Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rachel Sears

Rachel Sears

By Craig

Rachel was the best babysitter in the world! Myself and Rach got along great all the time because she let me do what i want and when i want, she was great! But one day when my parents where going out and Rachel came over as usual she was in a bad mood. She stormed into my house and was angry that she had to baby-sit on her boyfriends birthday so she told me that i would pay. She shouted that i had to clean the whole house and make it shine while she went for a jog.

It was about an hour later before Rachel came back. I had cleaned the whole house as fast and as hard as i could and it looked pretty good. Rachel then said it was a mess and told me to get on my knees. I was so shocked about what i just heard that i froze and did nothing but that was a bad mistake. Rachel then kicked me hard with her muddy trainner right in my groin. I then screamed in pain and fell to the ground holding my groin, my balls were thumping with pain and i layed there at Rachel's trainners. She told me that i belonged at her feet and thats how it would stay. I told her i would tell my parnets but then she threatened that if i should tell my parents about me being her footslave then she would kick me in the balls again but a hundred times worse. I quickly shuted up for i didn't want another kick in the balls. Rachel then told me to lie flat on my back, which i did, and then she placed her muddy trainner on my face and told me to lick all the dirt off her shoes. I almost cried. I didn't want to lick them but i had no choice. I stuck out my tongue and licked the damp, wet mud off Rachels tranniers and swallowed the dirt. I nearly choked on it but Rachel never seemed to notice and then she told me to do the same with the other shoe. As Rachel placed the muddy shoe on my nose i could instanly smell the dog shit. I gaged. Rachel told me i better lick it off before she makes my balls brust. I felt sick but i licked the smelly, nutty and creamy crap off her shoe. I nearly puked but i heald it in. She told me i had done a great job and told me that i was now know as Craig the slave and she was know as mistress Rachel. I was then orderd to unlace her shoes with my teeth, i did so slowly. As her shoes came off the stinky, sweaty stench rushed right into my face. I didn't know what was worse, the dog shit or the stinky aroma making its way up my nostrils. My Mistress then placed her smelly right foot on my face and told me to smell it deeply and hard. As her foot touched my skin i could feel the warmness of her sweaty soles buring my nose. I smelled her feet. I then did the same for her left foot. My Mistress then sat on my chest and placed both feet on my face and rubbed her stinky and very wet soles all over my nose, cheeks, forhead, neck, ears and hair. My face was burning!!! Mistress Rachel then took her feet off my red hot face and then spat in my face and laughed a wicked sadistic laugh down at me and told me i was a pathtic foot slut that would be hers forever. I was going to be her foot bitch for life! Mistress then told me to stick out my tongue as far as it could go. She then scrapped her long toe nails down my wet tongue. I could taste the dirt from under her toe nails, the smelly dirt being leaft on my tongue. Mistress then placed her heel on the top of my tongue and ran her foot down my tongue hard and very slowly so i could taste every part of her smelly feet. The taste of her feet was amazing! Her feet had a strong salty taste that i could not get enough of! I licked her other salty foot mmmmmmmm her feet tasted so sweet and sweaty that i wanted more! I then moved on to suck all her yummy smelly toes mmmmm she even fitted all her toes in my mouth and wiggled then about in my wet hurgry mouth. I then licked inbetween her sticky, toe jam covered toes which also tasted of salt but stronger! Mistress Rachel laughed at me again and asked if i liked being her footslave. I told her i loved worshiping her feet and really want to carry on doing so for the rest of my life. She told me i have been a great slave a that i need a treat. She then un-zipped my pants and pulled out my hard sticky cock and licked up my hard shaft. I moaned as i licked her soles and sucked her sexy cute toes. She then sucked and licked my sweaty balls. I groaned with pleasure. Mistress Rachel then smelled the head of my cock and told me it smelled yummy, she then took me in her mouth and sucked my hard dick. She sucked on me for a while while a sucked on her feet. I then cumed my hot, wet, sticky load all over her mouth. She moaned in pleasure and she swallowed my sticky cum. Rachle then told me she would see me soon for my next lession on being her footslave. I can't wait!


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