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I was sat on the bus with some friends that were roughly my age, 17. A few seats in front of us sat two girls who were between 14 and 15. I recognised one girl from a street near mine, her name was Rhiannon. I did not know her friend. Rhiannon was about 5'1" with long brown hair wearing all denim and a pair of black high heeled shoes. Her friend wore something similar, but was hidden mostly by the bus seat that she leant on.

One of my friends became quickly bored with our conversation and proceeded to hurl portions of his bus ticket at the two girls. They did nothing in the way of a reprisal but gave us all horrible stares as they dismounted on the stop before ours.

I continued the next week as any other. However I was soon to get my comeuppence, or should I say what should have been my friend's comeuppence. I was navigating the streets near my house when I walked past a certain garden.

"OI! Hang on there!" I turned to my right to see Rhiannon's 19 year old sister Jodie stood in her front doorway. Jodie is a fairly attractive looking girl. She was wearing a red leather jacket, tight blue denim jeans and black high heeled boots.

"Come here you piece of shit." She began marching down her garden path, her high heeled boots clacking on the concrete with every step of her menacing stride. As she reached me stood right in front of me.

"You think it's funny to pick on little girls then, do you?" She asked me coldly. Before I could reply the violent female delivered a punch to my nose. I stepped back, in time to receive another punch to the face.

"Come on then, lets see you do the same to me." Said Jodie, pushing me backwards with her hands.

"I didn't..." I began in protest, but another punch from Jodie put me on my back. As I lay dazed on her garden path Jodie planted her boot upon my chest.

With one hand on the heel and another over the toe I grabbed her boot and tried to remove it. Jodie was a very strong girl and looked down unmercifully as I struggled uselessly against her foot. She allowed me to struggle for nearly a minute before she spoke again.

"Don't feel so fucking tough now do you?" Jodie said, folding her arms accross her leather jacket. I was still struggling to remove her boot at this point.

Jodie then picked me up with one hand on my throat. She then turned around and twisted my arm behind my back. She squeezed the back of my neck with her other hand, her red polished nails digging into my flesh.

"Inside." She ordered, walking me through the open doorway.

"Look, I'm sorry..." I pleaded.

Jodie however took no notice and lead me into the living room, where she dumped me onto the floor. Then she sat down heavily on my back, pinning me to the floor. She straddled my head with her denim thighs and either side of me my vision was obscured by her knees.

"Rhiannon." She called out, "I've got a surprise for you, come downstairs." She then pushed my face into the thick carpet with one hand and held me there. When she released my head I looked up from beneath Jodie to see her pretty younger sister stood in the doorway, wearing the same thing she wore last week on the bus, including the high heels.

"Rhiannon." Jodie said from her seat on my back, "What's it gonna take for you to forgive this shitbag, you name it and I'll make him do it for you."

"Hmmm..." Rhiannon walked towards me, stopping with her heeled shoes inches from my battered face. "I sentence you to kiss my feet and say you're sorry."

"You heard." Said Jodie, digging her sharp nails into the back of my neck to make me comply. I then planted kisses on the younger sibling's high heeled shoes whilst the pair of them laughed at me and insulted me for my weakness.

"Look, Rhiannon - he's got your nice new shoes all dirty - I think he should lick them clean for you now, don't you?" Jodie said from above me.

"Yeah." Said the younger girl excitedly, "Lick my fucking shoes pig."

"He's your slave now Rhiannon, I'll let you have him as a present." Jodie told her younger sister as I moved my tongue accross her shoes.

"What shall I call him?" Said Rhiannon as I cleaned her shoes with my tongue. "I know, Tinkerbell - that suits you you little fairy. Getting beaten up by girls." They both exploded with laughter.

"Tinkerbell, you may stop cleaning my shoes now." Said Rhiannon with her hands playfully rested on her hips. "Jodie, can I have a leash or something to tie him up with, so I can punish him if he's naughty again." Both of the girls giggled - they were really enjoying making a game out of this.

"Yeah, there's some stuff in the shed, go and get it." Said Jodie, "I'll keep him here while you go and get it."

After ten minutes beneath Jodie's mighty body Rhiannon returned bearing an armful of chains leather. She dumped on the floor near me.

Jodie then took one of the chains and put it around my neck, linking it to make a collar. Then she got another and attached it to the "collar" as a leash. She handed the other end of the leash to Rhiannon.

"There you go, now if he's bad you can tug on his choke chain and he'll be a good little boy." And with that Jodie steeped off of me, although not before trampling me with her black boots as she stepped off.

"Come on then Tinkerbell, let's go upstairs." Said Rhiannon, tugging on my leash. The tugging on my tight collar was excrutiating and every tug caused me to stop breathing for an instant, so it only took a few pulls for me to break down and obediantly follow the playful fourteen year old.

She lead me up the stairs and into a bedroom with a wooden floor.

"OK Tinkerbell I'll teach you some tricks." Said Rhiannon. "Get up and beg like a dog." I obeyed and sat in the humiliating position.

"Good boy." She cooed at me, "Now, whenever I click my fingers - you have to stop whatever your doing and lick my shoes, OK?" I nodded solemly, knowing I was in for worse yet.

As a test Rhiannon clicked her fingers and giggled as I scurried to her feet and began licking her clean shoes for her.

"They're clean, take them off and massage my feet please Tinkerbell." She ordered, sitting down on the bed. I put my hands on her shoe to remove it.

"Not with your hands, bad Tinkerbell." She said, kicking me in the side of the head with her heel. "I'm so much better than you that you're only allowed to touch my shoes with your mouth, OK Tinkerbell?"

I nodded and then endured the tricky task of removing the girl's high heeled shoes with my teeth. The task took much longer than it should.

Next Rhiannon inserted her bare foot into my mouth.

"Now massage my foot with your tongue- good Tinkerbell." She patronised me. I worked my tongue, though reluctantly as her foot was sweaty from being inside her high heeled shoes all day. She certainly looked relaxed as I sucked on her foot for her. After five minutes he changed feet and had me massage the other foot in the same way.

Jodie then walked into the room.

"Looks like you've got Tinkerbell well trained already." She laughed, admiring her little sisters handiwork. "Make him do my feet too."

Rhiannon then slid her smooth foot from my mouth.

"Now, be a good Tinkerbell and do Jodie's feet too." Rhiannon commanded me with a giggle. I then had to take of Jodie's knee high boots with just my teeth. This involved lifting her jeans leg with my nose and then biting the zip on her boot and pulling it down, before removing the boot. After I had taken off the second boot I had to also remove her sweat drenched socks she wore beneath the boots for comfort. These tasted fowl and the two sisters laughed at the distaste on my face at this moment.

"Tinkerbell - you will now hold Jodie's sock in your mouth for twenty seconds." Rhiannon commanded with a stifled laugh. Jodie then smiled as I endured her foul smelling sock. With her foot Jodie prodded the sock right into my mouth, so it balled up inside it. The taste was horrible and I almost felt sick.

Fortunately Jodie allowed me to release her sock as she wanted her feet massaged. She then slid her beautiful yet sweaty feet into my mouth one by one, having me clean and massage them for her.

By this point I broke down crying, much to the sister's amusement.

"Awww... is little Tinkerbell sorry now?" Rhiannon spoke to me babyishly.

I nodded submissively and swore never to bother her again.

"OK, I'll let you go Tinkerbell." Said Rhiannon, "But when I next see you on the bus I expect you to lick my shoes clean in front of all your friends."

I agreed with the playful fourteen year old and she untied my leash.

I walked out of the door having learned a very valuable lesson that I did not actually deserve.

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