Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bowling Bet

The Bowling Bet

Author Unknown

I had been going out with Sharon for about a 3 months. In that time we had gone bowling 2 to 3 times. We both enjoyed it, but Sharon always complained that the bowling shoes hurt her feet. Everytime we went bowling she would just start complaining after awhile. I was very attracted to her but could not stand this about her. Anyway, we were at the alley bowling one night with a couple of friends. After bowling a couple of games with some friends of ours, they decided to go home. I still wanted to get in some practice for an upcoming tournament I planned to enter. I asked Sharon to play with me but once again she bitched about her feet being sore and tired because of the bowling shoes. I had had enough. I decided to make her a bet. If I won the next game she would have to stop complaining everytime we come to the alley. "What do I get?" Sharon asked. Good question I had not thought about it. I told her to name it.( I was not concerned, I wasa much better bowler) "If I win you become my slave" she said I took this all jokingly and agreed. So we started the game. I started out fast but gradually she caught up. She was bowling the game of her life. It came down to the the very last frame. She needed three straight strikes, and she would win. I knew she did not have a chance or at least I did not think she did. She rolled a nice first bar and sure enough she rolled a stirke. Lucky shot. After hitting the shot she turned around and smiled and said "Soon you will be groveling at my feet slave boy". "You still need two more strikes" I reminded her. I stood and watched as she grabbed her ball and started her next shot. Once again she threw a beautiful ball down the lane and again another strike. She once again turned around and said " Are you sure you don't want to give up slave boy" "You still need one more strike" I reminded her again. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I was one strike away from being my girlfriend's slave. What would she make me do? Would I be groveling at her feet like she said? She grabbed her ball for her final shot and rolled the ball. It started on the outside of the lane and immediately I thought i had won. That ball looked like it was headed for the gutter. For the moment I sat and relished not having to hear my girlfriend bitch. Then something miraculous happen. The ball made a turn back inside(just like a pro) and struck the head pin. One by one the pins collapsed. She had beaten me. I could not believe it. I was in total shock. "Looks like your going to be my slave boy for awhile" she said. I just wondered for how long. We had not agreed to anything before hand because I thought I would win. We immediately decided to leave the alley. She started milking her winnings right away and told me to hold her bowling bag. I did we went up to the counter and payed our bill. Then we went to sit down to take off our bowling shoes. I quickly pulled mine off and put my sneakers on. Then my girlfriend put her feet in my lap and commanded me to take off her shoes and put her regular tennis shoes back on. My stomach started to turn. The thought of having to remove my girlfriends shoes in public and change them in front of everyone was embarassing. Everyone at the alley watched as I removed her stinky bowling shoes and put her tennis shoes back on her sweat drenched socked feet. After packing the car up we headed back to my place. She decided she would spin the night at my house since it was so late. She had left some clothes over so she would not need to run home. When we got home I thought my humiliation was over. I was wrong. She had more punishment in mind for her little (foot)slave. I sat down on the souch, " I hope you enjoyed humiliating me in front of everybody" I said. "Your not done yet" she said "Come on Sharon, haven't you embarassed me enough" I said " Mark you agreed to be my slave, you have hardly done anything yet. Now stop complaining and massage my feet slave boy" she yelled. I was starting to get annoyed by her calling me slave boy. I was a man of my word and I decided to hold up my end of the bargain. I wondered how far she was going to take it. So I did what I was told. I removed her tennis shoes and she placed her wet sweat drenched feet in my lap. A strong but not unpleasant aroma arose from her feet. Usually most people think foot odor is a liitle repulsive, but hers was turning me on. I began to massage her feet. After about fifteen minutes. she told me to pull off her socks. I began to tear her socks off when she said "With your teeth slave boy" " Sharon thats disgusting" I said in protest. "Oh Mark, I know you like my foot stink, you had a hard on while you were massaging my feet. So just pull my socks off and just do what your told. I can't believe it but I did it. I started to massage her bare feet. The arome grew stronger. I told her she could take a shower if she wanted to, hoping to end this humiliating experience. She said she had a different idea. "Mark, since your my slave you will clean my feet, with your tongue". I could not believe it but I did it. I licked both of her sweaty stinky feet. Once again I was turned on. That night ended with me sleeping at the end of my own bed massaging my girlfriends feet while she slept. Its been a month now. My girlfriend has not let up yet. Needless to say she does not do much anymore. I have moved into her apartment where I do all her cleaning, cooking, and take care of all her footwear. Everynight I am expected to sit at the end of the couch and massage,lick,suck and do whatever else she wants to her feet. She just laughs and moans in pure ecstasy. She still enjoys embarassing me in front of our friends. She will casually ask me to massage her feet in their company. All of her friends know about my subservience and all of them are jealous.


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