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nite at the police station

nite at the police station

by cameryxle 
I was a priest at the local church doing confessions lighting candles and enjoying the clear evening outside. When all the sudden a young man running like he was running for his life ran into the church went on his knees begging me to hide him. He said the police were after him. The two police that were after him were on the take from the local gang and he was cirtain they were going to take him back to the gangleader if they caught him.

I decided to help him out. I hid him in the confessional until the cops go there. They questioned me if I'd seen the young man and I said no. They tried to tell me how bad a person the young man was but I tried to lie and said I know nothing about where he was at. The cops looked at me supicously and left.

I later called a cab and sent the young man away. Thankful everything was back to normal I went back into the parsonage to go to bed.

It was early in the morning and all the sudden I saw a bright light in my face and felt a hard blow to my face ...it was lights out.

I awoke and found myself tied to a chair in front of a desk. two cops approached me and started to ask me some questions about the young man and some of the things he supposedly did.

I knew were I sent the cab and in general i had a good idea where to find him but i refused to answere there questions.
They said they new all about my life before I became a priest. How I was areasted for assaulting a girl by stealing her shoes. How the court sintenced me to 2 years of rehab for my footfetish. That since I got out I cleaned up, no further arrests and I became a priest turning to God and all. But he said like a reformed junkie im sure it doesnt take long to get hooked again.

A person in your position couldnt afford to fall back to old addictions. Then both the cops laughed. They asked me the questions again. when I refused to answere, they said "fine" have it your way. Hmm I wonder if footfetish is like a heroin addiction you can get treatment, not be involved for years but there is always the addict right below the surface.

He said I am only going to ask you one more time. Where did he go? I said I am bound by the church to provide refuge I won't tell you. He said well...thats to bad Father I guess we will have to try a experament and see if we can loosen your toung hehe.

The cops walked out of the light and I could here some wispers. I heard a giggle from what seemed to be a couple females but I wasn't sure. then all the sudden two street walkers approached me. One (a 20ish girl with long blond hair with crystal blue eyes and a smirk on her face) walked over to the desk in front of me sat up on the desk and smiled, undoing the band around her heal and sensually dangling her black heel from her toes, crossing them and bouncing them tword me.

The other girl was a latan Salma Hyak look about her with a deep spanish accent. she pulled a chair facing me on my right and dangled her shoe also like the first. The blond told me that until she got into drugs she was a psychiatrist and she knew about the treatment I got and knew just how to screw it up laughing to her self.

I began to shake telling them to please let me go I am a priest. I had nothing to tell them.

The brunett quitly moved her chair behind me I heard a clop...clop sound. the latino woman behind me with the deep accet said...our boss wants some questions answered, if you help us...we let you go. If you don't we will do such a mind f&* to you that you will be a drooling madman back on the road to perversion. I kinda hope you don't answere it i never did trust or like you judgmental priests.

The blond said im only going to ask you one more time if I don't get the answere I want then we will do a little treatment reversal and by the time we are done you you will be chasing women down the streat trying to kiss there shoes and before you know
it you will lose you pitty little church and faith and trade it for a hehe footfetish fix.

I shoke my head saying "may God have mercy upon your soul". The blond said fine, have it your way. The brunett hoisted her feet up on my shoulders. The back of her soft sensual feet were staring me right in the face.

The brunette said see my feet father, don't you want ot kiss them hugg them...lick them? watch my toes move and dance she giggled as the treatment bagan. the blond reached down and unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my ankles then she took her shoe off and tied it to my face. I could smell the intoxicating smell of the leather mixed with her foot sweat. I tried not to get hard I knew what she was trying to do and I promised in a small prayer to fight it. The blond started to rub my little head as the the brunette was teasing my big one. The blond would jerk me harder and faster then stop as a wet spot formed on my shorts. She would wait until i lost errection and then do it all over again. THe brunette was sensually talking to me about how her feet could use a tong bath and that I would be the perfect one to give it. as the blond was teasing and denying me she would ask the questions over and over again. I continued to fight it but felt myself getting weaker and weaker as the old pashons i fought so hard to contain and bound through psych treatmant began to awake.

The blond says in a way I'm glad your challenging us like this it will be interesting to see what a priest on his knees begging to lick a womens feet will look like heh.

At this she reached over and wispered time to take it to the next level of your "untherapy" we have a lot to do to undo all that hard work and theripy youve been through and we are just the ones to do it heh.

My face was now exposed. the women traded places and the latino women pulled my shorts down grabed some lotion the lotion feet and started to jerk me. The blond keept on chanting feet...smell my soft smooth beutiful feet. She stoped for a sec in her chants and wispered.."see the first step in sexual adiction is to have the little head identlify sexual pleasure as coming from feet. The lips if carresed and the nose if carressed mixed with her small tainty peretty, soft smooth feet carresing you little head will eventually get your big head in the game. Before long and not to long you will be your good old self again hehe.

So the night seem to go on forever as they sexually teased me. before long my toung begane to chase the blonds feet. to feed the fire the blond would move her feet just out of range when i relaxed my head back she would move them back and tease my face all over again.

I had to have had a huge puddle of precum on the floor by now as i was constantly being tease and denied be the mean latino women in front of me. She keept looking in my eyes and smiled as i decended into addiction. She laughed lightly every so often as i chased the blonds feet with my toung.

After hours of this I started to cry saying please stop I dont want to go back to my old life...please... They said well, tell us what we need to know and we will stop. I finally did. The two cops came up to me from the shadows. One said well...well the priest finally decided to talk hehe. Thanks for the info. The other looked up at the blond, gave her a bill or two and said have fun and both cops laughed as then left the room.

The bond and brunette were looking at me with a "cat wants to play with the mouse look". I said nooo please no. The blonds moved there chairs on either side of me and one put her feet right on my face while the other started to tease my littel head me with her feet. I tried to turn my head but the blond smiled and just moved her feet with my face. She finally said this is the final stage of your untreatment hehe. to get adiction back we have to stimulate all the sinses at the same time and for your particular issue it wil be with our feet. It's called imprinting.

So I tried to shut my eyes and fight it but the constant teasing was taking a tole on me the blond was trying to wiggle her toe into my mouch chanting sensually smell , lick, tast my soft sexy feet. My mouth finnaly opend because of the constant sexual teasing of the latino girl. finally I came up to the wall and gave in. I could feel her toes rubbing against my toung. I started to hump the air and the latino girl would only feather touch me feeding th fire.

Finally the blond pulle dher feet out with a knowing smile I was lost at that pont in my lust between the constant tease and denial and there feet. I was drooling trying to reach her feet with my toung. the blond reached over grabed a shoe and held it over my face. The latino took some pictues of me with precum dripping from my stomach and the shoe being tied to my face. I was drooling like a animal at this point. they pulled out a video camera as the latino forced me over the edge. the blond put on some extra red flats she had in her bag. she leaned down and kissed my forhead wispering.

"welcome back".

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