Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sisters feet

Sisters feet

By Jack

I have three sister's named Kelly, Katy, and Christina. All of them are beatiful, but they are all mean. Some time ago, We all played a game, (By the way my sisters are around 18-20) It was a simple card game. Me, being the youngest (15) didnt know how to play it. But they really didnt know either. I felt confident that I could beat all of them, So we made a bet. "How about we make a bet" I said. They all agreed. "If i win i get 10$ from each of you, And you decide what you win" They all looked at each other and grinned. "If we win you have to be our slave for a month. "Deal" I said. And we shook hands. It turns out. I LOST. So they all evily grinned at me.., "What should we do with him?" Kelly asked. And with that they got some rope and tied me up. Now at the time, I had a huge foot fetish, And kelly knew this. Sometimes While we are hanging out, She would remove her shoe and place it next to me, Neither of us saying a word I would pick it up and smell it for 2-3 minutes. Back to the story, Kelly suggested that i should worship their feet. They agreed. Katy went first since she had worked that day. "My feet stink SO bad... Smell it uo for me... slave boy" She kicked her shoe off and put it right on my nose. I immediately smelled like I was smelling my favorite food. She noticed this and pressed the shoe down harder. Kelly and I knew I was enjoying every second of it. "Whats that slave? Enjoying my shoe? I got it reeal sweaty for you". At this all of the girls laughed. I eventually got a hard on and she stopped. "Kiss my sock you dirty boy, Enjoy it!" I kissed her socked foot for what must have been 10 minutes and stopped, She peeled her sock off, I immediately got turned on by the stinky smell. "Open your mouth" She commanded I did so and she stuffed her sweaty sock into my mouth. "Does it taste good, slave?" I nodded very quickly. She put her hand on my cock. "Yep, Rock hard." She commented. After 15 minutes she removed the sock and Put her toes in my mouth. I could taste the sweat. I moaned in pleasure. They all laughed. "Enjoying this boy?" Christina asked. I, completely obvlivious to their hating comments, Was loving the sweet, sweaty taste, it was better than the sweetist candy. Eventually I repeated the process with the rest. I loved every second of that night. And we do it every two nights.

No one has found out yet but I acctually kept one of Kelly's sock and loved it every night.


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