you like that don’t you?” Sandy whispered as she leaned in across the table. She was smiling, and Karen did her best not to smile as well.

“It’s not right… ” she said, but she could hear that her voice lacked conviction.

“No, it’s not.” Sandy shrugged, flipping her hair back over her shoulder. “But it’ll be fun.”

“Do you understand?” Claudette continued, ignoring the conversation going on across the table. Kirk was staring blankly at Claudette, his cock pressing into his jeans Karen saw. She had reinforced that helping others and serving others would excite him, and apparently just listening to her say that was getting him more and more erect.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. I’m going to wake you in a moment, but when you wake up I want you to remember that I was able to hypnotize you, and that will make you humble, knowing that I was right and you were wrong. You’ll remember every command I’ve given you, but not in your conscious mind. You will do all I’ve said, willingly and slavishly, but you will not balk. It might seem wrong, and it may be embarrassing, even humiliating, but not doing it will be even worse. No matter what you are told to do- no matter how degrading- you will do it, and though it might make you wonder, you will hurt if you try not to carry out your orders. You will feel pain, and be miserable until you comply.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. Now remember your triggers, and when I count to three you will wake up, knowing that I hypnotized you and extremely sorry that you doubted my abilities even though you do not remember anything that happened while you were out…




Karen watched with excitement as Kirk Gibbons blinked and looked around the table between his her and their two friends. They were all staring at him and smiling, Karen especially, wide-eyed and speechless at the look on his face. When he looked at Claudette she saw a blush of embarrassment color his cheeks. She knew that he felt the need to apologize for ever doubting her abilities as a hypnotist, but was finding it hard to do so.

“Claudette…“ he squeaked, the skin on his arms raising goosebumps as the shame washed through his body. Oddly too, Karen saw him getting hard as he tried to look at Claudette and hold eye contact. He couldn’t, and looked at the smoldering cigarette between her fingers instead.

“Claudette, Ma’am, I’m sorry. You were right, and easily hypnotized me. I feel so low and stupid for doubting you.” Claudette laughed lightly, waving away his apology with her cigarette.

“That’s okay, Kirk. I get that from better men than you.” Kirk felt small at what she said and hung his head in shame. Karen watched in awe, her eyes growing wider to see her brother behaving so meekly and subserviently. He was acting like a pussy, and it was all Claudette’s idea.

“No doubts now?” she asked, and Kirk stared at her for a moment.

“No, Ma’am.” Karen felt her brother shiver as he hung his head again. He could not seem to look any of them in the eyes. Had Claudette told him that as well, or was that something that naturally came to mind, something that was in his nature? Claudette smiled, directing her attention to Karen with a sly wink.

“Kirk?” she said, and Karen saw her brother focus on her friend, hanging on her every word. “I seem to have dropped a French fry under the table…” Karen glanced down, wondering. None of them had ordered any food, but there was a dirty French fry on the filthy tiled floor near Claudette’s feet. Karen looked back to her friend.

“Could you get it for me, please?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Karen watched, dumbfounded as her brother twisted about, trying to grope for the French fry that was out of his reach under the table. She looked at Claudette, wondering what was next, though she suspected upon seeing her friend’s wicked grin.

“Go ahead and crawl under the table, Kirk. Get the French fry, there’s a good boy.”

Kirk seemed to shudder at the word ‘boy’, but as Karen watched, without hesitation her brother slipped down beneath the table onto his hands and knees. Karen scrunched back into her seat, trying to watch and saw her brother reaching for the French fry beside the toe of Claudette’s foot. He almost had it, but at the last moment her friend shifted her foot and brought it down atop the old, stale fry, mashing it into the floor.

“Oops…” Claudette sniggered, “I’m sorry, Kirk. Thanks anyway, but I don’t want it now. You can have it.”

Karen watched as Claudette recrossed her legs and twisted her foot so that the sole of her black pump was facing Kirk squarely. She could see the dirty, mashed French fry smeared on the bottom of her friend’s shoe. Kirk stared at it for just a moment, as though considering what to do. His nose wrinkled, no doubt from the smell coming from Claudette’s foot dangling so close to his face, but too she saw a wince of pain wash across his features. Finally, though slowly, he leaned in and started to lick the mashed and filthy fry from the bottom of Claudette’s shoe. Claudette and Sandy laughed out loud, and Karen could not help but giggle herself, covering her mouth to suppress her own laughter. Her little brother just looked so pathetic –

“Can I get you folks somethin’ else?”

Karen squeaked, jumping slightly as she looked up to see their Denny’s waitress standing at their table, steaming coffeepot in hand. She was a cute woman, younger than Karen, and probably Sandy as well. She was dressed in the typical Denny’s uniform of brown and orange skirt and blouse with a darker brown apron and black loafers on her feet. She looked frazzled and tired though, her blonde hair out of place with loose strands escaping her ponytail and bags under her deep blue eyes. Claudette and Sandy looked up as well, but neither seemed surprised or worried at her sudden appearance. Karen glanced back beneath the table and saw her brother oblivious, still scraping mashed potato from the sole of Claudette’s shoe with his teeth and tongue.

“I don’t think so.” Claudette said, holding her hand over her coffee cup. “Just the check.” The waitress smiled, pulling her check pad from her apron pocket and adding up the total. She glanced at the empty space where Kirk had been just moments before.

“There were four of you right?” she asked, looking at the half empty cup in Kirk’s empty place at the table.

“Yeah,” Sandy said with a smirk. “He’s under the table licking dirt off the bottom of my mother’s shoe.”

Karen moaned, sure that the young woman would run off and call the police, but she did not seem disturbed. Karen imagined she had seen a lot, working the late shift at the restaurant. Still, the waitress gave Sandy a queer look and a twisted smile of doubt as she stepped back and peered under the table. Karen had to laugh to see the woman’s eyes grow wide.

“Oh my god!” she squealed backing up another step. “He- he really is… he’s licking your shoes!” Claudette laughed.

“Yeah. My shoes got a bit dirty and Kirk was nice enough to volunteer to clean them for me. Wasn’t that sweet?” Claudette grinned, and Karen saw her tap her brother in the cheek with the side of her shoe. “He’ll clean yours if you like… Jeanie.” Claudette read the name from the plastic tag pinned on the girl’s lapel. “Would you like that?”


The young woman blinked, and Karen was afraid that she might faint, but she didn’t. Surprisingly she held her ground as Kirk scrambled out from beneath the table and started to kiss and lick the woman’s loafers at Claudette’s command. The suggestions that Claudette had planted had taken hold, and he seemed to know his new, lower station in life. Still, the waitress gasped.

“Jesus…” she said, and Karen could see that she was torn between enjoying the attention and running away. She stared curiously as Kirk leaned in, lapping at the soft leather of her loafers, breathing deeply what had to be a pungent aroma. Karen could not imagine how bad the younger woman’s feet must smell. Her shoes looked old and worn, and Jeanie looked to be on the last legs of her shift. She musty have been walking around in god knows what in her loafers for hours. Still, Kirk licked frantically, trying desperately to please as the woman pulled her foot back, making him inadvertently crawl after her. Claudette and Sandy laughed, and soon enough Karen found herself joining in. Before long though, the woman kicked at him, thumping Kirk in the nose and cheek to make him back off.

“That’s enough! Stop it! Jesus! What is he, some sicko freak?” The waitress stared at Kirk as he stopped licking but stayed prostrate, bowing at her feet. “I- I have to get back to work.” The waitress blushed, ripping the check from her pad and tossing it to the table before hurrying off. Karen looked up to see the man across the room had been watching, but when their eyes locked he simply smirked and returned his attention to his newspaper. Karen looked down at her brother still snuffling about the floor like a pig in heat. It was disgusting… exciting!

“Make him stop!” Karen snapped, looking up at Claudette, and her friend simply shrugged.

“Okay, Karen. Calm down.” She turned, smiling at the young man down on the floor on his hands and knees.

“Kirk?” Karen saw her brother stiffen at her friend’s voice, though he stayed on all fours. “That’s enough, boy. Come back to us.”

Slowly Kirk stood and turned, sliding back into the booth. His face was filthy from the dirt of the floor and the shoes he had tongued clean, as well as beet red from embarrassment, apparently. If he remembered what he had just done, he said nothing and simply hung his head in shame. Karen could not help but feel excited by what she had just witnessed, but in turn she also felt a shock of pity for her brother. What had they done to him?

“Pay the bill, Kirk,” Sandy said as she stood and helped his mother into her light blazer. Karen watched as Kirk took out his wallet and dropped almost eighty dollars onto the tabletop. Quite a tip for almost three hours and a few cups of coffee, not to mention a shoe shine. Karen scooped up three twenties as she grabbed her purse and left the booth, following her friends, Kirk following a few steps behind. She planned to return the money to her brother later.

Really she did…


The drive home was quiet for the most part, most of the way. Karen glanced nervously at her brother from the driver’s seat, but he said nothing and simply kept his head bowed. He seemed tired and embarrassed, and she wondered just how much of what had happened at the restaurant he actually remembered.

Claudette had assured her that Kirk would be fine as they said their good byes in the Denny’s parking lot. It had been dark and deserted, a chilly breeze rustling the papers and dust about the blacktop while they all huddled together and talked. Well, Karen, Claudette and Sandy spoke; Kirk had simply stood to one side, almost at attention as though awaiting orders. It had bothered Karen to see him that way, but she still felt hot over it as well. The power and control was exciting her, but she had to put a stop to it.

“I want you to change him back,” she had said, and Claudette and Sandy simply chuckled. “It’s not right!”

“He’s fine, Karen. Really.” Claudette took a slow drag off of another cigarette and grinned to see Kirk lick his lips. “He’s just more helpful now. More respectful. How many times have you told me what a brat he was? Now he’ll do whatever you say, no questions asked.”

“But,” Karen hesitated, looking at Kirk. He seemed to be almost squirming as the cigarette smoke drifted past him. He was sweating. “He’s not like my brother now. He’s like some robot or something. I don’t like it!”

“Sure you do.” Sandy said, stepping up beside Kirk and putting an arm around his shoulders. “I was watching you, Karen. You were lovin’ it. You almost came when he was lickin’ my mom’s shoes, and the waitress’. You wanted him to do yours.”

“No…” Karen denied it, but she could hear her voice waver. Was Sandy right? Did she really want her brother to be a robot? Her robot?

“Look, Karen,” Claudette said, tossing her spent butt to the ground at Kirk’s feet and crushing it under the toe of her pump where he could see it. Karen heard the slightest whimper from her brother. “Let it go for awhile. A few days maybe, then see what you want. You’ll see that he’s still your brother, just minus the snotty bad habits. He'll show you respect, and do whatever you say. Let him do some chores or something. You’ll both love it. You’ll see.”

“I don’t know…” Karen hesitated, but found herself digging through her purse for her car keys. Apparently it was decided. She supposed a few days would not hurt.

“There won’t be any permanent damage will there? You’ll be able to change him back after even a few days?”

Claudette chuckled. “I could take him out after a few years, Karen. Just put him back under and remove the suggestions.” Claudette raised an expectant eyebrow, waiting for Karen’s response, knowing that there was no doubt.

“Okay.” Karen sighed in final agreement as she found her keys. “Just for a few days then.“

“’Til next weekend?” Sandy suggested. “We can get together again and you can decide. I bet I know what you’ll say though.”

Karen smirked, climbing into her car as Sandy held the door for her. “I doubt that. But one week then. Then we’ll get together.” Sandy closed the door and Karen rolled down the window as her brother had gotten into the passenger’s side.

“Go with it Karen,” Sandy said with a smile. “You might even enjoy it.” Karen started the car.

“I’ll try, but I doubt I’ll like it.”

They had said good bye and now Karen was regretting her decision. Kirk looked so pathetic sitting there quietly, his head bowed. He looked nothing like a real man now, even less than before. He looked as low as she knew that he had been told to feel. She had to do something. She had to try and get him back to normal before she got him home. God, what would their mother think?

Their father had died when Kirk was just five years old. Kirk barely remembered him, and ever since their mother had managed both parental roles. And done a fairly good job of it, Karen had to admit. Neither of the Gibbons kids had turned out badly, though Kirk had yet to get motivated at choosing a career or college now that he was out of school. He had taken a part-time job at a local Safeway for some summer spending money, but had been laid off just the week before due to slow times. She suspected that the eighty dollars he had tossed on the table was all the money he had left until he found something else. Their mother would let him slide of course, so long as he helped out around the house while she was at work. She was pretty easy going that way. She would definitely freak though if Kirk suddenly dropped to his knees and started to kiss her feet.

Karen chuckled at the image that popped into her head. There mother Janice was almost fifty, but still good looking in a motherly kind of way. Her hair was grayish brown, and she was a little plump, but she stayed active and was healthy. She smoked however! Would that be a problem?

Karen slowed the car at a stoplight and turned to her brother. He was still staring at the floor at his feet. She cleared her throat –


Her brother turned his head and their eyes met for a split second before he quickly averted his gaze, staring down again.

“Yes, Ma’am?” he whispered, and Karen sagged. She liked the respectful tone of his voice, but it just was not right somehow. It felt weird.

“Kirk,” she continued, her own voice wavering. She was nervous, and unconsciously digging through her purse for a cigarette. Before she even realized what she was doing she had one between her lips and lit. She saw her brother inhaling deeply as the pale blue smoke drifted past him. Maybe that was the key. He would do anything for a smoker, Claudette had told him. Maybe he would act normally again if she told him while blowing smoke in his face.

The blare of a horn from behind jerked her from her train of thought. The traffic light had turned green, so Karen rolled the car slowly forward and towards the curb where she put it in park. After the car behind sped past, she turned to her brother again.

“Kirk, when I get you home I want you to act normally,” she said. She took a long drag off of her Newport and slowly blew the smoke into her brother’s face. His stupid smile grew, and she knew that he was becoming high, and hopefully more suggestive. “I want you to be like you were before tonight. I want you to be my normal little brother again.”

“Yes, Ma’am…” he whispered, his voice slurred.

This was going to be harder than she thought…


It had taken Karen almost thirty minutes to talk her brother back, but even then she was not sure if he was totally reverted. For the longest time he had kept addressing her as Ma’am, even after she told him not to. It was only when she told him that that did not make her happy that it stopped, and it was then that she knew the key.

She was not Claudette, and had no idea what she was doing really, but she had to try. The best bet was simply to imitate what Claudette had done and said; speaking slowly down at him, reinforcing her words over and over and keeping him in his cigarette-smoke high. After awhile he seemed to stop looking at the floor, and before long he sat a little bit straighter.

Finally, when she thought she had it right, Karen lit a last cigarette and blew the smoke at her brother. She bit her lip as he seemed to stiffen for a moment, his eyes glazing over, but then he reached up and knuckled his eye. He turned to her, scowling.

“Don’t blow smoke in my face!” he snapped. “You know I hate that!”

He rubbed at his eyes and Karen had to smile. That was the Kirk she knew. That was her brother.

“Sorry…” she apologized and stubbed the cigarette out in the car’s ashtray. Kirk rolled down the window all the way as she put the car back into drive and rolled back into the street. He was breathing deeply, head high and ignoring her.

“Could you close the window, Kirk? It’s a little chilly.”

“In a minute.”

Karen stifled a giggle.

Her brother was back.

Kirk woke with a shudder at the strange sound. He sat bolt upright, instantly regretting it as his head started to spin. He felt tired and weak and wondered just what he had drank the night before. He felt as though he had a hangover, but he couldn’t remember having a single drop of alcohol.

In fact, he could not remember much of anything from the night before. He recalled he and his sister meeting up with her friend Claudette and her stuck up daughter, Sandy at the theater. He remembered the stupid movie they had seen, and how much he had hated it. It had seemed farfetched and unbelievable at the time. But later at Denny’s…

It seemed as though Claudette had changed his opinions of hypnosis while they had been at the restaurant, though he could not really recall what she had said to change his mind. The evening after the movie was a blur to him now, just little snatches of imagery springing forth in his mind. His head was fuzzy though, and the images were strange and in no real order. Cigarettes and smells, feet and a lot of smoke…

It was odd.


He heard his mother’s voice as she knocked on his bedroom door again. That was what had woke him up, too early apparently. His head was swimming and his mouth felt dirty for some reason. He couldn’t imagine how his breath must smell.

“Kirk… Time to get up. It’s after ten, son…”

Kirk Gibbons heard the knob of the door rattle as his mother pushed it open a crack and peered inside. She was still dressed in her long, pink fleece housecoat with her shoulder length hair pulled back into a loose tail. She had probably been up for an hour or two but had not taken the time to get dressed yet. Kirk could smell coffee though, and something else that had burned on the stove. He smelled smoke.

“Breakfast’s on the table, so get out of bed and come eat before it gets cold.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Kirk saw his mother blink, and then smile widely. She looked pretty, smiling like that.

“Ma’am? My goodness…” she chuckled, a slight blush rising in her cheek. “So respectful. What a good boy.”

Kirk stiffened and stared at his mother for a moment. She was not just pretty, she was beautiful. So much better than him. He was ugly compared to her. Ugly and small. He had to look away, down.

“Hurry up now!” she said, a happy order, and pulled the door closed again. Kirk could hear her padding away from his room and quickly climbed out of bed to comply. He felt stiff, and he swayed for just a moment as his head struggled to clear. He did not want to keep his mother waiting, but he did not want to look more the fool to her by staggering out into her presence.

He glanced in the mirror and saw his image reflected, frowning. He was ugly, a skinny little boy with barely any shape to his flat, girlish body. Even his hair, a dirty, dishwater brown was straggly and dull. He noted that he had a raging hard on however, poking up a tent in his skimpy bikini briefs that he normally wore to bed. It was bulging, but he knew how tiny it actually was; barely four inches at most. That was why he wore the tiny shorts, to make it seem bigger. Staring at it now, at his reflection he just seemed tiny and insignificant, and he almost seemed to be dwindling in the mirror. He felt like a bug. A worm…

His mother was waiting though, and he had to hurry. He reached for his clothes piled on his desk chair, but hesitated. His mother had not told him to dress, just to hurry. It seemed wrong to be going out to breakfast in his underwear, but his mother knew best. She was a woman after all, and his mother! She was better than him…


Janice Gibbons was sitting at the kitchen table reading the morning paper by the time she finally heard her son’s bedroom door open and close. She sighed, taking a sip of coffee as she wished that Kirk would not stay out so late at night. It was the weekend she knew, and he was an adult, but she wanted him at home if he was going to be living here indefinitely. Her house, thus, her rules.

Kirk was a good boy, a good son, but he just always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. He could not hold a job, and she feared now that he was no longer even trying to find one. She supposed that he was resentful as his sister had done so much better for herself. Karen had a good job and a big apartment across town. Her own car too, and money to burn it seemed.

She supposed that Kirk was jealous to a point, and probably feeling inadequate as well. There had always been a sort of rivalry between the siblings, and it seemed- at least for the moment- Karen had finally won.

As a result however, Kirk was snappish and snotty at times and almost always in a foul mood. No job, living at home with Mommy, no car, no girlfriend, no self esteem…

Janice sighed. It would probably make her crazy as well. Maybe she should have Gerald talk to him again when he got home next weekend. It never seemed to help, but –

Janice put on a smile and looked up as her son’s shadow fell across the table. Her smile quickly fell away however, as she felt her mouth go slack and her eyes grow wide. She gasped, trying to speak but the words choked in her throat.

Kirk was standing beside the table dressed only in the tiny bikini briefs that she knew he wore to bed at night. They left little to the imagination, and though she had seen her son naked before, it had been many years.

She looked the young man up and down in astonishment. She could not imagine what had spurred him to come to the table almost naked. She tried not to look, but her eyes naturally drifted to her son’s crotch. She felt herself blush as she stared. She knew that her son was not well endowed, but what he had between his legs was standing at full attention and poking out against the soft fabric of his briefs. It was tiny actually, barely four inches, but in his current state of undress, hard to miss.

Janice looked away, trying her best not to stare. She looked at her son’s face, but found him staring at the floor, breathing heavily. His skin was splotchy red, and he could not seem to meet her gaze. He was just as embarrassed as she was apparently. Why had he done this then?

Janice was shaking as she tried to regain her composure. She reached for a cigarette and heard the slightest moan from her son as she lit it. He was staring intently at the cigarette in her mouth now as she waved her match out. She exhaled and saw Kirk quiver as he breathed in the smoke. He hated cigarette smoke…

“Kirk…” she finally managed to squeak out after a few long, calming drags. Kirk was swaying now she noted, looking almost high as he sniffed the air deeply. He had a stupid, sheepish grin on his face and his hard on was still raging.

“Kirk,” she began again, more firmly, “what’s going on? Why didn’t you get dressed?” He seemed to think for a moment.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am…” he whispered. His voice seemed sad, almost hurt. “You didn’t tell me to get dressed. You said to hurry.”

Janice blinked. That was true, she supposed. But still…

“But Kirk,” she scolded, “you don’t come to the table in your underwear. It’s not right. I’m your mother for God’s sake!”

Kirk hung his head with a frown. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

He almost seemed ready to cry. She had not been that harsh, but he was trembling and his skin was blotching pink. He was ashamed.

“It’s okay, Kirk,” she said, trying to keep her voice calm. There was obviously something wrong. She had to just go with it, and find out what. “What’s done is done. Just don’t do it again. You gave me quite a start.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m sorry.”

Janice stared at her son again for a moment. He still had not made a move to sit and eat. It was as though he was waiting for her to give him permission. She had never heard him sound so apologetic, even when he had done something really bad. He had broken one of her favorite vases when he was younger, and it had taken all of his will to say he was sorry then, after denying it for a day or two. She had spanked him and grounded him in the past, but could not remember him ever being so…


wimpish… submissive…

“Kirk,” she said again, looking squarely at his face. He could not meet her gaze but kept staring at the floor. “Are you feeling all right? Are you hungry? The oatmeal’s a little burnt, but it’s still good. You need to eat.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Well then sit down and eat.” Janice smiled, trying to take it all in stride. Maybe it was some joke. A lost bet or something that Karen put him up to. She smirked, shaking her head. That had to be it. Well, she could play along then.

“Unless you’re planning on eating it off of the floor like a dog.” Janice laughed, “The way you’re acting this morning, I wouldn’t put it past – “

Janice gasped as her son picked up the bowl of oatmeal and dropped to his hands and knees at her feet. Her eyes grew wide as he bent low, putting his face into the bowl and started licking and snuffling like a famished pig.

Or a dog…

He was acting just like a dog just as she had suggested. It had been a joke of course. She had not imagined that he would actually want to eat his food on his hands and knees at her feet, yet there he was. It was ridiculous… horrible!

Yet for some reason Janice could not take her eyes from her son. He was licking hard, crawling about and following the bowl as he pushed it about on the floor trying to get at the food with his tongue. His bikini-clad butt was high in the air, wagging almost, wiggling about like he had a tail. It was almost obscene, but Janice stared transfixed, unable to tear her gaze away.

This was more than some joke. Kirk had to be humiliated beyond belief, and she could see reddish patches all over his skin that betrayed that truth. Still, he did not stop. Why was he doing this? What had come over him that would make him act so strangely, and before his very mother?

Still Janice watched, fascinated with how hard he was trying to clean the bowl. Almost as though he was trying to please her by eating every bite. He was nosing the bowl forward, closer and closer to her feet while she watched, trying to get at the last little bit. The bowl suddenly tipped as it bumped into the edge of her slipper and Kirk gasped as a sloppy glop of the oatmeal spilled out onto her toes and the fuzzy strap of her slipper. He glanced up apologetically, and Janice almost gasped. Was that fear in his eyes?

She started to reach for a napkin to wipe her foot clean when her son shocked her even further. She finally did gasp as, with a whimper of shame, Kirk leaned forward and started to lick her foot clean of the mess that he had made.

His tongue was hot and slick, almost slimy, and Janice’s first instinct was to giggle as it tickled to feel his licking. She held it in though, her mouth twitching from smile to tight-lipped frown as she watched her son lick her foot. It tickled, and Janice felt it all the way up her leg. She shivered and more. She felt a warmth suddenly between her legs.

“Oh god…”

Her eyes grew wide as she realized that her son’s ministrations were getting her excited. She felt an old, half-forgotten tingle in her loins that had been absent for years. She loved her sometimes, on again off again boyfriend, Gerald of course, but it had been a long time since he had last stimulated her, or even excited her in the slightest way. She thought that she was just getting too old, but now she was feeling warm and damp between her legs. Her skin was tingling, and it just got worse the more she stared at her groveling son.

“Oh… god…”

It was too much! It was wrong! Her son was getting her hot, and she was letting him!


Janice kicked out with her foot, smacking Kirk right in the nose with the toe of her slipper. He yelped and whimpered- just like a dog- but he did stop at her command, scrabbling back on all fours a few short steps. He stayed on his hands and knees however, and she noticed that he kept his head down to the floor. His body was shaking too, almost as though he was trying to keep from crying.

Janice collapsed back into her chair, breathing hard and totally dumbfounded. She had absolutely no idea what was going on or what to do about it. There was nothing in mothering to prepare her for this. Janice took deep breaths as she thought, watching her son as he bowed down before her. She didn’t know what to say.

In the end, she reached for a cigarette…


It was almost noon before Karen finally pulled her car into the driveway of her mother’s house. She rolled the car to a stop beside her mother’s Volvo and gunned the engine a bit before shutting down. It had been rattling again, and she feared that it was on its last legs. She glanced enviously to the side at her mother’s still fairly new car and sighed. It seemed she would never be so well off.

Still, she was glad to see the other car in the driveway. That meant that her mother was at home, and more importantly that Kirk was as well. Karen Gibbons thought that she had talked her brother down from the ‘fun’ of the previous night, but she still had some reservations. She had not been certain that she had been able to undo what Claudette had mischievously done to Kirk, and as a result she had hardly slept at all that night.

Karen dropped her keys into her purse and sidled out of the car. She immediately felt the heat of the day and was glad that she had opted for shorts and a tanktop, as there were already droplets of sweat forming between her breasts and under her arms. She hoped to be able to sit out in her mother’s backyard for awhile today and get a jumpstart on her tan. She had a few loads of laundry to do, and it would be the perfect opportunity.

Karen folded the driver’s seat forward and hefted the first of her three big bags out of the car’s back seat. It was the smallest, but even it was heavy, and she was just so tired. One was enough for now, she would come back for the other two later. Or she could ask Kirk to get them.

Karen smiled, closing the car door and hefting her bag towards the front door. The night before, Kirk would have begged to fetch her bags for her, and probably would have done it on his hands and knees. She sighed. That was wrong of course, but the image of it still made her giggle.

“Mom! It’s just me!” Karen called out as she stepped into the entryway. She was always happy to come home. She liked being out on her own of course, but her mother’s house was always so clean and cheerful it would always be home to her.

Karen glanced about the living room, dropping her laundry bag to the floor as she closed the door behind her. As always, the room was spotless and smelled fresh. The carpet was a plush shag of green underfoot, and the furniture; the long couch and easy chairs were dark burnt orange and looked too inviting. There were end tables arranged just so and potted plants here and there making everything warm and alive. Too her right she could see the kitchen table and television, beyond that the door to her old bedroom, now Kirk’s. To her left was the hallway to her mom’s room and what was now the workroom since Karen had moved and her brother took her old room. That way led to the bathroom and the cellar door as well. There was a bar top cut away into the wall dividing the living room and the kitchen straight ahead, and beyond that Karen could see the backyard with a few trees blooming in the distance. Karen sighed remembering all the happy times that she had had growing up here. It had not all been fun and games, but the good times certainly outweighed the bad.

“Mom?” she called out again, surprised that her mother had not come to greet her yet. The television was on, so she was about somewhere. Maybe out back or…

She heard the toilet flush.

Janice Gibbons came walking down the hall from the bathroom, one hand patting at her hair. She was dressed in white shorts and a dark blue shell tee shirt with leather flat casuals to match. She looked clean and fresh, her hair combed and just a bit of make-up on. She looked up as she entered the living room, almost gasping in shock to see Karen standing there.

“Oh!” she squeaked, and Karen noticed her mother’s eyes quickly dart about the room, finally resting on the view to the kitchen. “Karen. I- I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Just got here, Mom.” Karen stepped up and gave her mother a short kiss on the cheek. Karen could feel the tenseness in her mother even from the short contact. She wondered briefly what was the matter, but there was a gnawing in her stomach that made her suspect that she already knew. “I thought I’d do some laundry, if that’s okay?”

Karen stepped away, looking about the house once more and felt her mother right on her heels.

“Of course…”

Karen turned to find her mother right behind her, but her gaze was fixed on the opening to the kitchen again. Karen followed her mother’s gaze but saw nothing.

“Mom… Where’s Kirk?”


Karen Gibbons heard the hesitation in her mother’s voice and saw the older woman lick her lips. She was nervous… worried.

“Oh, god…”

Karen turned on her heel and dashed across the carpet towards the kitchen. The sound of her Dr. Scholl’s slapping on the soles of her feet seemed to echo the hammering of her heartbeat and the rush of blood and adrenaline in her ears. She heard her mother right behind her.

“Karen! Wait!”

Karen rounded the corner and froze. She felt the blood drain from her face and her head started to spin. She was gasping for breath suddenly, and really thought that she might faint.

Kirk was in the kitchen, just as she thought he would be. He was not, however, in any condition that she might have expected. He was almost naked save for a skimpy, satiny pair of bikini briefs that left little to the imagination. His skin was pale and smooth, almost hairless, and from the back with his long hair he could have been mistaken for a girl. He was on his hands and knees, his tight ass waving in the air as he scrubbed at the tiles on the kitchen floor. Karen saw that he was using a toothbrush.

“Oh… my… god… “

Karen stared in shock, watching as her brother toiled away, scrubbing hard at some imaginary dirt or grime on the floor. He looked pathetic, naked on his hands and knees, little more than a drudge! A slave!

Karen sensed her mother right behind her, her breathing heavy in the suddenly eerie silence. The only other sound was the low murmur of the television and the scrape of the toothbrush on the tiled floor. She rounded on her mother, and saw the older woman staring at Kirk, her face a sad mix of worry and astonishment.

“Mom!” Karen shouted, trying to control herself. “How could you?” Her mother’s face was ashen and she actually moved back a step at Karen’s outburst. She looked more shocked that her daughter had yelled at her than that she had her son on his knees scrubbing floors.

“Karen…” she said in a shaky but soothing tone, “Calm down. It’s not what you think.”

“Not what I think? Well, what is it then?” Karen turned back to her brother and saw that he seemed to be scrubbing all the harder. She blinked, surprised that he had not even stopped to see what all the shouting was about.

“I- I don’t know, really,” her mother continued laying a hand on Karen’s arm to pull her away, “but he wanted to.”

He wanted too…

Karen felt the words sink in even as she felt her mother’s gentle tug on her arm leading her away. She backed up and eventually followed, feeling tears welling up. What had they done?

They sat together on the couch, side by side. Her mother had not let go of Karen, and was in fact now grasping her hands. Janice Gibbons still looked a bit shocked, but she was trying to smile and hold up a good front. Karen sniffed.

“What happened?” Karen did not want to spill everything immediately. She could not imagine how angry her mother might get if she told how Claudette had hypnotized her brother, and how Karen had actually encouraged it. She never imagined though that it would get so far out of control.

“I honestly don’t know,” her mother started, reaching for a cigarette. Karen gasped; remembering that the smoke was a trigger but said nothing as her mother lit up.

“I woke him up for breakfast, same as always, and like every other morning it took him awhile to get going. I was already at the table when he came into the kitchen, but when I looked up he was, well, dressed like that. I was shocked to say the least, and I asked him what he was doing and he just said that I hadn’t told him to get dressed. I scolded him then, but he just stood there and took it- no back talk or apologies at all. If anything he looked hurt that he’d made me upset. I thought he was going to cry.“

Janice snorted, half-smiling as she took a long drag from her cigarette. Karen stared at her mother, at first not believing that she was so calm about it all, until she recalled her own reaction from the night before. She chewed her lower lip, finally reaching for her mother’s pack of cigarettes herself.

“I finally decided what’s done is done. Hell, I’ve seen him naked before. I told him to sit and eat, but he just stood there. I joked then, said something about him eating his breakfast from a bowl on the floor like a dog.

“He dropped right down and did just that. I couldn’t believe it at first, and just sat there watching him. He was groveling, licking at the bowl and chasing it around at my feet when he tipped it over. He slopped oatmeal on my foot, and without missing a beat he started to lick it up.”

Karen’s heart was racing as she took a long drag from her cigarette. Her mother looked calm now, her eyes almost sparkling. Karen remembered Kirk licking the French fry off of Claudette’s shoe, and then the waitress –

“I had to get away. It was too much, so I shoved him back and ran for the bathroom. It was horrible, and I have to admit thrilling. God, it excited me to feel his tongue on my foot. I- “

“Mom!” Karen stared at her mother and saw her blush. She grinned however, and Karen felt the now familiar tingle between her legs. “Mom, he’s your son!”

“I know…” Janice Gibbons chained another cigarette, stumping out the first in the ashtray beside the couch. “I know, but Jesus, I’m still a woman. Certain things excite me, and that always has.” Karen nodded, smiling slightly in understanding. That was something she never knew about her mother.

“I didn’t know what else to do, so I got dressed. I needed the normalcy I suppose. I’d been in the bathroom almost twenty minutes by then and another ten after I ran into the bedroom. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought he’d gone crazy! Finally though I crept back out and made my way back to the kitchen.

“He was still there, just as I’d left him, on his knees under the kitchen table. I just stared at him for a few minutes, hoping he’d do something, but he barely moved. He just sort of whimpered. When I finally got the courage to ask him what was going on he just started apologizing. Apologizing for getting up late, for spilling his food, for getting my slipper dirty, for being bad in general, on and on… I didn’t know what else to do so I forgave him. He sort of whimpered again and crawled over to my feet, thanking me over and over while sniffing and kissing my shoes.

“I yelled at him then, told him to stop and we went right back to square one with him cringing on the floor at my feet.”

Karen sighed, taking another cigarette. It was worse than she had thought. He seemed caught in some submissive role now. Something that her mother had said had reduced her brother to a foot-licking slave. Claudette must have done it somehow, some code word, but Karen could not for the life of her remember what, or when she would have had the time to pull that off.

“I thought for a minute, then asked him what it was that he was trying to prove. I asked him what he wanted. He said that he was sorry again. Sorry for everything and that he wanted- no- needed to make amends for being so bad. He said that he was lower than me, beneath me. He kept saying that I was so much better than him. He wanted to make me happy, to please me. He was almost crying again, with his head on the floor and bowing down at me. It was weird, but a rush too. He was so respectful, calling me ‘Ma’am’ over and over. Still, no matter what I said he wouldn’t get up, or stop. Finally I thought that maybe if I went along with it that he’d get it out of his system. I told him to clean up the kitchen from breakfast as I hadn’t had the chance yet, and he scrambled right off to do it with a ‘Yes, Ma’am’. I watched him for awhile, wondering what I should do, but he seemed happy at his work. Hell, he had an erection!”

Karen licked her lips imagining the scene. She remembered that Claudette had added that into his hypnosis. It would excite him to do things, to serve…

“I finally went and sat down to watch TV. I was hoping that he would eventually get bored and stop, but as you can see…“ Janice shrugged, puffing on her cigarette. Karen followed suit, listening to the scrubbing noises coming from the kitchen. She bit down on her lip again, not knowing what to say. She supposed though that there was little she could do except fess up. She squeezed her mother’s hand, wondering how, where to start?

“Mom…“ she sighed, trying to get her courage up. “I need to tell you something…”


It took awhile for Karen to tell the story of the night before. She did not want to leave anything out or hide her part in it. She was as much to blame, even though it was actually Claudette that had done the deed. By the time she had finished the two women had smoked all of Janice’s cigarettes and had started in on Karen’s pack. They were both on edge, and though Karen knew that the smoke was a trigger and probably reinforcing her brother’s hypnotic thralldom, she needed the nicotine fix.

She was just winding down her story, trying to explain how she had tried to set things right herself by talking her brother back in the car when Kirk came crawling into the room. He crawled right up to where the two women were sitting and bowed down before them with his head touching the floor near their feet. Karen pulled her feet back, but she noticed that her mother simply crossed her legs, her foot twirling above her brother’s bowed head. And he was breathing deeply.

“What is it, son?”

“I’m finished, Ma’am,” Kirk whispered, almost whimpered, his voice muffled slightly as he spoke into the carpet. “I hope I’ve done a good job. I’m sorry it took so long. I’m sorry. Please…”

“Shhh…” Janice cooed. “I’m sure you did fine.” Karen stared wide-eyed as her mother slid one foot up under her brother’s face and started rubbing the back of his head with the other. Immediately Kirk started to lick and kiss their mother’s shoe.


Janice Gibbons waved her daughter quiet. “He wants this, remember? It’s the only thing that will calm him down. You said so yourself.”

She lit another cigarette, watching her son grovel at her feet and Karen too was mesmerized. She could feel her panties getting damp. If only it was not her brother.

“Well, obviously we need to call Claudette.” Janice Gibbons extended her leg and laid it across her son’s back and shoulders. She pulled the other foot away from him- to his whimpers- and crossed it over the other at the ankles. Karen gasped to see her mother using her brother as a footstool.

“She has to get him out of whatever spell she put on him. This is wrong!”

“Jeez, you think?”

Karen laughed despite herself. Her brother just looked so ridiculous. Still, she started digging through her bag for her cell phone. Once in hand she hit the speed dial to call her friend. After a few short rings, Claudette finally picked up.

“Hello… Claudette Martin speaking.”

“Claudette. It’s Karen.”

“Karen. What a nice surprise. What can I do for you?”

“You know very well what you can ‘do for me’! You need to get over here right now and change my brother back to normal!”

“Karen… Calm down. What’s wrong?”

“Wrong? He’s crawling around on the floor like a dog! My mother’s using him as a footstool!”

“Ha-hah! Sounds like he found his true calling.”

“It’s not funny!” Karen fumed. She could not believe how non-chalant Claudette was taking it. “You have to help him!”

“Is he violent?” Claudette asked.

“No! No, he’s… Jesus he’s docile.”

“I thought we were going to give it a few days?”

“Yeah, but… It’s too much!”

“Sounds like your mother doesn’t think so.”


“All right. Okay… I can’t come out today though. I’m at the hospital, and I have a meeting with the directors in a few minutes, and then I have rounds. I’m on call here until midnight, but I can stop by tomorrow.“

“That’s no good! This has to stop!”

“Well, I might have time before my rounds. Or maybe afterwards I can see him. You can bring him here…“

“To the hospital?” Karen was shocked. She didn’t want anyone else seeing her brother like he was, especially at a mental hospital.

“Yes. I can send an ambulance if you want.“

“No! God no! Can’t you come? This is your fault.“

“I didn’t hear you complaining too loudly last night, Karen. No, I can’t get away, but rather than an ambulance, I can send Sandy over to help. She knows the hospital policies.”

“Policies? What do you mean?”

“I’ll have to sign him in as a patient until I can see him. Just a twenty-four hour observation really, but if he’s going to be on the premises he has to be registered or I would get into a shitload of trouble. Obviously he won’t be here that long, but I have to follow the law if you don’t want to wait.”

Karen hesitated, thinking. She wanted Kirk back to normal as quickly as possible, but not agreeing to Claudette’s conditions meant him being here begging to serve. Her mother might handle that, but it was too much for her.

“No,” she sighed. If he was going to the hospital for twenty-four hours they may as well wait until Claudette could come by in the morning. She did not want her brother in the mental hospital at any rate. She had heard tales of Harding, jokingly referred to as ‘Hard-on’. “No, but can Sandy come around to help us out? She seemed to know more about this than me last night.”

“I suppose,” Claudette said, and Karen could hear what sounded like disappointment in her voice. Karen knew that her friend had a bit of an infatuation with her brother, but why did Claudette want Kirk at the hospital? It almost made Karen nervous thinking what Claudette could do unsupervised. “I’ll call Sandy and see, and have her call you one way or the other. Good enough?”

“Okay,” Karen agreed, only slightly relieved. She could only imagine the long day and night ahead of them until Claudette arrived the next day. “We’ll be waiting.”

“All right. And Karen, don’t let this get you upset. It’s nothing, really. Nothing I can’t easily fix. Besides, by the way it sounds, your brother subconsciously wanted this. He was damn eager to please last night.”

“It’s not right,” Karen argued. She did not like the way that Claudette was trying to weasel out of any of the blame, and trying to convince her that it was okay that Kirk was acting like a slave. “I just want it to end.”

“It will, Karen,” Claudette soothed. “I promise. Let me go and I’ll call Sandy. And I’ll call later to see how things are going, okay? Don’t worry.”

“All right.”

They said their good byes after Karen flipped the cell closed and dropped it into her purse again. She sighed, looking to her mother and forcing a hopeful smile. That faltered though as she told Janice Gibbons what Claudette had suggested. Her mother seemed to almost consider it as she recrossed her legs and wiggled her heels against Kirk’s back. Karen could see red marks and indentations in her brother’s skin from the heels of her mother’s shoes.

“I guess we wait then,” her mother said, taking a drag on her cigarette and blowing the smoke about Kirk. Her brother breathed in all the harder, trying to get satisfaction from the smoke, knowing that he was making his mother happy.

He had his forehead to the floor, right up against the base of the couch. He wavered a bit as the smoke drifted about him, no doubt getting high from the smell. Karen knew that every breath was probably dragging him deeper into his submission, and worse, so did their mother. God, was she actually trying to make him worse?

“Mom!” she said, leaning forward and grabbing her mother’s wrist as the cigarette was easing towards her lips again. By the quick look of irritation Karen figured that her mother knew exactly what she was doing.

“Let go, Karen,” her mother said, and after a moment Karen complied. They locked eyes for a long, silent heartbeat until finally her mother sighed and dabbed out the butt in the ashtray.

“Listen,” her mother began, finally taking her feet off of Kirk’s back. Karen noted however that as she crossed one leg over the other, the foot planted on the floor was right beside her brother’s face. “I know this is wrong, but there’s nothing that we can do about it. I tried, and you said you tried last night. We have to wait and hope that Sandy can help, or if not then Claudette tomorrow. Either way he’s going to act like this until he gets cured, otherwise he just whimpers and looks pitiful. We can at least keep him happy and content until then.”

“We could put him in his room,” Karen suggested, but her mother shook her head.

“Punish him? He’s not to blame.”

Karen looked away at her mother’s accusing stare. She was right of course. This was not Kirk’s fault, so why should he suffer? And Claudette had said that he would not do anything that he did not want to do. The thought had crossed her mind over and over. Did he really want this?

“All right, mom,” Karen finally conceded with a sigh.

“You win…”


Sandy had called after a few minutes, saying that she would come by but that she had things to do first.

“It might be a couple hours,” she had said, not sounding concerned in the least. Karen started to think that she was the only one that WAS concerned. Even her brother was content as her mother had thrown him a figurative bone.

While Karen spoke into the cell, she watched as her mother slipped her foot out of her leather casual and slipped her tiny foot under Kirk’s waiting face. Karen wrinkled her nose in disgust as the smell of her mother’s shoe and foot drifted up to her, the rank smell almost making her gag. She wondered how Kirk could stand it and was aghast as she watched her brother sniff and snuffle about the damp foot and empty shoe.


Sandy’s voice had broken the spell, and Karen simply told her friend to hurry before flipping the phone closed. She dropped the cell back into her purse again and stared at her brother.

She could hear him inhaling deeply, actually sucking in the harsh aroma of their mother’s smelly foot, then slathering his tongue over the skin as he exhaled only to repeat and repeat. It was too much.

Karen shot to her feet, breathing deeply the fresh air out of range as she had stepped away. She turned back to see her mother watching her curiously.

“Do what you want, mom,” she said trying to keep the anger out of her voice. She was angry at her mother for treating Kirk as she was, but more at herself for causing all of this and not being able to stop it. “I can’t take it though. I’ll wait for Sandy in Kirk’s room. Check my e-mails or something.”

“Suit yourself,” her mother said, shrugging. Then, even as Karen started to turn away she saw her mother easing her other foot from its shoe.

Karen stormed away, veering at the last moment for the kitchen. She paused, almost marveling at the way that it seemed to gleam. It was immaculate, everything neatly in place. The floor seemed to sparkle in the morning light filtering through the wispy yellow curtains that covered the windows. She almost regretted stepping on the tiles as she headed for the refrigerator, and she cringed to see the toothbrush sitting parallel next to the shining metal sink.

She ignored the scene, trying to suppress her feelings as she leaned into the refrigerator, luxuriating of the chill on her flushed skin. She reached in finally and took a beer from the lowest shelf, noting that six remained. As she stood straight and closed the door she wondered when her mother had started drinking so much. But no, the beer might be Gerald’s.

Karen knew that her mother’s boyfriend spent most of his free time there, or vice-versa, her mother at his place. They both left clothes at each other’s and she knew that Gerald had a razor and toothbrush in the bathroom. The beer was probably his, or theirs in the least. Mystery solved.

Karen walked from the kitchen, remembering that Gerald was away until the weekend. He was a salesman with Proctor and Gamble and as she recalled her mother had said that he was away upstate at a conference. Karen wished that he was there actually, thinking that maybe her mother would not be so bold if he were around.

Nothing for it though as she opened her brother’s door and went inside the dimly lit room. She flipped on the light, wrinkling her nose at the almost locker room smell that assaulted her. It wasn’t too bad, but definitely a ‘guy’ smell, like unwashed socks and sweat. She tried to ignore it, stepping deeper inside and opening a window for some fresh air to circulate. She would get used to it.

She popped the top on the beer bottle as she looked around the room that had once been hers. The color scheme was still mostly the same, both she and Kirk favoring blue in the curtains, carpeting and bedspread, and too the paneling was still a grayish white that she had picked out years ago. There was a closet to her right, and a half-bath to her left, with the Queen size bed dominating most of the floor. There was a dresser of course, and Kirk had a small nightstand by the bed with a lamp and some collected junk. The bed was rumpled and unmade as she recalled that he had been in a hurry to serve and obey...

Karen shivered, trying to ignore the images flashing through her head. She stepped to the side of the bed and pulled the covers up before sitting down and turning towards the dresser. Like the nightstand, the dresser’s top was littered with Kirk’s junk; keys, spare change, pens and scraps of paper with scribbled notes. She ignored his stuff, turning her attention to the computer that dominated about a half of the space. She turned it on, sipping at her beer as it powered up.

After a long wait, the Windows banner finally vanished and was replaced with the desktop image. Karen was no science fiction buff, but even she recognized the starship Enterprise. Kirk loved the old show, and all of the sequels and movies and everything. She smiled remembering that he had liked being called ‘Captain’ Kirk when he was younger.

She heard a chime and glanced at the screen. A small blue box had appeared with a ‘Log on’ message, a pixel blinking, waiting in the upper space of the two provided. She had not expected the computer to be divided into two sections, one no doubt more private than the other. A dark thought washed through her as she wondered what Kirk might have to hide.

‘You won’t do anything that you don’t want to…’
Claudette’s words to Kirk the night before popped unbidden into her mind again. What if…

Karen blinked as the monitor flickered and the screen saver came on…

“Oh Gawd…”

Karen’s eyes widened as she felt her body going numb, watching as the images faded in and out of sight. She could not believe what she was seeing. It was unbelievable. Incredible…


There was a college girl dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, sitting in a chair and reading a magazine. Beneath the chair was an older woman, hog-tied and with a big red ball jammed into her mouth…


Two college girls sitting at a computer in a dorm room. On the floor a naked man knelt and licked at the dirty tennis shoe of one, while the other rested a foot on his back, laughing…


An older woman dressed all in black: dress, hose and riding boots, her foot pressing onto the face of a naked man under her feet…


A blonde woman in jeans and a peasant blouse holding out a glass of wine for the camera. She was using a naked man as a footstool…


A HUGE face of a grinning woman, holding up a tiny man that was barely an inch tall between her dark red nails. The tiny man was flailing about, totally helpless…


A beautiful Japanese woman wearing a strap-on that was plunged deeply into the rear of some poor man. She was smiling…


The face of a man licking the dirt from a woman’s cowboy boot…


And on and on…


Karen jiggled the mouse and the Enterprise reappeared, along with the Log on box. Her heart was racing as she sipped, then guzzled her beer. She could not believe what she had just seen.

“God…” she whispered to herself. “He does want this.”

Karen stared at the computer monitor, almost dumbfounded, wondering what to do. She wondered just how deeply her brother’s depravity ran, then shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts.

Not depraved. Just fantasies. Sexual definitely, and out of the ordinary, but to each his own, she supposed. Still, it made her think.

He DID want this.

Did Mom know that?

Did Claudette? It seemed that way. Claudette had had him on the floor and licking at the sole of her shoe. How had she found out though? Karen had never suspected.

She stared at the screen, watching the pixel flicker, waiting…

‘Password’, she thought. What would it be?

She stared at the Enterprise.

It couldn’t be that obvious, could it?

She typed in ‘CAPTAIN’, then hit ‘ENTER’.

The screen changed, and a box came up:


Karen sagged as the desktop changed, becoming an image of a young girl holding a tiny man in the palm of one hand while she probed his privates with the fingers of the other. The girl was grinning. The girl was underage.

“God, Kirk…” Karen whispered as the computer settled into Captain Kirk mode.

She left-clicked on START, then on MY PICTURES and saw almost two dozen folders pop up after a moment. She scrolled down, reading the titles of the folders: BONDAGE, BOOTS, CAUGHT, CFNM, FEMDOM, GIANTESS, and so on. She could not believe it.

Karen double-clicked on one at random – CFNM…

The Windows Image Viewer popped up displaying the first of several dozen images. It was a naked man tied to a pole, a woman squeezing his genitals and laughing as he squirmed. The rest were more or less the same as she clicked through. Naked men at the mercy of clothed women, degrading themselves and helpless; licking shoes and kissing feet, being ridden like a horse or simply tied up.

And the rest of the folders were little different. There were tied and dominated men, tiny men at the feet of Giantess women, drawings of boys being tortured, spanked and whipped, men being humped by dogs…

Karen upended her beer, clicking on a folder labeled KAREN…

There was a picture that she remembered, taken the previous summer at a picnic at one of the local lakes. She was dressed in a halter and denim cut-offs, laughing at some joke as she recalled with her legs crossed and wearing a pair of flip-flops. What she did not recall was her naked brother on his hands and knees before her, licking her feet. How had he done that?

Photo manipulation, obviously, splicing one image with another, and quite good at it actually. Karen felt her stomach churn, but too, she felt a tingle of excitement. It was horrible, but…

Karen jumped at the sound of the doorbell.


When she left her brother’s room she was relieved to see Sandy standing in the foyer of the living room beyond. Her mother was there too, and they seemed happy and calm. Then she saw her brother kneeling with his head down to the floor in the corner and a shiver ran through her again.

“Karen,” Sandy said, stepping forward to greet her, leaning in to air kiss. Karen complied half-heartedly, but saw her friend’s discomfort as she stepped back a bit.

“What’s wrong?” Sandy asked, and Karen just shrugged, shaking her head. She was bewildered, wondering what to do. She had never suspected her brother’s… desires. He apparently DID want what Claudette had done to him, but did that make it right? He was being controlled, and not in his right mind. If he truly did have perverse fantasies, well, that was fine, but he should have his own free will to see them through and not be manipulated by hypnosis. She was about to say so when Sandy cut her off.

“Wow, you are way too tense over this. You gotta lighten up, Karen.”

Sandy’s grin was huge as she looked at Karen, then turned to Kirk. He was unmoving with his head to the floor. Karen imagined that her mother had told him to take that position, and she knew that he would not move until told otherwise.

“Mom will be here tomorrow before work, and she’ll settle things. I know enough to get Kirk back to some kind of normal for the rest of the day, if that’s what you really want. Myself, I’d enjoy the attention while you can.”

Karen folded her arms over her chest, feeling a chill. She looked at Sandy and also felt an attraction. She was dressed in old tight-fitting blue jeans that hugged her ass nicely and flared over her feet, the ratty cuffs accentuating the filthy black rubber flip-flops. She wore a tight-fitting shirt that left her taut stomach showing. Her kinky black hair fell about her shoulders as she leaned in and towered over Kirk.

“How you doing, boy?” she asked, and Karen saw her brother writhe and squirm. He scampered about, his head darting for Sandy’s feet as he started to lick and kiss her toes. Sandy giggled, enjoying the attention.

“I don’t see the problem,” she said, simply standing with her hands on her hips as Kirk licked and kissed her dirty, smelly feet. Karen watched, upset but feeling a surge of excitement as well.

“If it were me, I’d enjoy this to the max.”

“Me too,” Karen heard her mother say. Janice was sitting on the couch still, smoking a cigarette and smiling as her son degraded himself at Sandy’s feet. “He has no problem, obviously. It’s just her…”

Karen blushed as her mother jerked a thumb in her direction. Karen shook her head, still unbelieving over what she had seen on her brother’s computer. She sighed, finally…

“Okay,” she said, sagging as she collapsed onto the couch beside her mother. “I surrender. He wants this. I give up.”

“What’s that?” Sandy asked, wiggling her toes beneath Kirk’s face.

“He wants this,” Karen said, settling back and crossing her body; legs and arms. “I saw it on his computer. He’s sick. Done. Fucking pervert…”

“No he’s not,” sandy said as she pulled her foot back. Kirk started to crawl after it but she ordered him to stay. Kirk bowed to the floor, holding position.

“Your brother just likes his sex different. That doesn’t make him a pervert,” Sandy explained. “Hell, you like a little lickey-lickey. Does that make you a pervert? Not me.”

“I suppose,” Karen said, staring at her brother. He just looked so pathetic there on the floor, bowed and waiting for instruction. Sandy was right though. There were plenty of people out there that would call her Bi-sexual tendencies just as perverse as her brother’s submissive fantasies. Who was she to judge?

“C’mon, Karen…”

Karen Gibbons closed her eyes and slipped her foot from the confines of her Doctor Scholl’s, sliding her foot forward. When she felt the warmth of her brother’s tongue on her foot, she came instantly…


Claudette rolled the BMW into the driveway and killed the engine. It took her just a moment to shoulder her bag before sidling out of the car, shutting the door and walking up to the house. She smiled as she pushed the bell, waiting…

The door opened and she grinned to see Kirk on his knees, one hand on the knob. His eyes looked lifeless as he glanced at her face, then quickly shifted his gaze to her shoes.

“Welcome, Ma’am,” he said, softly and humbly as he shuffled back on his knees to allow her access. Claudette opened the screen door and stepped into the house.

Kirk was sniffing and kissing her sandaled feet as Claudette glanced about the living room. She saw Janice Gibbons sitting on the couch, a coffee cup in hand as she turned from the morning news show that she had been watching.

“Claudette,” she said with a wide, warm smile. “Good morning.”

“Hi, Jan,” Claudette said as she stepped past the youth, ignoring his whimpers as he could not finish kissing her feet. The boy closed and locked the door, then simply curled up, awaiting orders. Just as he should.

“How are you?” Janice asked, setting her coffee mug aside. She snapped her fingers and Kirk scrambled to that area before the couch where she sat. He bowed down, head to the floor and Janice extended her legs and crossed her ankles, resting them on his back. He seemed to sag with contentment to feel the weight of his mother’s feet on his back. Claudette grinned.

“I’m good. But I see you’re better. Got things sorted out I see.”

“Yeah,” Janice nodded. “It was Karen really, but she’s come around.”

“I figured,” Claudette said as she stepped up and slid her sandaled foot under Kirk’s face. She heard his whimper of lust as he leaned in and started licking. She had not showered, expecting a tough time, but apparently it was not necessary. And Kirk had no problem cleaning her corn chip smelling feet. His tongue was hot as it washed over her foot, slipping under the wide leather strap of her sandal. He tickled between her toes, causing her to giggle.

“I take it then that you don’t want me to end this?” she said as she sat on the couch. She tossed her over-sized leather bag to the side and crossed her legs. Kirk shuffled about in order to better get at her feet, and she heard him sniffing, trying to absorb the entirety of the experience. Claudette settled back into the sofa and pulled a cigarette from her silver case, lighting it and another, which she offered to Janice.

“Oh, no,” Janice said, taking a long drag and blowing smoke down at her son. She smiled as he redoubled his efforts at Claudette’s feet. “I want this. It was Karen, but she’s come around. I’ve known for a long time that Kirk’s submissive. I was just waiting for him to admit it. I didn’t want to force anything.”

“I see,” Claudette said as she glanced down at the young man that was sniffing her feet and licking the dirt from her sandals. She had to grin. “And where are the girls now?” she asked, blowing smoke at the ‘boy’.

“In his room,” Janice said, recrossing her legs, settling in to watch her son doing what he did best. “Karen discovered his files on his computer. That’s what pushed her over the edge. She’s looking through them now, with Sandy.” Both women turned at the sound of laughter coming from the back bedroom. Claudette felt Kirk licking all the harder. She smiled, wiggling her toes.

“Reading his stories and looking at the images he’s downloaded. No doubt at all he wants this,” Janice said, digging a heel into Kirk’s back. The boy whimpered. “And I want it too.”

“Good,” Claudette said, shoving her foot forward and planting her toes in the boy’s mouth. She gasped as he started to suck.

“I’ll have Sandy write up the papers later, declaring him incompetent. I’ll sign as his doctor, and you’ll sign as his guardian, and then it’ll just be a short wait for the courts, no problem. I know a judge or two that’ll speed the paperwork through for a nice foot massage.” Kirk whimpered but both women ignored him.

“Lick!” Claudette demanded and felt the boy’s tongue immediately sliding between her toes. She sighed, settling back into the plush sofa.

She heard the girls laugh again, a soft sound far away, followed by hushed silence.

Life was good. Getting better all the time…


Story © Carnaj 2006

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