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Its best not to steal

Its best not to steal
Author Unknown
It was an unbelievable job. I did not make the girls baseball team but the coach

offered me a paid position cleaning uniforms. Not only that but I would get to

hang out with the team. What could be better than hanging out with a bunch a of

athletic girls. Believe me after the first practice of the season these girls

got pretty dirty during practices. Whether it was diving to make a catch or

sliding into home these girls really abused their uniforms. When a shoe would

actually come off this would leave a nice grass or dirt stain on the white


Anyway, my first day was terrible, the coach told me that I would have to

collect everybody's dirty uniforms and have them ready to go before the first

game Monday. That meant I would have a big weekend of laundry ahead. I did not

mind however, this was one of those good paid jobs that comes along every once

in a lifeKellye. I walked out of the coach's office and began asking people for

their dirty uniforms. Piles of dirty shirts, panties, socks, and other stuff

began to pile up in huge laundry basket. Some would have found the smell less

than appealing but I found it to be very awful. The girls laughed and joked as

they stacked their dirty laundry on to the stack. Some girls thought it was

humorous to throw smaller garments like socks and panties at my face. I did not

mind that much but I acted annoyed.

That weekend I went to the Laundromat. It was a new place that I assumed was

sponsoring the team by letting us do all of our laundry there. It was also an

all night place which meant I went in pretty late so I would not be surrounded

by people. Naturally their was one lady in their doing her laundry when I walked

through the door around midnight. she saw all the uniforms that I had to wash

and quickly turned her nose up when I selected the machine on the other side of

the room. I began loading the dirty clothes into the washer. As I went through

the pile I came a purse . Not only that but it was stained and had a nasty aroma

of sweat and leather. I pulled it out made. Took another look behind me and

stuffed them in my coat pocket. I would have a little fun with this cash later

tonight. They belonged to the biggest girl on our team Venessa.

The next two weeks passed. The team got off to a good start winning their first

four ball games. After each game and practice I would take their uniforms and

wash them. I began a new practice. I decided that I would be washing all girls

stuff at my place. That way I would not have to worry about people bothering me.

It was at this that I rejoiced at the fact that the apartment I recently moved

into had a small washer and dryer unit right next to the kitchen. I would take

my laundry load home separate it and then head off to do the uniforms. It worked

out pretty good. I could do any homework I had while I waited on the uniforms to

finish. The laundromat was pretty quiet but it seemed there was always someone

else there watching me. Now I did not have to worry about being caught taking

the cash of the girls. I still had a strange feeling that I was going to be

caught, but how could I? My plan was foolproof.
After the third week of the season I got a pleasant surprise. Supergirl from the

team Vanessa volunteered to help me do the laundry. I guess she felt sorry for

me. Especially since on numerous occasions she had thrown dirty panties at my

face or placed her panties around my head like a hat. Positioning my nose right

in the place where her ass had rested and probably sweated. Vanessa set she

would meet me at the laundromat later that afternoon after practice. Practice

ended about 4 o'clock. I collected all the dirty clothes and after everybody

left, me and Vanessa decided to meet at 6. Vanessa did not want everyone to know

that she was helping me with the laundry. After all she had an image to

maintain. I agreed totally. I headed home and began going through my motions.

Boy their were some great dirty items in today's wash. I then remembered that

Vanessa might suspect something if all the coins were missing so I threw them

all in the purse and headed off to the laundromat. Vanessa was there already and

she was talking to an employee of the place. I think the girls's name was Kaz.

she had supplied me with all the cleaning detergent and gave me a key so I could

use the machines without paying. she was pretty nice and usually spent most of

her time in the backroom. Vanessa greeted me as I entered the door.

" Oh hey Kaz, we have been waiting for you" Vanessa yelled. I wondered what she

meant by we. After all I was just meeting him. We deposited the dirty duds in

the washer and started up the machine. As Vanessa threw clothes into the washer

she made a comment that made me nervous. "Boy quite a few girl and socks to

wash". What did she mean by that? Maybe I was her. overeacting but maybe she was

on to me. About halfway through the wash cycle, Kaz came up and told us that the

manager wanted to see us in the back. she said she would wash our clothes while

we talked to the manager. Vanessa and I headed to the back and came to an office

door that had "Manager" stenciled on the door. Vanessa took out a key from her

pocket and unlocked the door. I thought this was quite unusual. I was just about

to ask herhow she had a key to the office when she flipped on the lights. There

in the office sat three other girls from the team; Kelly, Emily, and Lucy. They

all sat there smiling.
"What the hell is going on?" I asked
"That's what we would like to know you theaf" said Kelly
" What are you talking about?" I asked playing dumb.
"We are talking about this" said Vanessa as she popped a videotape into the a

small TV-VCR combo in the office. The tape came on and it had the appearance of

a surveillance tape of some type. There I was taking out dime after quarty after

bill. I was caught.
" You like our cash you theaf!" said Emily.
" You little boy! We are going to tell the police about you!" said Lucy.
" You cant! Please girls, I ...I ... will do anything.... just don't tell

anybody" I pleaded.
They looked at each other and smiled.
"All right we will give you a chance but you may wish that we had just had told

on you. Meet us after practice at my house tomorrow." said Vanessa. For now I

was spared the embarrassment of explaining the video to the coach. I later found

out that Vanessa's father owned the laundromat and that Kaz was her cousin. she

was the one that caught me on the surveillance one night. Thank God they did not

know what I did at home.

At practice the next day coach acted normal. They had not told her. They had

however blabbed to several other girls on the team. Suzy, Beth, Lara, and Anne

all seemed to know about my encounters with their purses. They found it very

humorous and called me a crook for the rest of practice. The coach probably

dismissed it as childish teasing. Practice ended around 4:30. Vanessa took off

early and left practice. They did not even leave their uniforms to be picked up

for cleaning.

I showed up at Vanessa's house at about 5:00. Both of her parents were at work.

Vanessa answered the door and told me to come in. she explained that we would be

convening in the downstairs family room. There the rest of the girls from the

other day sat. Everybody still had there baseball skirts on.

"Well, today we find out how much you like our stuff. You seem to have a special

preference for our stuff. So that is what you are going to get. With that

Vanessa and Lucy held me down. Kelly came over and sat on my legs. Emily towered

above me as I sat on the floor. she put her dirty sneakers on my chest so that

the tip was resting on my lips.
" All right, I sentence you to lick my sneakers clean. Your crime, your

punishment ! Now lick!" With that Emily planted the sole of her sneakers over my

mouth. The heels dug into my helpless face. I began licking the dirt from her

sneakers. This was embarressing. I was actually underfoot of Emily, not only our

star 1st baseman but also one of the best looking girls on the team. I gave her

sneakers the tongue treatment for about fifteen minutes. It was obvious after

about fifteen minutes that I was hating it.
" Emily get to the next punishment," said Vanessa.
" All right you now goning to get sweaty socks too. So now your going to get my

sweaty sock in your face" Emily said as she used my chin to remove her

sneakers.The smell was quite rank and awful. I hated it and I was totally

disgusted. For the next 10 minutes or so Emily rubbed her smelly socked feet on

my face. After the ten minutes my face was saturated with foot sweat and Emily's

socks were relatively dry.
" I can't believe she survived your feet Emily. I was getting just woozy from

the smell and they were not even close to my face." said Kelly. The next

half-hour the other girls got the foot treatment. Their sneakers were cleaned

and feet were massaged by my helpless face. Then Vanessa culminated it all by

insisting that I lick the sweat from her bare feet. I licked up and down each

sole and then sucked each toe individually. Vanessa just moaned. The rest of the

girls now wanted this done since witnessing how much Vanessa enjoyed it. So

Kelly, Emily, and Lucy got their feet licked. By that said their feet were

pretty dry and had lost quite a bit of their original potency.

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