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Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006
By Author Unknown

This Christmas started like any other. I did not get anything I wanted and then had to spend time with the family. It was my mother Elizabeth or Beth as her sister’s call her , My sister Judy and my mother’s two sister’s Aunt Jill and Aunt Kate.

I hate my family. My Aunt’s been divorced and widowed and my father leaving us when I was little I was the only Male. My sister Judy get’s everything she wanted for christmas (e.g an xbox 360) while like I said I did not and I only asked for a couple of dvds.

I had to spend all night hearing them talk about how all men are the scourge of the world. “All wars are started by men” “Hitler was a man” ect…. They even mentioned films like “Darth vader was a man. Look at him he knocked up that paddy or what ever that little princess was called then turned on her once he got what he wanted.”

So much was wrong with that statement it’s just not funny. But I kept quiet and allowed them to go on and on. They opened the gifts I got them and of course it wasn’t good enough. Then they started drinking.

“What do you think Mike? Do you think men are to blame for all the evil?” My sister asked with a sly smile. I didn’t know what to say, “Some men are evil yes. But so are some women.” I answered.

“Did you hear that? He thinks women are evil.” Judy told the others then looked at me with an evil smile. “Really? You also think women are weaker?” My aunt Jill asked. “I guess they are Physically weaker.” I answered

BIG mistake. “Is that right? You think you can out power me?” My mother asked. “I never said that.” I responded. Damn it my sister’s trap seemed to of worked. “Yes you did. You said we are Physically weaker.” Mom said.

“Why don’t you two wrestle.” Aunt Kate suggested. “Good idea. Clear the furniture out the way.” Mom told them. “I stood up and went to go to my room. I had enough of this crap. My sister Judy tripped me up.

I landed on my chest in front of my mom. “Hey now no need to bow down to me. Not yet anyway.” My mother laughed. The others laughed too. I started to get up and mom quickly put me in a head lock.

I couldn’t breath. I tried to get free but I couldn’t. My mom moved when I moved holding on tight. “Give up?” My mother laughed. “Yes yes.” I replied. Mom let go and fell to the floor. “Now you lost there should be a forfeit. What do you all think it should be?” Mom laughed evilly as she asked.

“He should do the dishes” Aunt Kate suggested , “He should wash our cars.” Aunt Jill said. “He should kiss your feet.” My sister laughed evilly as she suggested it. “No I couldn’t ask him to kiss my feet.” My mom said sympathetically. “He should kiss ALL our feet.” Mom continued with a nasty giggle.

Mom grabbed me by the back of the head “come now.” She said leading me to my Aunt Kate. Aunt Kate slipped off her shoes and grinned. “Kiss her feet.” Mother laughed pushing my face closer to the foot.

The smell of the foot shot up my nose fast. I made me gag. “Awww he doesn’t like the smell.” Aunt Kate laughed making her toes grip my nose. The smell got worse I thought I was going to pass out until she removed them.

“Kiss them.” Aunt Kate ordered pointing at her feet. I leaned in and placed my lips on her soft damp soles. As I did it I heard a click. “Just making sure to get each kiss on my phone. The guys at work will love this.” Judy laughed. Why I failed to mention is My sister is the manager at the restaurant where I work.

My mom the took me to Aunt Jill. “Remove my boots servant boy.” She said snapping her fingers. I unzipped them and pulled them off. The smell was worse than Aunt Kate’s. “Now slave boy kiss the feet of a goddess.” My aunt laughed.

I kissed the top of her feet while my sister took more pictures. “Those pictures your taking lets turn them in to a calendar for 2007” Aunt Kate laughed. “Good idea.” My mother said leading me to my sister.

“Looks like your getting what you want for christmas. The pleasure of kissing MY feet.” My sister said lifting up her dirty bare feet. “Kiss kiss” she laughed. My lips touched her feet. They were not as smelly as the others but the dirt made them worse to kiss.

“Not just a little kiss. French it up little broother.” She laughed. “No.” I said I was not going to lick her feet. “You heard her.” Mother said. Oh god I had no choice. My tongue stroked her foot picking up the dirt on the way.

Tears started to form in my eyes as they kept there till her feet were spotless. “I got get use to that.” My sister whispered in my ear. Mom let go and sat in her chair. “Saved the best for last. Get over and kiss mommies feet.” She mocked.

I crawled over to her and saw her kick off her slippers. Oh my god her feet smelled the worst. I kissed her soles again to the sound of a phone taking pictures. The humiliation from kissing my mother’s feet was the worst EVER.

“Don’t worry now you’ve finished you can start again. UNLESS you want me to show the pictures to everyone you know. That’s right little brother my gift to you is the gift of slavery.” Judy laughed.

Looks like I’m ending the year as I’ll live the rest of my life, A slave to the evil scheming bitch Judy and my mother who is also enjoying owning me.

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