Monday, July 11, 2011

"Smell Me"

"Smell Me"

By pshadm

I was living at home since returning from college early and working nights at a wholesale produce market. Both my parents worked and my grandmother, who had recently had a stroke, was now living with us and was in need of full-time care to assist her in her day-to-day life. When the governmental and medical insurance entities failed to produce a qualified person, my parents sought private agencies with people for hire. It didn't take long for them to find what I perceived as your typical home care worker; a thick, black, older woman from one of the Haiti or something. Her name was Alicia.
Now, being a twenty-year old male, it was my duty to physically assess every woman I saw and Alicia was no exception. I wouldn't say she was beautiful, but not unattractive by any means, at least not to me. Older women, especially ones with a little meat on them had always appealed to me more than your run of the mill, college-aged waif. Plus, the lure of that island accent had always conjured images of forbidden mystery in my mind. Alicia was in her late thirties and stood about 5'10", my height, maybe a half an inch taller. Her hair was black, shoulder length and course. She was not a slender woman, but carried her curves well. An ample bosom rested just over a slight belly and her hips and ass were round and somewhat intimidating. Mind you, she was not fat, just thick. She had shapely, muscular legs, I guess from carrying her frame, and her face was not half bad to look at. She had an engaging, confident smile, with very dark, but inviting eyes accentuated by long eyelashes, a smooth complexion and full lips with dark red lipstick, the only make-up on her face. Apparently, however, the only item from the cosmetic or personal hygiene department that she indulged in, because her body odor was very noticeable. It was a strong, feral scent that wafted around her like an aura. It probably wasn't a negative factor in my parents' decision to hire her because they weren't really subjected to it. Alicia usually arrived just as they left in the morning and ended her day a good hour before they returned.
Weeks went by and Alicia developed a wonderful rapport with my grandmother and proved to be a rather pleasant person to share my day with. However, she did nothing to mask her body odor and with the seasons changing, the rising temperature did not help. It was a warm spring and she walked to my house each morning from where the bus left her about six blocks away and always seemed to wear open shoes, sleeveless shirts and skirts or shorts with no socks or stockings. It was also evident that her island heritage left her with no affinity for consistently maintaining shaved legs or armpits. She was not a hairy person or anything, just three or four days worth of stubble at any given time, so regrettably more surface area for her b.o. to adhere to.
The daily routine found Alicia at my house before I returned from work and my parents would already be gone. She would be doing some physical therapy with Grandma and then proceed to move around the house preparing food, doing laundry and the like. My usual m.o. would be to muddle about between the television and the refrigerator, but before long, I noticed that the refrigerator was too involved and decided that I should dust off the workout bench. This also afforded me a couple of hours of fresh air in the basement, because Alicia always seemed to be in close proximity to me when I was upstairs. It was a shame too, because she was so nice and easy to talk with, but she was beginning to notice my obvious aversion to her scent. She just seemed to smirk a little however, when she looked at me while raising her arms or removing her shoes. Some days it was so pungent that she would nearly knock me off balance as she accidentally brushed her sweaty body against me while passing me in the hallway or something. Though she never seemed unsettled by my reactions. I just attributed it to her pleasant disposition.
Now, although working nights (well really like 2 am to about 9) would lend to my being tired during the day, I typically didn't nap much. I just curtailed my social life during the week and went to sleep earlier. However, with the heavy workouts I had been putting myself through for the approaching beach weather, I was more exhausted than usual after lunch and Alicia took notice. She offered to make me an herbal tea that she said was in her family for years and added that it would help relax me, so that despite any resistance I had to napping, I could get some much needed rest for a few hours in the early afternoons. She soon persuaded me to try it, saying it was very tasty and that I would probably enjoy the evening with my family more if I just caught a couple of hours in the middle of the day. I really didn't care much for tea, especially since the weather was getting warmer, but Alicia said she would brew it while I exercised and I could have it at room temperature after lunch. I agreed because she was so persistent and just so nice about it. Plus, I had already felt guilty for not being all too discreet in trying to avoid her smell.
The next day after a particularly hard workout, I was sitting on the couch finishing my tea when I felt myself getting light-headed. Alicia appeared from nowhere just before I passed out and helped me to my bed. I slept soundly for over three hours and did feel noticeably better when I awoke. Alicia proudly spoke of her tea being just what I needed to help breakdown my reluctance to sleep. That same schedule continued on for over two months and despite my hesitation to admit it to Alicia, I was feeling much better and looked forward to my tea each day.
It was now almost July and it was a hot summer already; NY hot, with humidity and everything. Alicia still had no shame in exposing a lot of skin and aggravating her sweat glands with plastic or rubber shoes, long walks from the bus stop (giving her thick legs that much more opportunity to rub together), no deodorant or perfume of any kind and infrequent shaving. She also began to make seemingly obvious attempts at providing me with a whiff of her scent, but I must had become accustomed to it, because I didn't turn away as quickly as I had in the past.
As the weeks went on and the temperature rose, it seemed Alicia would deliberately get me into situations that forced me to breathe in her odor. She would constantly position herself between me and one of the many fans that were spinning in the house. She stood behind me, much closer than necessary, in a closet one day while I reached up the get something she asked for. She kept wavering on what it was exactly she needed and her stalling enabled her body odor to completely envelop my senses for several minutes in that stuffy closet. If I crouched down to remove something from a cabinet, Alicia would find some excuse to be close enough so that her ass or her crotch was within inches of me, invading the air that my face passed through as I stood back up. She constantly raised her arms for one reason or another whenever I walked by her. And it was my guess that she was wearing the same underwear for a few days at a time because I swear I could smell her potent feminine odor lingering in the fabric of the chairs she sat on. It was also quite detectable when she fanned out her blowsy skirts to cool herself off.
One day, Alicia "bumped" into me as I was turning away from the fridge with a bowl of cherries and sent them spilling onto the floor. When I got down on my knees to pick them up, she stood over me, slipped off one of her shoes and ever so slowly waved her bare foot with its sour smell right under my nose, practically grazing my upper lip. However, I didn't pull away. I actually was shocked because, after breathing in deeply, I discovered that I was quickly beginning to get hard. As I awkwardly arose to attempt to conceal the now throbbing bulge in my shorts, I watched Alicia just slip her shoe back on and walk away with what had become an all too common, half-cocked grin.
As the days went by, I inexplicably found myself more and more aroused by Alicia's body odor and she would overtly tease me with it, provoking what, when I wasn't napping, had become an almost constant erection. It never occurred to me to fantasize about something else and relieve my ever-growing balls with a few minutes in the bathroom. I just suffered through my hard-ons for weeks and even found myself trying to steal breaths of her commanding odor. Everything she did became a source of sexual torment for me. Her tone had ceased being sweet, but rather condescending and even sultry at times. Alicia's demeanor around me also changed, as she seemingly coaxed my cock and balls into lust for her. Her clothing became more revealing; skirts with high slits and more cleavage than I ever remembered her flaunting. When I would walk in the house from work, she would boast of not having showered that morning and then deliberately keep the air conditioner off. She would reach across me for something she didn't really need while I was seated at the table, so that her armpit would be right below my nose and then mockingly apologize after I had sufficiently inhaled the smell her steamy underarm. My unexplainable desire for this sexy woman's body odor was growing every minute and I was beginning to spend my nights dreaming of her and mornings at work in anticipation of returning home to a hot day.
It all came to a head one afternoon when I awoke from my nap and found Alicia in my bedroom with me. She seemed to be adjusting her skirt and when she saw me open my eyes, she just smiled and calmly told me to come to her and lick her armpit. The request was seemingly repugnant, until I realized that me and my instantly erect penis were making their way over to her. She raised her arm with a smirk and I gently pressed my tongue onto her damp, pungent stubble and licked it like I had just run a mile and this was the only thing that could quench my thirst. I licked her pit dry and stepped away with an embarrassed look on my face and an aching in my balls. She followed a throaty giggle with a patronizing line about me being a good little boy and that I shouldn't feel ashamed to worship her.
I was suddenly awash with confusion and even fear, but still thoroughly aroused, and told her that I was leaving until I could figure out what was going on and also that I intended to get her fired. As I moved towards the door, she coolly said in a most sensual voice, the words, "Smell Me". I immediately became consumed with lust for her and began to inhale deeply as I helplessly turned and approached her. She didn't change her tone or her grin as she rested her hand on my shoulder and told me to kneel down. She opened her skirt, spread her legs, gently grabbed the back of my head and nuzzled my face in her thick, warm crotch. Her cotton panties were moist with her powerful scent and the fabric clung to my skin. Then she said, "breathe deeply, slave". My lungs expanded until my chest hurt and my head was so dizzy with lust, I could have cum in my underwear, but didn't. She then gestured to the bed and told me to undress and lie there. I DID and was shocked at how willingly my body and mind complied. She approached and stripped off her clothing, as I lie naked on my bed. Alicia then mounted my raging erection and did not move. She just flexed her pussy muscles, softly massaging my throbbing penis. She reached her right hand behind her and gently began raking her nails over my balls...a feeling that seemed hauntingly familiar. As I lay there disoriented with feelings of extreme sexual pleasure, she began to tell me what she had done to me.
It seems that her family recipe for tea was more of a potion that the women in her country used to aid in the enslavement of their men. It was a mix of herbs and roots that included a strong sedative to allow me to sleep, undisturbed, and what she described in terms I would understand as a cross between ecstasy and viagra. It made my physical senses, such as touch and smell, heighten exponentially and kept me constantly hard, but unable to release without strong physical interaction. As she was doing then, with the maddeningly soft tickle on my balls and my hard penis engulfed in her warm, motionless flesh, she always made sure that she never over indulged my body's need for sustained friction on my shaft and head in order to cum. That way she kept my balls growing more swollen with each passing day.
She then, everyday, for over three months, put my grandmother to sleep during my drug induced naps and came into my room and conditioned my body to love her odor. A type of physically induced hypnosis, she explained. Without fear of me waking, Alicia would gently tease and fondle my balls and penis for two or more hours straight while placing a different source of her scent over my nose and mouth. She used a different method for each body part in order to elicit a different response when I was awake.
She softly brushed her fingernails on my inner thighs and under my scrotum while her sweaty feet covered my face, so that her foot odor would cause an unnerving and stimulating tickle between my legs. She stroked my penis when her armpit covered my face, so I felt as if I was being masturbated every time I'd smell her underarm odor. She rubbed the tip of my penis while she had her ass in my face so that even the smell of the gas she occasionally passed sent a shudder of pleasure through my body. She kneaded and fondled my balls while she smothered my face with her sweaty tits to reinforce the strong, frustrating sexual feelings I had when I inhaled the steam off of her lovely breasts. She gave me a blowjob, with no release however, while her wet pussy sixty-nined my face, so that when the musky odor of the two and three day old panties she wore permeated my nose, I would be aroused to the point of unconquerable lust for her.
These methods proved reciprocal in purpose. The smells forced my mind to equate her distinct odors with irrepressible, yet insurmountable sexual stimulation and in turn the physical teasing would cause me to pant and breathe her scent even more deeply while I slept under her body. She kept my inflamed senses trapped in this ever escalating vicious circle and all the while she whispered words in repetition to cause my mind to submit to her will under the weight of these intense, inescapable sensations. Over and over she repeated to my sleepy subconscious, "Smell Me", "you cannot come without Me", "be a good boy", "inhale deeply, slave", "you will do anything I ask", "you cannot resist My scent", "My smell brings you pleasure".
She also admitted to planting her scent in other places, so that I was consistently inundated with it. Once she observed that I had grown comfortable with her smell and after I awoke from our non-consensual afternoon sessions, she would remove the linen from my pillow and wipe down her crotch while I showered. She told me that the excitement she experienced each day as she exerted more and more control over me made her near orgasmic and left a wealth of vaginal secretion to be absorbed by my pillowcase. Also, although under the impression that I was free of her odor in the basement, she informed me that the towel I used to wiped my face during my workouts was the same she would clean the sweat off her body with after her long walk to my house each morning.
After what seemed like an eternity of erotic explanations for my behavior coupled with the constant tickling of my balls, Alicia told me that it was time to truly become hers. She began to slowly pump my rock-hard penis with her sweet, moist pussy. I thought for a moment that I should push her off and run, but the feeling of impending release that had eluded me for so long was building so quickly that I could do nothing but lie there frozen and whimper. She leaned forward pressing her large sweaty breasts into my chest and began to kiss me. It was no normal kiss. My head was swimming and I couldn't explain the amount of energy with which her tongue assaulted my mouth. The feeling between my legs was more overwhelming than I ever imagined the approach of an orgasm could be and as her full lips separated from my disoriented head, her dark eyes bore into mine and she said "you cannot resist are MINE". With that, my hyper-sensitive body became a trembling frenzy of sexual release and I could do nothing but stare up into her deep, dark eyes. She droned on and on, "No more resistance, only surrender", while all of the sperm that she had built up in my balls for weeks seemed to be sucked out by her pussy at a fevered pace, yet the feeling lasted just short of an eternity.
Alicia calmly rose off of me, and ran her pinky between her glistening breasts. She stood over my spent body, softly traced the tip of her sweat-covered finger around my lips and said, "That is why you will never get ME fired. Oh, and don't concern yourself with refusing to drink My won't need it pet."

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