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Lisa's Dork

Lisa's Dork


It was the begining of spring in St.Louis. The high temp for today is going to be in the mid to high 70's John heard on his way into work on this nice friday morning. This is the first nice day in a long time John thought. I should do something to night. Maybe I'll ask Lisa out, he thought to himself. It only took him 25 minutes to get to work. The highway was dead, but that was ok with John because the earlier he got to work the more time he would have to chat up Lisa before starting his day.

After parking his car, John walked in the front door and look over towards the front desk. There sat Lisa. A 22 year old red head goddess or at least she was to John. Her hair is alittle on the long side, just past her shoulders. Crystal green eyes, nice pouty lips and her skin has just a hint of a tan. She is wearing a low cut yellow top that shows alot of her 36D cleavage. Her pants are tan and look to be a size to small. They look like they are painted on, which looked very good to John. He loved the way they pull across her nice round and alittle bit meaty ass. They really show off the shape of her hips, ass and legs. On her feet is a pair of 4" black leather heels. The same heels she wore to work everyday for god only knows how many years now.

John walks over to Lisa's desk.
Hello Lisa.
Lisa doesn't say anything and keeps on reading some papers on her desk.
Hello Lisa hello.
John waves his hands in front of her.
Oh it's you. What do you want?
You see John is 41 years old and Lisa thinks he is a dork. Most of the time Lisa is mean to him and makes fun of him. That has never stopped john from wanting to talk with her though. He like her and puts up with it just so he can be around her.

What are you doing tonight?
Nothing that should matter to you.
Well Lisa, I was ummm wondering if your not doing anything that maybe you might want to hang out and do something.
Lisa cracks up laughing.
You mean me hang out with you.
Lisa is still laughing.
Yes, whats wrong with that?
Come on John, you cann't be for real. Just look at you. Your a 41 year old dork. What in the hell would make you think that I might want to hang out with you?
Just forget it Lisa. Soryy I bothered you.
As john walked away with his head down, He could still hear Lisa laughing at him.

Now at his desk John worked hard all morning. Fileing papers, making phone calls and writing reports. All though he stayed busy, he could not get what happened this morning with Lisa out of his head. Does she think she's better than me? She is hot but that doesn't give her the right to treat me like that. These thoughts are running threw his head all morning. John then looks at the clock. It's 11:50. John heads off to the lunch room to get an early start on lunch.

When John walks in, there's no one there. He grabs his bag lunch and sits down and starts to eat. 10 minutes later he hears people coming back to the lunch room. In walks Jenny and right behind her is Lisa. They both take a seat at the table. Lisa is right across from John and Jenny is right beside her. Lisa then kicks her feet up onto the table and crosses her legs at the ankles. This brings her feet in those wore out black heels about 2" from John's food. John looks up, right at the sole of Lisa's heels while Jenny and Lisa giggle.

That is so rude Lisa.
What is?
You know what.
OOOh you mean my feet on the table, right?
More giggles.
Yes your feet Lisa. Do you have to have them on the table while I'm eating?
No I don't John but if you don't like it then go somewhere else and eat.
More giggles from Jenny.
I was here first and besides, you shouldn't have your feet up on the table anyways. Some people do eat in here and your shoes are dirty.
Well John, would it make you feel any better if I took off my shoes?
Lisa then starts to pop her heel in and out of her right shoe, while giving John an evil grin. Jenny starts to smell a very foul odor. Kind of sweaty mixed with a touch of leather. It's very strong and it's slowly filling the room.

I know there alittle stinky but come on their not that bad.
Yes they are Lisa! Didn't you take a shower this morning?
Well uh no. I went bar hopping after work yesterday and got home around 2am. Then I woke up late this morning and didn't have time to.
You better take one after work today or no one is going to want to be around you with those stinky feet of yours.
Lisa giggles then turns back to John.
Well John?
Well what?
Should I take off my dirty shoes?
I wish you would just take your feet off the table.
Ok, I'll take that as a yes.
With that said, Lisa flipped off her right shoe and it tumbled down onto the table, right onto John's food.
Come on Lisa! What the hell are you doing? I'm eating over here!
John slaps the shoe off of his food and it slides across the table to Lisa.
Thank you for giving me my shoe back John.
While she said this, she was flexing and wiggling her toes which are still about 2" away from John's food.

GOD DAMN LISA!! Jenny is right. Your feet freakin stink. Now will you stop playing around and let me eat in peace?
Ok John but could you do something for me first?
Earlier today I had my shoes off at my desk and I think I got a splinter in the bottom of my foot. Could you take a look for me and if there is one, could you get it out?
Then will you leave me alone?
Yes Lisa said while giggling and rolling her eyes. John leans forward alittle and takes a look at the sole of Lisa'a foot but cann't see a splinter because Lisa is still wiggling her toes.
Lisa will you hold still? I cann't tell if there's one when you keep moving your foot around.
Lisa stops wiggling her toes and John takes another look.
I don't see one Lisa.
Now John, how do you expect to see anything when you're so far away? Your going to have to get alittle closer than that.
John then looks over at Jenny, to see if she is watching. To his surprise she's not. She is messing around with her cell phone. So John leans forward alittle more. He's about 6" away from the sole of Lisa's foot now. John thinks to himself, Damn her feet stink. She must have been dancing all night long. That sweaty foot stink mixed with leather really was getting to John.

Look at the area where the toes meet the ball. Thats where it hurts at John.
I still don't see anything.
John lean in just alittle closer and look real hard. I'm sure there's one in there. It's just really small.
John leans in even closer. He's now about 2" from Lisa's smelly foot. Then out of no where, Lisa's foot shoots forward and smacks him dead in the face. Lisa's other foot shoots out, around the back of his head and pulls his face into the sole of her other foot. Lisa then spreads and wiggles her toes over John's nose.
How does my foot smell John?
She then pinches his nose with her toes a few times before they come to a rest cupped over John's nose. Lisa and Jenny are laughing their asses off.
Look Jenny, John is sniffing my stinky feet!! She said with a laugh.

Lisa your going to kill him with those stinky things.
I don't know Jen. I think he likes them. Just look at the way his eyes are watering. Don't cry John. I know you love this.
While saying this Lisa rubbed the sole of her smelly foot all over John's face. Her foot was smashing his nose and smooshing and pulling at the skin on his face. Jenny cann't control her laughter as she is get louder now. Lisa kept
0 smashing his nose back and forth, up and down to make sure he got a good sniff of her smelly feet. The whole time all of this is going on John is fighting to pull his head free. Lisa's feet are so stinky that John gagged a few times. As hard as John tried, he could not get his head free. Lisa had a very good grip on it.

Oooh John, now your just being a baby. Stop fighting it. You know you like it.

Everytime John tried to say something Lisa would press her foot over his mouth. The only thing that could be heard was a bunch of muffled mumbleing. That brought waves of laughter from Jenny.

WOW!! Time really does fly when your having fun. Right John. Our lunch break is over. Time SMACK, to SMACK, go SMACK, back SMACK, to SMACK, work SMACK.
As Lisa slapped John's face with the sole of her foot Jenny burst into even more laughter. While Lisa slips back on her heels, Jenny just stares at John laughing her ass off. John just sat there humiliated with his head held down. He was to ashamed to even look up at the girls. As Lisa and Jenny walked out of the lunch room, John could hear them still laughing and making fun of him.

The rest of John's day was very busy. Time went by so fast that before he knew it, It was time to go home. As he walked to the front door to leave, he saw Lisa at her desk. The feeling of humiliation came over him again and he tried to walk by her with his head held down.

Hey John.
What Lisa?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
John said nothing.
I just want to say that I was just playing around at lunch and that I'm sorry. I didn't know you would take it so hard.

John still said nothing and just stared at her.

Also I know that you like me and want to hang out but I really don't have the time this weekend. I'm working over time tomorrow and if you want to, you can come in and hang out with me. What do you say John?
You know Lisa, this is the nicest you have ever been to me. Thank you for saying your sorry and I think I would very much like to hang out and get to know you.
So I'll see you tomorrow then?
Yes Lisa, you will. Oh what time are you coming in Lisa?
Around 9am.
Ok, see you then.

As John drove home, he felt alot better about his day. He also thought that this might be the begining of something nice with Lisa.

That night at home, John fell asleep on the couch while drinking a beer and watching an X Files marathon.

The next morning, John woke up at 10 to 8am. He jumped into the shower, cleaned himself up real nice and hopped into the car. On the way to work, John was feeling great. He was looking forward to spending some time with Lisa. When he walked in the front door at work, it was 9:30am. He saw Lisa at her desk. She looked very tired and was still wearing the same clothes she had on the day before.

Hi John.
Hello Lisa.
Boy John I was begining to think That maybe you wasn't going to show.
Yeah I got up late, sorry.
Oh thats ok John.
You look tired Lisa. Did you have another late night?
Yeah, I got in around 1:30am and went right to bed.
Man you sure do go out alot.
Yeah I know. I'm just having some fun while I'm still young.
I'll be right back Lisa. I'm going to grab a chair from the lunch room.
There's no need for that John. No one is here but you and me. You can sit on the floor back here next to me.

John just stood there not knowing what to do. He really wants things to work out between himself and Lisa.

You don't mind, do you John?
Uh no I don't mind at all.

John walked behind Lisa's desk and took a seat on the floor right next to her chair.

So John, what do you have planned for tomorrow?

As John begins to tell her, She is giving him an evil little grin. Then her phone rings.
Wait a minute John, I have to take this .
As Lisa picks up the phone, John cann't help but look at her ass. So pretty and round, John thought to himself. It looks so soft too. Man I'd give anything to grab it or even just to see it in panties, John thought. 5 minutes later, Lisa got off the phone and turns to face John. John looks up and sees Lisa grinning. He wonders if she saw him looking at her ass.

John, that was Miss Ludwig. She needs to find out some info but I don't know where her file is. Would you mind helping me find it?
No I don't mind at all Lisa.
Lisa hands John a stack of files from off her desk.
Here, you look in this stack and I'll look in the one on my desk.

As John begins to look threw the files, Lisa just watches him with a big smile on her face. When John opens the third file in his stack a shocked look came across his face. As he thumbs threw it he say,

What the hell!! How?
He looks up at Lisa.
Can you say picture phone? John.

Then it hits him like a ton of bricks. Jenny wasn't playing with her cell phone. She was taking pictures the whole time Lisa was making me smell her feet. Lisa is laughing pretty hard at the dumb look on John's face. John takes all the pictures and rips them up.

Go ahead John. Rip them up. It doesn't matter. I have them saved on my computer.
Why? You told me you were sorry for doing that to me.
I know john but then Jenny showed me the pictures and I thought, I wonder what John would be willing to do to keep me from showing these pictures.
What do you mean by willing to do?
Lets just put it like this John. From now on you will do what ever I tell you to do or I will email these pictures to every one in the company and tell them how you begged to smell my feet.
But I didn't.
Oh John that doesn't matter. Every one will think it's true after seeing the pictures.
Please Lisa don't do this to me. I'll pay you to delete them.
Sorry John I don't want or need your money.
Please Lisa, why are you doing this to me.
Because John, your a dork and now your going to be my my dork. Look at it like this John. You wanted something special with me , well now you do.

John just sat there with a blank look on his face. He felt like an ass.

Now John, be a good boy and remove my shoe. Your going to give me a foot rub. You know I was out late last night and my feet are killing me.
Come on lisa stop messing around.
Now now John. Don't try to get out of this. I don't want to hear any bitch from you or I will have to send out some emails. You really don't want me to do that, do you?
John said nothing.
Do you?
No Lisa.
Good, now get to it.

With that said John reached out to Lisa right foot and slowly pulled off her heel. As the heel came off her foot John was hit with a very foul odor. Lisa'a foot really smelled bad. John gagged alittle. That leather and sweaty mix filled the air all around him. My god her feet stink even worst today then they did before, He thought. Lisa raised her foot up to about 6" from John's nose and said rub boy. John really rubbed her foot good. He thought that the better he did it the faster it would all be over. After about 10 minutes, Lisa slapped John's cheek with the sole of her foot.

Thanks foot dork. Now rub my left one.

While John rubbed Lisa'a left foot she was doing some work up on her desk. Just like with the right foot, She made him stop after 10 minutes. Again with a slap to his cheek with the sole of her foot. Lisa then pulled out 10 pages from Miss Ludwig's file and handed them to John.

Go make copies of these.
As John stood up to go make the copies, Lisa said don't walk crawl. John gets back down on his hands and knees. He crawls about 5' away.

Wait dork. Crawl back here.
When John gets back to her, he watches Lisa pick up a shoe and sniff the inside if it. She wrinkles her nose.

OOOOH god these shoes stink.
Then she picks up the other one and smells it.
God Damn. This one smells even worst. I don't know why but my left shoe always stinks more than the right one.
John watches her and is not sure why she is smelling her own shoes.
Turn your back to me now dork.
John does as he is told. Lisa then pulls out a nylon stocking from her hand bag. She take her left shoe and places it over John's nose. The smell from her shoe is so strong that John's eyes start to water. Lisa then ties her shoe to John's face with the stocking. She also pulls out another stocking from her hand bag and stuff it into John's mouth.

You better leave the stocking and shoe where I put them if you know whats best for you. Now go make those copies.

As John crawled to the copy room, He gagged a few times on the stocking in his mouth. He could not breath with his mouth, so he was forced to breath threw his nose. The smell of Lisa's stink shoe was so strong that John felt as if he may pass out. By the time the copier warmed up and he made all of the copies he was starting to get use to the smell alittle. He crawled back to Lisa and handed her the copies. The stocking in his mouth was soaked and tasted like Lisa wore them with out washing them for weeks. Lisa takes the shoe from John's nose and the stocking from his mouth. She puts the dry stocking in john's mouth.

Ok, my foot dork. I have to get some work done. I am going to have you lay under my chair, with just your head sticking out, so I can use your face as a foot stool to rest my tired smelly feet on while I work. Is that ok with you John? Lisa pulls the stocking out from John's mouth.
Yes Lisa.
Come on John, I cann't hear you. Say it louder.
Now thats better but from now on you will call me Ms Lisa. Got it.
Yes Ms Lisa.
Now John I want you to tell me how your going to help me get some work done right now.
Ms Lisa, I will help you by giving you my face to use as a foot rest so you can be relaxed while you work.
Very good John. I think your starting to learn your place.

With that said, Lisa puts the stocking back into john's mouth. John slid under Lisa's chair. Lisa lifted both feet up and brought them down with a slap to John's face. For the next 2 hours John's face was used as Lisa's foot rest. With the stocking in his mouth He had to breath in her foot stink for the entire 2 hours. Lisa not only rested her feet on John's face but she also would rub his face very hard with the sole of her feet. Give herself a foot rub using John's face. At times, she would tap ans slap John's face with the soles of her feet. Some of the slap were very hard. Lisa would always laugh after a really loud smack. Other times she would pinch John's nose shut for 30 40 and even 50 seconds so he couldn't breath. Then let the grip she had on his nose with her toes loose so he would breath in her foot stink very hard.

Ok foot dork. Your no longer needed. Get out from under my chair. It's time for you to go.
John slides out from under Lisa's chair and kneels beside her. His face is sweaty from being pressed against Lisa's feet for 2 hours and it's also very sore from the pressure of her feet pressing down so hard.

John, before you go I want you to tell me your my foot dork.
Yes Ms Lisa I am.
No John I want to hear you say it.
John didn't say anything.
Ok ok Ms Lisa, I'm your foot dork.
Very good foot sniffing dork. You can go now.

As John walked out, he hear Lisa's calling someone. John was in shock the whole ride home. When he got home he just laid on the couch in a daze. He felt so humiliated that Lisa, some one he has to work with did that to him. Just then the phone rang. John picks it up.

Hi John.
Ummmmmm Hi.
John's not sure who it is.
John it's me silly. Jenny from work.
Hey I just got off the phone with Lisa and she told me how much of a help you were today. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming in tomorrow to help me out with some over time.
Ummm Jenny I'm going to be busy tomorrow.
Oh thats to bad. I have to send out some EMAILS. I will just have to do it on my own.
Jenny wait.
John, just be there tomorrow at 9am sharp....Dork..

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