Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free sniff

Free sniff

Author Unknown
I've got a really good friend named Anne, she's about 5'4" slender, but not too thin really sexy face, but my favorite part is her feet. They are size 6 I think(about 7 inches in length from heel to toe) She always wears sandals in our Spanish class, there are only 4(the others were 2 also very hot girls) of us so there is a lot of time where our teracher leaves and we're alone during which she dangles and removes the sandals to show slightly dirtied feet. Or during projects she will lie on her stomache and have her feet showing so nicely.

The other day I overheard her talking to her friend Lisa about how loyal a friend I am. Lisa didn't believe her and they made a bet. Lisa would choose 3 things Anne would ask me to do(as long they weren't illegal or painful) for her. Winner gets $20. The Three things were buy tampons, kiss her butt(literally) with her clothes on of course, amd kiss each of her feet 2x after her workout, the socks once and barefeet. I snuck away then ran into them.

The next day Anne asked me to come over to study, she said to wait 3 hours 1st, she asked me to pick up tampons on the way and get a reciept, I played dumb and said ok. I got there and gave them to her , I could tell she had just been working out, her sock were wet above her ankles. It was all I could do to keep from messing my shorts at the sight. Anne then told me to kiss her ass, I played dunb again and said, "hey what I do?" She said she was serious. I looked cofused, and Lisa said "told you so!" I then told Anne she should have just told me why and got on ,knees behind her. I asked if she wanted a specific placem she said once on each cheek and one in the middle. Oh that sweet, round, ass was nice and firm yet yielding. It would have been embarrasing were I not wearing baggy jeans. She then asked if I could do one more thing. She took off her shoes, Lisa could obviously smell from where she was 6feet away because she stepped back and got a confident grin on her face. She asked me to kiss each her feet 2x socked and bare, turned around, and I nodded looking bit hesitent, I didn't want her to know I was enjoying it. I brought my head down slowly and paused, pretending like I didn't want to. but was really just getting the most of this up-close smell. I kissed the two sock gently, then with toungue, I told her I didn't know which she needed to win the bet, doing my best to not cum b4 the better part coming up. She took her socks off, and i played the same game as b4 with the pause and kiss. man that was a great taste! Lisa gave her the money, I asked if I could use her bathroom to rise my mouth, I barely got there b4 I exploded.

The next week in class I got an extra treat.There were times b4 when she would lift her shirt up to show the girls her bra for some reason, and always had to turn away. She told that becasue I was so nice that I could peek form now on, she made good on her promise right there and even pulled the bra down alittle on each side to her B cup, yet very nice chest.
P.S. Anyone know about what size shoes go on 7'' feet(end of heel to top of toe"straight?

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