Thursday, July 14, 2011

Never Pick on Girls

Never Pick on Girls
Author Unknown
It was pretty late that night when we walked out of the nightclub. Me and my

friend Jake were bouncers at this new nightclub in town. We stepped out the door

and began walking towards my car (I had agreed to give Jake a ride home) which

was parked on the side of the building. As soon as we stepped out in to the neon

lights outside the club I heard screeching tires. All off a sudden a long black

car emerged from behind us. It screeched to halt as three ladies jumped out of

the car - each of them wearing skirts. One of them pulled a gun while the other

two held up what looked to be metal batons of some type. They ordered us into

the back of the car. We probably could have taken these girls but we did not

want to risk being shot so we complied. As we got into the back of the car two

of the girls jumped in the back seat with us. It was pretty crowded to say the

least. They began wailing away on us with the metal batons yelling obscenities

at us. The voices sounded familiar and then that's when I put it together, these

were the girls we had kicked out of the club earlier that night.

Now it was all starting to come back to me as they relentlessly pounded away my

mid-section. It had been a busy night at the club and these girls had arrived

towards the end of the evening. They were dressed in normal punk attire

including lots of black and leather. Pretty soon they had started harassing some

of the ladies at the club. We politely asked them to leave, but they refused. Me

and Jake had no choice but to kick them out using physical force. We had opened

up some pretty bad cuts on all of their legs. As they stormed off they promised

revenge and here they were one exercising it. I guess we just did not take it

seriously hearing that kind of thing all the time from people we had thrown out.

Pretty soon we arrived at a house deep in the heart of the suburbs. It was out

in the middle of nowhere to be honest. They shoved us through the front door

then flipped on the lights. The room we had entered had the look of a standard

living room. It had a couch and several chairs, a coffee table and a TV cabinet.

They threw us each down on the couch and began tying us up with heavy rope. Jake

kept on asking them why they were doing this to us. They just told us to shut up

or they would kill us. I was scared to death but little did I know I would

derive some pleasure form this horrifying experience.

After I was tied up I presumed they would tie Jake up as well, but they did not.

Instead they took him into another room. I was left in this living room for a

few minutes to collect my thoughts. I could not escape as I was tied pretty well

to the chair. Soon one of the girls emerged. she left the door ajar and sat down

in a chair next to it.

"Boy you men are really going to get it now" she yelled over. I sat back and

tried to remain calm. I could only overhear what was happening in the next room

so I am not sure how much of this next part is accurate. I heard one of the

girls tell Jake that she was going to teach the girls a little respect. she told

one of the girls to unlace her boots. There was a momentary pause and then I

heard the crack of the metal baton and assumed they had hit Jake in the back of

the head with it because she cried out in pain. I assume she unlaced the boots.

This is what I heard hersay next:

"All right now pull them off" she ordered. I assume Jake did this immediately

knowing the consequences. "Now get on your hands and knees and kiss both of my

feet. I heard another crack of the baton. Then I heard Jake yell she would not

do it. This persisted for awhile finally culminating in a vicious beating of

Jake. she emerged from the room five minutes later bruised and battered. They

plopped herdown in the chair next to mine and began tying herup although I am

not sure if it was necessary. The two girls who attempted to torture Jake with

their stinky feet emerged. One with her boots still on and the other in dirty

white socks.

"Untie him," yelled the bootless one. They cut the rope of me and shoved me into

the room that held Jake moments earlier. "You heard what I want you to do now

get on hands and knees and kiss my feet and show a little respect." I could not

believe this. I did not need to be told twice. I crawled over quickly like a dog

and began lapping my mistress's feet. "You're a good boy, we are going to have

some fun with you," yelled the blond girl who now had me lapping at her socked

feet. Pretty soon I was ordered to remove her stinky black socks and kiss and

lick her bare feet. I did it with little or no argument. One of the girls

commented "You are a helluva lot smarter than that friend of yours". In fact

they had not hit me once since I entered this room. I have to admit this

experience was awful. I was verbally humiliated while I lapped at the leader of

this group's feet. Pretty soon I was forced to do the other girl's feet. Each

set of feet was pretty rank as they had been in the long black boots all night.

I kissed and licked their dirty bare feet clean as another girl would try to

stick her feet in my face. Finally after about forty minutes of intense worship.

The session was over. The leader took one of her dirty socks and shoved it in my

mouth then with the other she secured the gag. They had done the same with Jake

in the other room with another pair of their nylons. As we sat in our chairs

dying form the smell of rank socks in our mouths and just below our nostrils the

ladies began lacing up their black boots. They told us that we would live since

I was so cooperative, but that we better not tell the police or else we would

get again. They did not have to tell us as we were to proud to admit that we had

been beaten up and forced to worship the feet of a couple of girls. They drove

us back to the club and dumped us out in the back of the club and then peeled

away into the night. It was an hour or two before I finally loosened the rope on

my wrists and broke free. I immediately pulled the rank socks from my nose and

mouth although they did not smell to me anymore. I had hated this somewhat,

which worried me. I immediately untied Jake and we limped over to my car. I

drove Jake to the hospital. They bought a story about just goofing around but I

do not know why. Jake looked pretty bad. It terns out she had several broken

ribs, broken collarbone, and her face required stitches in several areas. It was

months before we returned to the club. Sometimes we still se those girls, each

time they just sort of smile at us. They know that we will never kick them out


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