Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pay Back

Pay Back

It’s all too rare in life you get to witness arseholes getting their just desserts. One summer back in the early nineties I was lucky enough to witness such an event. Jason had been winding people up all year. We’d been sharing this large communal house since the start of the course, everyone got on, made the effort, apart from Jason. Looking back on it now, I guess you’d just put it down to him being provocative. Everything he did was perfect; anything anyone else did was shit. Could have been ok if he’d just learnt to shut up, but no such luck, he seemed to thrive on pissing people off.
After a year of this things were coming to a head. What made it worse was, sensing contempt from the women in the house, Jason now resorted to pinching their arses to get attention. Naturally this went down like a lead balloon. There’d been an ugly scene the week before when he’d grabbed Isabel’s backside. She’s not the kind of woman who’d slap, she punched him square in the face, knocking his glasses across the room. People piled in to split them up. He looked visibly shaken, she looked like she wanted blood.
After that things calmed down for a couple of weeks. Everyone thought Jason had finally learnt his lesson, albeit the hard way. Isabel, although publicly forgiving, privately confided she now despised him. She’d been Jason’s favourite target in the beginning. Always harping on about how women are hopeless mathematicians, and why is she wasting tax payers money studying it. It must have been masochism on his part; she’d demolish him in discussion and began ridiculing him in public. They were studying maths together; he began to look particularly stupid after he flunked the first year exams. Isabel, needless to say, breezed through. Personally I thought he had a crush on her, he was just too screwed up to know how to please her. She had exquisitely sensual looks. I have to say I adored her, she seemed to have it all. Her face had an enigmatic kind of beauty, sharp yet rounded with lovely flowing hair. She had the kind of nature people fell in love with – warm, intellectual, witty, and a darkness lurking bind those piercing eyes you knew could kill. That’s what drove me made, she was so balanced. She could love or hate with equal flare.
The night of Jason’ final downfall arrived a couple of weeks after the punching incident. We all arrived back from a student ball, we’d had a great time, everyone looked stunning. Nobody wanted to turn in so we started larking about in the kitchen. Isabel organised one of those games where you blindfold someone and they have to guess what people feed them. Personally I just think she liked tying people up, everything she ever organised always involved ropes of some sort.
It was Isabel’s turn to be blind folded. Jason was doing the feeding, it was a little bit tense, I think we all sensed something was about to happen. So Jason decided it would be really funny to have a grope of Isabel’s breasts instead of feeding her stuff. I sympathise on one level, I’d rather touch Isabel’s breasts than do most anything else, but not at the price he was going to have to pay. We didn’t get the immediate violence one would have expected. She just stood up while Jason felt her tits and removed her blindfold. "That’s a surprise Jason, who’d have expected that from you? Presumably I get to play too." She slipped her hand between his legs and gently felt him, he was smiling and so was she. Then Isabel’s expression changed, ice cold, and she began to squeeze the spunk out of his balls. He began grappling with her, but just couldn’t move enough to get her off. Isabel’s ice cold stare began to soften, it was clear that now she enjoyed what she was doing. She crushed his balls for a good minute while he wimpered and pleaded with her to stop. Finally she stopped and he staggered back onto the kitchen units. Isabel leant casually back and grabbed a wine bottle, "Now get down on the floor where you belong you piece of shit", she brought it smashing down on his head knocking him down senseless at her feet.
We started appealing for calm, fearing quite rightly the Isabel wasn’t going to stop there. He was moaning on the floor as Isabel began tying his arms behind his back with the pair of tights she’d previously used as a blind fold. "Complain as much as you like, he’s got it coming and I think I’ve got the right to give it to him." There were seven or eight of us there and we converged on the kitchen to see what Isabel was doing. Most of us were drunk and it all seemed kind of surreal. Isabel worked meticulously fastening the tights, then she got some string and had started on his legs. Alan grabbed Isabel’s arm to stop her; she glared at him, he thought better of it. Alice told him to back off, "He deserves everything he gets, you haven’t had to put up with him". We glanced around at each other, there was a weird atmosphere of dark expectation, all the while Isabel continued tying Jasons bonds fast.
She stood back and put her hands on her hips, clearly enjoying her victims predicament. As Jason's senses began to return he tried to get up on his feet. He made it up onto his knees before Isabel grabbed him by the hair. "GET OFF ME BITCH, AND GET THESE FUCKING TIES OFF." He scared me but she just laughed at him, ramming Jason back into a corner. While he knelt trapped between the walls Isabel punched him several times in the face, then kicked him hard again in the groin, he collapsed for the second time at her feet. She stood over him, sneering down. As he raised his head off the floor Isabel stamped down hard on it, pinning him under heel. Now I began getting a hard on, I don’t know why but seeing Isabel trash Jason like that was beginning to turn me on. I looked around at the others, all watching intently. I doubt anyone could have stopped her, certainly nobody wanted too. Seeing Isabel standing there in her forest green velvet gown, looking somewhere between manicured and wild, with her black high heel pump treading down on Jason’s head, one could only describe it as majestic. We all just stared, wanting to see Jason’s punishment.
"I think I’ve done very well, putting up with your shit for so long, you annoying little fuck. Well that’s an end to tolerance, I didn’t come here to live with emotionally challenged screwed up little boys! You hear me slimeball?" She began stamping down on his head with her shoe and high heel, as Jason cried out and squirmed around on the floor. Pausing after a hard kick to her plaything's stomach, Isabel contemplated something while watching Jason gasping for air, now curled in an almost foetal posture around her ankle. "Neil, be a dear and get me my calf length boots from outside". I walked quickly into the hall to retrieve them, careful to waste no time lest I miss something. I returned to find Isabel sitting on a chair over Jason’s head, foot resting on her newly acquired pet. "Now, are you going to do yourself a favour and help me on with these boy, or am I going to have to make this even more painful for you?" She emphasized her question by grinding her heel into his upturned chest. "Well scum?". "No, please, I’m sorry, just let me out of this." Isabel, in response, ground her heel into his face again. She looked around at the women as he screamed. "Anyone want to help?", she asked. Alice, Jane and Nicole walked over and spread out around Jason's contorted body. "Are you going to help me on with my boots, shit for brains?". He panted in the pause as Isabel stepped off. "I can't, I can't". "Wrong answer. Come on girls, you just let us know when you’ve changed your mind, boy". They smiled in that kind of knowing way at each other, then one by one all four of them began stamping, kicking and grinding down on the poor bastard. He finally cried out , "Please…please…whatever you say…just please stop this … just let me up". "No, you stay in the dirt where you belong, change my shoes with your hands tied". He agreed and struggled to his knees.
Isabel sat back down with the expression of one eminently pleased with herself, as Jason fumbled with the small straps of her shoes. Just as he looked like getting the first one undone, Isabel shoved her other shoe into his face. "No manners, have you pig! You don’t touch any bit of me or my clothing without showing a little respect first, get it?". He looked confused. "Kiss my feet." Again, we all looked at each other, surely he wouldn’t do it, not go that low. "Go on", Alice chipped in, "She towers above you in every conceivable way". She laughed loudly, " Kiss her feet, it makes sense". Jason peered up at us from the floor, then looked up at Isabel. He paused for a couple of moments as he took it in. His isolation and degraded position at Isabel’s hands. Looking back now you could say she’d been doing this to him mentally all year. Humiliating him verbally on so many occasions, now finally doing it physically. Maybe he felt this was the best way out for him, capitulation and submission. He began kissing her feet. She smiled broadly and stretched out, satisfaction mingling with amusement. A couple of other people began to laugh, a few caught their breath. I was transfixed as I watched Jason begin to grovel. Isabel pressed her foot down on Jasons back forcing his chest and head to the floor. Still he kissed her feet and shoes. She then stretched out her foot and forced his arse to the floor with her heel, leaving him prostrate in front of her. He began to adore Isabel with apparent enthusiasm, struggling forward on his stomach to press his lips to her feet with increasing passion. Isabel sat back in her chair, leaving his head at her feet, basking in her victory. I could now hear the sound of his lips smacking against leather.
"You learn fast boy. Doesn’t surrendering to Her feel so much better, so delightful in comparison to the endless strife you’ve been wasting your life with? Now, back to my game, now we’re all in better moods perhaps we can continue?". She looked around at us, half of us with dropped jaws still. "No, I’m really in the mood now, although perhaps we’ll change some rules. Jason, put my boots on for me, I don’t want to get food on my feet." He began to struggle with the straps again, "Neil, untie him, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble from our friend here again." I wasn’t so sure as Jason knelt up and I began releasing him. Isabel stood in front of him, pontificating on rule changes. No sooner had I finished with his ties than he was back down on his stomach worshiping his new mistress. "Boots boy, they’ll be plenty of time for that. OK, here’s what I suggest. Jason’s going to do the guessing blindfolded as usual, but instead of putting the food in his mouth, we’re going to tread it into the kitcken floor. As a penance for his appalling behaviour he’ll lick up whatever we crush into the floor." Jason began to look very distressed at the prospect. Isabel bent down and took his face in her hand, "Don’t worry sweety, no harm will come to you, unless you guess wrong. OK, boys you just watch, I think the feeders should be limited to the women who’ve had to put up with his pinches. That’s fair, isn’t it boy? … ISN’T IT?" "Yes … yes Isabel ….. I suppose it is." She slapped him hard across the face sending him reeling. "No `suppose’ about it boy, you’ve got one hell of a lot of sucking up to do, RIGHT?" "Yes Isabel."
Alice almost ran in, picking up a jar of curry paste, as I blind folded Jason. She’d had all sorts of boyfriend hassle earlier in the year, which Jason had teased her relentlessly about. Clearly Alice was going to relish pay back time. As I finished up, Alice slapped a tablespoon of the stuff down on the floor and stepped down on the mess with her blue sandels. She drew her high heels back and forth smearing the paste on the tiled floor, making sure ample was stuck to her shoe. Alice looked at Isabel, who then grabbed Jason by the hair and pulled his face down into the dirt. It resembled a dog having its nose wiped in its own shit. I genuinely began to feel sorry for him. He slowly licked the curry paste up, smarting at the kick of the stuff as he worked. Then he started licking the mess off Alice's shoe. He licked around the sides of the small platform sole as Alice gazed down at him. She looked like she was about to come, enjoying every moment of Jason's ordeal. "I want the soles licked clean Jason", Alice commanded, "No shirking your duty". He went to work as she pivoted back on her heel. Her feet looked beautiful in those ivory stockings, the red nail polish clearly showing through. Isabel stepped forward, "Is it all off boy?"
"Yes Isabel." Alice crushed down on Jasons face with the previously curry smeared shoe, twisting into his cheek, then dragged hard down wiping her foot off on him. She bent down to inspect his face, "Yeah, he’d cleaned it all off."
"So what was it" Isabel enquired.
"Curry paste."
"Wrong", laughed Alice as she stamped down on him again. "It was madras, does he have to do a forfeit now?"
"Of course, whatever you fancy."
"Ok, get his kit off."
With that they stripped him down, laughing almost hysterically.
And so it went on. Jason, now stripped on the floor, gobbling up the crushed remains of whatever the Ladies decided to trample. Naked and battered, but judging from the size of his erection, not as miserable as he appeared. Things got much better in the house after that. He fell deeper and deeper in love with Isabel, she in return found ever increasingly cruel methods of dehumanising him. Jason became the household slave for the ladies, doing whatever was required. They had him falling to his knees whenever he laid eyes on them, running their errands, polishing their shoes, you name it, they made him do it.


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