Monday, July 11, 2011

My Ex Girlfriend forced me

My Ex Girlfriend forced me
Author Unknown
Kelly and I had a short relationship, maybe about 7 months. We had broken
up and decided to still be friends. We would occasionally hang out
together, drinking down beers or whatever, and, if we drank enough, things
would sometime still happen.

He was a very pretty girl, 5' tall, probably about 140lbs and had one of
those naturally curvy body frames. She has these dark hazel eyes, that
would almost hypnotize you. We always had interesting sex while we dated,
but little did I know what she had learned about me.

I get a call on one Monday night from Kelly saying that she is getting off
work early and wanted to know if I wanted to have a few drinks with her. I
decided , why not. And we met at a bar.

We had a few more drinks than expected, and the bar was much closer to my
house than hers, the past had already represented, we still messed
around from time to time. So, she ended up coming over to 'stay the night'.

I was actually quite tired, so I took off my clothes and went right to bed.
As I lied there, I heard her walking in. she started by massaging my back,
which of course I didn't mind. Suddenly , she said ... " Can I ask you a
question?" , I replied with a nonchalant " Sure ". she said " I heard that
you get into feet, is that true?" . I was a bit stunned and a bit drunk, I
decided the best thing to do was tell the truth, " Yes " I said.

That is all it took, the next thing I knew, she had both of my hands firmly
held behind my back and I could tell she was reaching for something. Did I
mention, she had a muscular frame, at this point, I was really trying to get
free, not knowing what the hell was on her mind.

I felt a pair of handcuffs being slipped across my wrists and realized that
getting out of this was not going to be easy. She stood up, and dragged my
body to the foot of the bed. I was still wearing my socks and a pair of
panties as she bound me to the foot of the bed. It is a king size bed made
of wrought iron, with all kinds of things to tie someone up to, maybe I
bought it on purpose, I don't know.

I was trying to talk to her, because I had already decided in my head that
SHE and I were OVER. But she had a different agenda.

She started to put a harness on my head once I was secure, which is something
that I had only dreamt about in the past. The next thing I knew there was
an attachable gag on.... then a blindfold. I had never been in this
position and had to figure out how to respond.

So I thought...

The last thing I can say about this are her words, as she put some earplugs
into my ears, and those words were ... " Now boy, you are going learn to
become my foot slave ".

I couldn't see, I couldn't talk, I couldn't hear, and I couldn't move. I
was stuck there. I could vaguely feel the mattress moving around as she
positioned himself. I could feel hers size 7 feet inches from my face, my
nothing else, until she took of hers sneaker. That is when I realized she had
this all planned.

This raunchy, hot, sweaty foot is pressed right over my nose. Then the
next. These socks were worn for at LEAST a week. Trying to move is
useless, and when I did, it only seemed to feed her fire, her foot was press
down harder on me, to the point I could get no air at all. As soon as I
lied still and dormant, she would let up and allow me to breath, but only
through her rank sock.

She took the gag out of my mouth, and one of the ear plugs and said " Who has
the sexiest feet you have ever dated?" . I was still in such shock over
all of this that I couldn't reply. I said.... " Well, let me think..." and
in the position I was in, I thought that was a reasonable answer. she
responded back quickly though by saying " Wrong answer " and shoved the gag
back in my mouth. " You have an extra 20 minutes at my feet before I even
let you lick them. Right now I have you down, down at my feet. You can't
move boy, you can't see, you can't talk...and, in a second, you will not be
able to hear. All you will be able to do is think about my feet in your
face" And soon the ear plug was back in.

I lied there for another 20 minutes at least. The whole time she moved her
feet around my face, making sure every part of hers sock was shoved under my
nose, as if she had to keep it fresh, because the aroma of one part was
getting worn out from my smelling.

The ear plug was removed again, but for less than 10 seconds, " I want 10
DEEP inhales from you, if you do it right, I will take 5 minutes off that
extra time" And the ear plug was swiftly put back in.

I gave 10 deep inhales and by this time was entranced by the situation. It
was a high unlike anything I knew , and I realized at this point that Kelly
was going to win.

I laid there for a good 3 hours, as she made me vow to be hers foot slave.
After that amount of time ( around ) she finally took only the gag and the
ear plugs out and said, you may take my socks off with your teeth. By
this time I eagerly replied. It was nice just to get them out of my face,
because these things were RIPE. She forced me to lick her feet until she
found them clean enough.

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