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Darlene's 17 Year Old Daughter

Darlene's 17 Year Old Daughter


I'd known them for years, Mike and Darlene; hell I was even best man at their wedding a little ways back. Mike and I were already good friends when Darlene came along, and over time the three of us became inseparable. Mike was my age, 32, but Darlene was a little older, maybe 38 (who knows for sure), but god was she a knockout! Not an extremely petite woman, but incredibly curvy- you know the type. Brick shithouse with all the right trimmings. Curly blond hair that cascaded down her shoulders, full pouting lips, nice round bosom, and legs that could choke the life out of you. All of which held my attention of course, I am a red-blooded horny fuck eighteen hours out of the day (even horny fucks get some sleep), but what completely captivated me were her feet. I would do anything I could to even catch a glimpse of them when I was visiting their house. Sometimes the four of us would be hanging out watching a movie (did I mention yet that this stunning woman had a teenage daughter? I'll get to that in a minute) and I would miss everything on T.V. because I would constantly be shifting my gaze to her precious feet. She always seemed to be rubbing them together, or stretching her toes, or bouncing them off the edge of the couch- that was the only show that I was interested in! Once I got close enough to smell them right after she had taken off her shoes and I swear I almost passed out because I was so delirious from the aroma. At that moment I wanted nothing more than for her to look down at me on the floor, take my head between her two stinky soles and just start slapping the shit out of me, laughing while she ordered me to lick them between each smack. Alas, that scenario never presented itself through the years, but something did happen one night that irrevocably changed my relationship with Mike and Darlene, and it never even involved either one of them. It was Darlene's daughter Lorraine that did me in, and I'm telling you, to this day I still haven't fully recovered. Believe it or not, I never even saw it coming. Now, Lorraine was Darlene's seventeen year old daughter and apparently had the fortune of acquiring most of her mother's looks (she wasn't Mike's kid- she came from Darlene's first husband). Lorraine was just as Darlene, solid and yet still magnificently gorgeous, Lorraine was, all in all, a drop dead gorgeous girl !! What turned me on most about Lorraine however was not her beautiful looks, but rather her attitude. Every time I came over their house she looked me over as if I was some piece of shit that she had stepped in; she rarely spoke to me except to tell me to get out of her chair or something, and I, in turn, never felt the need to be friendly with her, but, in some way, her high-class attitude turned me on. Where Darlene was soft spoken and charming, Lorraine was crass and immature. I knew she had many friends, but she was always home when I came over, unfortunately she usually kept to her room, coming out only to eat, watch a little T.V. and give me hostile glances. Yup, Lorraine was a real bitch, the kind of bitchiness usually reserved for these very attractive women who know they can pretty much get whatever they want. Lorraine exactly fitted that mold, so her personality both perplexed and aroused me. Once in a while I would be looking at Darlene and her feet, completely wrapped up in self-indulgent fantasies, and from the corner of my eye I would become aware of Lorraine staring at me from the other side of the room. Whenever I would glance in her direction she would slowly roll her eyes to the ceiling and then watch T.V. again. I would wonder if she had realized what I was doing, staring at her mom and everything, but before I would start to worry about it Darlene would begin her foot show again. The flexing and stretching and bouncing put all thoughts out of my mind and again I was transfixed. Every time I left Lorraine was already locked away in her room, any thoughts I had of my visit were of visions of Darlene's delicious feet dancing in my head- soon to be remedied by some serious whacking off when I got home. Thus was my routine- I must admit I felt guilty at times, for the most part the only reason I would hang out with Mike these days was in the hopes that Darlene would be around. Fuck it, I figured what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.
One night I got a phone call from Mike, asking me to come over. They live about three blocks away and usually I walk it, but since it was raining I decided to hop in my car. On the way, like I usually do, I wondered if Darlene was home and whether she would be barefoot and whether or not I would ever get the chance to lick her feet and so on. As I pulled up in their driveway I noticed a couple of suitcases on the front porch and a taxi parked out on the street. I wondered what was going on when Mike suddenly burst through the front door.

"Brendan, buddy- need a favour!!"

Before I could respond Darlene was at the door and it was obvious she had been crying all day. Apparently something serious had happened and despite the circumstances I could not help myself from glancing down at her feet. Boots. Damn. No foot show today.

"Hello??? Did you hear me Brendan?"

"Huh, oh yeah" I stammered. I didn't hear a word. Shit, how long was he talking to me? God, I'm completely obsessed with this man's wife- man look at her! Even in tears she still looks radiant. I'm a pig. I can't help it. Mike, I'm in love with your wife and I want to fuck her feet 'til my dick falls off. What do you think?

" we need you to watch the house for a little while. Darlene's mom isn't too far away, about twenty miles up 80 I guess, right hon? Anyway, we shouldn't be more than a few hours but we won't know until we get there," Mike finished up. "Can you help us?"

He looked at me and I looked at him and then I looked at Darlene. She tried to smile through the pain that she was in and it kind of snapped me out of my haze.

"Of course, man, of course. I'll stay here as long as you need me to," I said. "Call me as soon as you can, let me know how it's going." I could only surmise what had happened since I was in fantasy land while he was explaining it to me. One look at Darlene told me it was serious though, or serious enough. Mike grabbed the bags and was heading towards the taxi when Darlene approached me, gently placing her hand on my cheek.

"We appreciate this Brendan, my Mom is in hysterics since Dad went into the hospital," she spoke softly. "There's food in the fridge if you want it, and well, you know, just make yourself comfortable." She subconsciously caressed my cheek as she spoke and I struggled mightily to suppress my raging hormones. Finally, she smiled again, and turning towards the steps began to make her way out into the rainy evening. When she got to the cab door that Mike was holding for her she looked up towards the house and peered through the drizzle.

"Lorraine won't be home for a while, Brendan. She's at a friend's house. She knows what's going on and she said she'd rather be somewhere else. When she gets in have her call me, o.k. hon?" Darlene waved afterwards at me.

"No problem," I replied, and waved her goodbye. As the cab sped away I wondered how long it would be before the little beautiful bitch made her way home. Typical of her to leave her mom hanging in a time of need. I decided right then to give Lorraine a piece of my mind when she got in. I always wanted to do it anyway, now I had a reason.
As I strolled through the door into the house I decided to watch a little T.V. Right after I grabbed something to eat that is- Mike and Darlene always had more food than I did. Probably so that little cunt Lorraine can stuff her face all night long. After I loaded up a plate I headed out into the living room and eased back into Lorraine's chair. Here is where I wanted to be when she came home, daring her to say one rude or sarcastic thing to me so that I could tear into her. As I started eating, my eyes wandered around the room and from underneath the couch I noticed the toe of a slipper peeking out. Holy shit, that's Darlene's slipper! She wears them all the time! Suddenly my heart began to skip a beat and my palms got all sweaty. Oh, the things I could do with that slipper! Part of my brain told me that it was wrong, it wasn't something I should be doing, but eventually my need for Darlene's feet won out. As I stood up I began to feel light-headed, anticipating what I was about to do. I floated towards the couch and bending down, gently picked up Darlene's old slipper. Touching it made my head spin again, and as I brought it to my face I could see how well worn it was on the inside. Waiting as long as I could to prolong the pleasure, I slowly brought Darlene's slipper up over my nose and inhaled. Oh my God, it was heavenly! Old foot sweat filled my nostrils and immediately sent waves all the way down to my already bulging cock.
Wasting no time I quickly undid my zipper and grabbed my dick, pumping it as I sniffed and licked at the insides of Darlene's
slipper. Completely oblivious of my surroundings, I began to whimper and moan as the taste of Darlene's feet washed over my tongue. Right as I sensed I was about to cum I faintly heard a noise from the back of the house. Fuck! Lorraine's home! The bitch fucked me again! In a panic I threw the slipper halfway across the room and quickly hiked up my pants. Just as I was sitting back down Lorraine shuffled into the doorway.
She looked lousy as usual, but beautiful .Her hair was in her face and it appeared as if she wore little or no makeup. She was modern dressed, and I got even a bigger hard-on when I saw her gorgeous appearance from a distance. She had a perfect figure, and I was in total ecstasy when I saw her well-formed tight little ass, but for some reason I briefly wondered if this girl has ever even seen a cock in her lifetime, much less have one inside her.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

Now like I said, I was anxiously awaiting the moment that she came home so I rip into her about leaving her mother when she
needed her and all that shit. Somehow though, mostly because my heart was still in my throat over almost being caught with my
pants down, I just couldn't find the words. A bead of sweat rolled down my brow and I barely found myself able to make eye contact.

Lorraine raised her voice a little more. "Well?!?"

With all the composure I could muster I managed to croak, "Your mom wants you to call her." I looked away as soon as I got the
words out.

I could feel her staring at me even though I couldn't see her. Finally she slowly exhaled as if annoyed, and I could hear her mutter "dork" as she walked away and into her room. A moment later music boomed through her walls. As I eventually began to relax a bit I started to become angry with how I handled the situation, and feeling bolder by the minute I got up and made my way to her room. The door wasn't locked and I firmly pushed it open.

"You want to turn that down a bit Lorraine?" I said with a tough guy voice that I had lost moments ago. I realized that I had never been in her room before and I suddenly felt like an intruder- teenage girls and their privacy and all that. Lorraine probably wouldn't be any different, but I felt capable of handling any lip that she decided to dish out on me. The music was louder in here, but I heard her reply all the same.

"Get the fuck out of my room, faggot!!" she screamed. She was lying on her bed on her stomach with her feet up by the
headboard, and as is my nature my eyes were drawn to her feet. She was barefoot, apparently she had taken off her boots as soon as she came in. At that moment I could not remember a single time that I had seen her without her shoes on, she always had those damn things on, and now I could not tear my eyes away from her naked and of course, just like the rest of her body, beautiful feet. They really were beautiful, absolutely flawless, at least from this vantage point. I tried to think of a way to get a closer look. Lorraine repeated herself.

"What are you, deaf? I thought I told you to get the fuck out of here!!!" As she yelled she arched her feet, and I knew the trait that she had inherited from her mother. They both had perfect feet. I stood there dumbfounded by this discovery, and no matter what common sense told me to do, I could not move. Finally, she picked up one of her boots that she had just taken off and winged it at my head. I stood there and watched all of this happen, and even as the shoe bounced off my chest it took me a minute to gather my wits enough to quietly creep out the door. I heard her yelling at me as I tried to make my exit.

"Before you leave, pick up my boot and put it by the other one," she said. "You should not have been in here so it should never have been moved." When I hesitated she yelled "Do it!!" As soon as I saw her feet all reason left my mind. I should have been furious with her for everything she had done up to this point, but because of her feet and her beauty I could not stand up to this seventeen year old bitch. I hated myself for not having any self-control but I could not fight the feelings that she had stirred up. I decided that the quickest way out of this with some small scrap of dignity left would be to just do what she asked (demanded, she demanded it) and put her boot back by her bed. Don't look at her, don't look at her feet, put it back and get the fuck out of here. I wondered when the hell Mike and Darlene were coming home. Would Lorraine tell them any of this? Jesus. As I approached her bed she got off her stomach and sat down on the edge with her feet hanging over the sides.

"Good boy. Place it gently by the other one."

I could feel my ears burning as all the blood rushed to my face. She was humiliating me and I was letting it happen. Careful not to look at her, I put her boot down by the other one. I became aware of the smell of her feet, I couldn't tell whether it was from her shoe or if it was coming right from the source. Her feet were mere inches from me now, and it took every fibre of my being not to steal a glance at them. Right as I was about to get up, her right foot flew up in a blur and connected squarely with my jaw, sending me sprawling backwards. As I lay crumpled in the corner of her room, she slowly picked up her legs and laid back down on the bed.

"You can leave now," she said.

Glancing up at her I got up and left the room, closing the door behind me. What the hell just happened? The whole thing
seemed so surreal to me that I needed proof that it really did in fact happen. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the
mirror. My upper lip was starting to swell, right where she had kicked me. I looked at my reflection, still in disbelief. What kind
of man allows a seventeen year old to completely emasculate him? The thing was though, I could not argue with my dick, and I had a hard-on from the moment she started barking at me. It was her surprisingly beautiful feet that got me even more
aroused, yes, that much was certainly true. But when she ordered me to put her shoe back, I was entranced. I could not say no to her. The thought of Darlene finding out about this makes me sick. God, I hope Lorraine stays in her room.
I left the bathroom and settled down in the living room. I turned the T.V. on to try and forget about what had happened. An hour later I had myself convinced that what took place wasn't really all that bad, maybe Lorraine was just goofing with me. Maybe she was in a bad mood or something, her grandfather's sick isn't he? Teenagers- who knows. Unfortunately, no matter how much I rationalize, I can't deny how much I had liked what she did to me. My aching balls remind me. Suddenly Lorraine's door swings open and out she comes, I can hear her feet slapping on the kitchen linoleum as she gets closer to the living room. My heart is racing again. Don't look at her, ignore her, maybe she'll go away.

"What are you doing in my chair, asshole?" she quips. I look up to see her looming over me and again I am speechless. Before she can say anything else I get up to give her her chair, but as soon as my back is turned she places her bare foot on my butt and shoves me to the floor. "Not quick enough, sorry. And by the way, since my mom isn't around for you to drool over, you're gonna have to start doing what I tell you to do, WHEN I tell you to do it! Do you understand me, or are you too stupid?" Looking up into her gorgeous and sexy face I see nothing but disgust, this girl really can't stand me. Slowly I nod my head.

"No... tell me you understand me," she says.

I don't respond because I don't trust the sound of my own voice. Lorraine makes her way to me and with her hands on her hips, stretches out her leg and plops her foot down on my head, clasping a knot of my hair with her toes.

"See, this means yes," she says slowly, rocking my head up and down with her foot. She unclenches her toes and brings her foot forward. "And this means no!" With her foot now positioned on the side of my face she whips it sideways, slapping me with the top of her foot. Before I can react she brings it back, slapping my face with her sole. She repeats the procedure three more times until I manage to squeal out that I understood.

"God, you're pathetic," Lorraine said. "I always knew you were a little worm...coming over here and annoying the shit out of all of us." She glared down at me for another minute and then proceeded to sit down in her chair. My face was stinging like crazy from her blows, and all I could do was lay there before her, waiting to see what she would do to me next. I was completely under her mercy, and she knew it well enough. Whatever pride I had left as a man, a man nearly twice this girl's age, had almost entirely vanished. I could do nothing but give in to it.
Lorraine picked up the phone on the table beside her and began to dial. When she finished she snapped her fingers at me and
motioned for me to come sit beside her, down at her feet. When I stood up to do so she covered the receiver and yelled "Crawl over here doggy!" I got down and crawled. I was tingling all over from the degradation she was putting me through, I could not recall a time when I was more sexually excited. And it was all for the amusement of this gorgeous teenage bitch.

"Hi mom, it's me. Yeah, I just got in." As her words hit my ears I suddenly froze about two feet away from her chair. Oh no, not Darlene! What the hell am I doing? I got to get out of here!

"No, I'm fine...I don't know why you asked him to come over," Lorraine looked into my eyes and sensing my panic, stuck her foot out and shoved all five of her toes into my mouth at once. I then felt her toes hooking into my teeth and gums and slowly she started to drag me towards her as if she was reeling in a fish. When she had me next to her chair she pulled her foot from my mouth and rested it on top of my head. I could hear Darlene's voice over the phone now, and all I could do was to sit there in agony, the taste of Lorraine's foot still fresh in my mouth.

"Yeah, he's right here...hold on." With that she handed me the phone and smiled wickedly, daring me to do anything but what she wanted me to do. With an extremely shaky hand I grabbed the receiver and put it to my ear. "Hello?" I said. "Darlene?"
"Hi Brendan, yes it's me. Just wanted to tell you again how much we appreciate what you're doing for us and...what? Brendan,
hold on hon..." Lorraine had both her feet propped up on my head now, and was rocking them back and forth. When she realized that her mother had gotten off the phone for a moment, she began to slide them down towards my face. Still fairly greasy from being in her boots all night her feet slid easily across my forehead until they came to rest, one on the phone still by my ear and the other one plastered right across my face. The heel of her left foot was stoppered by my bottom lip, which she kept pulling down until she had wedged it in my mouth well enough for her to sit there comfortably. Of course I complied with this completely, I tried not to move at all so she could have a decent footrest.

A moment later Darlene came back on the line. "Uh Brendan, it doesn't look like we're going to be making it home tonight. Nothing serious here, I guess I just don't want to leave my mother alone. Would you mind terribly if I asked you to be a dear and stay at our house until tomorrow?" I didn't answer because of the foot in my mouth. "Brendan?"

Being cautious not to disturb Lorraine I managed to mumble "ummhmm."

After some hesitation Darlene asked me to put Lorraine back on the phone. Looking up at Lorraine I pointed with my free hand at the phone, but she wouldn't budge. She just looked at me with a mixture of mild contempt and growing irritation. Finally she reached down and, plucking the phone out of my hand, placed both of her feet on my face and absentmindedly started to kneed my face with her toes. I was completely enveloped by her glorious feet as she roughly pulled and tugged at my skin, the smell of her feet being transferred onto my face as she played with it. I could feel her toenails making tiny scratches as each one dug in over and over. Quickly, Lorraine ended the conversation with her mother and hung up the phone.

"Well, footstool, looks like I'm stuck with your perverted ass!" Lorraine announced as she pushed me with both feet onto my back. "Mom seems to think I need a grown-up to watch me 'til they get back. What she doesn't know is that the only thing that you'll be watching is the bottom of my nasty feet!!" She stood over me now, one foot on either side of my head. "Maybe, if you're a good little boy, I might even let you eat my toejam later!!" With that last insult she bent down and slapped me across the face twice. The night was just beginning...


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