Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My First Time

My First Time

Author Unknown

My first time was when I was about twelve, we had stopped off at a family friends house on the way to the airport to go on holiday. Our friends had a daughter called Alyson who was two years older than me, of course my parents assumed the two of us were real friends. Not so. Alyson was always being horrible to me and playing mean tricks on me, but despite this I was always following her around. The reasons for this was as follows, firstly she was very beautiful, secondly she had very beautiful feet and inally she went almost everywhere barefoot. Because of this her feet were always dirty and, because I have a foot fetish I longed to clean them for her and to worship her feet. But because she was so mean I was afraid to tell her in case she told my par ts, so all the time I was around her I simply longed to get down on my knees and lick her beautiful toes.

I was beginning to think I would never get my wish when on our visit we had been sent off to play while the grownups talked. We had gone up to her room where she locked the door, once we were inside she got out a pack of cards and told me to sit down op site her. She then told me that we were going to play cards for high stakes, we could choose what we wanted to get if we won, still afraid of her I chose her not being mean to me if I won, she agreed instantly and then told me that I was to become her ot-slave if she won. I couldn't believe my luck! My dream come true! I decided I would have to lose, the opportunity was too good to pass up. And lose I did!

After I had lost she got down to business, she ordered me to change into some rags which she threw into a corner, after I changed she produced a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my ankles "So you won't try and run" She said, I was now immobilised on the floor at her feet, I awaited her order to begin worshipping them, but it didn't come, I realised she had more in store than that .. She had pulled on a pair off extremely dirty socks and me stinky old trainers. "Crawl over here slave boy" She said "Yes Aly" I said and began pulling my way over to her, when I got there I felt a pain across my shoulder blades - She had lashed me with a whip! "From now on slave boy" She said standing on my neck "You will call me Mistress, understood?" I nodded and my neck was released.

First she sat down in front of me "First things first slave, lick my trainers clean" obediently I began licking the filthy bottoms of the trainers and continued till they were clean and my tongue was black . Eyeing my tongue she ordered me to stop and g e me what I thought was some water to wash my tongue, how wrong I was ! I took a swig of the water and spat it out instantly, it was foot sweat! I quickly realised it had been a mistake, the whip lashed out on my shoulders, my legs and my feet. "Have you" She said "Any idea how long it took to collect that?" "N..No Mistress" I stammered "Three weeks!" She yelled "Now I was going to let you off with just a foot massage after you drank that! But now ..... Now you can clean my socks and then you can suck, lick, smell and massage my feet! And if you put a foot wrong again I'll make you eat y socks slave!"

This over with she ordered me to remove her shoes, I was then made to lick the insides until they were clean to her satisfaction. This done my mouth tasted of female foot sweat, and how sweet that taste was! I didn't have long to consider it however, as was soon forced to clean her socks, the smell was overpowering! I licked and licked at the socks until she was satisfied with my work. "Now take them off with your teeth slave" She said, giggling. I complied and there I was, the moment I had dreamed of for so long was here! I inhaled the sweet scent of her feet and felt them pushed into my face, as I continued sniffing she looked at me curiously "You're enjoying this aren't you?" She asked "Yes Mistress" I replied She said nothing, but she smiled a cruel smile "Well" She said "What are you waiting for slave? Get worshipping!" She cried, punctuating the last word with a lash from the whip.

I wasted no time and began by slowly kissing her soles, then her toes, then the whole foot, bit by bit, she sighed. I moved the worship up a gear, I began licking her feet, long slow strokes up and down the soles, gradually cleansing them of the filth w h always clung to them, then on to the toes, around them quickly at first, then slowly in and out in between each one. I could see that my worship was turning her on, but I was enjoying doing my job so much that I didn't try and take things another way. fter swiftly cleaning the top of each foot I decided to up the ante once again, I began to suck on her toes, as I moved them slowly in and out between my lips she cried out and flailed her arms catching me with the whip. At this I ceased my worship and rely lay with my face in her socks.

After she had calmed down she got a permanent pen from a draw and walked over me to my bare feet and wrote something on one of them, When I asked her what she'd written she replied "Just a mark to let people know I own you, now. You can massage my feet r a while slave boy". I massaged one foot whilst she rested the other on my face so I could inhale the scent. After she had enough of my massage she rolled me onto my front and tied my hands, she then walked up and down me a few times, finally ending by tanding on my face and rubbing her feet on me.


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