Monday, July 11, 2011


Author Unknown
It was late evening and I was making a few last minute purchases in a
shoppimg mall near Srinakrin when I saw the sign advertising foot
massage at very reasonable rates. What the hell, I thought, it had been
a bitch of a day at the office and my stress levels were going through
the roof. A foot massage was just what I needed to relax even if I did
get home later than planned.
Entering the massage parlour I paid the price of the massage to a grey
haired, full-figured lady behind a smart desk and was ushered through
a door into a small room, one of several at the rear of the establishment.
It was sparsely furnished with a leather chair and footrest for the
client and a leather cushion on the floor for the masseuse. In a corner
stood a sink with several towels hanging on a nearby rail. The pipe under
the sink was clearly broken as there was a constant drip as water fell to
form a dirty pool on the dust covered floor underneath.
I sat alone for a few minutes before a rather harassed looking young Thai
lady entered. She was wearing a white coat like those worn by medical staff
and was clearly my masseuse. She had a beautiful face with fine features
but at that moment it looked rather worn and strained. She seemed very tired
and I guessed she must, like me, have had a very busy day. She must be glad
that I was her last client of the day.
She smiled warmly at me and walked over to the sink. As she did so, I was
impressed by how gracefully she walked and noticed also that she was barefoot
and instantly felt my cock stirring . I have always loved women's feet and
for me a barefoot woman is one of the most erotic sights in the world.
My masseuse picked up a tray from the sink, filled a dish with water and
placed it on the tray together with a sponge. Then she selected some towels
and walked back towards me. As she approached, my eyes never left her feet.
They were very lovely, small and perfectly formed, her neatly trimmed,
unpainted nails adding to the effect of natural beauty and with each step the
masseuse took her feet moved with perfect grace. How I longed to smell and
taste them, to worship them with my mouth and tongue. It took a great deal
of restraint for me to remain in my seat instead of getting down on the
floor beside the masseuse's pretty feet and even more restraint to keep
my erection in check. The masseuse placed the tray on the floor in front
of me and knelt on the cushion in front of me. Looking up, she gave me a
warm smile and I smiled back with equal warmth. I had a feeling this would
be a very enjoyable massage.
The masseuse slowly unlaced my shoes and started removing my socks. As she
did so she gave me a weary smile.
"What country?" she asked
"I am British." I repled.
"You tourist?"
"No, I work here, for a shipping company."
"You like Thailand?"
"Yes, the girls are very beauiful here."
It was a stock answer and it got the stock response, a dutiful giggle from
the masseuse.
She had removed my socks by now and, picking up the sponge, began to wash
my rather sweaty feet. She kept smiling but I could see it was forced and
that she did not much enjoy the task she was performing. I was happy though
because as she bent forward to clean my feet I had a clear view down the
front of her white coat. Her ample breasts were held tight by a push up bra
and the view I received of her cleavage was magnificent. I could feel my
cock twitching again.
The masseuse noticed my gaze and gave me a knowing smile which made me turn
red with embarrassment.
"You got girlfriend?" she demanded
"No, no girlfriend." I stammered, ashamed of being caught staring at her
so openly.
"Why not?" she pressed "You in Thailand, easy for foreigner to find girl.
Why no girlfriend?"
Ordinarily I would have told her that that was none of her business but
there was something so insistent about her tone that I found myself
answering her.
"It is difficult to find the kind of girl I like here." I answered truthfully
and again the masseuse smiled knowingly.
She put down the sponge and adjusted her position on the cushion, sitting on
her knees. As she picked up my right foot and placed it on her lap, I noticed
how very short her coat was. It rode up so high as she knelt that her panties
were clearly visible to me. She wore a sheer black thong that only just
covered her pussy, indeed I could see some of her pussy hairs. My cock was
barely under control now as I looked at this gorgeous sight and knew only
the barest covering of cloth separated my foot from the girl's pussy.
"What kind of girl you like?" she asked as she applied some oils to my foot.
"I like ..... strong women." I replied
"Aaah!" smiled the masseuse "You like boss woman, yes? You like woman tell
you what to do?"
"Yes" I smiled lamely, my cock rising at her words "I like boss woman."
The girl laughed.
"Then you have no problem in Thailand, many boss woman here."
I was bright red now, both ashamed and excited at the way this girl had
so easily made me reveal my deepest, hidden desire.
"But all the women here seem so submissive and polite." I said "I cannot
imagine them giving men orders."
The girl laughed loudly as if I had said something very stupid.
"Outside like this but inside all girl want to be boss woman. They too
happy if they find boy like you. "
"Like me?" I asked hoarsely
"Like you." said the masseuse, smiling as she looked me directly in the
eye. "You are slaveboy, no? You want to be slave for strong Thai boss woman?"
Her last question was more of a statement. She certainly had my measure
as she must have known when my cock sprang to full attention, straing
desperately against the trousers which imprisoned it.
"Yes." I nodded weakly and the masseuse smiled triumphantly.
"Massage finish." she declared suddenly, standing up and putting her tray
aside. "I no give massage for weak man, slave man. You get up now!" She
stamped her bare foot on the floor as she issued this final instruction.
Confused at this sudden turn of events, I stood up and turned for the exit,
sorely disappointed that my fantasy of a sexual tryst with my attractive
masseuse was not to be ralised.
"Where you go? Come back! Now!" the masseuse shouted angrily behind me.
I turned around and saw she was sitting on the chair I had just vacated,
her pretty though dirty feet on the footrest.
"I no do massage for slaveboy." she smiled wickedly "Slaveboy must look
after MY feet. That your job, no?"
"Yes Madam." I said hoarsely, barely able to contain my excitement "My job
is to serve and please you."
She smiled and clicked her fingers.
"Come here! Kneel down!"
I was about to kneel in front of her when she raised her hand.
"Wait! You stll wear your clothes. that no good. Slaveboys not allowed
clothes. Clothes only for people. Take off your clothes slaveboy. Show me
your white meat."
I hesitated for only a moment before quickly stripping off my clothes and
then stood naked in front of the masseuse, my cock at full attention. I
could not believe my luck. I was about to act out one of my favourite
fantasies and probably get a good fuck into the bargain. I would have to
come here more often!
"Nice cock." mused the Thai lady, giving my balls a painful yet pleasurable
squeeze "It plenty hard. You really want to be my white slaveboy."
"Yes I do Madam." I said, bowing my head submissively.
The masseuse laughed and walked over to the door. She shouted something
in Thai and the older lady from reception entered. She took one look at
me and burst out laughing. The two women conversed a short time and then
the older lady picked up my clothes.
"What are you doing ?" I began and at once I felt the masseuses strong hand
slap my face.
"Shut dirty pig mouth!" she snapped "I tell you slave no need clothes. You
slave for real now. You no wear clothes again."
My cheek stung but guessing this was all part of the masseuses roleplaying
and that I would get my clothes back when my session was done I kept my
silence as the receptionist took my clothes in her arms and walked, giggling
out of the door, closing it behind her.
The masseuse kicked the leather cushion aside and pointed to the hard, tiled floor.
"Kneel here! You no need cushion! You dirty pig slave only! You not man, you
not human only cleaning machine!"
I knelt, naked on the hard floor, my cock still fully erect despite my
tormentor's insults. Indeed it was actually bigger than when I had stripped
for her.
The masseuse walked over to the sink and dragged her feet slowly through the
puddle of dirty, scummy water underneath.
"I very tired today. I massage too many pigmen like you. My feet too dirty.
Now I need relax and get my feet clean. You going to clean my feet slaveboy.
You clean them real good or I beat you real bad. You understand pigboy?"
"Yes Madam. I will be a good cleaning boy for you." I replied.
All the time she had been speaking, the masseuse had kept her back to me
but now she turned and smiled at me.
"Good pig. That correct way to speak to me."
She walked slowly over to the seat and sat down facing me, her feet vertical
on the footrest so that my eyes directly faced her soles. They were completely
black now, rivulets of dirty water running from toe to heel.
"You like my feet, huh?" she asked "Before I see you look at them too long
when I walk. Then I know you slave. I know you want to be my footboy."
"Your feet are very very beautiful Madam." I said slowly.
"But very dirty." she smiled. "Clean them pig! Clean them now!"
I reached for the sponge on the tray but the masseuse reacted with a sharp
kick to my face which sent me sprawling.
"Stupid fuckpig! You clean with tongue not sponge! Pigpeople no use anything
else for cleaning!"
Scrambling back onto my knees I apologised profusely.
"Shut mouth pig!" was the only response "Lick my feet now! Clean all dirt
or you too too sorry!"
Avoiding eye contact with the irritated masseuse I fixed my full attention
on her feet. Taking each foot in turn I slowly and carefully licked every
last trace of dust, dirt and water from her soles while she purred approvingly.
Next, I parted each of her toes in turn and licked up the dust between them,
making her giggle. Finally, I put each foot in my mouth and sucked out the
dirt from underneath her nails. The dirt tasted foul of course but the sweet
taste of her skin more than made up for that. It was with genuine pride that
I surveyed her clean, glistening feet and the smile of approval she gave me.
I could feel the precum on my cock tip as she did so.
"Good piggy." she said, leaning forward and inspecting her feet "My feet
nice and clean now, ready for fucking. You fuck them now footboy, OK?"
She took her feet from the footstool and placed them around my swollen cock,
trapping it tightly between her soles.
"Now you fuck feet good slavepig!" she ordered "Put hands behind back and fuck."
Still kneeling I placed my hands behind my back and began thrusting my hips
back and forth, rubbing my cock against her feet and beating the tip against
her soles. It was tiring and my knees were beginning to ache from being on
the hard floor but at the same time it was a rare pleasure to be allowed
to fuck such beautiful feet.
As I rocked back and forth the masseuse started laughing loudly and called
out in Thai. Moments later the rerceptionist and several other women entered
the room. From the uniforms they wore I guessed that they were all masseuses
in the establishment. They must have closed up for the evening.
The women also found the sight of a white man kneeling naked on the floor
before one of their sisters, frantically fucking her feet, highly amusing.
All of them were soon laughing and pointing and commenting excitedly in Thai.
My face burned with the shame of my humiliation but that same humiliation
served to bring my excitement to such a pitch that I rapidly climaxed, shooting
load after load of cum onto the masseuse's feet amid gales of laughter from
all in the room.
"Stupid pig!" snarled the masseuse "Now feet dirty again! You clean pretty
damn quick or you be sorry!"
Once more she placed her feet on the footrest and once again I diligently
cleaned them with my tongue. This time, however, it was not dirt I licked
up but my own cum. How the women laughed at my debasement. I must truly
seem like the lowest of the low to them.
The masseuse exchanged a few words in her own language with her colleagues
and they left the room, still laughing. I had a feeling they would not
be going far though.
"You work not bad slave." said the masseuse when the last woman had closed
the door behind her "But you got lot more to do."
Standing, she slowly unbuttoned her white coat and let it fall to the floor.
Underneath, she wore only her black thong and push up bra. As I watched,
transfixed, she removed her bra also and let her large, perfectly rounded
breasts hang free. They were a wonderful sight, light brown skin and big,
dark nipples that cried out to be suckled. I could feel my cock stirring
again despite my recent ejaculation.
The masseuse then turned around, bent over and pulled off her thong revealing
her pert, beautifully formed ass. Still bending, one hand on the chair to
support her, she used her free hand to point to her ass cheeks.
"Kissy kissy white boy!" she commanded
Crawling forward, I placed my lips on each ass cheek in turn, marvelling
at how cool they were, and showered every inch of them in kisses. The
masseuse then pointed between her cheeks.
"Licky licky pig! Clean Madam's asshole!"
I had never ever done such a degrading thing before but I had no power
to resist the young woman. I knew instinctively almost that it was my
destiny to obey her. Obediently I parted her cheeks with my hands and
applied my tongue both outside and inside her asshole. As I worked it
deeper in I heard her gasp with pleasure and felt her body contract. I
was sure she had climaxed and that made my heart swell with pride.
"Enough!" she said eventually and I withdrew my tongue.
The masseuse turned to face me and sat down in the chair, legs apart so
that I had a perfect view of her pussy and the dark bush that covered it.
"You lick my ass very good." she smiled, slowly rubbing her pussy with
her hand, a sight which brought my cock once more to erection. "You get
my pussy wet. I like that. Now you make pussy wet again. You lick pussy
like you lick ass, msake me cum again. Lick now!"
I needed no second order but dove into her pussy, kissing it fervently,
worshipping it devotedly as she closed her legs tightly around me.
"Lick me pig!" she snarled excitedly, pushing my head tightly against
her already moist crotch "Lick me deep!"
My tongue fully extended, I pushed it slowly inside her until I had no
more left to push. Then I began to lick and suck on her swollen clit as
she grasped my hair tightly, pulling it fiercely as she cried out with
pleasure and her body rocked to the sexual delights my tongue gave her.
Once, twice, thrice I brought her to orgasm and tasted the delicious nectar
of her juices before she finally had her fill and kicked me away.
I was lying on my back now as she stood over me, her face glowing with
sensual delight, her breasts hard and her nipples erect.
"You lick good white boy!" she said, breathing heavily as she looked down
greedily at my fully erect cock "Now you give me your white meat. Now you
fuck Madam's pussy!"
So saying, she lowered herself onto my waiting cock, impaling herself
on it as she took the full length of my shaft inside her cunt. Then she
proceeded to fuck me wildly and savagely, right there on the concrete
floor, pushing my arms and body down on the hard surface as she rode me
with frantic abandon. She was like a vision of erotic beauty, her body
glistening with sweat and her expression one of complete sensual abandon.
her breathing fast and heavy as she gasped and cried out with pleasure.
She did not care that is was a highly uncomfortable experience for me,
all she cared about was the stimulation of her clit and her own selfish
pleasure. The pain though was not all bad, it allowed me to focus on
keeping my own excitement in check, holding back my climax until she
had cum first. In fact she came another three times before I could not
contain mysef any longer and came inside her red hot cunt. Her loud cry
of ecstasy as I did so made my heart fill to bursting with pride at the
way I had been able to serve her.
Falling forward atop me, I found her cheek brushing mine and she then
rewarded me for my efforts with a long, hard kiss, her tongue and mine
locking together for what was one of the most pleasurable moments of my life.
"You very very good slave." she breathed as she lay beside me "Make me
wet all night. Good slave get reward. What you want slave?"
"Madam." I said softly "May I please suck on your breasts?"
She laughed gently and sat upright.
"Come baby slave. Suck my lovely titties!"
Then, as she cradled my head tenderly in her arms, takinga way all my
cares and worries, I kissed her beautiful breasts and suckled her delicious
nipples till I felt on the verge of sleep. I had never felt so content as
I did then in the arms of that strong lady.
Suddenly my reverie came to an end.
"It late." announced the masseuse suddenly. "Time I leave. Clean pussy
slave then I go."
Sitting back on the chair again she spread her legs and I once more used
my tongue to clean her, lapping up the mixture of her juices and my stale
cum from her pussy. Once that was done, she dressed again and turned to leave.
I stood up and prepared to follow when she suddenly spun round and slapped
my face hard.
"You no stand! You pig! You slave! You animal! You no stand, you crawl!"
"Look" I replied, holding my stinging cheek "We both had some fun but now
it's over and we both have to get home. Just bring me my clothes and I'll
be going. If you need some extra money for your services I'll pay whatever
you want. I ......"
My words were cut short by a swift, sharp punch to my stomach that winded me
and drove me to my knees. It was followed by another pun,ch to my face that
knocked me to the floor.
"Dirty filthy fucking pig!" screamed the masseuse "You think I whore? You
think I YOUR whore?"
Her face contorted in anger she kicked me with her bare feet
"YOU whore here! You MY whore pig boy! Understand? You live please me only!
I give order you obey! You nothing now, only slave!"
She shouted something in Thai and the other women entered, taking turns to
scold and beat me as she explained the situation to them. I was terrified
at this sudden turns of events and cowered in a foetal position on the floor.
Seeing me like this, the women suddenly started laughing.
"Poor slave!" mocked the masseuse "You too scared and hurt like little boy
after momma beat him. Get up slave, stand up like man."
I tried to stand but I was so weakened by my beating that I could only fall
back on to my knees, something which made all the women laugh out loudly.
"See slave" laughed the masseuse "You not man any more, only pig1 You our
white pig! You stay here forever"
"What do you mean?" I gasped
"I mean you stay here always, serve us and serve special customers too.
Thai ladies pay good price for white slave with massage!"
"You can't be serious!" I gasped "I ....."
"We very serious." said the masseuse "We already been your apartment, got
your passport, credit cards, money, everything. You got nothing now. Everything
belong us!"
"That is theft!" I cried "I will call the police!"
"You call police we tell them you do too many bad things here. We too many
witnesses and we got many friends in police. They believe us, not you."
"My company will never allow this." I remonstrated, clutching at straws.
"Tomorow your company get this video." smiled the receptionist, holding up
a videocam. "They see how you lick dirty feet, fuck feet, lick up own cum,
lick dirty asshole. After they see this you got no job."
With a sinking heart, I realised this was true. I was trapped here! Even if
I could make a break for it I would soon be arrested running naked through
the streets and who would believe my fantastic story? Everyone would be
sure to believe a group of women rather than me. I began to sob quietly
as the true extent of my predicament sank in.
"Don't cry slave." said the masseuse "You going to like your new life.
You real slave, that why we choose you. Now you going to live slave all
time you will be too happy! See, your cock happy already!"
I looked down and sure enough, my cock was already starting to harden at
the prospect of a slave whore's life for real. It was after all what I had
dreamed off all my life. Slowly, I began to reconcile myself to my fate.
Perhaps it wouldn't be that bad, I would have no more cares or stresses in
my life so long as I pleased those who demanded my services. And I was
already falling in ove with the masseuse who had trapped me into this new life.
"We got special room for you." said the receptionist "Come!"
As I crawled obediently behind her, she led the way to a small room right at
the rear of the premises, adjacent to a bathroom. Inside was a dog basket and
a blanket.
"You sleep here luck doggy." said the receptionist. "When customer need you,
we come fetch you. Rest of time you keep all masseuse happy. Anyone need clean,
lick, fuck you do for them. Every day we bring food. If you lucky you can eat
from girl's foot. You good slave, we good to you. You bad, we beat maybe even
sell. Many club want white slaves."
"I'll be good. I'll be very good! I promise!" I said, bowing my head and kissing
her feet, eager to please all my new owners.
"Good slave." smiled the masseuse I now regarded as my Goddess, kneeling and
patting me on the head. It was one of the worst insults a Thai could give but
it seemed perfectly natural given my new-found inferior status. "You will be my
special pet. You be good to me and I look after you very very good!"
If I had been a real dog I would have wagged my tail but my erect cock did an
equally good job of showing my gratitude and happiness at being chosen to serve
Thai women.

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