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Dominant Deb

Dominant Deb

By garf123456

I was 16 at the time and i was living next door to my best mate, chris, i
was always round there playing computer games and such, i pretty much lived
round there. Chris's mum was about 40 years of age, 6 feet tall, long
brunette hair, quite slim, with a quite nicely sized ass, reasonably long
legs, but the best thing about her? Yep, you guessed it, she had beautiful
feet, about size 10, long toes, quite high arches considering the size.
Thats one of the reasons why i was at chris's house alot of the time, to try
a catch a glimpse of them perfect feet. She was a very nice person if you
caught her at the right time, but if not, she could be quite nasty, i
thought she was a bit 'stuck-up' aswell, kind of looked down on people, but
hey, enough of the small talk, let me tell you about my experiences with
her, not so nice sides.....Oh, and her name I hear you ask? Check the title.

Part 1.

As i lay on the floor of the room, with my arms and legs handcuffed,
completely naked, no money, a sore body all over, planety of red marks, and
an influx of varying tastes in my mouth, and the foresight of many more
times like this to come, i knew i had hit rock bottom.....And i had never
been happier.

3 Days Earlier:
So, it was like any other friday night, i was at her house playing poker
with a few mates (including Chris), and i heard Deb leave to go out with a
few friends, she goes out quite often, and when she comes back, she's either
rowdy, or irritable.
When she got back it was about 1am, and we were still paying poker, and were
all drunk, she went straight upstairs without saying a word, i was
disappointed, she usually come downstairs barefoot, I am sure it is to tease
me, hmm maybe not.
I was trying to think of a way to see her feet, so i decided to 'go to the
toilet' (or so i told my mates), I thought maybe i could go upstairs and
think of a way to see her feet, somehow, i never really had it worked out.
When i got upstairs, i saw her boots which she had beeen wearing earlier
thet night, i was a bit drunk, and hence daring, so i knelt down and took a
quick wiff, to my suprise they did not smell at all, i was so disappointed,
in my desperation i grabbed them and went into chris's room to give them a
more thorough inspection. When i got into the room, i knelt down and put my
nose as far into the boot as possible, at last, it hit my nose, the feint
smell or sweat from all the dancing, it was good enough for me. Quickly, i
unziped my trousers and started rubbing my Hard-on.
Just on cue, Deb walked into the room and caught me jerking off whilst
smelling her boots, i went bright red with embarassment, i just froze, not
knowing what to say, it wasnt helped by Deb slapping me in the face and
shouting 'What the hell do you think you are doing?!
'Erm, erm' I said franticly, 'Please dont shout the lads will hear'.
'I don't care you little pervert'! she shouted, 'how dare you get off whilst
smelling MY shoes'!
Luckily the music downstairs prevented my mates from hearing.
'Please don't tell my mates, please, i'll do anything' I begged.
'Yes, you will' was her reply, 'Get yourself and your tiny dick into my
bedroom now'!
As i scampered into her room zipping my trousers up on the way, the shock
made my hard-on go down.
'Kneel'! Deb said, now in a stern, and commanding voice. I knelt at her feet
as she towered over me.
'Please dont tell my mates' i begged, 'Shut up' was the reply as she slapped
me across my face again, this one hurt more, my face was burning. 'You will
not speak unless i tell you to speak, now, give me one good reason why i
should not tell your mates, your parents, everyone you know what a little
pervert you are'!
'Erm, i stammered, because i am so sorry I will never do anything like that
again, i will do anything, please'!
'Kiss my feet and beg me not to tell everyone, and from now on you will call
me queen Deb'.
I couldn't believe what she just said, this was my dreem come true, to
finally get to kiss this goddesses feet.
'Well?' said Deb 'Kiss my feet!'. I knelt down and started to plant kisses
on the top of her feet. 'please, queen Deb, please do not tell everyone what
a little pervert I am, you are such a beautiful goddess and I am honoured to
be kissing your feet', this felt so natural to me, and of course my dick had
risen fully and was swelling, i was turned on by this humiliation, then I
heard a
'Just for reassurance' Deb smiled, 'why have you stopped'? she said as she
planted a kick right on the end of my nose which made my eyes water.
She was really beggining to enjoy the control she had over me now, she
seemed no longer angry but loved having me begging and kissing her feet.
I continued kissing the tops of her feet as she towered over me. 'Get off me
now' She said in a commanding tone. She sat down in her big comfy chair,
crossed her legs and gestured for me to come to her, i crawled over and got
a much better view of her feet. Her toenails were painted black and her toes
were quite long, she had very smooth feet, about a size 10, they were
perfect besides a few red marks from where her boots had been rubbing her.
'Massage my feet' She demanded 'They are tired from all the dancing'
'What will my mates say about me being so long up here;? I asked.
'Don't worry, most of them have gone and they were too drunk to notice, now
get rubbing'!
'Of course queen kate' I replied conformatively.
So, a started massaging these feet which i had fantasised about worshipping
for years, i rubbed each toe gently for a couple of minutes each, i used my
thumbs to push in a circular motion, then i began on the soles, they were
beautiful, i put all my effort and concentration into her feet and to please
her much as i could, although i enjoyed the experience very much, i harldy
have a choice, did i?
After about 20 minutes on one foot i started on the other, i looked up to
see she was relaxng, watchng TV, like i wasn't there.
After about 20 minutes on the other foot she ordered: 'My feet are sweaty
and smelly, lick them clean', these were the best words i had ever heard in
my life, my @#%$ was painfully hard as i began to lick her smooth soles,
from the heel to the toes, i covered every inch of the sole, i started on
the heel, licking round and round, then moved up the toes in long lapping
motions, her feet tasted salty and sweaty, but i was in heaven. Then i began
on the toes, i started on the big toe, sucking it like lollipop, with all my
passion, i was in love with heer feet, after each toe i began inbetween her
toes, licking out the pieces of sock lint and toejam, 'Do you like my
toejam'? She teased, 'Yes queen Deb, i like it very much' I replied, 'Good
little footboy, why have you stopped?'
I quickly resumed worshipping her feet, i repeated the whole process each
time on each foot, it lasted for about an hour, but it didnt seem long
enough for me, the time was 2:30am, and she pulled her feet from my mouth
and demanded me to dry them soflty with a towel, so i scambled round on my
knees to get a towel, and proceeded to dab her feet dry. When they were dry
i bowed my head next to her feet.
'Strip' She suddenly ordered, i was caught off guard, i was nervous about
being completely naked with her, although i thought that she might give me
some release. So i ripped all my clothes off and stood infront of her with a
hard-on, i was so embarrassed.
She put her foot out onto my @#%$, slowly teasing me as she rubbed her toes
up and down my shaft very slowly, that almost made me cum right there, her
face was grinning an evil grin as she loved teasing me like this.
'Kneel infront of my feet and be my footrest' she commanded while she
watched TV, and talked on the fone, i was listening to her conversation, and
although i wanted to be dominated more, i was glad that she said nothing
about me because for more people to know would be just too risky. Her feet
on my back felt so good, as i felt her wiggle her toes and laught to her
I was her foot rest for at least and hour and my knees and arms were aching
so badly, i needed to move and stretch my legs out, so i tried stretching
one arm out, bad idea.
'Did i tell you to move?!' she shouted as she kicked me hard in the ribs,
she had a stronger kick than i thougt, it really took the wind out of me.
'You will have to be punished for disobeying the queen'! Before could get
my breath back back i felt a huge weight on my chest as she planted both
feet firmly onto me, her feet felt nice on my skin but she was heavy, she
was 6ft tall. I groaned in pain as she smiled, digging her heels into by
'That is what you get for disobeying the queen', she said angrily. She
lifted one foot and put it on my face, than slowly put all of the weight
onto my skull, it hurt so much, 'I will take it off when you aplogise'
'Hmmf, Hmmmmf'
Her foot was on my mouth, 'too bad' she laughed, she put her other foot
across my eyes and started twisting about, that hurt really bad, and i was
running out of breath,
'hmmmf, hmmmf' 'What was that? you are enjoying this?' she teased, i gave up
trying to speak as i was beggining to pass out, then finally, she took her
feet off my face and stood upon my chest once more, i was breathing huge
breaths to try to replenish the air that i had lost, my head was throbbing
and i felt light headed. 'What do you say to me?' asked Deb 'I am very sorry
for disobeying your orders queen Deb, i will never do it again' 'You better
not, or i wont come off next time'.
She was till standing on my chest, which still hurt, she started walking up
and down my body, 'You are my rug, you are lucky to even touch my feet let
alone worship them' she said as she strode up and down my body, 'Yes
queen.....Argh!' i screamed as she stepped on my @#%$, it wasn't hard, i
needed the blood elsewhere to recover from the near-suffocation just a few
minutes ago. 'Queit!' She shouted 'it is not as if you have much to get
hurt!' now she was just humiliating me. 'You have a tiny dick, you little
footboy' she stepped on my dick agian, it hurt badly. This was really
painful but i was kind of getting used to the weight and i started to enjoy
the humiliation, she continued to srtride up and down by body, be pinched my
nipples with her toes, and slapping my face with her feet.
'Since you have been a good rug, i will let you lick my feet again' my dick
sprang to attention, as she placed her foot infont of my mouth, whilst still
standing on my chest, it would be so worthwile if i could worship her feet
again. But as she put her toe just infront of my mouth, she pulled it away
again, i strianed by neck to get to her toes but she held them teasingly
just out of reach. 'Aw, can't reach them?' she laughed. 'Please let me
worship your feet queen Deb, please, please, please!'. 'Fine, if it will
shut you up!' she sad as she slid her toes into my mouth once more, it felt
amazing, i sucked her toes and licked inbetween them with all my passion, i
forgot how amazing it felt, 'Stick your tongue out' she commanded, as she
slid her soles across my outstuck tongue. I was i heaven once more, she then
used her other foot and slid it across my tongue, the pain of the previous
minutes went away as i worshippped. She then started sliding all her toes
into my mouth, it felt good, then she started pushing them further down my
throat, i gagged, but she was relentless, they went further down until her
toes were touching the back of my throat, my jaw was hurting so badly, i was
at the point where i couldn't take much more of the pain, i heard her
laughing 'Does it hurt little footboy, Aw, he is in pain, what a little
worthless footboy'. After what seemed like an eternity she finally withdrew
her foot from my mouth, as a stretched my jaw back to its normal position,
it was burining, 'Cant let you have all the fun now can we?' She laughed,
jumping off my body, what a relief that was. A great burden had been lifted
off me.
Again she sat down as i lay there recovering from the ordeal
'Go and fetch me a drink, I am thirsty' Demanded Deb. 'But what if chris
sees me?' I replied. 'Don't worry he is asleep, if not, then thats your
problem'. I sneeked downstaris and got her a drink of water, luckily Chris
was asleep, i wonder what he would have said if he had seen me sneaking
around naked with a hard-on.
I got back to the room and i saw her bra and thong on the floor, she was
sitting there in her little low-cut top which showed off her big breasts
amazingly, and her miniskirt which showed off her awesomme long legs.
'Ever seen beauty like this before Footboy?' 'No Queen Deb' I repleid, in
'Come here' I crawled over to her and gave her the glass of water, she took
a sip and then teasingly slipped down her skirt revealing her goddess-like
@#%$ shaven into just a 'landing strip'. I couldn't beleive my eyes, would
i get to worship her @#%$? She turned around, bent over, and revealed her
@#%$. 'My ass is sweaty, lick it completely clean', i crawled to her and
started tongueing her @#%$, it tasted sweaty and smelled a bit, but
anything for queen Deb. After about 5 minutes of that she ordered me to lie
down, then she sat on my face, stretched out her legs and startes rubbing my
@#%$. 'Yes, i thought, finally some release!' but just as i was bout to cum
she pulled away and stood up, she laughed 'Need release?' she said
teasingly, 'Yes please queen Deb' 'Well no, not in my house' she said
By this time it ws nearly 4am and she told me to lick her boots clean after
her night out, so i began licking her dirty sole and chewing the pieces of
dirt and grime that she had stood in, 'taste nice does it?' i hear her say,
'Yes queen Deb i replied. I contiued licking the boot and tried to imagine
it was her feet, i sucked on the heel and all the way up the knee-high
leather, my tongue was black from the leather and so very dry, but i had to
make them clean, i didn't want more punishment.
'I am going to sleep' She said, 'You will rub my feet until i go to sleep,
and dont you dare thnk about jerking off in my house, or everyone will know
what a disgusting foot boy you are!'
I rubbed her feet for as long as i could until i fell to sleep at the foot
of her bed, where i belonged.

Part 2

'Good morning footboy!' I heard the voice, yet i couldn't see anything, why
couldn't i see? Where was i? Then it all came flooding back, i could feel
the soft rug on my naked back, my jaw, chest, and dick was sore, i had a
headache, the voice was Deb's, but why couldn't i see? Then it struck me,
her feet were over my eyes! I was so relived, and the beautiful touch of her
soft soles in my eyes was an awesomme wake up call. 'Ready to continue your
daily services to me?' 'What?' i thought, daily services? how would this
happen without people finding out if it was daily? Then i felt a hard 'Thud'
on my face, she had kicked me in the face with her heel. 'Ouch!' i cried,
'Of course.' 'Of course what?' came the angry reply along with another kick
to the face, 'Of course queen Deb.' 'Now kiss my feet and lie here until i
have finished in the shower.' She stood on my chest as she got off the bed,
and went into the bathroom for a shower.

Now, what had i got myself into? How could i possibly continue 'Daily
duties' without people noticing? Serving Deb was amazing but it isn't
feasible to do it full time, what about my parents, and friends? all these
thoughts went through my head, then i heard the shower stop, and queen Deb
walked into the room in just a towel, she looked like a true goddess.

'I know what you are thinking' She said as she sat looking at her mirror, i
stayed lying on the ground. 'You do?' was my reply. 'Yes, your wondering how
you can keep serving me without people noticing? Well, your parents are
going on holiday for a week in spain, and chris is going camping for the
weekend, Don't worry, i have told your parents that you crashed here, and
wont be up until later so you can't say goodbye to them, you are mine for
the whole weekend.' 'But what about my football match?' I asked, a stupid
question really, i knew i would just have to miss it. She didn't reply.
'Come here' She called, i crawled to her, 'Get under the desk and smell my
beautiful feet.' I crawled under her desk where she was doing her hair, and
started to smell her showered feet, my hard-on was back. 'They smell
goddess-like don't they?' They smelt like perfume, she must have used some
expensive body wash. My nose was inches away from her toes, i forgot how
beautiful her feet were, and i longed to worship them again. 'Nope' she said
as she pulled her feet away and stood up swiftly, 'There is no chance you
disgusting tongue is going on my clean feet!' you will make then smell
horrible again, i accepted this, but wondered what was going to happen as
she was putting some clothes on, 'Don't even look at me without my command'
She reminded me, so i couldn't even look at how she was dressed to get an
idea where she was going. 'Right' she said 'Whilst I am gone i have a few
jobs for you to do, firstly, in this cupboard is my shoe collection, i want
you to clean each pair until they are completely spotless, oh, and if your
mouth gets dry, you can drink from the toilet' 'The toilet' i thought, oh
no'. I heard her flush the chain a few minute ago so i suppose that isn't
such a big deal, 'Well, what are you waiting for!?' she shouted, i quickly
opened the cupbaord to reveal at least 40 pairs of shoes, from sandals, to
knee-high boots, this was going to be a long day. As she walked out of the
room i heard her carrying some sort of sports bag.

So, the next 6 hours was spent licking dirt of her shoes, although most of
them were quite clean, i preceeded to washing my mouth in the toilet, it
felt so humilitating despite the fact that there was no-one around, the
water, to my suprise was quite fresh i could have just used the sink, but
disobeying Queen Deb never crossed my mind, i was also tempted to masturbate
over some of the awesomme high heels, but I didnt want more punishment,
lets face it, last night hurt, i thought to myself.

After what seemed like an eternity i heard the door open, just as I closed
the cupboard after finishing the last pair of flip-flops, 'Footboy,
downstairs, now!' i heard the call of my Queen. I crawled downstairs to see
she was in her gym clothes, all sweaty, but she looked tremendously hot.
'Lie infront of the door' She ordered, and she stood on me as she wipes her
trainers on my chest, 'From now on whwnever i enter the house, you will be
the first thing i stand on' 'Of course Queen Deb,' I replied. 'Wow, that was
a hard session, you have to sweat alot to look this good!' I kind of new
what was coming. She sat down in the kitchen and ordered me to take her
trainers off. Her sooks had sweat stains all over and were very wet. 'Take a
big smell' she laughed, they smelt very sweaty, a bit cheesy, but to my
suprise not that nasty at all, She placed both of ther sweaty socked feet on
my face and rubbed them all over my face, it felt amazing, 'kiss my socks'
she ordered, so i started kissing her sweaty socks, all over, first on the
top, then i planted kisses on each toe, the big french kisses on the bottom,
of course i was still naked, and quite cold on the kitchen floor, my hard-on
still developed quite quicky. 'Remove my socks and lick all the sweat off my
feet' i was anxious yet very excited as i peeled the socks from her feet, i
was sitting cross legged as she placed one foot right on my @#%$ as i
brought the other to my mouth,
The smell started to hit my nose, of all the salty sweat that was dripping
from her feet, straight away i started sucking her toes with so much
passion, starting with the big toe, inbetween the big toe, there was loads
of toejam, i licked it out and chewed it for some time, 'Enjoying my toejam
are we?' of course i was, i continued to suck each toe and eat all the
toejam, sock lint, and sweat from inbetween each of her toes, she just laid
back and relaxed after her hard gym session, as i started taking long laps
of her awesomme sole, i was virtually drinking the sweat from her feet, her
heels were quite rough at this point and i got little bits of dry skin to
chew on aswell. I then delved up the ankle, and down the top of her foot,
panting kisses all the way down, then back to sucking the toes again, i had
to repeat the process about 5 times before all the sweat had been removed
from her feet, into my mouth, i then began on the other foot, it was like a
full meal, licking her feet, it was amazing! After i had finished with the
other foot she stood up, i planted one kiss on the top of each foot, and
thanked her for the pleasure of licking her sweaty feet clean, then she went
upstairs to shower, i just lay down, pondering what an awesomme half an hour
that had been.

She came back downstairs, all refreshed in a short top and a pair of sexy
tight shorts, they were quite casual clothes however, as she started making
some sandwiches for her lunch, i forgot how hungry i was. She made jam
sandwiches and started eating them whilst reading the paper and completely
ignoring me, half way through, she looked at me, 'Oh, you want to eat?' 'Yes
please Queen Deb' I begged, she then bit a large piece of sandwich, chewed
it, then spat it on the floor, 'there you go, enjoy' she smiled, i crawled
over to eat this mush which she had dropped then she put her foot and
squashed it down into the ground, 'Ooops, silly me, clean it off my feet and
the ground,' so i began to lick the mush from inbetween her toes (again) and
chewed it like food, it was very humiliating,
After licking it from her toes she lifted her foot and placed it on my face,
rubbing it all over my face, i tried to lick it off her sole and my face,
but it was too diffucult, she was laughing at me, 'what about my floor?' she
demanded 'there is still some on the floor, 'Lick it up' the floor was a bit
dirty and i started to lick the chewed, squashed jam sandwich from the
floor, she was still giggling.

After the food she had me cleaning various rooms in the house, taking
pictures whilst i was doing it.

When the evening came Queen Deb shouted me downtairs, 'Fooboy, come here! I
have some friends coming tonight for a drink and they know about our little
situation,' 'But it thought you wasn't going to.....' I was intereupted with
a kick in the balls, which sent me to the ground in pain. 'Don't you
interrupt me like that again, they will not tell anyone about you, as long
as you be a good little footboy, ok?' 'Yes Queen Deb', i replied, very
nervous about the night to come.

About an hour later there came a knock at the door, it was Deb's friend Kim,
i had seen a before a few times and said hello, but i didn't really know her
very well, they exchanged small talk and hugs, then i heard 'So where is
this slave boy you were telling me about?' 'Footboy, Come here' i crawled
into the hall from the kicthen comletely naked to recieve a burst of
laughter from kim, 'you?' haha, 'Kiss my feet slave boy!' Red with
embarresment i crawled over and kissed each of Kim's high heeled shoes, much
to her amusement, 'So he does do what you say, wow, tonight is going to be
fun!' they left me at the hallway and walked downstairs, laughing and
chatting. Kim was about 5'10', and she was very curvy, had brunette hair,
and a very pretty face, she was wearing a black top, and a sexy black skirt
to about her knees, she wore closed-toes high heels, a couple of inches
high. Before long the doorbell rang once more, it was Gina, Deb's cousin,
they were close frieds, she was a short woman, about 5'5, very nice figure,
about 38, wearing knee high boots, they hugged and greated each other, 'Get
here slave!' she shouted, wow, she was a confident, and seemingly dominant
woman, as a i crawled in naked it was recived with laughter once more, 'Kiss
my feet to say hello!' she demanded, so i kissed each boot, and they went
downstairs, the doorbell rang again not much later, to reveal her final
guest, sarah, she was my french teacher at school, and i gave her a hard
time, when i saw her i was shocked, 'Well, well, look who it is' Sarah said
teasingly, 'Lie infront of me!' i did as i was told and she stood on me in
her 3 inch red high heels, and then walked downstairs, i had two red marks
where she stood on me, that hurt. sarah was about 40, had long blonde hair,
and was about 6ft tall, she was a true goddess.

I stayed lying there for an hour or so until they had a few drinks and were
becoming quite rowdy, i was called downstairs by Queen Deb, i was so
nervous, i was at the mercy of four, rowdy women, i crawled down and was met
by the hysterical laughter of all the guests including Deb. 'Right Footboy,
you will worship each of these goddess feet until thye kick your face to
stop, okay' 'Yes Queen Deb' that was met by much more laughter.

First, i crawled to Kim, and began worshipping her feet, i licked the tops
of her high heels and sucked the end of the toe, by this time i had forgot
about the ultimate humiliation and a hard-on developed, 'Look, his little
@#%$ has grown' Said kim, laughter hit the room once more, as i began
licking the sole of kim's shoes i was swallowing quite a lot of dirt, it
tasted bad, but this was such a turn-on, 'Suck the heel like a @#%$' ordered
kim, so i did, and she was putting it deeper into my throat as they carried
on talking to each other normally, after about 10 minutes, i unexpectedly
got a kick in the face, it hurt, that was my que to move on to Gina, i began
worshipping her knee high boots as she was talking and drinking wine, after
she had finishesd with me, i was kicked and so moved onto Sarah, i was just
about to kiss the toe of her red high heel when she told me to look up, then
she spat a whole mouthful of spit into my face and onto my chest, this
brought an eruption of laughter from the women, 'That is just the beggining
of your punishment for giving me such a hard time in the french lessons!'
She started to rub the spit on my chest with her heels and put them into my
mouth to lick it off, i was in heaven, i had secretly fantasised about
worshipping her, and there i was, licking spit of her heels. She started
playing with my swelling @#%$ whilst i was licking the soles of her shoes,
and i was close to bursting right there and then, but she stabbed my balls
with her heel, that sent me rolling in agony, more laughter erupted.

'Stand up' Ordered Queen Deb, so i stood there, this little naked plaything
to all these women with a raging hard-on.
When the laughter died down kim walking up to me really sexily and started
rubbing my @#%$ with her knee, oh my god i wanted to cum so bad, but Deb
reminded me 'Cum and you get punished.' 'Lie down' Ordered kim, as she sat
down on the sofa with me underneath her, she then began to rub my @#%$ with
her heels, calling me a little slave footlicker, and a worthless footstool,
this was just too much, as i erupted onto her shoes, my semen went gushing
all over, it was the best orgasm of my life, though soon after, i knew i was
in trouble, 'How dare you cum on my friends feet! In my house! when i
specifically told you not to! lick it off her shoe now and beg for
forgiveness!' so i did just that, i lapped up the mountains of dripping cum
off kim's shoes whilst begging 'please forgive me for cumming on your shoes,
please Queen Kim, forgive me!' My cum tatsed quite bad, but that was the
last thing on my mind,

'How should we punish him girls?' asked Queen Deb, 'Lets all stand on him
with our heels!' replied Sarah, god i wish i was a better pupil in her
classes. 'Lie in the middle of the room footboy!' demanded Queen Deb, i did
just that, and i was feeling very anxious, how much was this going to hurt?
One by one they stood on me, first was sarah in her red high heels, she
stood right on my chest, it took my breath away, the heels were digging into
my chest, it was stinging really bad. There was one consilation however, i
could see up her skirt! next was kim, in her knee high black boots, she
stood on my stomach, although i had tensed it as much as possible it didn't
make much difference, 'come on gina, get on, punish this disobedient
slaveboy!' so, she got on, she stood on each of my thighs, that hurt the
most, her heels dug right into my flesh, this pain was really bad, although
the pain in my thighs did take some pain away from the pain in my chest!
Last but not least was Queen deb, in her big black boots, she stepped right
on my face! one heel on each cheek, this was incredibly painful and i
shreiked oout, 'thats right footboy' shouted Deb, 'This is your punishment
for diobeying orders, i have told you once before, but you just won't
listen, will you? start twisting girls!' the girls started twisting their
heels into me, i tried to not scream in pain, this was horrific, they
started to walk about on me, with girls falling off me but just as quick
jumping back on, after about 10 minutes of this agony, they got tired and
decided to sit down and drink more wine, leaving me in the centre of the
room, coverd in red marks, and stinging all over.

After another half an hour or so, i heard sarah, 'lets play with footboy
some more!' that got some great replies, they were now very drunk and very
rowdy, they all began to take off the boots and high heels, 'Finally!' i
thought, 'something to null the pain!' sarah looked down over me and smiled,
'having a nice evening?' yes Queen sarah' i repleid, she sat behind my head
and smacked both her feet onto my face, that hurt in itself, her feet were
quite rough , and quite big, thats all i could tell from my posistion, her
feet on my face felt amazing, as she rubbed all the sweat around my face,
'Lick the sweat from my soles' my dream come true, i stuck my tongue out and
lapped her soles, drinking all the sweat, it was awesomme, i kept tasting
bits of dry skin from her heels but it tasted quite nice, one again, my dick
and reached full height, as i continued licking her soles, i could make out
some moans from sarah through all the racket the other girls were making,
she was really enjoying this! This gave me more motivation and i started
licking faster and faster, until her moans turned into cries, i carried on
licking, form the back of her heel, right up her sole, all the way to her
toes, she was now screaming in pleasure, innibbled on her heels and carried
on until she orgasmed full on, her sighs slowly subsided, i was so proud,
she kept her feet there on my face.

Next i could feel a sharp pain on my nipples one of the girls laughed
histerically, she was twisting my nipples with her toes, this hurt badly!
all the girls were laughing their heads off at this show, another girl sat
on my @#%$, and placed her feer on my chest twisting and jabbing my throat,
they were all tormenting me, because she was sat on my hard on, ths was
really painful, they kept laughing and poking and twisting with their feet,
then for a second the feet were removed from my face, quickly followed by a
bare ass, the girls luaghed, 'Lick my ass' i heard, so i tried licking in
her @#%$ whichever girl it was, it was difficult however because she was
sitting with her full weight on my face and was playing with my @#%$ with
her feet, i struggled to breathe, but there was a slight gap where i could
get breath, which probably stopped me from passing out, the girls were too
drunk to realise that i very nearly couldn't breathe. After several minutes
of this the girls dispersed off me, each making a last kick, two of the
girls slapped in the face with their feet, that made them laugh even more.
It was 2am, they were getting ready to go, the ordeal was finally over.

Yes indeed, the girls walked upstairs i followed them to the door, they had
a taxi waiting for them, i kissed each foot of each girl when they left, but
they had an idea, i was to carry all their bags, to the taxi, naked! i could
not believe this, what if someone saw? it was 2am, and im sure everybody was
stll in bed, Well, i didn't have a choice, bag by bag i ran them to the
taxi, the female taxi driver, she was about 60, was very amused, this was
really embarassing, i had to make 2 journeys to take all the handbags, they
could have easily carried them themselves, to make it worse, i still had a
hard-on. The girls walked to the taxi barefoot and demanded me to see them
off, they each got into the taxi, and i was made to kiss each foot and thank
the girl for a perfect night of worshipping them before they got in, they
were laughing their heads off, along with the taxi driver, and i had said my
goodbyes, they drove off, I scampered inside.

Part 3

As my eyes slowly opened, I stretched my body out as much as I could on the
soft, carpeted floor, I looked up and caught a glimpse of the narrow beam of
light shining in from the gap in the curtains, it shone onto my
stomach, and I felt a warm, cosy sensation, it was hot outside, a beautiful
summers morning, it was Sunday
morning, my last day of my preliminary residence serving at Queen Deb's
house, and of course, her feet. I glanced down my naked body to nurse the
bruises left after last night's humiliation, on reflection, it was
probably the best night of my life.

I was lying on the floor, downstairs, in the living room, just relaxing;
this was the first moment I had to
myself just to chill. It must have been about 9am when I heard Queen Deb,
Foot boy, get up here now! Her
beautiful commanding voice was now music to my ears as I scampered upstairs
awaiting her orders. I crawled into her room; she was sitting at the end of
the bed, come say hello to my feetsies she said teasingly, I got to her
perfect feet (I forgot how amazing they really were until each time I was
with them). 'Worship them like it was the last time you were ever allowed to, I
got to it straight away, I started planting kisses on the top of her feet,
inhaling deeply with each kiss, I must have kissed her foot 100 times in
about 30 seconds, I them lifted her foot, and caressed it for a moment,
staring at the gorgeously long toes, with red nail polish, I stuck her big
toe into my mouth and sucked passionately, I closed my eyes, she planted her
other foot onto my shoulder and started rubbing it up and down my front,
touching the tip of my @#%$, sending my body into spasms of pleasure, she
loved teasing me, and I knew I wouldnt be allowed to cum, look what happened
last night! I continued sucking her toes licking in-between, her feet
smelled musky, but it wasnt bad at all, I was growing to adore the smell of
her feet. I began on the sole, licking around the heel, then long, slow,
meaningful laps all the way down her perfect foot to the end of her toes,
this continued for several minutes on each foot (not long enough in my
opinion) until she pulled her foot away from my face, to my dismay, I bowed
my head in submission. Guess who is coming round today? said Queen Deb, Oh,
no I though, Not more people knowing about our situation, not matter how
much I loved serving Queen Deb, at the back of my mind was a determinedness,
not to reveal it to the world. Well, I am going out, and I have plans to
pick up a proper man to please me sexually, because there is no way you can
with you little @#%$! My @#%$ wasnt that small, but she did deserve bigger.
Who is it?; I asked, swallowing, it saddened me to think I couldnt serve my
Queen properly. I dont know yet, she replied but whenever I go looking for a
man I ALWAYS find one worthy of @#%$ me, he will be big, strong, have
huge muscles, and a massive @#%$, unlike you.

The rest of the day for me was spent cleaning, until evening, when Queen Deb
left, but just before she did, she got something out of the closet, they
were handcuffs, several pairs, I counted four, lie down on the floor, she
commanded, then she proceeded to handcuff each of my limbs to a different
part of the living room, the sofa, the coffee table, and the TV stand. Bye
she laughed. The handcuffs were quite uncomfortable, they were tight and I
kept getting itches which I couldnt relieve, I longed for her to return, but
I was anxious about the fact she was bringing a guy, what would he do, if
anything, about our situation? Many questions plagued my mind for several
hours until I heard the door open,

Queen Deb entered the room, and a hunky guy was behind her. He was wearing a
tight, blue top, to fully show off his huge pecks and muscle-filled arms, he
looked straight over at me, so its true, he does have a small @#%$ They both
laughed, this was terrible, now I was getting mocked by a guy, a superior
guy though, it was what Deb wanted, so I should feel happy about that. Deb
walked over to me and opened the handcuffs, Sit in the corner and watch how
a real man pleases me she commanded, so I crawled into the corner, as they
started kissing franticly, ripping each others clothes off, I got an instant
boner, I was going to see Queen Deb naked! The guy seemed unusually
comfortable with me being her slave, he was taking off his trousers and
revealed a massive bulge in his boxers, and I mean massive! Deb now had her
top off to reveal her perfect breasts, her erect nipples sticking out; she
slipped off her thong whilst the guy was lying on top of her planting kisses
all over her spectacular body. They were both moaning with pleasure, they
were rampant in taking off their clothes and he was already putting his huge
@#%$ into her wet @#%$, this brought an audible moan from Deb, as I sat I
the corner watching with amazement, he was pummelling her on the couch, I
could here the slapping as his @#%$ slipping in and out, her hands gripped
onto his manly back, and her moans begun to get louder, and louder, and
louder, until they nearly became screams, and she climaxed, but it was far
from over, he removed his @#%$ and put Queen Debs legs up in the air, then
slipped his huge, now wet @#%$ into her once more, this guy really knew how
to please a woman, his thrusts got faster and faster, Debs moans got louder
and she climaxed once more, each scream pierced my body with pleasure, and I
felt a bit of what she was feeling, my body shook as my @#%$ throbbed. He
continued @#%$ her, he was close to finishing, his moans became audible,
it was a bit of a turn-off, but it was inevitable and not long after he
cummed, and sent mountains of semen gushing into her dripping wet vagina.
Get over here footboy, quickly! I hurried to her on the floor with the guy
still on top of her, suck this real mans @#%$, it has cum all over it she
laughed, and the guy slipped his giant @#%$ out of her vagina, and into my
mouth, I could only just fit it in, it wasnt a pleasant experience, his @#%$
was warm and throbbing after the sex with Queen Deb, and I had to drink all
his semen, the guy was laughing along with my Queen, I told you he was
pathetic! she laughed to the guy. Keep sucking, this was an ultimate low, I
was sucking another mans @#%$ because I was told to do so, but I was
enjoying this ultimate humiliation, I really had become her complete slave,
if only for this weekend, I carried on sucking all the cum off, but I was
ordered to continue, the guy was sitting down on one side of the sofa and
Deb was lying on the other side, with her feet on my face and @#%$, her feet
took all the sucking off my mind, and she was playing with my @#%$ with her
toes, I was fully erect and ready to burst, watching Queen Deb orgasm was
thoroughly enjoyable, and tremendously hot. The mixture of the bad taste
from the semen, the ultimate humiliation, and having a set of perfect feet
on my face and @#%$, I had the most unusual concoction of feelings, and I
was dying to cum, Queen Deb noticed this, You may cum I was so happy I burst
my load all over her feet, 8 huge squirts gushed out of my @#%$, and at the
same time, the guy had an orgasm, and cummed right in my mouth, it tasted
pretty bad, but not horrible, and my cum went all over Queen Debs feet, the
guy pulled his @#%$ out of my mouth, I'll see you around Deb, I might call
you sometime, Yeah, sure Replied Deb We can do this again.

I sat there, naked, with a huge smile on my face, after having the best
orgasm ever, very satisfied, with her feet in my lap dripping with my semen,
she lay there, also naked, also very satisfied, that moment I will never
forget for the rest of my life, I felt like we had the best relationship
ever, and I was so incredibly lucky to have a Queen like Deb, May I Yes you
may she interrupted, and smiled, and I began to lick her feet clean, it was
a beautiful moment, her feet were so soft because of the semen, some got
between her toes, I saw to that, happily. I went through my usual routine,
long laps of the sole, I paid special attention to the wetter areas, and
because I was enjoying it so much, I begun to like the taste. After about 20
minutes, Queen Deb swung her legs round, pushed me with her feet into a
kneeling position, keeping my back horizontal to the floor, and used me as
her footrest for a few hours whilst watching TV. When she got up to go to
bed, she handcuffed me in my usual position, and walked upstairs.

As I lay on the floor of the room, with my arms and legs handcuffed,
completely naked, no money, a sore body
all over, plenty of red marks, and an influx of varying tastes in my mouth,
and the foresight of many more
times like this to come, I knew I had hit rock bottom.....And I had never
been happier.


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