Thursday, July 14, 2011

Billy’s Babysitter (Part 2) Tuesday

Billy’s Babysitter (Part 2) Tuesday
By FootBoyJJ

It was Tuesday afternoon, and Billy was walking home from school, except this time when he came to his house, he kept on walking. He decided to hang out at a friend’s house until 10:00. Well that quickly changed when there was a ring at the door and Mike’s mom answered the door.

"Hello what can I do for?"

"Hi I’m Amber, and I’m looking for Billy Poole, you see I’m his babysitter and when he didn’t come home, I got worried."

"BILLY!! There is someone for you at the door!!"

"Yeah, who is i….oh shit.."

"Come on Billy let’s go home."

Mike’s mother kicked Billy out of the house and Billy was stuck walking home with Amber and her tight hold on his arm.

"You really disappointed me, Billy. I thought you liked our little session last night. I thought you liked it so much that I went ahead and invited one of my friends over. We’ve been waiting on you for some time now." She said as she opened the door and he saw a girl standing in the hallway. He knew who she was, that was Erin, the high school track and field star. She was known all over the county for her tremoundus speed and endurance and her extreme training regiments. She stood 6’0 with shoulder length blonde hair and she had a good sized chest, which was unusual for athletic girls.

"You see Billy, since you kept me and Erin here waiting such a long time, we would skip the introductions and you get right to worshipping her feet. She’s had a LOONG hard day today, especially with the recent heat wave and her training, I can only imagine how much her feet must reek!"

Erin only smiled and pointed to the floor in front of the couch. Billy assumed the position on his back in front of the couch.

"Pull off my sneakers, slave!" Erin commanded

Billy took off her sneakers and he could visually see the blackened sole of her socks and the sweat stains on them.

"Sorry, I haven’t had a fresh pair of socks in my locker since last Wednesday." With that she pressed her crusty sock feet into his face and orders him to inhale.

Billy begins to inhale the cheesy/vinegary/musty odor eminating from her socks. He sniffs hard several times for five minutes.

"Enough of that time for sock sucking!" cheers Amber.

Billy took off Erin’s damp socks and put them in his mouth and began sucking the profuse amount of foot sweat out of them. The taste of her socks almost made him want to puke, but he managed to keep it down as he kept on sucking for another twenty minutes.

The socks were yanked out of his mouth and quickly replaced with her grungy toes.

"Don’t forget about the toejam between my toes." She laughed to herself, as Billy plied his toungue between her toes, getting the gooey toejam out and swallowing it, once again he felt the need to retch, but realized he would probably either be smacked or forced to clean it up himself.

Billy continued to worship her feet for another hour, licking the dirty soles and heels, and licking the sock lint off her arches, at least Billy hoped that was sock lint. It was getting close to 10:00 when Amber had her turn, so Billy quickly sniffed and cleaned her feet too.

"Here’s something for you to sniff while you sleep and you better do it too." She tossed him her socks from that day, "Oh shit, it’s getting late, you better get up to bed and sniff my socks while you jack off."

Billy ran up the stairs, sweaty socks in hand. He got under the covers and sniffed the socks a couple times, and he realized that he was getting to like this whole foot worship thing. Then there was a knock at the door and his sister appeared in the doorway, clutching something black in her hands, it was hard to see in the dark.

"Billy, Billy, Billy, you know Mom and Dad took the luxury of installing a Nanny Cam, and the strangest thing happened whenever they get home, the tapes are gone." She waves the black objects, "It’s very interesting what you do for the babysitter every afternoon for six hours."

Billy suddenly was like a deer caught in the headlights, he ran off his bed and kneeled in front of his sister, still clutching the babysitters socks, "Please sis, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t give those tapes to Mom or Dad!"

"Heh," she grabbed the socks he was clutching and put them to her nose and sniffed the toe end and laughed, "Her feet don’t smell as bad as mine do, but you don’t know that do you? I trust you, you will know what it is like to serve your own sister at her stinky feet."

And with that she walked out of the doorway and Billy was happy, now he had two foot mistresses to serve, one in the afternoon and one at night.

To Be Continued with Wednesday (Day 3 of Billy’s Servitude)


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