Thursday, July 14, 2011


By Queen Of FEMDOM Dynasty
Again she comes back to visit her mum who has a serious sickness. A lady who own her successful career and space. Her mum was a woman lives her life freely and there is an understanding old dog and a man who ten years younger than her mum was her stepfather are accompanied. She not even treats and calls him father, but she knows about her stepfather bad habits and jobless, know whenever he needs money to buy beer will just ask from her mum…she doesn’t bother all these, as long she want to see her mum live with happily.
Every woman born nature to look for beauty, as well herself…but the only slightly different is that god pampered her a little, she grew prettier than other and she appreciate that god has gave her such a great gift….she satisfied every part of her body while looking at the mirror. She has a habit whenever she comes back from work…she will use milk to wash her tiring feet, financially she afford to do so, the most important is to let her feet becomes softer and smoother by using milk to wash it.
She sited on the softy’s sofa, and then kick off her high heels from her feet…and dips into the basin with warmed milk…she feels so…comfortable…and close up her eyes slowly to enjoy the relaxation… By then she doesn’t realized that…a kind of unusual feeling on her feet…and so she open up her eyes wide…she saw an old dog is licking her bare feet with milk on it…
She says with a smiling expression …"Hey! You are a naughty dog."
It’s an understanding dog, although she is not the real owner of this dog….but always can recognized this lady was her owner’s daughter… At this home, she appreciate this dog indeed which accompanied her mum for the past years during loneliness…look at it…she doesn’t know how to express her feeling to that dog… Naturally…she seeing that dog licking her feet….and she plays with it with her one foot…. And that dog looking at the lady didn’t reject it licking, it continues use it tongue to licks her bare foot … heel… ankle … arch … sole… toes with continuously….whichever part with milk on it.. That dog’s tongue licking on her foot…she feeling like a electricity shocks that she never ever had that kind of feeling before….suddenly she found that those feeling was so beautiful…comfortable….great and so…… addicted.
Although she doesn’t has dog at her own house….but this is the first time….she realized that its was so great that a dog can let her have so comfortable feeling while licking her every part of her foot… Against….she do it regularly dip her bare feet into the washing basin filled with warmed milk and then rise up her feet and placed it in front of that dog and let it use tongue to do the licking job. "No wonder many woman said…the purpose of own a dog is to let it do the licking job.."She says to herself, can’t denied she started fall in love with that dog by doing the licking job on her bare feet was so wonderful feels…. While she enjoying that moment…her stepfather was step into the living hall with drunk and fell on the floor sleep deeply….she not even bother and cares for him whether he alive or dead…she was staring at him for a while and continue let that dog licks her bare foot with tongue….
Although her stepfather drunk but still aware that his stepdaughter beauty was right infront of him with her fair and smooth legs and feet…..with pink color painted nails….at the same time a dog using it tongue licking on her toes….. Today, he suddenly realized that he never ever seen that before for his whole life……he feels a heat burning out from his body….and admire that dog, hope that he could replace the job The problem is….he is not brave to approach this lady..only with an admire expression……
Continuously…she cleans her tender feet with warm milk as usual, and that old dog doing its regular licking job for her. Her stepfather saw the situation and with admiring and body burn feeling with impatient, he does not know that dog isn’t it lick her feet regular as a habit, but seems every time she comes back, that dog will sure run immediate toward her with very warm welcome and further more he is not brave to have any approach to his stepdaughter.
That dog follows a sense of animal nature, smelling her feet and use tongue to lick every part of her feet at the same time…she watch that dog with enjoying licking expression with smile….and she raise up her foot with wearing heel in front of that dog, and it use tongue to lick her heel.
She is an intelligent lady, to proving her power against that dog whether really listens to her and again she instructed that dog and said " Now! Use your tongue and lick my heels cleaner."
Truth! That dog listened her instruction….lick her wearing heel…
She feel great and satisfy expressing….as this is the first time she does such instructs to that dog….as she never expects...Watching at that dog licking her wearing heel…she intended to let that dog lick on her right heel as well….at this moment…her stepfather came back from outside and he has drunk…she had seen him and was so angry and spoilt her mood. She step into living hall and sited on the soft sofa…….follow by her stepfather…but he was fell down as he has drank a lot….
"Go to hell!!" she scolded quietly "if not because of mum….I shall kick you off…and hope will never see your idiot face again!!" "Everytime comes back either drunk if not ask mum for pocket money….wish you won’t ask me for money…or else I will give you a good time someday…" The most she think…the angry she is…
Look at him…half with white of his hair….eyes shape like a mouse…..face like a sex maniac …..she felt irritating. And turns her face to look outside…that dog was looking at both of them…
Because she respect her mum…if not she scolded him earlier….looking at that dog…suddenly an idea came out from her mind…by make use of that dog to scold him indirectly…
"You!!" Come here!!" She instructed that dog. This is an order…that dog run towards living hall…swinging tail and sit infront of her who sited on the sofa earlier…She stares at him for a while, and kicks off her heel with strength …"What are you look at !!!!!!" She told that dog and said with instructs" Get out of here and pick it up that heel for me!" She purposely shout out loud to let her stepfather can hear that clearly.
And of course that dog wouldn’t know what’s the lady intentions…just knowing it’s an order….so that dog carrying her heel with it mouth and return right infront of her…her stepfather had seen that situation…..awake immediate react…of course she knew that he is looking at her…she just pretend nothing happened…
"You!!" She said to that dog "Bear in your mind every got to know who you are …if you wish you could stay here long…is better for you listen to my instruction….be a good dog." Again, she stares at her stepfather for a second while finish talking…continuous said " If you make me angry by not follow what I instructed you…I will kick you off out of this place… At that time you would be like those useless dogs hang around on the street…"
"Idiot dog!" Her face a little angry but with a little smile and said " Come on, let go my heel…dun spoilt it…or else will sell you away still not enough money to pay my heels. Once that dog heard that and let go her heel slowly…not even dare to move anyhow. Her stepfather was at the side watching and turn his eyes shine…saliva leaking from his mouth.Yet he still doesn’t know himself like a sex maniac…but actually he was…once he saw a pretty lady pass by, although he is not brave to do anything…but he will never missed to use his eyes to rape those ladies from head to toes…
"Do not thought that you as a dog stay here for free…dog has work to do also…well, because let you have a job duty……"
She is thinking by looking at that dog…and with a little cruel smiling….and slowly…she raise up her left leg cross onto right leg with a sexy and sensuousness movement………

Well, your job duty was very simple…is to lick my feet clean for me "she said to that dog "This job is the most suitable for you…everyday wearing a pair of high heels goes to work…by that time comes home with my tired feet, as you love to use tongue to lick on it and have a good massage for me…isn’t it?"
"What the hell you are there for, hurrying up and lick on my feet!!!…Do it now!!" She exclaimed.
That dog heard that, but it was not really understand what’s that lady said…
She stares at her stepfather for a second, continue scolding at that dog "How! Don’t you like this duty???…Don't forget that you were only my dog…if you think you are capable…and why still come under my dress licked my feet!!!"
"How!! Don’t you desire lick on my feet or you can get out of this house right now!" She stares at her stepfather again and continue " Tomorrow, I would buy another 10 dogs to queue up for my instruction to lick my feet for me!"
Her stepfather has a sense that…all these words were tell him indirectly.
And now her stepfather start realized that…what happen if one day he would ask this lady for his pockets money…definitely would have a tough time…the problems was…what he has now which is all from this lady.
It was a good slave dog lick on her feet…
She is satisfied and said coldly " Absolutely a real dog, priceless…"
Of course animal wouldn’t know how to differentiate between value ness and priceless…what it only know is to licked on her feet with an orderd.
"Worn that high heel shoes goes to work, my feet must be enough dirty..Now lick it clean for me, so I would not spend time for washing!"
Her stepfather watched and listened by a side. He was born to be a sex maniac any way and admired that dog hope time goes slow.
She sat on the sofa raised up her leg with a satisfied smiled, let that slave dog continue serve her….
"Although that slave dog being make used by me as to warned my stepfather indirectly…that really enjoy indeed while that slave dog licked on my bare feet…." She was thinking " But that slave dog only can do the licking job…if someday a man who replaced that slave dog duty…think will be grateful and pleasure…sucking at the same time use his tongue play on my feet and toes…She commanded that slave dog finished licking on her feet follow by right feet..such service…that dog at least did at least once or more for a day.
A month later, her mum was dead due to serious illness and her stepfather would lose his source to get his pockets money..he doesn’t have money to buy beer, he feels time past slow ..and in the same time he was fear to ask her for money.
Once in a night time, she came back from work and bought two cans of beer with purposely…her stepfather saw her carried it in hand..thought she has changed to be good to him at this time….without ignoring..he was surprised those beer not buy for him..yet he asked her for it.
She responded "Nope, those beer was bought for myself.."
A while later…she sat on the sofa…drink a can of beer sip by sip…her stepfather stared at another can of beer….without glanced at him…she knew that he is staring at another can of beer…
And she brought a washing basin besides her leg….kick off worn heels from her feet..and pull down her stocking gently from her hip to toes…rolls it up like a soft ball and left it on the sofa…
She put on her feet into a basin…opened up with another can of beer, poured on her feet slowly…he disappointed indeed..thought everything were gone…
She flicking newspaper page by page..and her feet in a basin dipped with cool beer …she ignored all was nothing happened.
Her stepfather’s eyes became red and glinting…as he was watching that last and only one can of beer was in that basin…he can’t understand why not she buy him a few cans of beer instead of use it to clean her feet, aren’t it a kind of wasted…
She wondered how’s her stepfather express at that moment and giggling while she think of that situation…
Two hours later…she wanted to have a bath before sleep…by judge she didn’t thought wrong….her sex maniac stepfather has still staring at those beer in that basin…
"A sex slave…wants to drink beer?" She scolded quietly " Will see what would you do with that basin of beer!!"
She took her stocking from the sofa dipped into it…
Again two hour later…was a midnight…this moment is the most difficult time to stop not to drink beer…..his heart is shivering going crazy..Unfortunately a can of beer was the last one which inside the basin wish he could hope for…
At last….he doesn’t bother further….for this moment…the most important is to have beer to cure….really suffer without it…
He climb towards that washing basin with his shivering hand to carry his mouth wide and drink it in one shot.
He felt meaningless with that basin of beer taste saltish with her pair of dirty and perspirated feet.
He flickered his eyes quickly with that pair of stocking where he could get the one and only last sip of beer….he get one of that stocking suck inside his mouth to taste the cooling beer…
He kept in sip that stocking with strength and this taste was different from the earlier…taste was enhance more saltish …he continue sip that with strength …to avoid a wasted of every drops of beer…and he took another piece of stocking from that basin and enjoy it…
She woke up the next morning..the first thing is to go that washing basin…and she saw those basin of beer has gone…even her pair of stocking had already half dried…it supposed to be wet…
She is a clever lady…she knew those things had gone was done by her stepfather.
"Didn’t got wrong obviously, DAMN IT." A thought on her mind " Will let you stay in this house….like a dog…and will see your live show present…you like to be priceless, I would fulfill your wish!"
After all those things happened, she has changed to use beer for clean her feet… and the different way she had plan…is to goes back to her room and would watch him to present his live show through a custom made mirror together with one unit of hidden camera to shoot her stepfather could drink that basin of saltish beer with after washed..
Everytime she watching her stepfather quietly while drank that basin of beer…she couldn't stop laughing with noise.. "Priceless than a dog!"
He not even realize that she did such thing to him….he thought he was smart enough to do so without anyone notice him.
And everytime she reviewing those recorded tape….she’s giggling….if never ever seen that before…she wouldn’t believed that it could happened in this world,yet has such idiot appeared…
She use such way to spend her stepfather a can of beer everyday..and treat it as to bought a ticket watch a kind of most funniest show in the world.
One month later…she calculated…she had spent her stepfather for those beer which to clean her feet nearly 30 cans.
On one of the evening…while her stepfather was enjoying that basin of beer, she watched quietly at the back of him…
"Useless dog." She scolded him in her heart.
"HAVE YOU FINISH?" She asked him out of sudden..He was choked and that basin he carrying with his both hands was dropped on the floor.
"PRETTY GOOD!" She said to him" HOW WONDERFUL! Why not finish it?"
He felt horrified at that moment and blushed a little, not even brave to says a word.
"Continue to drink it! Why not?" She exclaimed " useless idiot, don’t you like beer? I was did that purposely wants to know how’s your react…UNBELIEVEABLE…you did not hesitant drank it all everyday. Don’t thought I have been ignored all a while…and I have been noticed your behavior from very beginning."
"I am now ordering you to drink it all! Why not? Finished it and suck my pair of stocking inside your mouth and sip it, don’t waste it!!!"
She snapped, " What are you waiting for? You must obey my instructions!!"

"Think I better do it…I have no choice." He told the same time carried with that basin of beer drank it all with the balance.
"Have you finished?" She asked "Take my piece of stocking suck into your mouth and sip it!"
He obeyed her instructs…sipped that piece of stocking which inside his mouth… "Idiot useless slave priceless than a dog" The lady gave him a slap on to his face.
"How was it? Isn’t it tasty and delicious with that piece of stocking!"
Got a slap from his stepdaughter, he fears to defiance…and continue sip that stocking inside his mouth with a depressed expression…and hope that the time could past faster.
"Isn’t it delicious? Still left a piece!" Moreover, he got another slap from her. She commanded "Lets dry it off this piece as well!"
He took that piece of stocking continuing suck into his mouth sip it dried..
"You better listen carefully, I do not want to see your idiot face tomorrow while I came back from work…
She told her stepfather " Its because previously you have had drank those beer which for me to wash my feet…Now take this money to buy beer…and get out of this place.." She threw her money on the floor.
He picked it up and kept silent…
That’s only a small sum of money. He has spent all within two days….he does not know what he should do without a pockets money.
At last, her stepfather forced to back home again…
She came back from work, and saw her stepfather was depressed and sat alone at outdoor’s gate of her house..
She was expected he would back again. He was so happy indeed once; he met his stepdaughter…just like a hope right infront of him…
"Have I told you not to come back again?" She came down from her car. Walks towards and asked him coldly " Why are you here for?"
" I have spent away my pockets money …" He answered softly and with his head down.
"That’s wasn’t my problem, I am not involved." She said " You may look for a job or can be a robbery…I didn’t owe you anything."
"As I am getting older, noone would employ me." He explains with pitiful expression…. but without tears.
" I see… not my problem." She said harshly.
"Aren’t you owned a few cooperate companies." He asked in hope.
"My companies will never employed old folks as a staff."
She continues "You are old enough….what to you think you could work for me!"
"Although I am not your real father, but I were your stepfather, was your mum’s husband…" The most he said, the most he felt himself pity…
"So what?" She compelled him " You want me to support you in financial?" I will rather own a guide dog…to look after my house!"
"But you may treat me as your guide dog" He responded quickly.
" To owned another dog like you?" She scorned " But you are priceless."
She walks into her house, left him out of the gate.
She sat on the sofa in the living hall, watching her stepfather is alone at the outdoor..seeing that situation….it seemed that her stepfather no other ideas where to source for his pockets money…
"Come! You come here!" She shouted. Once he heard she calling..and enter into her living hall…thought she has changed her mind again….
" Look!…. You are pitiful…" She smiled " O.K. Just treat it as I owned another dog…"
"Really?" He asked with doubts and surprised…thought the sun will be brighter tomorrow.
"Aren’t you wants to be a dog?" She said " Seems this job suitable to you too…"
"Yes…yes.. I go out now to look after this house for you…" once he finished talking…he went out immediate…
"Come back! Come back! I haven’t finish yet." She smiled " I already had a guide dog….you don’t have to look after for me."
"So….what kind of dog’s job you want me to be?" He couldn’t understand what she meant.
"Mmmm…I want you to be a dog knows how to sucked my toes and licked on my high heel shoes." She warned him again "If you do not wish to do so, you may leave this house now."
"If…if I will?" he has no other choice.
"Doesn’t mean you willing to do it, then will be alright…got to see your performance whether meet my expectation or not." She said proudly "If your service not up to my standard…you might ask to get out from this house."
"So…so what should I suppose to do?" He asked.
"Well…now? Come here…" She commanded, " Now you clean up my heel shoes with your tongue."
Her stepfather was a sex maniac…and she was a pretty lady….The only thing that he never licks ladies heel shoes before..but he yet goes right infront of her.
"Kneel down" She crossed her sexy legs…extended her left leg to him "Now you clean this heel shoes for me with your tongue!"
He follows her instruction and knelt down, look at her black dusty heel shoes with a fine and slim heel….
She used the front part of her high heel teased on his lip with smiled " Lick it….lick it clean for me until the heel shoe look like a brand new one!"
"Yes…" He extended his tongue out and starts to lick on her heel shoe’s surface.
" Not this part dog " She said " You start it from the bottom part and right up to the surface and make sure you lick it clean for me!"
"Right…this is what I want….lick it harder a little bit…" She commanded " Lick it clean those part that you could see…I would check on it later on….if I found there's a stains left out there… I might asking you this worthless dog to start do it all over again!"
The taste of her heel shoes was bitter…..he betrayed a little, but still lick it step by step….those dirts was stick on his tongue….he looks around…felt vomited…
"What are you looking at? Wants vomit?" She continues "Swallow those dirts into your stomach , do not mess on my floor."
"Yes…yes…" Of coz he felt uneasy, by not make her angry….he dare not to refuse…and swallowed it into his stomach.
"How was it? Isn’t it’s a good job licked on female’s heel shoes…?"
She laughed at him " Don’t you think , its like a dog’s duty?"
He ignored her laughing…fear to talk….although he was fed up, just let her be.
"This world has differentiate between valueness and priceless…."
She’s giggling "When a man was priceless…would yet still knelt under female’s feet and lick on their heel shoes….even kick them off…but they were still insist to lick on it."
"Why slow down your speed?" She asked as used her bottom part of her heel shoe knock his mouth softly, at the same time she said with smiled "Lick harder…how can you performed it so bad?"
"Your leg is shaking, how am I going to lick it properly?"
He was unhappy and not satisfied her attitude.
"That’s your problem!" She responded him with her reason "You have to make it clean, now is your job to lick on my heel shoes, not the other way round, if you are capable, don’t have to be like a dog, knelt underneath my feet and lick on the bottom of my heel shoes." Finished her lectured…she use her heel shoes kicked on his face.
"Am I right ?" She smiled " Even though if I gave another kick to you…You will still extend your tongue beg for licking heel shoes."
Don’t blame that I am looking down at you…." She giggling " Even though if I didn’t washed my feet for 3 days, you have no choice…still have to lick on my smelly feet…like a dog licks on my toes…."
"……." He has silent…because he got no other way out….got to rely on this lady for his pockets money.
He kept hard work to do with his job…and she was like a cat teasing a mouse….watch a show he presented…she kept changing her own style at all time she wanted him to be…and he became like a dog perspiration with his mouth busy.
Have had spent almost 2 hours long…
Finally, he had licked her heel shoes clean.
" Not bad, you are born to be talented." She laughed at him " A specialist potential heel shoes licker, hardly to look for another one like you did….priceless than a dog."
The most she look at him, the most she felt herself addicted…She was thinking….suddenly she roused up her leg and kick off her heel shoes far away distance…after a while, she instructed "Crawls over and pick it back for me with your mouth."
"Yes…." He crawled to pick it up…and carried it to her with his mouth.
" Next time, call me as MISS ." She continues " To let you have a name which easy to remember, I will call you doggie, so you would remember what position you were and who you are, to help your job performance more ultimately… At least, once I called your name, then its will remind me to give you instruction and lick my heel shoes clean… you understand?"

She took off her pair of stocking, and extended her feet right in front of him, her bare toes were teasing his lips…"Did you like this smell?" She laughs coldly.
"Open up your mouth.." She commanded.
"……." He obeyed her, and open wide his mouth…no brave to refuse.
She put in one toe into his mouth…with instruct, " Licks my toes clean."
His tongue was touch and lick on her toe and tasted saltish, the smell of her feet that which with she being wore for through out the day mix together with the smell of leather heel shoes. He could sniff with every second the moment he breathing.
"How was it? Isn't it addicted to lick on female's toes?" She laughed " And this will be your job duty in the future. I would instruct you lick on my toes and will ensure you enjoying doing it."
His mouth sucking her toes, and he do not know how to answer her….ashes, dusty….he was sucking it all according to his service….. He dare not to vomit it out, don't vomit it out….he would feel uneasy…at this moment, he blamed at that dog which used to lick for her every time, all because of that dog and makes she fell in love to have such enjoyment….he mumbled.
"Really DAMN it….* @ - # +" He scold silently.
"Such service pretty addicted…lick on feet and toes was so enjoy and comfort" She laugh quietly.
She light one sticks of cigarette at the same time give instruction " Swallow all whatever dirts which stick on your tongue…and you are not allow to vomit it out."
"Is all cleaned?" She asked " And then start all the steps again."
She can ignore nothing happen ever since she gave instructions, but every instructions she ordered, its enough for her stepfather's mouth and tongue busier than a dog. Now, he realized to rely on woman for pocket money, wasn't easy, as a alcoholic , further more age is catching up…even thinking of restart all his future which is too late for him, and now what he can do is to hope the God give him a helping hand, but would that be possible? He wonders.
Licks cleaned this feet but not least by another one…..slowly, he started feel the taste which inside his mouth was the same as her feet taste….
Upon she think is satisfied, and then she will pull out her toes from her stepfather mouth…
" Crawl over and bring my washing basin to me."
She instructed " Not by walking, is to crawl over!"
After he brought that washing basin, she dips her feets into it, open up two cans of beer, and pours inside to that basin to clean her feets.
"What are you staring at!" She scold " It because you are disqualified to lick my toes, your mouth has make dirty my feets, and these two cans of beer is to deduct your lousy performance, as to used it to clean those saliva on my feet, if you don't like it, you may pour it away."
"So how? Are you satisfy?" she scolded, " What are you still waiting for? Don't you hurry up to clean my high heel shoes inner part where the sole foot area….useless…idiot than a dog!"
He looks upset, carry her high heel shoes and extended his tongue licks on the inner part .
'Lick it cleaner." She added. Looking at him like a dog present a funny show, many time, she can't stop herself by laughing at him.
Waiting for him to finish licking her high heel shoes, then she allows him have a chance to rest for a while.
"How do you feel? Don't you think this is a good job? Isn't it addicted?" She smiled and tell him " This would be your job in future. But I prefer my worker do his job volunteer, so….whenever if you see I come back from work, I want you to come to me automatics and take off my high heel shoes and licks it clean immediate , follow by my toes…as well my sole….Oh yeah! Let brush your teeth and rinse your mouth clean before I back from my office, to avoid dirty my feets, do you clear what I'm saying!?" Anything else that's you are not understand, you may ask me now."
"Not…nothing…..un…..understand' Once he heard many rules from her, he dare not to ask further, to avoid get into deep troubles.
"Good! You did understand…but, let me tell you, if your service not upto my expectation….i will still kick you off and you can get out of this house."
She warns him.
"Yes…yes…mistress" He felt himself pity as like a dog.

"Oh…yeah forgot to tell you, you will be responsible to clean all my high heel shoes with your tongue in future.. and now get all here, and start licks it clean for me, and place it back properly…not much about 10 over pairs only."
"Yes…." He answer with shocked and look pity.
" Don’t ever think of works it short cut, I will check on each and every pair tomorrow, if I found out which pair is not proper done… I would ask you licks it clean once for me….Do you clear?" She shouted.
"Yes mistress" He responded with a sour face.
These night, her stepfather brought all her high heel shoes….busy licking one by another…until his tongue non-stop working on it, just like busier than a dog did.
He had finished licking all the high heel shoes until next day morning…..he has not even have a chance to sleep at all….because got to finish licking on all those 10 over pairs of high heel shoes….
He felt his tongue did not have any feeling any more….the salty taste together with dusts and those heel shoes dirts was filled inside his mouth…..
As usual…..every morning she goes to work, she will choose a pair of high heel shoes to match her working dress……looking at the time from her watch, still have one hour free time…
She saw her stepfather kneel infront of all those high heel shoes…and she calls her stepfather to come over….
‘Get me that pair of high heel shoes that I wore last night" She ordered her stepfather.
"Yes…." Her stepfather carried her, that pair of high heel shoes placed infront of her….
" And you lick this clean for me." She added.
"It’s has cleaned…." He answered with doubt about her instruction given.
"That’s good…since I still have one hour free time….licks this shoes for me once…do remember licks it cleaner…I would wear it to attend my meeting!" She told her stepfather.
"Yes…" Her stepfather took it to start his licking job again….
"Remember must lick clean the bottom part of the high heel shoes as well!" She commanded.
After a while….She sat on the sofa with her leg cross and watching her stepfather licking on her high heel shoes.
One hour later…"Is it done?" She asked her stepfather.
"It’s done…" He responded.
"Well, it’s cleaned, ok….bring it over and put on for me!" She said to her stepfather, " Becarfeul when you handle….don’t broke my stocking…you got to remember what I have told you yesterday, otherwise I will kick you out of my place!"
"Yes….mistress…." He responded with pity expression.
She has went out, after her stepfather put on high heel shoes for her. At this moment, he took a deep breath. …Looking here and there….finding place to rest and sleep….
But after a while… she suddenly drive home….and he was shocked and pay attention immediate.
" You don’t have any other things to do, aren’t you?" She asked her stepfather.
"No, quest for the time being." He responded.
"Great, if you are free…" she added " Let bring out all my high heel shoes again and licks it once!"
"These…these..think I have already…." He has a little unsatisfied and wanted to attack her stepdaughter. But at last he didn’t make it.
"How? I am only looking forward you to licks all my high heel shoes!"
Obviously, she looks trouble for him and said " If you dislike this job, then you don’t have to do it anymore, and you can get out of here now!"
" I don’t mean it….I lick ……I lick it…"
He got frighten from her words and immediately get one of those high heel shoes and extended out his tongue trying hard to licks it clean…he even more obeyed than a dog.
"Your ask yourself, aren’t you worthless than a dog?" She wants him to asked himself…" Aren’t you worthless?" Again, she asked.
"Yes..yes…mistress…I am absolutely worthless." He quickly answered.
"If you have knew yourself worthless …and do not trying to be funny." She scolded. " I am kind enough to you as I am now giving a chance to you this worthless dog to licks on my high heel shoes, and you should glad and appreciate, if you against me, you will not be qualify to drink my legs washed water!"
"Yes…yes, mistress…." He was shocked and sweated.
"If you have time, allow yourself to look infront of mirror" She insulted him and said "The moment you live here, and I want you like a dog, suck my toes and lick my high heel shoes everyday. If you are not capable….then get ready yourself to be a dog." Once she has finished talking and walked off from her house….
Since that day onward…her stepfather lives his life inhumanity, just a slightly better than a dog….
She will rings him a call, whenever she likes….., and instructs her stepfather walks all the way to her office from her house….and commands him, knelt under her desk to clean her feets and toes with his tongue.
Even every month she will buy herself a new pair of high heel shoes….Of course, she have accumulated many high heel shoes by end of the day….If have to licks once, for all her high heel shoes…., it's enough tough for this old man to works for a whole day long.
Two years later, this lady got married…and she had kicked her stepfather off from her house…make him became a beggar on the street…..the only different was…she often gives her stepfather pocket money….
At least….she did care of him for her mother .
----------// END //---------- 1

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