Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teenage girl teaches male friend a lesson

Teenage girl teaches male friend a lesson
By ROYALS22262
I had changed jobs which allowed for two things to happen. I was now able to have a day off in the middle of the week, and I met a guy Ron who was 5 years older than me, divorced and had 2 teenage daughters who lived with him. I found out Ron liked golf as much as I did, so I thought I'd introduce him to 2 of my other friends and we'd go play as a foursome on a Wednesday in May of that year. We went, everyone got along, though none of us played very well, but it was a good day. When we finish Ron tells us that one of his daughters is playing softball for her high school team just about 10 miles from where we were, do we wan't to go watch? We finished our 19 hole beers and headed over there. Lindsay, Ron's oldest daughter was 15, a very lanky 5'9 long haired blonde girl about 120 lbs with nice greenish eyes. She looked a lot like a young Meryl Streep. She was the clean-up hitter for her team, and she and her team had a very bad game. Lindsay went 0 for 5 in a bad 9-1 loss. My friend Andy is 5'8 black hair, glasses and 150 lbs soaking wet, not a great athletic specimen. You'd think the way he looks he'd learn to keep his mouth shut, before someone would kill him. He's a very sarcastic guy who happens to enjoy making fun of people. I tolerate him, but most people are easily annoyed with him. So, after this bad loss, instead of being nice and supportive, he goes after this girl Lindsay, who he just met and barely knows. He says that she shouldn't be a clean-up hitter, she's not strong enough, and in the field she throws like a girl, and with legs like that she should be able to run faster. Lindsay, already upset for having had a bad game is now really upset. Who is this twerp talking to. Andy thinks he's being funny and that his comments may be helpful to her. I see how angry she is and I see an opportunity here! Lindsay, are you gonna take that from this four eyed weasel? Kick his ass, show him how strong you are. She steps toward him and glares. Now if he had any common sense, he would have laughed this off, apologized to the girl, and maybe offer to buy her an ice cream as a peace offer, everything would have been cool. But nooooo! He says, she can't kick my ass, if she took a swing she'd just miss, like everything else! Bad move. It was quick, and smart. Lindsay faked a wide right hook punch that Andy tried to block, and then she lifted her big size 10 right rubber cleated foot and nailed him solid in his family jewels. He went down to his knees immediately. She then kicked him again in the chest with the toe of her hard cleat. He fell on his back like he was shot. Ron saw his daughter fully in controll, so he let it continue without worry, as he wanted her to kick his ass too. She stood over him, and then started trampling him under both cleated feet one at a time. I now chime in again, make him kiss your feet and apollogize to you. Lindsay gets a glow in her eye, and says something that I honestly did not expect, and deffinitely not in front of dad. Great, I love having my feet kissed! She first sits on his stomache and squeezes his 40 year old head between her 15 year old thighs. Sweat poors over his face as he turns red and groggy. Don't pass out on me yet, there's more fun to be had. She arches her back, tosses her long blonde hair and leans back while extending her legs to the side of his head. She traps his head between her cleats and squeezes. He's now almost out. She lifts her right foot up and slips her shoe off. She reveals a very dirty and extremely sweaty white socked foot. Her foot was very long and narrow and from a distance it seemed to smell like warm smoked bacon with cheddar cheese and vinegar. He could only look at the sole of her sock above his face. She grabbed both his wrists and pulled, while now slowly decending the smelly socked foot to his face. He tried to turn his face, but her foot would follow it where it moved. She forced the foot all over his face, mashing the smell of it into his nose, over his lips, and wiggled her toes into his eyes and through his hair. She played and tormented him like a cat with a mouse. With the other foot she expertly kicked the ground with the heal of the cleat, able to remove that foot from it easily. She then placed both smelly socked feet in his face, and he was moaning and grunting under her smelly assault. When she tired of this, she released his now limp wrists, and pulled her right sock off her foot. She placed that bare foot next to his left ear. She then went to pull off her left sock. Though he was dazed, he did something interesting. He turned his head to study and look at the pretty bare right foot next to his face, wanting to see what this destructive limb looked like. It was pretty, long and narrow toes painted black with the second toe as long as the big toe but the other three toes much smaller but in proportion to each other. She seemed to notice him starring at her foot, she giggled and let him continue to look at it for a few minutes. Do you think I have a pretty foot? He starred but didn't say anything. She asked again but this time she kicked him in the face with it. Yes! I think it's pretty. Well why don't you kiss it then? Listen, it's pretty, but it really smells bad, please don't make me smell them. Oh, I think you need to smell them, so you know your place. Now be a good little boy and smell my stinking feet. She had pitty on him because now she was being very gentle and feminine. She lightly carressed his face with her now bare left foot. She then told him to start kissing and that he better be gentle. I watched her black toenailed foot get kissed, licked and nibbled on. I loved it, and Ron was cool with it too. He loved seeing his daughter take care of herself! I just couldn't wait to get home so that I could take care of myself too!!!

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