Thursday, July 14, 2011


By Amber

Ashley stood a little over five feet tale, was gifted with pale blonde hair and a body to die for … at least she thought so. Her parents divorced when she was 6 . She lived with her Mother, Tamara, in San Diego. Her brother, Todd, lived with her father in Florida. The last time she had seen Todd he was still a baby. Ash was now 13 and used to having a "girls' house" with her mother, but now Todd was coming to San Diego for the summer.
The idea of a bratty little 8 year old brother cramping her style set her teeth on edge in a big way. Her Mom worked days which meant Ash would have to look after her little brother for the majority of the afternoon and evening. This put a serious kink in her plans for the summer. First off, Ash was on the track and field team during the school year and she had to keep in shape. This meant jogging every morning without fail. Her mother suggested taking Todd to the track with her, but Ash hated jogging at the track. It was boring as hell! Round and round … it sucked.
Besides, Ashley already had her path through the neighborhood set. She'd jog for a few miles to her friend Tabitha's house. If Tabby was there they'd hang out for a bit, have a swim in the pool, maybe smoke some dope. If Tabby was out her brother Ed was usually home. Ed was 17 and loved to fuck Ash long and hard. It had started the summer before and had become a work out in and of itself. Making him cum took forever and was very aerobic. It really got her pulse up and made her sweat buckets. Lately Ed had a thing for fucking Ash's full bottom. It hurt like hell the first few times, and Ashley finally said no more. It was just too damn big! It almost could feel good, but her ass just wasn't ready to accommodate his girth.
This morning Ashley knew that Tabby wouldn't be home and she was really looking forward to a "work out" with Ed. Unfortunately today was the day of Todd's arrival and her mother had insisted she be present. Screw that! Ashley thought, and decided to sneak out before her mom was awake.
After waking up Ashley searched for clean clothes, but remembered to her distress that they were all in the laundry room which was next to her Mother's bedroom. She'd hear me for sure, shit! Ash pawed through her dirty clothes strewn across her floor and under her bed. She sniffed each in turn, searching for the cleanest items. She was able to find a semi-clean pair of panties and shorts. The only pair of socks she could find were rancid! She'd put off doing laundry for the last few days and had recycled the same reeking pair of socks each morning for her jog. The only clean item she found was one of her favorite shirts. It was a tight half shirt, which exposed her belly. Across her budding breast the words "Porn Star" was written in glittery letters. Ash's Mom hated the shirt to distraction but that only made Ash love it all the more.
Normally the stinky socks and dirty clothes wouldn't have been a problem. Tabby had been home all this week so it had been no big deal. Although, the day before, Tabby claimed to have been able to smell Ash's feet clean through her tennis shoes and had given her no end of grief. But today was different What would Ed think? Oh, well, she thought, he'll just have to deal. She pulled on the knee high, stripped socks and wiggled her toes in the yellowish crusty ends.
She could go without socks, but she'd get blisters for sure! The other problem is that she hadn't thought of showering the night before so her feet and the rest of her were already rank from yesterday's jog.
"Well, this otta be interesting," she mused.
Ashley set a leisurely pace toward Ed's house. After twenty minutes she jogged up their driveway and around to the back gate. Before she rounded the corner she heard a girlish giggle which she knew was not Tabby. She slowed her pace and peeked over the fence. Laying beside the pool was Ed and a cheerleader from his high school. What the hell is she doing here! Both where in bathing suits and fondling each other. Ash felt her face flush and her temperature begin to boil! Before she could turn to go the girl looked up.
"Your little friend isn't here, geek. Run along before I call your Mommy…" To Ashley's vast humiliation, both the girl and Ed laughed at her and went back to caressing each other! Holding back the tears, Ash turned on her heels and ran. She pushed herself at a dangerous pace trying to outdistance the emotions brimming inside. She was more angry at herself for feeling hurt than she was at Ed for fucking someone else. After all, I don't own him or anything. But he shouldn't have laughed at me too!
Ashley arrived home as her mother was coming out the front door.
"There you are! I've been looking all over! Your brother's already here, I was about to ask Mrs. Haskins from next door to stay with him until you finally made an appearance. I'm already late for work!"
"Well, why can't Mrs. Haskin's watch him?"
"She's not home Ashley! Now dammit we've already talked about this!"
Ash's mother climbed in her car and pulled out of the driveway.
"Stay out of trouble," she yelled out her window before speeding off down the street.
"This sucks!" As soon as her mom was out of sight, Ashley decided to finish her jog and try to work off some of her anger.
Thirty minutes later she returned home. Her feet were sore and itchy and swimming with sweat in her stinky sneakers. The anger had not abided but intensified during the run. She stomped into the house. Todd was no where to be seen and the house was utterly silent. Great, he probably went out and played in the street and got his dumb ass kidnapped. Ash began a search starting in the living room and working back. As she approached the end of the hall and her bedroom she saw her door was ajar.
Peeking inside she screamed. Todd was sitting cross legged on her floor reading her diary!
"You little shit!" she screeched and snatched the diary out of his hands. He giggled and bolted for the door. Ash grabbed his arm roughly and tossed him back into the room. He feel in a heap at the foot of her bed. She shook the diary at him as she yelled.
"This is not yours you little creep! And stay the hell out of my room! Who do you think you are anyway! I don't even want you here!"
Todd wrinkled his nose. "Boy, you stink bad!"
For a second Ash was so angry all she could do was shake. "Oh, that's it!" She kicked the door shut with her heel and attacked Todd with her fists. He tried to get away but she was too fast and outweighed him. Fanning the flames of her anger even more, he tried to fight back and landed a few punches to her hip. Finally Ashley sat on his back with her full weight, pinning him to the floor face down.
"Get off me you bitch!"
"Don't you ever call me that again, you little shit!"
"Fuck you!"
"You little fucker," she bellowed and slapped the back of his head. "So I stink do I?!! Here, check this out!" Ash ripped her shoe off, grabbed a handful of Todd's hair, pulling his head back, and jammed the opening of the foul foot smelling thing over his nose and mouth. "Smell it."
Todd squirmed and bucked but was unable to pull his face away from the damp, smelly confines of the his sister's stank shoe.
"I wannna hear you sniffing!" She pulled harder on his hair making him whimper. "Start sniffing or I'll rip your head clean off!"
Todd took a loud, deep sniff to satisfy his enraged sister. The smell was indescribable and it filled his senses with loathing. He'd never smelled such a corn-chip smelling, sour shoe! "Sniff again, smell my stinky shoe!" Todd sniffed again and almost gagged. "That's it, smell my shoe. Smell how stinky it is!"
Ashley then flipped Todd onto his back and again sat on him. She pulled off the other shoe and unceremoniously set both of her moist, sock covered feet on his face. She rubbed the sweaty things all over his face…"Get a good whiff, you little shit!" The scratchy, crusted soles of the filthy socks were rough on his skin and soon his face was red with friction. The socks smelled as bad as the shoes, but headier and more rank. The harsh corn ship foot smell was joined with a pungent and sharp vinegary reek. Ashley then peeled off both of her socks and tossed them to the floor next to her brother's head. He stared at them in disgust as the intense reek of her now unclad feet bgean to fill the room. For second Ash felt sorry for him. But her anger and the excitement of having him in her power took the lead. She wiggled her painted toes, releasing more foot scent, and decided to go in for the kill. "Ohhh God, here we gooooo!" she cooed in pleasure.
Todd watched in horror as the damp, pink soles descended. Ashley plastered her slimy and stinking soles to his face; her feet just large enough to reach from his forehead to his chin, completely covering every inch. "Smell… my …feet!" Her feet were hotter than hell and slick with foot scum. Todd sniffed in desperation, taking all of her heady foot stink into his nostrils. Stinky cheese, corn chips, vinegar, soy sauce, musty canvas, too many smells to count. This was pure, pungent girl-feet! His entire body shuddered with the power of her preteen foot aroma. "Mmmm. Smell 'em good you little brat! Smell my stinky feet!" Ashley subjected him to her reeking feet for at least twenty minutes. Eventually she forced him to lick her soles and heels and then tongue away her toejam. "You chew it up good and swallow! Now smell my feet again!" She continued to smother him with her foot stink, cupping her pudgy toes over his nose so she could look him in the eye as he was forced to smell her girl aroma. Soon Todd looked ready to pass out. Then evil Ashley had an incredibly naughty idea.
"I know how to make you pay!" In her mind she thought of Ed and that dumb girl laughing at her. I can imagine that this little turd is Ed. Hmmm, what would I do to make him sorry?
Ashley dealt another punch to her brother's stomach. While he was heaving for air she climbed off and stripped naked. Todd looked up, gasping for breath and was treated to his first view of a nude female. Ashley skin was shiny was perspiration and her hairless pussy was pink and moist. He preteen boobs were starting to come in and were firm, standing high on her chest. She kicked Todd back onto his back.
Ashley stood over her brother and turned around facing his feet. She then squatted over his face, spread her ass cheeks and sat down. She felt his nose bury itself in her asshole and he began to emit "Mmphhhh, MmmPHHHHHH!" sounds. "Smell my butthole! Smell it!" She began to grind on his face fucking her hole with his nose.
Todd was completely engulfed in her full, round, ass cheeks. He was overcome with the musky aroma of her girlish asshole as she humped his face. "Here," she screamed, "Lick it!" She pulled her ass away and hovered her puckered little hole just centimeters from the tip of his nose. Todd grimaced in disgust as her anus clenched and relaxed in anticipation, awaiting his tongue. Ashley grabbed his balls through his shorts and squeezed. "DO IT, or I'll tear it off!"
Todd began to lick his sisters asshole in a blind frenzy. "Not so fast! Slowly. In and out and all around." Todd obeyed and began to lick, unable to help the nutty taste of her ass invading his mouth. "Stick it out as far as it can go!" Todd stuck out his tongue until it felt like the flesh would rip. She lowered her ass down, sliding it deep inside her chute. "Mmmmm, good. Now wiggle it around in there and taste me …"
Todd began to wiggle and worm his tongue. His sister began to giggle and sigh as he rimmed her.
"Now my pussy." Ashley slide back, depositing her dripping cunt on his face. Without further prompting Todd began to lick and probe. "Feel around for the little hump towards the top … Yaaaaa, that's it! Now suck!" Todd began to suck his sister's clit in and out of his mouth. "NO TEETH DAMMIT!"
All the while Ashley's face was resting against Todd's crotch. As she grew more excited she instinctually pulled down his shorts revealing his penis. She sucked it into her mouth and began to flick it back and forth with her tongue, sucking with force. Todd had never felt anything like it and his whole body tensed up. "Keep licking, fucker!" she screamed and sucked his penis back into her mouth. She felt the little thing get hard and she began to bob her head, making loud slurping sounds. It was bigger than she would have expected … though nothing near the size of Ed's. This gave her another wicked idea.
Ashley climbed off and got on all fours. She arched her back bringing herself low to the carpet. "Now take that thing and put it in my butt before I start kicking your ass again!" Todd once again obeyed and pushed his little member into his sister's ass with a wet pop. He knelt there stiff as a board as she began to sway and push forward and back.
Todd looked down and watched as his penis disappeared in and out of her asshole. Soon he caught hold of the rhythm and began to pump in earnest. The sensation was almost too much to bear and he humped in jerky spurts. He could feel his sister squeezing her anus making it tighter still! So much so that it almost pushed him out, but he thrust deeper knowing that would only make her madder. He spread her cheeks with his hands so he could gain more depth with his undeveloped member. He could feel her reaching underneath, alternating between playing with his balls and touching her pussy.
Finally she began to scream and buck harder. It was all Todd could do to keep his penis firmly planted in her butthole. With a shudder she collapsed on the floor, Todd's penis slipping out of her stretched asshole. Todd watched as her dilated anus slowly tighten back up. His penis still stuck out of his shorts and jumped to his pulse. Exhausted, Ash turned to look at it. "This summer we are going to work on that thing. I'm going to teach you to come like big boys can do." She gave a throaty laugh and rubbed her toes on his penis, pinching and flicking it, giggling all the while.
"On second thought I'm not that tired, why don't we start right now." Ash rolled onto her back and pulled her knees back. Todd's eyes strayed to her glistening snatch. "Get over here…" Todd scooted over on his knees. His sister reached down and guided his penis into her. "Good," she cooed. "Now … (then in a quick vocal rush) SMELLTHESE!" Before Todd could react, Ash slapped here feet over his face, grabbed his hips to hold him in and began to bounce her ass off the carpet, fucking his erect penis. He couldn't struggle due to the angle and could only lean forward and release himself to his sister's mercy. Todd took long shuddering sniffs of her feet, which had now dried of sweat and seemed to have a more concentrated, meaty, foot smell. "That's it … what a good boy … smell sis's feet while she fucks you … that's it … goooood boy."
"Smell, smell, smell," she said in a sing-song litany as she continued to bounce her ass from the floor, fucking him hard. As she sped up her bouncing, she started to time each spoken "smell" with a thrust until it became like a chant. "SmellSmellSmellSmellSmellSmell…" Todd's head was swimming with her overpowering foot stink … his mind hypnotized by her chant and the sensation of her pussy swallowing his cock whole was almost too much to bare. He released his full weight and fully leaned into her, surrendering … allowing himself to virtually be raped by his sisters feet and pussy. He's nothing but a foot smelling fuck toy, Ash thought with evil glee …
It was going to be a long summer for poor little Todd…

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