Friday, September 16, 2011

The bet!!!

The bet!!!
by cjjcjjc

My sister was older than am by 2 years making her 20 she always used to pick on me at home at school every where never hit it me it was just always making coments lieing about me and I was sick of it.My sister is called Rebecca shes got long blone hair a taned body even in winter (sunbed) she has size 14 shoes just like Mom I think shes ugly but every guy in my school says shes hot and comments like "i would do her".Well back to the story I was sick of it I wanted to get her back big time.So I a made a bet with her loser dose winners house work for a month she said no I tryed and I tryed In the end she said fine but if I won I got £100 If she one I did Anything she said the game was cards person with four highist card won I thought I would cheat I put 4 Aces on top of the red pack and made sure all four Aces were on bottom of blue my sister walked in and grabed the red pack "no thats my pack" she looked at me and said "so what a packs a pack" I whent pale of course I lost.

Mum was a sleep on couch after been at work all day "ok smell mums feet for one hour" Rebecca laugthed and sat on the chair watching I am one of those people who thinks if you have made a bet you should honour it I fell t my knees and crawled to mums feet and took a little wiff god they stunk "no put you face in them and take deep breaths" I did as I was asked I could feel the sweat off mums feet runing down my face I started smelling more and more each smell fellt like it was shooting up my nose to my brain it was hell I couldn't even see the clock to see if my time was up the big sweaty vinigur like feet were in my face I stoped and looked up at the clock it had been 30 mins my sister had left room "If shes gone so I am I" as whent to leave I herad "awwwww stoping already" I turned around to see Mum looking at me I couldn't speak "why were you smelling my feet?" mum asked so I told her everything about the bet she called Rebecca down and asked her about the bet "STOP IT FOR F*CK SAKE HES ALWAYS LYEING ABOUT ME IM OFF TO BED DONT CALL ME DOWN FOR ANY MORE LYES" Rebecca shouted like she was offened

"well look at that because you lyed about enjoying mummys feet you up set your sister what do you think your punishment should be?"
"well look at that because you lyed about enjoying mummys feet you up set your sister what do you think your punishment should be?" Mum asked I looked at her my whole body was trembleing I had no idea what was install for me all thanks to that stupid evil bitch Rebecca as long I live I will hate for this."I know what I'm not evil we have a faimly court tommorow I will be judge you vs your sister"
The next day I walked in to the garden for the family court I surpised by how many people were there.There was Aunt Marge and Aunt Mary the twins they both were in there 40s but looked like they were in their 50s they were fat and realy ugly im talking freddy kruger type ugly not just me ugly.My Aunt Jessica now she was realy beautiful I know I shouldn't but i've always had a crush on her from her long red firey hair to her perfect tan to her smooth soft skin.........Anyway My Cousin Tori she was as beautiful as her mum (Aunt Jessica) but as mean as Rebecca and Rebecca's best friend seeing her I knew I was pretty much screwed.
The trail begun we as a family bealived that all was fair in the family court it was only used in drastic cases I told them all about how I set up the deck the bet everything my sis just lied.After they all talked about it the jury (Aunt Mary and Marge ,Aunt Jessica and cousin Tori) Aunt Jessica stood up and said "we the Jury find Rebecca guilty of lieing and order her to pay Mark £500 in compensaion" I smiled I was happy I won I laugthed at Rebecca untill Aunt Jessica said "but how ever Mark did Cheat in first place so Rebecca will pay him the £500 and since smelling your feet was his own fault we order him to be your personal slave for rest of his life" I stoped laugthing and just wanted to argue but I knew I couldn't then my Mum said "Ok the Judge agrees but since a slave can not have its own money I will have the £500 and slave boy will remove all of the shoes off the jury and kiss and smell their feet and thank them one by one"
I had to crawl like a dog across the grass and up to Aunt Marge I removed her shoes and kissed her feet "thank you" I said and took a deep whiff oh my god it was horible rember mums was like it was shooting up my nose to my brain well this was 10 times worse after 5 mins of smelling i repeted on Aunt Mary then came Aunt Jessica I passiontly kissed her perfect feet she Laughted "enjoying that?" she asked " I was thanking you" I then I had to smell it smelled incredable was there anything about this woman I didn't like? Then came Tori hers was like her mothers but she kept saying "sniff them you worthless little prick" and griping my nose with toes.
The next day My slavery begun badly I woke up chained to the bed seeing my mum grining evily she ut her horible feet against my face and pulled my pants down and stroked my cock "your not leaving till your hard boy" she rubed it up and down up and down with her hand but the smell of her feet was making it imposible to get turned onthis countined till I was so used to the smell I couldn't notice it and then it happed my cock stood up It was like It had just woken up I then started cuming my mum removed her feet and wiped them all over my cock geting the cum between her toes she put her feet to my face "your so lucky breakfast in bed........"

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