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Poker nite

Poker nite

By Danza

On a saturday, my parents were going away for the weekend. My older sister and some friends would stay and take care of me. Although I protested, saying I was already 12 and I could take of myself. And my sister also wasn't too happy about it since she would rather hang out with her older friends then her little kid sister. But my mom insisted and she agreed I could stay home for the afternoon myself but my sister would be home at the end of the afternoon and fix me some dinner. My sister (17) was allowed to have to of her friends over, Jane and Samantha. My mom especially apriciated that Samantha, already 21, would help around being more mature.

I had the house all to myself for the afternoon while my sister and her friends hung out at the local gym and most probably at the shopping center afterwards. I was out in the garden, reading a book and I dedn't even notice that it was already after seven when the three girls came home, laughing and talking. I went inside to see what was going on and check out what she brought home for dinner. THey just laughed and went into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch TV. My sister told me they already had eaten in the shopping center, but later she would order some pizza's. I was not happy but before I could say anything, the three girls started laughing and having fun so no one noticed me complaining. Ah well, I went upstairs to my room.

About an hour or so later, my sister was yelling for me downstairs. "Sandra, wanna come downstairs and play cards with us?" she shouted. That could be a nice break of a boring evening so far, so I went downstairs and saw them already sitting at the table. Samantha and Jane both in training outfits, my sister in jeans and a sweater. Jane told me they were going to play poker for cash so I should better bring some. Since I didn't have any money, they agreed that I could play along (they needed to have the fourth player... duh) and if I would loose, the would give me a task. I agreed and Samantha gave everyone their cards.

The first round was easy so they could explain the rules of the game to me. Since I never had plaed before, I lost and Tania, my sister, gave me my first task. "Ok Sandra, we left our shopping bag in the hallway. Be a good sport and bring it here, would you?". Well, that wasn't too bad and I went overthere and got the heavy bag, holding several bottles of red wine and a few bags of sweets and stuff. Meanwhile Jane had already layed out the cards and again I lost and now it's was my turn to get some glasses and give everyone a glass of wine. So I did, but not for me f course. Jane however, pulled another glass and gave me some wine too. I looked at my sister since I knew my parents would not agree to this. She waved my concerns away, telling me mom and dad would only be home late tomorrow nite.

The three girls drank the wine pretty fast and I tried to keep up. But since it was my first time drinking and I didn't had anything to eat yet, I realy could feel the wine gettin to me. I could not keep my attention to the game and again I lost. The girls cheered and it was Jane's turn to give me a task. She told me to get on my hands and knees and go around the room like that. So I did and all of them laughed out loud. I went a ful circle through the room and then sat back at my place for the next game. This time I won (or did they let me win?) but since I didn't put up any money, I didn't get no money either. But Samantha was 'generous' and pured me another glass of wine and we went on for the next game.

By now I felt a little dizzy and I couldn't follow the game that well anymore. And again I lost this hand and I waited for Tania for my task. She told me to get on my hands and knees again, so I did that. Tania got up from her chair and straddled my back. Now my sister isn't fat, but chubby, I guess you can say that. I could feel her weight on my back and slowly whe lifted her feet of the ground. With her ankles she softly kicked my thighs and told me to do another round. While the other girls were laughing, I rode her step by step around the room. I was swaying a little under her weight and my arms were shakin a little. My face became red and moist from sweating. To make the full circle around the room with her on my back took almost five minutes. I almost collapsed, making my last steps towards the table and I hoped she would get off soon. But again she kicked me like she was working a horse with her spurs, ordering me to make it to the table again. Breathing heavily I managed to do that and we went on for another game, and Jane already gave all of us another round of wine.

I don't know if it was because of the wine, or because the three of them cheating but there was no way I could win any game from now on. It was Samantha's turn now and I looked at her, hoping I would get of a little easy this time. "Look at her, she's too tired to do anything anymore !" she laughed. "Well, let's make it easy for you this time then. Get under the table Sandra and lay on your stomach". Ahh, that didn't feel too bad. The cold floor felt kinda fresh as I lay between three pair of sneakers. With the toe of her left foot Samantha took of her right size 10 sneaker, then the other one. "OK Sandra, look up!" she said. When I did she pushed her sneakers right under my face. Yewww, that smelled bad. She had been walking around in them barefeet, even went for a gymclass and then hang around the local shopping center and walk all the way over here. "Little Sandra, your next task is to smell them for five minutes " she laughed and to 'help' me a little, she placed her barefeet on the back of my head to force my face in her sneakers.

It was all dark under the table, her shoes in my face. My nose was in one of her shoes, pressed to the sole. Yuck, it even felt warm and moist and I breathed in the most horrible smell. Samantha's feet were heavy on the back of my head and she was enjoying having me as her footrest. At least, that was what she was telling Jane and Tania. "Mmmm, this feels so relaxing" she said as she rubbed her feet on my hair. Right there I decided not to drink anymore for tonite and keep my mind to the game. But for now, I was breathing in the foul stench and it was almost if I could taste the inside of her shoe in my mouth. I lost all sense of time, but I bet she kept my nose in there for longer then five minutes, but this ordeal also ended and she lifted her feet of my head and looked down under the table at me. "My my, are we having fun down there? Come up here and play!" she smiled. I sat back and Jane already came again with the bottle. Quickly I held my hand over my glass to let her know I had enough.
Not drinking didn't help too much and again they all cheered when I also lost the next game and Jane could give me another task. "Watch this" she said, as she put the bottle of wine to her lips and drank right out of it. She washed her moushed with it and then took my glass and spitted it out. Tania and Samantha laughed and when Jane past the bottle, they both did the same. After that, my glass was full of their mix of spit and wine. "Ok, now drink that up!" was all Jane said. I was already quit dizzy but I wanted to be a good sport and hang out with the big girls and so I did drink it all down. I tried not to think of what was in the glass and swallow it down as fast as I could. By now, I had way too much and couldn't sit up straight anymore. I slipped of my chair and sat down on the cold floor. Even that was hard so I laid down on my back, didn't care much about the three girls laughing at me.

Jane got up and stood beside me. I could feel her place the sole of her shoe on my belly, as she lightly pressed down. "Tss... kids these days can't take anything" she joked, pressing down some more on my belly. Samantha swung her legs around and now rested her soles on my face. Again I could smell those dirty sweaty feet as she rubbed them all over my face. "That looks like fun!" Jane said as she kicked of one sneaker and placed her barefoot also over my face. Jane and Samantha started gigling and tried to place as much of their soles on my face, pushing each other away. Jane kicked of her other shoe and sat down on my belly, using her hands on my highs for ballance, so she could use both feet in this foot-on-face fight.

"Take it easy" Tania protested "She's just a 12 year old kid !". But by the laughing in her voice I knew she wasn't too serious about warning them. "Shut up" Samantha said "She wanted to have fun with the big girls and so she will!". With that, she took her feet of my face and kneeled beside me. She came close to my face and smelled it. "Yeww.. her face smells bad! She should wash up a little". Saying that, she spitted in my face and Jane used that to wash my face, using her soles to rub it in.

Samantha told Jane to get up because she wanted to do a test. All three girls now stood around me, while I was still laying on my back on the floor in the middle. "Let's see who can keep his ballance the bast after all hat wine" she suggested and she put her foot on my belly. Without any warning she put her other foot on my chest and suddenly I was flattened under her tremendous weight. Samantha was a tall girl with a round belly and ass and all I could do was look up at her as she tried to keep her ballance on me. My sister and Jane looked at her and looked at the clock to see how long she would hold up. She held up for 6 minutes before she lost her ballance and stepped of.

Before I knew it, Jane stepped up. One foot on my belly, the other on my chest, spreading her arms to position herself. A few times she almost fell off, lifting her foot from my chest so all of her weight was on my belly. Tania and Jane were lookin at the clock and counted of the minutes. "One... Two... keep it up Jane... Three...". After five minutes Jane again almost fell of but she wanted to pull her left foot on my chest again, she accidentaly stepped on the side of my head. Tania told her it didn't count but Jane told her to shut up and keep counting. Luckily, Jane had to much to drink and she had to step off of me after 8 minutes.

Now it was Tania's turn. "That wasn't fair Jane to step on her head that's much easier then her chest and belly" Tania shouted. "Oh yeah? I dare you to stay up like that for ten minutes!" Jane replied. Tania then put the sole of her sneaker on my face and turned it sideways. She told me to keep up the family honour and lay still. Then I could feel the pressure on my head as she lifted her other foot and sway it around a little before she put it on my chest. The girls counted the minutes and joked about how Tania forgot to take of her shoes before stepping up. Tania did the best she could to stand up straight and keep still. I cried, not only from the pain but from the humiliation as I was here, on the floor with my sister standing on me. The girls kept on counting the minutes and my sister was the real winner as she managed to keep standing on top of me for the full ten minutes. She even bragged she could stay like that for another ten minutes. I got scared but luckily she stepped of.

My vision was blurry and my ears were ringing from the pressure and I lost track of what they were planning now. I could here my sister "protest" again, saying something like that Samantha was taking to far and that this would be the last. I looked up and saw Samantha who had taken down her pants and underwear. She placed both her feet beside my head and I looked up at her. I had never seen another girl naked from this position before. Samantha bended her knees and squated down gently. I could see her crotch right above my face, and then she told me to get ready for a taste. A second later, my nose was burried in her crotch and I couldn't get any air. This lasted a few seconds and then she lifted herself a little.

"If you wanna taste, use your tongue kiddo!" she said. I told her I didn't want to taste her since the smell was bead enough. "Go for it Sam" Jane cheered her "make her beg for it!". And with that, Samantha sat down again, and another time I was gasping for air. This time she took a little longer and I started to paic a little. Lying her, all dark and smelly underneath her warm crotch. When she got up, she asked if I was about to get a taste yet. I shook my head and she seated herself another time on my face. NOw she made it last for almost too long and when she got up, I told her it was enough. "So, what are you gonna do then, little brat?" she asked. "Please Sam, may I have a taste?" i asked her with a soft voice. "Hmmm... you can have a big taste.." she grinned. And just as I opened my mouth to reach out with my tongue, I could feel a warm and salty taste filling my mouth. Oh no, Samantha was pissing in my mouth! In my panic I started to swallow it down as as fast as I could, but it seemed to go on and on. My face was drenched in her urine eventhough I had swallowed a lot, but it was just way too much.

Then she lowered herself again and started rubbin her crotch over my face. Just as if I was only there for her pleasure she rode me like a rodeo horse until she came all over my face. She rested back and sat on my chest, relaxing and lookin at the mess. "Yeww.. let's go and take a shower upstairs Sam" my sister said. "Sandra can clean up the mess here. And she better do it or else I will tell mom she has been drinking...."

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