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Big Date

Big Date

By Author Unknown


I sat in the living room and waited for Kristen to come down for our date. I had arrived a little early, and after Kelly had let me in she informed me that Kristen was no where near ready, that I was just going to have to sit and wait for her. Not a problem- I had waited for months to finally work up enough nerve to finally ask Kristen out (we went to school together but I had always considered her out of my league), and to my delight and surprise she had agreed. I could certainly wait a little longer for her now. Besides, I WAS early. As I sat down and tried to think of something remotely clever to say to Kelly, Kristen's younger sister, she had already turned and left the room. Hmmph, just as well, I can't say I felt very comfortable around her to begin with. Kelly went to the same school Kristen and I went to, she was a couple of years younger though, sixteen maybe. She had her own circle of friends, none of whom I associated with, and the few times that we happened to pass each other in the hallway she would never look in my direction. I mean, people look at people, it's perfectly normal, but it was almost like she always made a concious effort NOT to even GLANCE in my direction. It turns me off when people do that shit on a regular basis, especially her, I mean she knew her sister and I were friends, at least smile or nod or something! So, even though it was kind of petty I had always seen Kristen's sister as kind of a bitch, and that was alright too, I guess. Everybody doesn't like everybody, for whatever reason. I had planned on being especially nice to Kelly tonight too, if she was around, if only for Kristen's benefit. Turns out it wasn't necessary, I never had the chance. As I sat and waited for Kristen to make her appearance I heard a door open from upstairs. I stood up to greet Kristen but as she made her way down the stairs I realized it was only Kelly. She commented on my expectant look.

"Relax, big boy, she'll be down soon enough!!" she snorted, and I was actually a little startled that she had spoken to me. I think tonight was the most that she had ever acknowledged my existence.

"Great," I said. "No rush."

As I sat back down Kelly made her way past me and onto the couch. I couldn't help but to check her out as she sat there, she really WAS something to look at. Blonde like her sister- not quite as busty but definitely well proportioned. Before she had sat down I had glanced at her ass as she brushed by- whew! Tight! Thing of beauty. While she was still on the stairs I had noticed she was barefoot and that she had very nice feet. Yeah, I kinda have a weakness for girl's feet, although I'm usually too embarrassed to tell any of them. I'm afraid they'll think I'm a freak or something. But as I sat there next to Kelly I found that I couldn't take my eyes off her feet- for one thing she had one leg propped over the other and she was rocking her foot up and down. Everytime it came up it was right smack in my line of sight- I couldn't NOT see it. Her toenails were painted a deep scarlet and the toe ring she adorned was silver and quite ornate. I found myself wanting to take a closer look.

"Uh, what are you looking at?"

Kelly's voice rocked me out of my little world and quickly I looked away from her feet and up at her face. Her look back was strong and unyielding- she knew she had caught me checking her out, in her own house and taking out her sister no less, but I think she was unsure of what exactly I was looking at. If she knew it was her feet she didn't let on, for before I had a chance to say anything she had turned back around and began switching channels on the T.V. It's not like I could think of anything to say anyway. So for the next five minutes I sat uneasily next to Kelly, not daring to sneek any more peeks at her feet or anything else, and wondered what the hell was taking Kristen so damn long. As if she could read my mind, Kristen suddenly poked her head out from the top of the stairs and smiled down at me. She still had a towel wrapped around her head.

"Jesus, Billy...I'm sooooo sorry!!!" She batted her eyes at me. "Five more minutes and I'm all yours, I promise!!" I could only see her from the neck up but she still looked incredibly sexy. Even with that stupid towel wrapped around her head. I realized how lucky I was to be in this situation, dating a girl like Kristen, being a guy like me, and at that moment I would've waited all night for her to come down.

"Hey, no problem Kristen, I was just-" I stopped because she was already gone and back into her room.

I turned to look at Kelly. "Well," I shrugged, "What are you gonna do, huh?"

I meant to be cute but she looked at me like I was a complete idiot. She turned back to the T.V. and started flipping again, blowing out a big bubble with her gum as she did so. I was expecting indifference from Kelly tonight, I had pretty much prepared myself for it, but now it felt like we were starting to move into more hostile territory. She wanted to act like I was the world's biggest jerk? Fine. I'll just ignore her completely then, what the hell do I care about some snotty sixteen year-old bitch anyway? Shit, if things go well I might be banging her sister before long. Hah! How you like me know? Ten minutes gone and still no sign of Kristen. I couldn't concentrate on anything on T.V. either because Kelly kept changing the channels on me. Slowly but surely I became antsy enough to begin stealing glances at Kelly, just to see what she was doing, but really to look at her body again. Her feet eventually became my main focus, I started to become fascinated with how well contoured they were, how her insteps arched prominently, royally almost. Her toes were sleek and narrow, each one slightly shorter in length than the last, perfectly aligned all the way down. The more I stared the more aroused I became, I simply could not help it, and with each passing moment I became less and less aware of my surroundings. Suddenly, Kelly put both feet on the floor and stood up.

"Excuse me," she said, as she moved past me and walked toward the kitchen. As she walked away I watched her ass sway back and forth, then steadily my gaze travelled down to her feet padding across the hardwood. With each step she took my dick twitched a little more in my pants and before long the tent in my crotch was becoming obscenely obvious. I still wanted Kristen to come down soon so we could get out of here already, but if she wanted to take a little longer that was certainly O.K. with me at this point. I could hardly stand and greet her like this. I don't think she would appreciate my cock salute. Probably even less if she knew it was her younger sister that had inspired it. Shortly, Kelly returned from the kitchen, a glass of something or other in her hand. It didn't really surprise me all that much that she hadn't even thought to ask me if I wanted anything, still I looked up at her a little annoyed. It would have been nice if she had at least asked me.

"What?" She remarked, incredulously, a pouty look on her face.

"Nothing," I replied. "It's just that I'm kind of thirsty myself is all."

Again she looked at me as if I had two freaking heads, and after placing her drink on the table and settling back down on the couch she said, "You know where the kitchen is." So I went out to the kitchen and got myself something to drink. I refused to let myself get into some ridiculous argument with Kristen's little sister about being rude to house guests and all that crap, so I took the high road and held my tongue. I promised myself I would be nice to Kelly tonight no matter what (and Kristen's really pushing it taking so damn long), but if I don't get out of here soon I think I might go nuts. I don't care how nice Kelly is to look at, I don't need her attitude right now. I've been psyching myself out about this date as it is. When I returned from the kitchen I found Kelly sprawled out across the couch. There was no place for me to sit. She was on her side with one arm resting under her head and her legs were stretched out over the spot where I had just gotten up from. She didn't even look up from the T.V. as I walked over towards her.

"Hey," I said, motioning for her to move back to where she was. "Do you mind?"

She looked up at me with a half-amused smirk on her face.

"Do I mind what?" She retorted.

Alright, now I'm officially more than a little pissed. "Moving so I can sit down, that's what!"

The half-amused smirk completely vanished from her face. Suddenly her eyes turned to slits and she pulled her lips back in an angry grimace. Incredibly, the look scared me and I found myself immediately wishing that I had kept my mouth shut.

"Yeah, I do mind, asshole," She said, coolly enough. "You're in my house, and I'll sit wherever the hell I want to!" She raised her voice and I started to worry that Kristen would overhear. This would not look good, me fighting with Kelly on our first date.

"You have a problem with that?" Kelly announced. "Huh?"

I looked down on the floor, a little embarrased at the situation. "No," I replied. "Whatever."

Kelly continued to chide me. "Yeah, whatever is right. Sit on the floor if you have to sit down. Just stop annoying me!"

It was a tight fit between the table and the couch but I managed to squeeze myself in and sit on the floor. I did it without really thinking too much about it, I just wanted Kelly to shut the hell up before Kristen came downstairs to find out what all the yelling was about. I worried about it for the next few minutes, but when Kristen had still failed to come down I figured she hadn't heard a thing. Probably blow-drying her hair or something. God, where the fuck is she already? As I sat there uncomfortably with my legs splayed out underneath the coffee table, I started to become mildly aware of a sort of rustling noise behind me, up on the couch. Once I had picked up on it it started to become the only thing that I could hear, but it still took me a little while to realize what it was. It was Kelly's feet; she was rubbing them together and everytime her toe ring scratched against the sofa it made kind of a scraping noise. I also hadn't realized how close Kelly's feet were to my head- if I were to turn around they would be practically right in my face. The thought of her feet being so close got me charged up again, and I started to devise ways that I could have a look at them without Kelly noticing. Might as well entertain myself if I have to sit here and wait. Slowly, I turned my head sideways and kind of snagged a peek from the corner of my eye. Man, were they close, a little too close because I couldn't really see them. They were positioned directly behind my head.

"What's the matter- am I bothering you, Billy-boy?" Kelly had noticed me squirming. Her voice sent a mild wave of panic through my body.

", um, I was...I mean, your feet..." My own voice trailed off and ended barely above a whisper.

"What about my feet?" Kelly asked me. "Are THEY bothering you?"

Shit. What the hell did I mention her feet for?

"No,, your feet aren't bothering me at all, Kelly." I told her. They WERE bothering me, but probably not in the way that she thought.

I looked up at Kelly's face and that's when I felt her foot brushing lightly up against the back of my head. She had a grin back on her face, one that told me that she was about to do something to really see how far she could push me. I wasn't disappointed; soon I felt her foot resting itself squarely on top of my head. There wasn't anything gentle about it either- one moment her toes were playfully swishing through my hair and in the next she had quickly smacked it down on my noggin.

"How 'bout now Billy-willy? My feet bothering you now?" As she said this she slowly moved her foot back and forth, moving my head along with it. I'm sure she sensed no resistance on my part, I was completely going with the moment. Part of me couldn't believe that this was really happening, too. In fact, I was so dazed by what was going on I didn't even realize that Kelly had asked me a question. Soon, I felt her other foot on top of my head as well, she just had them propped there, crossed at the ankles.

"I'll take it that this isn't a problem for you." Kelly said, half-giggling.

I sat there and didn't utter a single word. My dick was raging from the torment Kelly was putting me through, and instinctively I put my hand over the swelling lump in my jeans. Kelly had begun watching T.V. again, after making me her personal footrest, but eventually she turned to look at me again. Apparently, she didn't like seeing me with my hand on my crotch.

"Hey, shithead!" Kelly yelled. I felt her move her feet off my head, and the next thing I knew she had slapped me in the face with one of them. Hard. It was the one with the toe ring on it because I felt it connect with my teeth. "Get your hand off that!"

I could have ended it right there. I could have said enough was enough and just flat-out left. I had let it go too far as it was, but if I did nothing now I might as well jump off a bridge. What the hell would Kristen think of me if she knew what what was going on down here? What would Kelly say to her sister about her date when she did come down? Common sense told me to get the fuck out of there. Now. But Kelly's feet kept me motionless. They had become my entire world in a few short moments, and I could not sever the tie. They were owning me, and Kelly's slap in the face was sealing the deal. It's as simple as that. I removed my hand from my dick as I was told. I sat there and hoped that she would put her feet back on my head. Kelly did me one better.

"Good thing," Kelly said in a superior tone. "You think I want Kristen to come down here and see her date groping himself in front of her little sister?" She paused for a moment before she sneered, "Fucking freak. I always knew you were a loser!" Kelly then moved her foot until it hung right in front of my face. "Now I want you to kiss it. I think you hurt it when I smacked you in your stupid face!"

I strained my neck forward to kiss her foot. When I got close she pulled it forward a little more, tauntingly keeping it just out of reach. The harder I tried, the quicker she moved it away, until I actually began to hear myself whimper a little bit.

"Awww..." Kelly drew out. "Are you gonna cry if you can't kiss my little foot?" Kelly put her foot down and sat up on the end of the couch. "I tell you what...maybe if you BEG me to let you kiss my foot..."

I moved quickly. In an instant I was on my knees in front of her, head down, my eyes transfixed on her two beautiful feet perched side by side. I was willing to do whatever it took to get my lips on them. I heard myself mutter something really base and gutteral, words I would've never believed I could say in front of a woman. Kelly laughed from above my subjugated form, then she stretched one foot out until the sole completely blocked out everything else from my vision. The bottom of her foot was brown and dirty; she must've walked around barefoot all day from the look of it. She kept it about an inch away from my trembling lips.

"I think Billy has found his true love," Kelly said to no one in particular. "And you know what they say, true love does not come without its price!" Kelly moved her foot forward and began flicking at my lips with her big toe. I opened my mouth to let her slide it in so that I might be able to suck on it.

"Uh-uh-uh!" Kelly said, refusing me cruelly. She had put her foot down again and had leaned forward so that she could look me directly in my eyes. "I said there would be a price, didn't I? Now let me see...what would be a fair price for letting you kiss my pretty little foot, hmmm? I know!" Kelly took my face in her hands. "I think twenty bucks sounds reasonable...don't you?"

She had me good. There was no way I could refuse her now. Quickly I fished my wallet out of my pocket and began ruffling through it.

"Here, I'll do that!" Kelly said, yanking the wallet out of my hands. She leaned back onto the couch and I watched as she started taking money out of it. Soon, she looked back at me and smiled, then after taking a few more bills (way more than $20) she raised her foot up and began smearing it all over my face, real slowly. I took the opportunity to kiss every inch of it that crossed my lips; I could taste the grime from her foot as it washed through my mouth and over my tongue. I was ecstatic- there was no way to describe what an animal I had become. I existed only to slave over her beautiful feet, for as long as she would allow me. Briefly, I glanced up to see what Kelly's reaction was to this whole scene. I saw only that she was satisfied at turning me into this pathetic worm of a creature, her arms were crossed as she sat there triumphantly, a look of wondered amusement on her face.

"God, if only Kristen could see you now!" Kelly remarked, patting my face lightly with her slickening foot as she said it. "Wait'll I tell my friends at school about this!" The thought of everyone I knew eventually finding out about this did not faze me in the least. At the moment there was no tomorrow as far as I was concerned. The intensity of my foot-licking only increased as Kelly sat there and openly laughed at me.

"Hey, foot-fag," Kelly bemused. "Don't forget about this one!" With that, she slapped her other foot on my face and grounded it down alongside the other one. I actually thanked her after she did it. Shamelessly, I licked and sucked on her feet for all I was worth, unabashedly moaning between slurps.

"Make sure you get in between my toes now," Kelly stated as she shoved them in my mouth. "I know there's a lot of crap built up in there so get that tongue in deep!" I did as she instructed, suckling each delicious toe before burrowing my tongue in the valleys between. After I had sufficiently cleaned the toes on her right foot she presented me with the left and I went back to work. Her left foot was the one with the toe ring on it.

"You know, I can't remember the last time I cleaned that toe ring you're sucking on," Kelly said, as I tasted the metal of it along with the saltiness of her foot. "Be a good boy and slide it carefully off my toe and really give it a thorough washing!" Actually, all I did was wrap my lips securely around that particular toe and Kelly kind of took it off for me, whipping her foot out of my mouth and leaving the ring behind. Knowing that I was being reduced even further to such a degrading task made Kelly absolutely hysterical, and turned me on more than I thought was humanly possible. She watched me intently as well, and I, basking in the humiliation, sucked on her toe ring so hard I thought the varnish was going to come off.

After a few minutes of watching me suck on her toe ring, Kelly stood up and started to walk away.

"Jesus, my sister sure can pick 'em," she scoffed, as she began to make her way towards the stairs. "Speaking of which, I'll go see what's keeping her!" She turned to address me once more as I looked up at her dreamily. "When I get back, that ring better be sparkling!"

And then she was gone, presumably to go get Kristen. I sat there for a while where she had left me, and slowly the reality of what had just happened began to seep into my brain. The next few minutes were agonizing as I contemplated all the horrible ways that this night could end. Dealing with Kristen after Kelly had told her of what she had done to me- what I had done to myself- was possibly the least of my problems. How was I going to face anyone I knew ever again? Or look at myself in the mirror after tonight for that matter? Sitting there on the floor I had almost forgotten that I still had Kelly's toe ring in my mouth, the weight of it reinforcing the feeling of helplessness I was currently being consumed with. My fate was completely in Kelly's hands-what happened to me from this point on was totally up to her. I truly had become her slave. The thought of it both sickened and excited me simultaneously. Regardless though, I didn't want her toe ring in my mouth anymore (it started to make me feel too silly), so I spit it out into my hand. I only kind of half-noticed that it did indeed shine a litle bit, I had completely sucked off any of the gunk that had previously been on it. I was too worried about who was coming down the stairs next to really take any perverse pride in my cleaning job. I must admit though, looking at it did get me to thinking about Kelly's feet again. Thankfully, it was Kelly who came down to the living room first. She actually looked at me a little perturbed that I wasn't on my knees still, in front of the couch. I was grateful that she looked that way, it told me that she hadn't informed Kristen of what had been going on between us. At least not yet. I desperately wanted to ask her what was going on, but something told me to hold off. Kelly was the one who was in control of this situation (and of my life, the more I thought about it). Besides, I didn't trust how my voice would sound anyway. If it was as shaky as the rest of me, I would be completely incoherent.

"Get back on the floor, you little shit!" Kelly hissed at me through gritted teeth. Immediately, I leapt off the couch and huddled myself in a pile on the wooded floor. In my hurry, Kelly's toe ring flew out of my hands and landed a few inches away from her feet as she stood at the bottom of the staircase. The metallic ping of it was like a death toll in my ears. I knew she was not going to be pleased.

"Come here!" She commanded.

Not daring to look up at her or even to rise from my knees, I slowly made my way towards her, crawling the entire way. When I got close enough I watched as she picked up the ring with her toes and then stuck her foot out towards my hanging face.

"Open!" She barked.

Without hesitation, I opened my mouth and Kelly slid her clenched toes inside. She then grabbed me by my hair and continued to push her foot deeper into my mouth until eventually I began to feel her toenails digging into my soft palate. God, what a sight I must've been at that point; cowering on my knees in front of my date's little sister while she forcefully jammed half her foot down my throat. I had no shame. Right before my gag reflex kicked in (Kelly must have sensed it from the tears welling up in my eyes) she let go of the toe ring and pulled her foot out of my mouth. I coughed just in time to avoid swallowing it. Kelly bent over at the waist and lifted my face up by the chin so that she could look me in my eyes. I felt like a rag doll.

"When I tell you to do something, you do it!" Kelly yelled into my upturned face. "Understand?"

I was too dumbfounded to respond. I could only stare blankly into her fiery eyes. Kelly released her hand from my chin and smacked me solidly across the face. Before I could react to it she smacked me again, even harder. From the look on her face it was obvious she was enjoying the hell out of it. I just sat there and took it, absorbing all the punishment that Kelly deemed necessary. She knew she had completely broken my spirit; she was just toying with me now.

"Wow, this is fun!" Kelly exalted, as she hit me across the face for the third time. "I could do this all night! It's too bad you're going out with my sister or you could serve as my personal punching bag!" She stepped back to fully take in my slouching figure. "Maybe even get in a few karate kicks too!" Immediately her foot sprang up and connected squarely with my jaw, sending me reeling to the floor. Before I could sit up again, Kelly leapt over and stood over me with one foot positioned on either side of my head. With her hands on her hips she stared down into my battered face and smiled wickedly.

"I think I want my toe ring out of your disgusting mouth now," Kelly said. During the assault I had completely forgotten about her toe ring in my mouth; I was just grateful I hadn't swallowed it or accidentally spit it out. Presently, I brought it out of the cheek that I had buried it in and grasped it with my front teeth. I had no idea how exactly Kelly wanted me to give the ring back to her, so I decided to play it safe and give her the options. I simply took it in my teeth, opened my mouth and showed it to her. Apparently, I had done the right thing.

"That's it," Kelly said, gliding her foot into my mouth so that I could (using my tongue) place the ring back on her toe. "What a good boy you are!" She placed her foot across the length of my face so that she could admire both her foot and the toe ring. I felt her curl her toes upward and slowly she started to wiggle them. The heel of her foot was corked in my mouth. "I should wash all of my things in your mouth from now on!"

Suddenly, I heard a door slam from upstairs. Holy shit! Kristen! I had completely forgotten about her, and now she was finally coming down! Oh my God, what am I gonna do...

"Relax, faggot," Kelly whispered to me, her foot still plastered across my face. "Hey Kristen!" Kelly yelled upstairs. "Do me a favor and grab my sneakers out of my room on your way down!" She turned back to me and grinned.

"Yeah, alright," the voice from upstairs responded. "Be right down, Billy!!"

After Kristen had addressed me Kelly made it a point to humiliate me further by pinching her foot tightly over my nose. She then looked directly into my panicking eyes.

"No, I didn't tell her what a freak you are." Kelly said, reading my expression. "But I might when she gets back tonight. I don't know, it all depends on the mood I'm in, I guess. You understand, don't you Billy?"

I looked up at her with all the courage that I could work up. "Please Kelly..." I pleaded, my voice muffled by the foot pressing down on my lips.

Kelly moved her foot off my face and looked at me like she was surprised to hear me speak. "Please what?" she purred.

Again I braced myself. "P-p-p-lease don't tell Kristen..." I managed to squeak out.

"I don't know," Kelly contemplated. "This is just too good to keep to myself! But maybe, hmmmm....maybe we could work something out." I could see the wheels turning in her head. I didn't care, I'd do anything she asked, give her anything she wanted. Any minute now, Kristen is going to come down those stairs.

"I'll do anything..." I choked, and immediately Kelly's eyes got real big. If I hadn't sealed my fate up to this point, I had certainly done that now.

"I know you will," Kelly remarked. "You'll do anything and everything that I tell you to do." With that, Kelly leaned over and spit right in my face, a big, slobbery wet one. She then put her foot in it and proceeded to rub the slop all over, from my chin up to my forehead. After she had completely soaked my face, she lifted her foot slightly until it hovered over me.

"Now lick it clean before Kristen gets down here!" She ordered. I wasted no time, I had no time to waste. I leaned forward and began passionately sucking on every inch of Kelly's saliva-coated foot. I kissed her sweet toes and then licked in between them; I lavished her arch with long broad strokes of my tongue; I devotedly nursed on her smooth heel until she abruptly pulled it from my mouth.

"Well, as long as she's not here yet, how about the other one!" Kelly laughed and switched feet, pausing only to spit in my face again and repeat the whole wiping process with her other foot. When she held it before me for me to service, I repeated my efforts again, perhaps with even more gusto. I was in a foot-licking frenzy; at one point Kelly had all five of her toes jammed in my mouth at once, and this is when I heard Kristen's footsteps on the staircase. Hurriedly, Kelly yanked her foot out of my mouth and made a quick exit to the kitchen, giggling the whole way. In a blur I got to my feet, heart pounding and in my throat. Seconds later, Kristen appeared, rounding the stairwell, dressed and ready for a night on the town. I, on the other hand, was ready for a hospital bed.

"Hey!" Kristen exclaimed, arms outsretched for a big hug. "Sorry I took so long, Billy!" After we embraced, she looked up at me quizically.

"Jeez, you're really sweating up a storm!" She said, wiping her hand across my brow. If only she knew that what was all over my face was mostly her sister's spit. "Didn't mean to make you nervous or anything!" She declared, laughing.

"No, no," I said, sheepishly. "Guess I'm just a little warm is all...uh, you ready?" I looked into her eyes, hoping she couldn't sense my overwhelming anxiety. I had to get out of there already.

"Yeah, sure," Kristen replied, glancing around the room briefly. "Hey, where's Kelly?"

My pulse rate increased again just at the mention of her sister's name. I pretended to look around in confusion. "Uh, know, I, uh..I don't know," I stopped talking out of fear that I was sounding like an idiot.

Kristen hadn't noticed. "Hey Kelly!" Kristen yelled out. "I looked all over your room and I couldn't find your sneakers!"

I tried my best to move things along. "I'm sure she'll be alright, Kristen," I said, trying to steer her towards the front door. "Let's go...I'm starving already!" Some of my self-confidence had returned in the short absence of Kristen's younger sister, and I wanted to keep it (or the illusion of it) going for the rest of the night. Suddenly though, Kelly's form appeared in the kitchen doorway.

"Don't worry about it, sis," Kelly's voice was like a shiv in my heart. She stood there, leaning with her back to the wall, and I was instantly both awestruck by her definitive beauty and lacivious charm and terrified by the mental and emotional grip she held so fimly over me. She spoke to Kristen but she looked directly at me, a slight curl of a sneer dancing over her lips. "I'm sure they'll turn up..."

My head swimming with images of what this young vixen had managed to turn me into, I finally broke eye contact with her and started to lead Kristen towards the door. Kristen said goodbye to her sister, at which point I turned to say something as well, but considering everything, decided against it. What could I possibly say? Thanks for turning me into your pitiful slave tonight? When I kiss your sister goodnight I'll be thinking of your feet? Nevermind the things I'll be thinking of the first chance I get to jerk off tonight...naaaa, all in all, a quick exit here is best. After helping Kristen on with her coat and opening the front door for her, I did however, take one last glance around the room- the scene of my descent. As Kristen made her way outside I couldn't help myself from looking over in Kelly's direction as well. She was still in the kitchen, only now she had taken a seat in one of the dining chairs. Her legs were slung over one of its arms, her feet dangling mischieviously below. As I watched she brought up one of her legs into the air and arched her foot terrifically, toes tucked in and heel rounding prominently. The sight of it made me ache.

"See you soon..." she beckoned, as I closed the door and took Kristen by the hand.



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  1. Wow! Best story i've ever read! It must be part two! Can somebody share information about author or post second part of the story, missed it so much!