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My Cousin's Sexy Feet

My Cousin's Sexy Feet

By Author Unknown

 I have had a foot fetish ever since I was a child. Unfortunately, I never had any avenues to satisfy my fondness for feet. During the course of my teenage years into my early twenties, I dated, made out, and went round the bases with girls my own age, and while I enjoyed a very normal sex life, I was in no position to explore my foot fetish. I kept my fetish strictly confidential. I would have been far too embarrassed to admit to any of my high school or college girlfriends that I was interested in their feet. So for the first 21 years of my life, my yearning to kiss and sniff pretty young feet was relegated to nothing more then masturbation fodder.
One summer when I was 22 years old, that all changed and I finally got my first real encounter with a pair of hot 'n' sexy feet. It was what I had been waiting for all my life. I just never would have imagined in my wildest dreams who's feet it would be that would finally satisfy my secret fetish.
My cousin Elizabeth is an extremely cute girl, she is about 5' 6", 116 pounds, fair skinned, short dark brown hair, blue eyes, nice firm b-cups, with very attractive well cared for feet. If I had to compare Elizabeth to someone famous, I would say she bares a resemblance to Bridget Fonda, but I think Elizabeth is much prettier. Elizabeth is 6 years younger then I, so at the time she was 17. She often would spend her summers with my family at my parents lakefront summer cottage in the green mountains of Vermont.
I would usually meet up with my family in Vermont for a few weeks on my summer break from school and Elizabeth and I would hang out, go fishing, hiking, swimming, and sometimes camp out in the surrounding woods. Ever since we were children we were more like best friends then actual cousins.
So this one summer, I had joined my family at their vacation home in Vermont as usual, and as usual Elizabeth was there. She looked really great. She really had blossomed from the little girl I used to pal around with into a complete knockout. Prior to this summer, I had never looked at her in a romantic or sexual way, but I couldn't help be taken aback by how stunning she had become. Still she was technically my cousin, so I didn't allow my thoughts on her to go any further then admiring her looks for a brief moment or two. I knew she always had a crush on me when we were kids, but it was purely innocent kid stuff, and just due to the fact that she was my cousin, any thoughts of her in an impure way were quickly suppressed.
I do remember one occasion that perhaps planted the seed for what was about to unfold; One hot afternoon we were laying out on the dock getting some sun and I innocently glanced over at her feet. I remember being kind of startled when I caught myself beginning to get aroused by the site of them. I quickly looked away feeling kind of "weirded out," but I just brushed it off and tried to forget about the incident.
We spent the first two weeks doing the usual swimming, boating, water-skiing, fishing, having fun in the sun, etc. One gorgeous day we decided it would be a good idea to pack up some gear, hike up the nearby mountain and camp out on "The peak" (as we called it) for the night. We grabbed our sleeping bags, a tent, a cooler filled with a 6-pack of hot-dogs, a 12-pack of beer, and we're off. Four hours later we were completely exhausted and drenched in sweat when we finally completed the steep grueling trek to the top of the mountain. We made a nice little campsite on the rocky mountain peak. The view from the mountain top was incredible.
By the time the tent was pitched and the campfire was burning the sun had begun to set. We sat back and drank some beers while we talked and enjoyed the most brilliant sunset I have ever witnessed. Elizabeth also produced a joint, we smoked that and then cooked some wieners for dinner over the crackling fire. We spent the next several hours drinking beer, talking, smoking, and just enjoying the majesty of the starry night sky.
Perhaps she was tired after our long hike, perhaps she was a little too stoned and drunk, perhaps both, as Elizabeth stood up and informed me she was totally spent and was going to retire into the tent for the evening. I said goodnight to her and told her I would follow her in after I finished another beer. I gazed at the stars for another 15 minutes or so while finishing one last beer, and then proceeded to join my cousin in the tent.
I crawled through the tent flaps on my knees and was immediately graced with the sight of Elizabeth passed out on top of her sleeping bag. She didn't even bother to change her clothes. She was still wearing her black tank-top and cutoff Jeans shorts. I also noticed that she didn't even bother to take off her sneakers. I thought I should at least take them off for her, so I untied her laces and slid her sneakers off her bare sockless feet.
Now what happened next could have been due to the pot and beer, or it could have just been the site of her irresistible feet. I remember staring at her feet, they were very curvy and sensual. She had perfect toes, neatly trimmed and painted with a clear/whitish gloss.
I then took one of her sneakers which I was still holding in my hand and covered my nose with the mouth of the shoe. I deeply inhaled. The odor was overwhelming, very musty and pungent. I quickly threw the sneaker down and dove onto my own sleeping bag. I didn't react in the manner I did because I was disgusted by the strong odor of her sneaker, but because I was totally disgusted with myself for an act that I perceived as deviant, possibly even incestuous. In hindsight I can look back and laugh at my initial reaction to this, but at that moment I was ashamed and very "weirded out" by what I had done. Maybe if she hadn't been my cousin, it would have been different, I don't know.
Our sleeping bags were laid out next to one another head to foot (I.E: My head was inline with her feet, and vice versa) I first rolled over on my side and tried to forget the sneaker sniffing incident. I just told myself that I was drunk and it was no big deal, I didn't do anything wrong. Yet at the same time I began to think about the odor of her sneaker and as much as I didn't want to admit it, I wasn't repulsed by that strong acrid smell, on the contrary I was quite aroused by it! I remember feeling very confused about all of this and I just closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.
I guess it was about 30 minutes or so later, while half asleep I rolled over onto my left side to reposition myself. I remember opening my heavy eyelids and immediately noticing my sleeping cousins gorgeous feet before me, not six inches from my face! She was laying on her side as well, her back turned to me with her legs together slightly bent so that the bottoms of her feet were perfectly parallel to my face. The moonlight shined in from the open tent flap spotlighting her feet, showcasing her pretty pink soles and sensually rounded heels. My eyes widened and I was instantly alert. I stared at them lustfully for what must have been minutes, just taking them in. I remember trying to fight off the urge I was feeling.
I remember thinking that I should just roll over and go back to sleep, but it was as if I was hypnotized by them. I inhaled deeply trying to catch a hint of that intoxicating odor that so enthralled me earlier from her sneakers. I thought I could detect it, but it wasn't enough, I wanted more. I wanted it all! I guess at that moment I consciously let go of any inhibitions or feelings of shame, and decided I would finally indulge my foot fetish.
Maybe it was the wrong thing to do, maybe it wasn't, but in any case this is what I did: I moved closer to her so that my face was mere millimeters away from the soles of her feet. I pressed my nose against the instep of her right foot. I could feel the soft moist flesh under my nose and lips. I took a deep whiff. While the odor of her foot was not nearly as strong as her sneaker had been, I was still totally aroused and consumed with lust by the sweet fetid aroma and instantaneously became erect.(That precise moment when I for the first time pressed my nose against a pretty bare foot and smelled it was one of the most exciting sexual moments I have ever had!) I can best describe the odor of my cousin's feet as being reminiscent of a light vinegar, with a faint musky overtone. Very feminine and very sexy indeed.
I ran my nose up and down the soles of her feet, totally entranced by their scent. I stuck my nose in-between each of her toes, enjoying the slightly more sharp smell which accented them, and then sniffed her heals. I could feel the pre-cum form on the tip of my penis. I began rubbing her feet with my hand, tracing over every curve with my finger. I was so sexed up, that I had to have more. I sat up and looked at Elizabeth to make sure she was still soundly asleep (after all I wouldn't want her to wake up and catch me while I was enjoying her feet!)
After being convinced that she was totally out, I gently rolled her over on her back. She stirred a little bit and mumbled incoherently, but I was satisfied that she was not going to wake up. I then took off my pants, and sat Indian style at the foot of her sleeping bag. I grabbed her ankles, lifted up her feet and pressed them firmly against my face. I inhaled deeply. I couldn't get over how erotic I found the odor of her feet. I rubbed her slightly perspiring feet all over my face. I buried my face in them. I began licking and kissing her feet all over, then sucking on the tips of her toes. I sucked her big toe like an ice cube.
The thought that her feet might be a little dirty only aroused me more, and I tried to take more of them in my mouth. I continued kissing and sniffing them, and then when I had reached a complete sexual frenzy, I lowered her feet down to my crotch and began rubbing them against my cock and balls. I held the insteps of her feet together and slid my penis in-between. I began thrusting my cock back and forth. I held the soles of her feet together as much as possible so they would completely sandwich my hard throbbing erection. I had never been so turned on in my life, not even while having intercourse. The perspiration of her feet perfectly lubricated me so I could slide my dick back and forth and back and forth. I remember thinking about the fact that the sweat from her feet was bathing my cock really turned me on.
I was in pure ecstasy. I knew I was about to cum. I wanted to somehow smell her feet while I was fucking them, but that was a pretty acrobatic maneuver to pull off. I looked over to my side and saw one her sneakers. I had an idea. With one hand I held both of her feet together around my penis, and then with my free hand I reached over and grabbed her sneaker. As I continued to rapidly fuck her feet, I placed the mouth of her sneaker over my face.
That strong musty odor of her soiled sneaker shot through me like an all consuming wave of pure lust. The smell of her sweat in that sneaker literally had the power to make me instantly orgasm! It was so intense.
Finally satiated in the only way my fetish could be, I felt over 20 years of unrequited burning desire explode all over her feet. This is what I had fantasized about all those years and it was better then I ever could have imagined!

My fast thrusting slowed gradually as the semen oozed out of me, coating her soles and dripping down her heels. After my orgasm was complete, I collapsed onto my side and just lay there in a pure state of relaxation.
My whole body just felt like it had been drained of any tension. It was if I was sedated. I was in total peace and calm with myself and everything around me. A cool breeze flowed in through the tent-flap and caressed my overheated body. I laid there for a few minutes before cleaning up the "mess" I made. I wiped Elizabeth's feet off with an extra T-shirt I had brought along.
I rolled Elizabeth back over on her side, and laid back down on my sleeping bag. I positioned her so that her feet were once again parallel with my face, because I wanted to sleep all night with my face buried in her feet. I masturbated a few minutes later as I kissed and sniffed them. An hour or so later I guess  Elizabeth began to get restless, because she began moving her feet, inadvertently rubbing them against my face. That instantly aroused me and I masturbated again. I think I masturbated twice more after that before finally drifting off.
When we woke the next morning (my face still firmly glued to her feet) Elizabeth was amused when she saw that I had slept with her feet in my face all night, totally oblivious and unsuspecting that it was by my choice. She jokingly asked me if her feet smelled bad. I just laughed and told her that they didn't bother me at all.
Even though Elizabeth never did find out exactly how much her feet did "bother" me that night, it wasn't the last time that her feet satisfied my secret fetish. In fact, a year later she found out all about my foot fetish when she caught me sniffing her shoes! But I will save that story for another time.

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