Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Coed's Slave

The Coed's Slave
By Slave Shoelicker

I stopped for breakfast at a diner by a nearby university on my way to a meeting the other day. It was a nice place and it looked like a good breakfast joint. I was blown away when I noticed the waitress walk up with the menu. She asked me if I wanted coffee but I was dazed momentarily by her appearance and couldn't respond.

"Hello there," she said, "I say again, would you like some coffee?"

"Um, yes I would, thank you," I stammered in response.

She must have gone to the college down the road and took this waitress job for the extra spending money. My guess is she was probably nineteen or twenty and she was a real knockout. But what really got me was the outfit she was wearing. She had long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, tied in place with a pink velvet scrunchie. She wore a white shirt and a short pleated pink skirt that showed off her fantastic legs. She wore very thin white knee socks with little pink tassels on the cuff just below her knees. She had simple leather keds on her feet. This innocent little schoolgirl look always drove me crazy.

I had a seat at the end of the row of tables and it gave me a great view of the aisle every time she came out to take an order or deliver food. She had a very athletic way of bouncing quickly back and forth. Her ponytail would swing back and forth and her skirt would flip up and down revealing her well-toned and delicious thighs. The skirt was so short, I felt sure I would get a panty shot at any moment. She came back with the coffee and asked for my order. I hadn't even looked at the menu and didn't know what to say.

"Uh,...what do you think is good today?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes and said, "It's all good so pick what you'd like."

I looked at the menu and ordered pancakes, the first thing that I saw. This should be interesting, I thought, I never order pancakes. Well, I just sat back on the edge of the bench seat so I could get a good view of her magnificent legs every time she walked up or down the aisle. The pancakes came and I tried a feeble attempt at humor, saying how great they looked and whether she cooked them herself. Once again she rolled her eyes and walked away without responding.

I stretched out that breakfast for as long as I could, picking at the pancakes that were barely edible. It was time for me to high tail it to my meeting so I paid the cashier, left a hefty tip and headed off.

Needless to say, I was completely distracted during the meeting and couldn't get my mind off the incredible sight I had just seen. I made some excuse like I had to review the data again before I could make any commitments one way or the other and suggested we meet again next week. Since there was little point in continuing on with me in my distracted state, it was agreed to meet next week.

It was coming up on eleven o'clock, so I thought I would head back to the diner for an early lunch. Luckily the beautiful young coed was still there and bless my stars, the end booth was also available. I made my way to my seat and sat back for the show. My lovely waitress dropped off a menu on one of her trips, completely ignoring me
otherwise. I had hoped for some sort of response from her. At least I thought she would recognize me after the tip I left this morning.

She came around with coffee for her tables and when she came over to me I quickly responded with a "yes please" and a big smile. Still barely a response from her. She came over for my order and once again I tried some humor stating I knew exactly what I wanted this time (which of course I didn't). Still no response from her. She wasn't even acting courteously which one would expect from a waitress.

I dragged that lunch out for over an hour and a half. I flipped through some work papers as if I was reviewing something important, but mainly I just kept sneaking glances at those legs every time they passed by.

The lunch crowd was dying down and finally she walked over and spoke to me, "Anything else?"

"Uh no, that should be it," I said with my best smile.

Suddenly, she sat down in the seat opposite me.

"Look," she said, "I don't normally give losers like you the time of day."

I sat there and listened. My jaw dropped and I turned red with shame. I should have done something to defend myself, but I just sat there as she continued.

"I know you've been ogling me all day with your tongue practically hanging out. You'd love to get me out of this skirt. A geek like you doesn't stand a chance with a girl like me. However I just might make an exception for you and let you play with me if you agree to play on my terms. What do you say dork."

She was humiliating me in front of the other customers and all I could do in response was agree to her terms, "Uh O.K."

"Fine, but I'm tired of you gawking at me. I get off in half an hour, but I want you in this seat here and I don't want to catch you looking my way," she said getting up.

I was a little slow to move and she said "Move it Now!!"

I jumped up and got in the seat she requested. The other customers were snickering at me and I sank down in the seat in shame.

A while later I heard, "Let's go. Follow me," she said and I jumped up to run after her. We headed out of the diner and she was walking down the street.

"Uh, I could drive us," I said.

"On my terms. I have no idea who you are, and I'm not getting in a position that will make me vulnerable. Don't make me waste my time. If you want to get some attention from me, I must be assured that you will do exactly as I say. You got that weenie?"

"Uh, yes," I said weakly.

"That's Yes Ma'am, to you," she said with a condescending look on her face.

"Yes Ma'am," I responded.

I took two steps back and followed her lead, wherever she was going. Just the sight of her legs was so captivating. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Several times I had to reach down and adjust my cock which had become rock hard. We were entering the university grounds and I continued following behind her. She stopped to talk with a girlfriend and I just stood there. When she asked who I was, Heather said I was just some dork who couldn't control his dick. I was totally humiliated, but just stood there and hung my head in shame.

Finally we continued on, entering what appeared to be a lecture hall. She led me upstairs and into a small room.

"There shouldn't be any classes in here for quite a while. Turn around and but your hands behind your back," she demanded.

Without warning Heather had me in handcuffs.

"Hey, what's going on," I asked.

"I told you, on my terms or not at all. Do you want to leave, or should I continue?" she asked.

I didn't respond and just stood there.

"That's better. I don't want to hear another word out of you unless it's in response to something I say."

All of a sudden she was in front of me and undoing my pants.

"Hey, not so fast.." I began to say.

Heather viscously slapped me across the face as hard as she could. I was dazed from the force of the blow.

"Not another word and address me as Ma'am," she said.

"Yes Ma'am," I quickly responded.

My pants were now down around my ankles and despite the abuse I had taken, my cock was rock hard and standing straight out.

"I see you like getting smacked around," Heather said. "Down on the floor!"

I got down on the dirty floor. Heather walked around me several times while I enjoyed the incredible view up her short skirt to her white cotton panties. She then stood with her feet on either side of my head and I was looking directly up into heaven. She squatted down somewhat and said:

"You want to kiss my ass?"

As humiliating as that may seem, I was burning with desire to kiss Heather's glorious ass.

"Oh yes ma'am," I said.

She walked away for a moment and reached down into my pants. Heather pulled out my wallet and again stood over my head. She squatted down and I was inches from her luscious tush.

"Beg me to take all your money and I might just let you kiss it. You do want to kiss it, don't you dork?" She chided.

"Yes ma'am," I said weakly. "Please take my money. Please take my money and let me kiss your ass."

What was I doing? I had over $100 dollars in there and I was asking,.. no, I was begging Heather to take it so I could kiss her ass.

"Please ma'am, please, I'm begging you. Take my money. Take it all. Just let me kiss your wonderful ass."

Heather swayed her ass from side to side inches in front of me. My dick was ready to explode. My mouth was watering.

"There is far to little here to justify letting you kiss my ass, but you do want me to take it, just for being nice and letting you look at it. Don't you dork?"

"Yes take it," I said in utter disappointment.

"Oh no, you have to convince me to take it."

"Please ma'am, please take it. The sight of your wonderful ass is worth far more than what I have. Please take it."

"Very well," Heather said, "Roll over."

I rolled on to my stomach with my hands cuffed behind my back. Heather stood before me and bent forward, flipping her skirt on to her back. I could see her fantastic legs and magnificent ass, from the leather keds and the white kneesocks with pink tassels to her cotton panties.

"You've got one minute," she said looking over her shoulder.

I began humping the dirty floor, mesmerized by the sight before me. In less then five seconds I came in a shuddering orgasm. Moaning in ecstasy.

"Roll over," Heather said.

She surveyed the huge load on the floor. She scraped the bottom of her keds in the disgusting goo and quickly brought it over to my face. Heather was wiping the filthy slime on my face. Using me as her doormat. She smeared it all over my face and hair. I did nothing to prevent her from utterly degrading me so. In fact to my complete surprise, the humiliation had my cock hard once more. Heather scraped some more of the goo and smeared it all over my jacket and tie.

"You like serving as my doormat dork?" Heather asked.

I couldn't respond, I was too disgraced.

Out of the blue Heather stepped on my balls between my legs. I felt immense pain.

"Answer me when I address you dork!"

"Yes, oh yes I love serving as your doormat ma'am," I screamed at the top of my lungs.

She stepped off my balls which were throbbing in pain. Just then the door opened. In walked a cute little Asian girl. I wanted to crawl away and hide, but Heather put her foot on my chest and held me down.

"What's going on Heather?" the girl asked in an innocent voice.

She was adorable. No more than five foot two inches, and less then 100 lbs. She wore a black tee shirt dress that barely covered her firm young ass. She had black patent leather slip on shoes and white anklets with frilly, lacy trim.

"I was just wiping my feet on my doormat, Amy" Heather said matter of factly.

Amy giggled, "How did you get him to take off his pants and be your doormat?"

"He would do or be anything I tell him to do. He can't help himself. He has lost control of his will to his penis, and I control it," Heather said. The words burned in my ears, for I knew it was all true. I was absolutely helpless to resist her.

"Could I do that?" Amy asked.

"Sure. All you have to do with a weenie like this is tell him exactly what you want him to do. If he doesn't do exactly what you want him to do, you tell him to get lost. The last thing he wants to have happen is to be told to leave. He would do anything to stay. Watch. Hey dork, would you like me to set you free or kick you in the balls?"

Heather was completely humiliating me in front of this innocent young woman/child. I couldn't bring myself to prevent her torment. "Kick me," I whispered.

"That will never do, I think you should leave," she said.

"No ma'am, please. Please kick me. Don't make me leave. Please, I beg you, " I pleaded without an ounce of self respect.

"Go ahead Amy," Heather said, "Kick him. If you kick him real good and hard, I promise you he will do exactly as you say for as long as you decide to let him hang around you. He would be your doormat or whatever else you want him to be. Isn't that right weenie?" Heather chided.

"Yes ma'am," I said as my face turned ashen.

"Go ahead, but kick him good and hard so he knows what's in store for him if he doesn't do exactly as you tell him to do."

"Won't it hurt him?" Amy asked shyly.

"Dork, do you want to leave, or would you like to tell Miss Amy how much you want her to kick your balls."

"Please Miss Amy. Please don't make me leave. Please kick me in the balls. I would be honored if you would be so kind as to kick me. I will do anything you wish, but please don't make me leave," I pleaded with this young girl. She was probably a freshman, but it was obvious that she looked younger than her age. Amy probably led a very sheltered life before college. It seemed that she was probably a virgin judging by her reactions.

Amy walked around between my legs. She put her hair back behind her ears and giggled nervously. She was so pure and beautiful. Lying prostrate before this lovely girl was sheer ecstasy. Submitting to someone so innocent was arousing me more then anytime I could imagine. I looked at her sweet face and said: "Please"

Amy reared back and kicked me square in the nuts. I winced in pain but sighed "Thank you."

"See, that wasn't so hard," Heather said. "Now make him your door mat, or whatever else you want him to be."

Amy giggled once more and gingerly put her pretty foot on my stomach. I could tell Heather wasn't satisfied.

"Stick out your tongue dork," Heather demanded. "Wipe your shoe on his tongue Amy."

Amy stood with her lovely feet right next to my head. I could see all the way up her firm young legs to her pink cotton panties. She tentatively held her foot over my face and I could see she was reluctant to abase me and humiliate me in this way. Yet I craved for this young beauty to degrade me. I desired it more than anything I desired before. Desperately I stretched out my tongue and started lapping at her filthy sole with every ounce of devotion I could summon. I put more feeling into this servile act than I thought humanly possible. I gave my entire being to her in this moment. Amy pulled her foot away as I desperately tried to follow it. I looked into her eyes and there was this perfectly serene smile there. I could see in that moment that she knew she owned me. Mind, body and soul, I belonged to Amy, and she knew.

"I've never seen anything like that," Heather said. That was the most emotional scene I've ever witnessed."

"I think I'll take him if you don't mind Heather," Amy said.

My heart raced with jubilation. Those were the most glorious words I ever heard. Tears of joy raced down my cheeks.

"He's yours if you wish to bother with him. But I would like to come over and play every now and then," Heather said.

"Oh absolutely Heather. There's so much I need to learn. Please stop by as often as you can. I'll need your help," Amy said.

"You better thank Miss Amy dork," Heather said.

I turned over on my belly with my hands still cuffed behind my back and slithered over to Amy who was seated in one of the chairs. Her lovely legs were crossed at the ankles as I wormed my way over. When I reached her I began pecking tender kisses to the tips of her shiny patent leather shoes. I was reeling in a state of heavenly nirvana as I abased myself at her feet. Despite the ache in my balls I exploded in orgasm again as I continued to make love to Amy's shoes.

"Enough," she said pushing me away with her foot.

Heather came over and nudged me with her foot to roll me on my stomach.

"Eewww, what's that?" Amy asked noticing the load I left on the dirty floor.

"That is an unacceptable mess that will have to be prevented in the future. This weenie here must be taught to control his excitement. But first he must clean up the messes that he has made. Dork, snake yourself over there and clean up the remnants of the first mess you made," Heather ordered.

I made my way over to it as best I could, sliding on my stomach. My suit was completely ruined. It looked like budget cutbacks had left this floor uncleaned for weeks. It was filthy. When I got there I stopped, wondering how I was going to clean the dirty slime that
Heather had smeared all over the floor. It had dried and my hands were still bound. I looked at Heather who was smiling like the cat who ate the canary.

"How am I supposed to clean this ma'am?" I asked.

"There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with your tongue," she said as her smile widened.

They both laughed at the look of shocked horror on my face as the realization sank in that I was going to lick up this disgusting caked up mixture of jism and dirt. They both knew there was no doubt I would do it. Even Amy was enjoying what I was being put through. I was revolted as I commenced licking at it. I had to really work at softening up the hardening goo that had dried.

"That should teach him to have better control over himself," Amy giggled.

"Don't bet on it Amy. My guess is you sent him over the edge. But there are ways to control an uncontrollable worm," Heather said.

After some effort I was able to get it all off the floor. My tongue was tired from the workout and my mouth felt parched and gritty. I could taste the dirt and cum in it.

"Perhaps you would like to give your tongue a rest with the mess over there," Heather said, pointing to the cum I deposited while worshipping Amy's pretty shoes.

"Yes ma'am," I readily agreed, hoping my hands would be set free and I could straighten myself up.

"I'll let you mop it up," Heather said, but I didn't like the wicked grin on her face. "Go ahead, use your hair and mop it up. Be quick about it, I have to go to cheerleading practice soon.

Once again I was shocked at what I was about to do. I looked at Amy who was beginning to really enjoy my humiliation. It was amazing how
fast she was taking to her new education. I put the top of my head to the ground and slid it along, side to side, wiping up the cum I had left behind. To my amazement I had no regrets and would have cum again at that moment if I were given the opportunity to supplicate myself at Amy's feet once more. After several swipes I stopped to look at the girls.

"Not quite clean enough. I think you will need a wet mop," Heather said. "Come here."

I made my way over to where they were sitting. Heather leaned forward and began spitting into my hair. Within moments, Amy joined her, giggling at my utter humiliation eagerly accepted by their willing lackey. After they had covered my already cum soaked hair with spit, they sent me back to "mopping" the floor.

In the last half an hour, I had been made to slither across a filthy floor, ruining my suit, had my face and clothes used as a doormat, had my own cum smeared all over my clothes, face and hair, and been spit on numerous times. I looked worse than most street bums.

"O.K. weenie, time to go," Heather said as she and Amy got up to leave.

I was on my knees, my pants around my ankle, and my hands still cuffed behind my back. I knelt there hoping they would at least uncuff me.

"Are you coming?" Amy said about to walk out the door.

I did the best I could to pull up my pants given the circumstances. I had no way to zip them up or button the front. I held them up at the small of my back and quickly followed after them. The mid-afternoon crowd was out in force on this beautiful day, and I thought I was going to die as I made my way behind the girls. There were catcalls and laughs along with numerous insults from the young crowd. I just hung my head in disgrace, praying to get to wherever we were going.
Finally we entered a dorm building. We went up the stairs and down a hall. Amy opened the door to her room.

Once inside, Heather got a pair of scissors and began cutting off my shirt and jacket. I wasn't concerned about the clothes themselves since they were ruined already, but I had nothing else to wear. I wanted to tell her to stop, but no words came out of my mouth. Just how much power and control did these girls have over me?

"Strip off the rest of your clothes," Heather ordered.

I struggled as best I could to remove my shoes, socks, pants and underwear, eventually succeeding. I was on my knees when Heather returned with a razor. She walked behind me.

"Bend forward!"

I leaned forward and felt the razor dry shaving the hair on my back. Heather was not being gentle or slow and my skin was becoming quite irritated. Still I did nothing to stop her. I thought about begging her to stop, but I just sat there accepting my degradation at her hands.

"Stand up!" Heather said.

I stood and Heather walked around in front of me.

"I'm going to release the cuffs, but I don't want any trouble from you," she said grabbing my tender bruised balls and squeezing. "Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am," I responded quickly.

Heather removed the cuffs and I stood naked before the girls. Amy had taken a seat in the beanbag chair and was reading a book and keeping an eye on things at the same time.

"Here's a razor. I want you to remove all your hair from the neck down," Heather demanded. I was about to complain when she grabbed my balls again. "You are free to leave at any time," she said squeezing, "But I better not here one complaint out of you if you want to stay."

"Yes ma'am," I said wincing from the pain in my tender balls. I should have taken that opportunity to get out of there with an ounce of self-respect. But my lust for further humiliation at the feet of these two lovely girls was stronger than the common sense I thought I once had.

I took the razor and a towel from Heather and followed her to the bathroom. The bathroom was a large public dorm bathroom, but thankfully due to the time of day, it was momentarily empty. She left me there and I began shaving clean my entire body of hair. Unfortunately, some jock type came in to take an afternoon shower. The moment he saw me shaving my legs, he started cracking up.

"Hey, what are you doing, man," he asked as he continued snickering.

I was at a loss for words. I was humiliated beyond my wildest imagination. What was I doing here? Why was I letting these girls do this to me? I needed to put a stop to this right now. I needed to get out and recover an ounce of my dignity. But my desire to be with Amy and Heather was so strong, I couldn't leave. They made it clear they would not allow me to stay if I refused to do things exactly as they said. I wish I could have sunk into some hole somewhere.

I tried to stammer some response to the jock's question, but nothing intelligible came out.

He began hurling insults in between fits of hysteria as I continued to remove all the hair from my chest, and started on my pubic area. I was completely numb now, the shame was so intense, yet I continued to willingly degrade myself in front of this macho jock. Was there nothing I wouldn't do to be with them?

"Might as well chop it off too," I heard as I removed the last of the hair from around my cock and balls.

After I was finished, I couldn't believe how utterly naked I felt. I also felt extremely weak, as if all my strength and resistance had been removed. I toweled dry and headed back to Amy's room with the towel wrapped around my waist feeling like I was no longer a man. I kept my head down as I passed people in the halls, sensing they knew what a shameful thing I'd become.

I knocked gently.

"Come in," I heard in that sweet voice that sent shivers up my spine.

I entered the room and got on my hands and knees. I crawled over towards the bean bag chair. About halfway there I got on my stomach and slowly snaked my way toward Amy. She was so young and pure I didn't want to make her uneasy. She was still reading a book and her lovely feet were crossed at the ankles, in those frilly anklets and patent leather shoes.

With all the emotion I had in me, I lovingly pecked kisses to the tips of her pretty shoes. After just a few moments my cock was hard as nails again. As I was looking up Amy's shapely legs I saw her stop reading to watch me adore every inch of her shoes. I renewed my efforts and lost myself in my act of servile adoration.

Amy took her feet away, waking me out of my trance. She got up and grabbed the towel around my waist and removed it. She wedged her foot under me and I understood I was to roll over onto my back. I did so. Exposing my hairless, naked body. Amy looked me over.

"Did I do this to you?" she asked lightly tapping my engorged penis with her foot, causing me to moan with delight.

I was embarrassed by her innocence.

"Yes Miss Amy," I said.

"How do I do it to you?"

"I've never wanted anything more in my life than to be near you. You are the most beautiful woman I ever met. I would give anything just to serve as your slave. I would do anything you ask without question if you would accept me as your loyal servant. I would pledge my undying devotion to you. I would give to you my mind, body and soul. I would live every minute just to please you in whatever I could do at that moment. I know I am not worthy to deserve all of this, but I promise to live every moment without concern for myself, and with your happiness as my only thought. I've never known greater joy than to lie in supplication at your feet. This is why you do this to me Miss Amy," I said with all the sincerity I could muster, bearing my soul to this young girl.

Amy lightly stroked my penis with the sole of her shoe. I was seconds away from exploding once more. She stopped suddenly, and stood with her legs on either side of my chest. I wanted desperately for her to continue stroking me. I looked up at the most magnificent sight I had ever witnessed.

"That is an interesting offer," she said giggling at my utterly obsequious behavior, "but I must warn you, I have an evil streak a mile wide. Don't let this naive appearance and lack of experience fool you. Heather may seem more wicked to you now, but I assure you in time you will regret the day you agreed to give yourself to me. If I do grant you the honor of remaining in my presence, you will pay dearly, as I will use you to satisfy my every whim, sadistic and otherwise. If I do start something, I see it through to the end. You will not be given a choice to back out until I am through with you. Think it over carefully before you decide."

Amy returned to the beanbag chair and I rolled over and lie at her feet. Her feet were spread slightly apart, and with her short dress, I could see her pink cotton panties. The angelic look on her face was irresistible. I could see now that perhaps she was not quite as innocent as she first appeared. What did she mean by saying I would not be allowed to back out? I knew there was only one way I could decide. Perhaps she knew that I would be hopelessly unable to resist her virginal, naive charm. Was her pure innocence a magnet to ensnare me in her web? She flexed her feet and the muscles in her calf were captivating.

"Time to decide," she said, cocking her head slightly in a way that stirred my loins. Her fresh face so luscious. Her slight smile so alluring. Her hair falling just so across her face. There was no way I could willingly leave her. No matter what was in store for me if I stayed, I would rather die than leave her. I would give up my life and existence for her. My desire for her completely beyond the realm of reality.

Amy extended her foot toward me, holding it inches above my head.

"Kiss it and seal your fate or get up and leave," she said.

I immediately began kissing Amy's shoe as she laughed at my wanton lust. I reached out to grab her foot, but before I could reach it, Amy kicked me square in the Adam's apple. I was momentarily unable to breathe. The kick was paralyzing.

"Never touch me without permission," she screamed. "You have much to learn, but you will be punished for every transgression of my rules whether you know them or not. Drape yourself over that chair!"

"I could have killed you with that kick if I broke your wind pipe. Now move it or suffer further consequences."

Still unable to breathe, I struggled to the chair as Amy ordered. It seemed so natural to follow her command. After the fact, I marveled at how the thought of disobeying hadn't even entered my mind. Was I loosing my free will? Lying over the chair, I saw Amy take the belt from my pants and disappear behind me.

A few moments of suspense passed when I felt the crack of the whip on my ass. I was taken aback at the force of the blow and gasped from the pain. Three more blows came in quick succession, biting into my tender flesh. I groaned in agony.

"It will only get worse if you continue to cry out. The only sound I want to hear is how thankful you are that I am willing to waste my time whipping you ass," Amy said, as I began to realize the extent of her wicked streak. I was flabbergasted at the polar opposites in her behavior. What had I gotten myself into?

"Thank you Miss Amy," I said.

Crack, crack crack!

"Thank you Miss Amy."


"Thank you Miss Amy."

The beating continued. After some time, I lost track of how many blows I had taken. I was amazed at the strength of this little girl. I was unsure that I could take any more, yet although I was not bound, I was unable to move and put an end to this viscous abuse.


"," I gasped out in between each breath as I was panting from the exhaustion caused by the beating. Amy walked in front of me and I could see the sweat covering her from the physical exertion of the whipping.

"Have you had enough?" she asked.

"Oh yes, Miss Amy," I said excitedly, for I was sure that I could take no more. Amy walked behind me and renewed the whipping with even more vigor than I thought possible. I felt sure I would pass out.

"Wrong answer," she scolded. "You don't ever decide anything again. If you don't learn more quickly than this, we are in for a long day."

The beating continued and I became dazed and disoriented from the unbelievable pain. I was on the edge of unconsciousness, and barely felt the ensuing blows. I was not aware of when they stopped.

I awoke to the sounds of Heather and Amy discussing things. I felt as if the skin on my butt had been removed. It felt worse than a burn wound.

"You beat him that hard without restraints and he didn't fight back?" Heather asked incredulously.

"He won't need restraints. I have taken his free will. He is incapable of acting without my permission. He is still aware of his individual self, but that side of him has no control over his actions," Amy explained as I listened in shocked horror. Was this true?

"Amy, you never cease to amaze me," Heather said. "I felt sure I was the Queen Bitch of this campus, but you are light-years ahead of where I want to be. And you've never been with a man before. How do you do it? You lack any experience."

"Just because I have never had the opportunity to live out my dominant sadistic fantasies given the conservative Japanese upbringing I have had, doesn't mean I haven't prepared for this day. I've studied the art of controlling people and their minds. I've always gotten exactly what I've wanted with my innocent sweet charm. Men can't resist it. I've perfected the helpless virgin act that men desire so much. They absolutely loose control of themselves because its what they desire more than anything. That innocence doesn't exist anymore unless you or I create it for them. And when they stumble upon it, they loose themselves to it. That's how you get the boys, and men, to lust after you. You just haven't taken the time to figure it all out," Amy went on explaining as I lay there wondering how much was actually true.

"Let me show you the type of control you are capable of," Amy said, getting up and walking over to me.

She touched my ass gently and I moaned in agony, it was so raw and tender.

"I'm going to let the individual in him speak freely. I'm going to beat him again," Amy said calmly as my heart jumped into my throat in fear of what she was to do. "It will cause him pain beyond his wildest imagination. I assure you it is the last thing he wants, or the second to last, if you count the part of him I control. You should also realize that the individual in him will gradually disappear, and he will only exist if I let him. Should I tire of him and want a new challenge, and set him out on the street, he would lack all desire to live and would soon die."

This couldn't be true. I resolved to get myself out of this mess here and now. This was not what I figured this all to be. Amy stepped in front of me and held the belt inches in front of my face.

"I will give him permission to speak freely so we can hear the individual," she said, as I thought your damn right you will hear me, "otherwise you would only hear the part under my control. You may speak freely you worthless piece of flesh. I intend to whip you ten times harder than before, causing you agony unimaginable. Do you wish to submit to it, or would you like to leave and save yourself?"

"I would like to get the hell out of here," I said, but wondered why I couldn't move. I was frozen as the girls watched for my reaction.

"Very well," Amy said, after a delay, "you may go."

I got up and went for my pants. I had a difficult time moving the pain was so great. I was going to get out of there.

"Looks like he has some sense after all," Heather remarked.

"Like I said, he still has some individual sense in him, he just has no ultimate control unless I decide to allow him." Amy responded. "As I explained to him when he gave himself to me just a short time ago, I would not let him back out until I was through with him, and I don't think I'm through with him yet. Not by a long shot. I must first strip him of all that he is."

Fat chance I thought to myself, as I was about to head out the door.

"Take your pants off and assume the position for your whipping," Amy ordered.

To my sheer surprise, I froze at the door, unable to move.

"It seems that his individual will is still fairly strong. He is trying to disobey my order and extricate himself from his hastily made decision to give himself to me. He will pay severely for his individual decision to disobey," Amy remarked. "Lie down with your feet on the chair and do it now or I will cripple you!"

Unable to walk out the door and far to afraid to see if this wicked virgin would carry out this threat, I did as she demanded. Amy threw the belt at me and looked to be real irritated. She went to the closet and returned with a riding crop.

"To this day, I've only used this on animals," she said swishing it through the air.

"Kiss it," Amy said, presenting the crop to my lips.

I kissed it and shuddered in fear. Amy lightly smacked the soles of my feet with the crop, but it stung real good. I felt panic but was powerless before this sweet young girl. Despite what she was about to do to me or perhaps because of it, my cock was sticking straight out in the air, saluting Amy's magnificent pure and innocent beauty. Once again I felt a yearning and burning desire for her that was at the heart of the loss of my free will. At that moment I completely surrendered to her. I understood that the thought of leaving her was now unfathomable. I belonged to this sweet girl, who would always be sweet and innocent in my mind no matter what she put me through.

"Beg me to hurt you more than you've ever been hurt before," Amy said speaking to the individual in me, knowing that each time she did so, she killed it just a little more. How long did I have before I ceased to exist as I knew it? I didn't care anymore, I wanted to serve at her feet more than life itself. If I only had this moment it would all be worth it. I truly felt myself the luckiest man alive.

Amy put her shoe to my lips, and I closed my eyes, moaning in ecstatic joy for the privilege of supplicating at her feet. I made love to her shoe with more passion than any woman I'd ever been with. In between each tender loving kiss I pleaded for Amy to punish me for considering the unthinkable and leaving her. I vowed to prove that what was left of the individual in me was in unison with that which controlled me. I was excited beyond my wildest dreams, and my cock was about to
explode despite the fact that it stood freely in the air. Seconds before so, as I was reeling in a state of nirvana, Amy commenced smacking my penis with the crop. I exploded in as intense an orgasm I've ever had while suffering the most brutal pain imaginable. Through it all I continued making love to the sole of Amy's lovely shoe.

Amy moved around an began cropping the soles of my feet. The first blow was so viscous and excruciatingly painful, that it knocked the air from my lungs. I made a valiant effort to thank Amy for the caning, but all I could do was mouth the words. The pain went beyond what I thought humanly possible. Had it not been for the sight of the lovely creature administering the blows, I surely would have died. I passed out a short time later as Amy went on.

I was unaware, but luckily Heather was there to ask for my mercy and Amy agreed to cease. If not, I may have been crippled permanently, although I may surely have deserved it.

"Heather, I think we will need some smelling salts to revive him," Amy said. "You've been on your feet since 5 AM running around that diner and jumping around at cheerleading practice. Why don't you see if your feet can revive him?"

Heather moved the beanbag around so she could sit at my head. She took the leather keds off and flexed her tired toes.

"Wheww," said Amy, "They stink to high heaven. I can smell them from here."

Amy got up to open the window. Heather cupped her feet in the pretty white kneesocks, and placed them over my nose. I had no choice in my unconscious state but to breathe in the wreaking stench. As I was approaching a semiconscious state, the girls giggled as my cock involuntarily hardened from the aroma which acted as an aphrodisiac. As I awoke, I barely felt the pain as the scent of pure ambrosia hit my senses.

"You have Heather to thank for the fact that you may be able to walk again," Amy stated, "Be sure to thank her properly."

Heather was tracing little circles with her pointed toes around my face, and I tried to speak to thank her in the state of utter bliss I was under, but all I was able to do was babble something unintelligible. The girls laughed at my shameful performance. The fragrance of Heather's rank feet had me in the most sublime state. I was totally unaware of the intense pain in my butt and feet. Pre-cum was pouring out of my cock as she rubbed her wonderful feet all over my head.

"Take off my socks, weenie," Heather said with a wry smile.

Like a young kid opening the most sought after Christmas present, with mouth agape and eyes wide, I tentatively reached up for Heather's knee. I stopped just before it and said:

"Oh thank you ma'am, thank you."

The girls laughed at me, the five-year-old they turned me into.

I gingerly slid the sock from her leg, and just before removing it from her pointed toe, I kissed the tip, reveling in my self-abasement at the feet of this truly beautiful woman. I repeated the scene with the other knee sock. Heather brought her pointed toe to my lips, and I felt an electric shock run down to the tip of my penis. Then she pulled her foot away and posed them in the air over my head. Heather's legs defined perfection. No words could describe their beauty. I could still smell their wondrous odor. She laughed at the pained look on my face as I yearned for her to honor me with the privilege on kissing her stinky toes. Tears came to my eyes at the thought that this beautiful sight was all there was going to be.

"Clean them," Heather said coyly and lowering her feet to my lips.

I was overwhelmed with joy and attempted to thank her, but I was too choked up. I conveyed how I felt as our eyes met and Heather placed her toes on my lips. The saliva flowed in torrents as the succulent taste invaded my mouth. I would have given up all else to remain there for the rest of my life. I slurped at her acrid, salty feet, drinking in the wonderful gift I so luckily received. Heather lightly stroked my cock head and I screamed out in the intensity of the moment, as I spasmed uncontrollably in orgasm.

As I hungrily lapped at her right foot, Heather collected the cum with her left foot and presented it to me which I greedily devoured. Gone was the revoltion I felt earlier when presented this task..

I lay there making love to Heather's foot as the girls ignored me and went about discussing the things young college girls do. I had found true happiness.
The End 1

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