Saturday, December 29, 2012

Foot Torture

Foot Torture

By Jay

My name is Jack. And this is my story
Some time ago my parents went on vacation for 2 weeks. I was stuck with my 3 teenage sisters. Now dont get me wrong. they are all beatiful. but they are mean as hell.
So they had brought me into the living room and had came up with some card game. I agreed to play. but i was stupid and placed a bet. "If i win i get 10$ from each of you" I had said.
But they wanted me to be their personal foot slave for 2 weeks if i lost. I had a big foot fetish at the time though. So i lost on purpose, trying to make it look like i was trying.
"Haha! You lost! Now get on your knees slave!" My first sister (Kelly) had said. (BTW their names are Kelly, Christina and Katy) I did as i was told and they tied me up. "Now be a good dog and lick our feet!" Katy said.
I did so and it tasted like sweat... But i loved it, And upon noticing this, Christina kicked me onto my back and placed her bare foot right onto my face. She put her toes against my nose and it smelled amazing.
Meanwhile, Katy had been grabbing my dick with her toes and was laughing at the thought of me enjoying this. They did alot of things to me: Made me take my clothes off and cum on her toes. AND lick it off... I like feet but i hate cum. it just stops guys from having too much fun. After about 3 hours of constant heaven. They finnaly went to bed. I, of course laid at their feet and smelled nothing but that.
And yes. I did stay their slave for the 2 weeks.. Good memories.


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