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Tales Of The Sisterhood: New To Town Pt. 1

Tales Of The Sisterhood: New To Town Pt. 1

By FootBoyJJ

I peered out of my window through the blinds, trying to make out the new
neighbors across the street. All I could see was the giant moving truck and
various odd-shaped odds and ends and furniture being unloaded off the truck
and carted into the house. I had been checking off and on for an hour now, I
knew it would pay off eventually, these moving men were not like your
average moving men, they actually took care of the stuff they moved and
moved it swiftly into the house, obvious signs of a beautiful woman present.
Then I saw her! She was the embodiment of the perfect woman. Tall, just
about 6 foot tall. Nice, shapely breasts, totally flat stomach and luscious
thighs that ran down from the hem of her tight black dress all the way to
her feet in the black strappy high heel shoes.

She was holding a tray of what appeared to be lemonade, the moving men all
gulped it down in earnest. My throat was dry as well, not only at the
thought of drinking something handmade by her, but also with this 95 degree
heat. They all disappeared into the house, I supposed to finalize the moving
bill, so I wandered off to occupy myself with erotic thoughts of her for

It was getting near dark when I checked out my window again across the
street and I was shocked to see the moving truck was still there. So I
walked outside to take a look. The truck was all closed up, no sign of the
movers. I crossed the street and snuck up to the house. All of the drapes
and blinds were pulled shut, regardless, I couldn't see any light on in the
house, yet I did hear some noises. I pressed my ear against the glass and
listened intently, I could make out a lot of moans and groans and
exclamations of profanity. Was she screwing all the movers? That's the only
explanation I could find for those sounds. I waited around a few minutes,
the sounds continued to come from the house. I decided to move around back
to see if I could see some of the action. As I walked around to the side, my
foot got caught by a raised tree root and I fell hard onto the ground.
Suddenly all the noise from the house stopped. I laid there perfectly still
for what felt like 5 minutes, and then the noises resumed. Was I heard? In
any case, I needed to get out of there. I hightailed it back to my house and
went to bed.

I was awakened early in the morning by the sound of the moving truck
starting up, I peered out just to see it pulling off. I got dressed and
decided it was my chance to get a piece of that fine blonde. I walked across
the street and knocked on her door. After a few nervous moments, she
answered the door, my jaw just dropped, she was wearing a black halter top
that showed of all of her cleavage matched with dark pants and sneakers.


"Uhh. uhhhhh. Hi!"

"Allison, who is it?" Another female voice poured from the house.

"Just the neighbor from across the street." She answered.

"Oooh." She replied back with obvious interest.

"Won't you come in?" She asked me with her eyes staring deep into mine.

"Um.. I'm Kevin." I stuttered as I walked in.

"We know."


"Yes, me and my two sisters."


"Yes silly," she said as she had me sit on the comfortable couch, "Me, Emma
and Jessica. Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Uhh.. do you have any coffee?"

"Sure." She walked off, her tight ass bouncing to some unheard beat.

I got my first chance to look around at my surroundings. It was a pretty
nice place, actually, it was really nice, way better than my house was. Most
of the trimmings and furniture looked pretty expensive. They had a lot of
medieval and Renaissance period paintings, busts, and other collectibles
strewn all over the place.

"Hello Kevin."

I spun around to spot a fiery red head that appeared to be about 5 to 6
years older than Allison, she had a similar body, with even larger breasts.
She too was dressed in mostly dark clothes.

"My name is Emma, I am Allison's older sister." She held out her hand to me,
which I instinctively kissed.

Allison came back into the room with her other sister, Jessica, again,
oddly similar features, almost like they were all triplets, but she sported
long black hair to match her all black garb, including her thigh high
leather boots. I accepted the cup of coffee and sat down on the couch with
them surrounding me. They were all smiles while I sipped on my coffee.

"So what are you ladies doing here in my town?"

"We are all looking for work, we heard about a bunch of new jobs and decided
to pack up and move on down." Emma told me.

"So, Kevin, how long have you been in this town?" Jessica smiled at me

"Hmm, I would say about 5 years now. Also moved here for work." I finished
off my coffee and set it on the table.

"Cool, then maybe you can show us around town someday."

"Why not today? I'm off work and free all day."

"We were hoping you would say that." Allison smiled slightly devilishly at

I felt very relaxed and comfortable around these beautiful ladies, a trait
I had never known to have around women.

"So, Kevin, what are you into?"

"Into?" I asked sheepishly

"You know, in the bedroom." Allison licked her lips.

Something in her voice made me feel more comfortable and open than a young
baby in his mother's arms.

"I like to be spanked, I love to be the submissive one to the woman's wants
and desires and I have a foot fetish."

I couldn't believe I had just said all that, I was about ready to make a
break for the door, when I saw the sex-hungry look in all of their eyes.
Allison, who was sitting right across from me, ran her sneakered foot up my
bare leg.

"Oh really?" She spotted my instant erection when her sneaker touched my
leg, "I guess he wasn't lieing sisters."

I attempted to get up to start taking off my clothes, when my body didn't
respond to what I wanted it to do. No matter what, I couldn't move and when
I tried to say something, my mouth wouldn't move.

"So you want to be our complete fuck toy? Do whatever we want? No matter
what?" Jessica also rubbed her boot up and down my bare leg.

"Yes mistress." I answered in almost a robotic like tone, but what was I
saying? I don't know what these girls are capable of or what their wants and
desires are.

"Good answer boy, now disrobe!" Jessica yelled at me.

I immediately jumped up, against my will, and tore off every article of
clothing I had. I stood before them naked, waiting for their next command.

"Lay down, dog." Emma commanded me sternly

I laid down on the floor as ordered, arms at my side, stiff as a board, in
both places. Emma who had been walking around barefoot the entire time, took
her dirty bare feet and wrapped them around my cock and began stroking it.
It felt so good, but I knew my face displayed no emotion. Here I was, a
life-sized, living, breathing, emotionless sex doll for these women. She
only stroked me for a few minutes before holding both of her feet over the
head of my cock.

"Cum." Was all Emma said and apparently all I needed as I orgasmed on
command, shooting my hot load all over her, bare, dirty feet.

She smiled, "Now lick up your mess, dog."

I obediently slid down and began lapping my own semen off her dirty feet,
my cock still hard for some reason while I licked my cum and dirt off this
beautiful woman's feet.

"You did a good job, boy, now for the rest of your punishment. Follow us on
all fours like the bitch you are!" Allison commanded me, I followed behind
them all crawling on my hands and knees, I followed them down the stairs,
into the basement and even though I didn't show it, I was horrified at what
I saw. In all of my submissive fantasies, I had never been prepared for
this. My heart went into my throat as I crawled down the stairs after them,
into their dungeon.


Draw your own conclusions on what is to come, or if you would like to see
anything added to this story. Only your praise and contributions will force
me to write the next part of the first Tale.

Keep On Sniffin'


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