Monday, July 11, 2011

The Lousy Man

The Lousy Man
Author Unknown
That will not always pleasant to work with/for the public. You know what they say; It takes all sorts to make a world and giving to peoples alot of satisfaction is a big part of my profession. At each year that god give for us, there is always a customer who is very hard to please than the others. The person is attracting attention by his bad gesture and his hurtful remarks.
In 1999 I was 29 years old, I made the design of an house for a strange dude with a bad look. This quinquagenarian was rich but he looked like a vagabond. I cooperated to all his intolerately demanding before I started the design of his house with an evaluation of $400 000. He was very grumpy and I became very happy when he leave.
One month later, I called him to take an appointment with him because the design was complete, and also to have the confirmation to start to build the house. I explained the conception as he took a pen from his pocket of his shirt. What a nerve, he wrote on my professional conception design as he made his comments. I'm sure that was the same dirty shirt in our first meeting, he stinked like a piece of trash and talked with alot of vulgarities. He disgusted me, he make me sick, he blotted my work as I'm seethe with anger. The worst of the story is that I had to stay courteous.
-Bah! I don't want this section, I want a glass casing over there...
-If i understood you want another model??
-No! No! What are you talking about? I'mm gonna pay for the new things, this is not a problem.
-Why did you don't contact me before forr the change? You need a new design and we gonna have to meet again in one month.
-What? Are you crasy? You didn't see anyything? I made the modifications and right now they just have to build it.
-I'm sorry but you soil my work. I don'tt gonna give this torchon paper to a foreman with my name on it. I have my reputation, so you gonna pay for a new plan.
-No way!!! You gonna give your agreementt NOW! And start to build or you gonna see how mad I can be.
-That's enough! It's the end of our meetting.
-That's gonna be the end when I'm gonna say it's the end... The money is not a problem for me, I'm gonna give you a bonus... and much more if you do a great blow job to me.
He threw a packet of $100 on my desk with ardor and frustration. He was really indisciplined as he petrified me by his machinations. I kept my self control and I only think about revenge,REVENGE.
-So you want a blow job?
-YUP! Give me one's money's worth.
I stand up and I took two ropes to the curtains. His eyes never left me as I smile and show him the ropes. I asked if I can tied him to the chair where he was already sat. he agreed but he groused a little bit. I tied his legs, his body, his arms and his wrists. He looked at me with stupefaction, I removed off my jacket as I sat infront of him to the side on my desk. He gave me a broad smile as I put my foot on his stomach to push him. He fell on his back and hit his head on the floor.
-What are you doing crasy bitch? You hurrt my stomach with your high heel and my head is hurt, I'm gonna take proceeding against you!
-Shut up!
My feet are small (size 6) and I have thin feet, the extremities of my shoes (where is my toes) was very sharp. I put it in his mouth the most deep as I can as I felt his teeth rub on it.
-You stupid moron, you really think I'm a bitch, I'm gonna teach you a lesson. Who do you think you are? Keep your money to buy some clothes and soaps. You look like an itinerant, you are absolutely disgusting.
-Hmmmm... Hphhhh... Phiew! Ok! I'm gonnaa do all what you want, I'm sorry!
-It's too late now, too bad you stupid ppig!
I sat on his tibias who was up to remove off my high heel and I put my sweaty barefeet on his repugnant face.
-You like the strongest smell? Take a loong breath on these you pig.
I pushed my smelly feet against his face with some weigth as he moan. I laugh with satisfaction, I was proud about the revenge that I gave to him. When his mouth was released, I immediately put my sole on it to force him to smell my feet. He tried to speak, so I plunged 2 or 3 toes in his mouth as I ordered him to suck.
He was totally under my control and with the time, he became obedient. I looked to his red eyes as I insulted him with a smile. That was enough for the toes bath and I decided to rub my feet violently on his bearb who has 2 or 3 days. He struggled under my feet as I found it very funny. I stand up on his chest and watch at his insignifiant face, he grind one's teeth and his eyes was very close. He repeated that I won and I taugh him a lesson. So I walked 3 or 4 times on his face before I turned back to sit on my place. I touched gently his nose with my big toe.
-How did you like the smell of my feet yyou ugly man?
-What's wrong with them, they stink alott...
-What? You don't like the odor of a ladyy? Are you guay?
-Well, I'm gonna let you smell somethingg else.
I walked on his body as I put my feet each side of his head. I moved my butt down to sit on his face.
-How did you like the smell of my ass? -Hmmm...
-That's it! Shut up!
I fart on his face and I stand up. I placed my sweaty foot to cover his nose and his mouth as I trampled his face, I turned my foot as I gave some pressure on it. I repeated the same move with the other foot as I saw that was the end of my day. I put my feet back in my shoes and I took my jacket to quit my office.
-See you tomorrow PIG!
The end.

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