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A special Saturday nite dinner

A special Saturday nite dinner
Part I & II
By danza

Danielle was sitting on the kitchen floor when she heared Amira coming home. It was the end of a saturday afternoon and Amira had been giving bella dance lessons. Usualy she would bring something home for dinner for the two of them but not today. When Danielle heared the key in the door, she crawled on hand and knees to the door to greet her when she came in. She kept her head bowed as a servant should for her mistress.

When the door opened, she could only see Amira's shoes. Her favorite sneakers were on her barefeet. Her jeans where a little short so her bare ankles showed. All afternoon she woud teach her students, barefoot on the hard wooden floor of the rehearsal room. After that, Danielle knew she didn't waste time on a shower because she would be hungry. She'd just put on those old sneakers and went home.

As a welcome, Danielle placed a kiss on both her shoes while Amira took of her coat. Amira did not say anything, she expected nothing less from her servant. Danielle saw a glimps of a pizza box when Amira took it from the hall table and watched her walk to the kitchen.

Normaly, she would have also a pizza for Danielle which she would put on a plate on the floor. Now she put the box on the table and sat down and started eating. Knowing she should never ask for her dinner, Danielle crawled under the table and laid at Amira's feet. Danielle hoped she would get some leftovers.

Amira lifted her shoes of the floor and placed them on Danielle's face. She used the little girls head as a footrest. The profile of her soles left traces on Danielle's face each time she shifted her weigth from the left foot to her right foot. With her right foot she even bounced for minutes to the beat of some dance music in the background.

Suddenly she removed her shoes from her servant't face and looked down at her. She smiled when she saw the clear imprint of her sole profile all over the little girls face. Finaly Amira spoke to her servant. She ordered Danielle up on her knees beside the table and tilt her head backwards. Danielle's face was now in the light of the kitchen and it cleary showed the footprints Amira's sneakers left on it.Amira laughed when she saw her work and took another bite from her pizza. Danielle could smell it and she got even more hungry, her stomach even made rumbling sounds.

Amira noticed it and grab Danielle's chin and gently forced her to open her mouth wide. She bend over the little servant, their faces just a few inches apart. Danielle saw Amira chew on the bite of pizza. Then Amira opened her mouth and a pulp of chewed pizza was spitted right into Danielle's opened mouth. Amira forced her mouth to close and ordered her to swallow.

Danielle did as she was ordered and swallowed down the chewed pizzabite. Amira took another bite and after some chews agian forced Danielle's mouth opened and spitted the pulp of saliva and pizza right in. She repeated the ritual a few more times and then took a nip of the red wine she opened to go with the pizza. Feeling the wine slide down her throat, she saw Danielle looking at her, hoping for a drink. Amira just got an evil grin and Danielle saw her cheeks move. After Amira got her mouth full of saliva she forced Danielle's mouth open and spitted it again in. This time she waited to close Danielle's mouth and laughed when she saw the little girls mouth filled with her saliva. Grinning she ghatered two more mouthfull's and spitted in, filling her servant's mouth up to her lips.

Enjoying the sight of it, she leaned back and smoked a cigarette. Danielle's neck got stiff from holding her head backwards and hoped Amira would finish her cigarette soon and would give the permission to swallow. Amira however, didn't mind and took her time and even read some magazines on the kitchen table while she smoked. By now, the mouth full of her mistress saliva tasted foul on Danielle's tongue. Danielle could not decide if the pain in her neck or the taste in her mouth was the worst thing for now.

Then, when she was just about to put her cigarette in the ashtray, Amira again looked at the mouth full of spit of her servant. Amira then moved her hand over her servant's face and put out the still glowing cigarette in the little pool of saliva. After that, she closed Danielle's mouth and ordered to swallow. Danielle swallowed the spit and the cigarette tip both. After swallowing she bowed down and placed a kiss on each shoe to thank her mistress for the few bites she got.

Amira slipped out of her shoes and shoved one under Danielle's face. The little girls face was right above the instep of the smelly sneaker. She could even see the imprint Amira's sole made inside the shoe. Amira placed both her bare feet on the back of Danielle's head, forcing her into her sneaker. Danielle's stomach turned when all she could breath in was the putrid smell of the old sneaker. Luckily, Amira only pressed her down for a minute or so and then released the pressure. Amira got up and took the pizza box with still a slice left over and walked into the living room.

Amira turned the tv on and started to watch some program. She ordered Danielle to crawl over and if she was still hungry, she knew what she had to do. Not having eaten all day expcept for some chewed pizza bites, Danielle looked down at the box on the floor. The was almost nothing left. It was mashed into a undefinable pulp that now covered Amira's feet. Amira didn't bother to even look at Danielle anymore and started to watch a movie.

After an hour or so, Danielle could not hold it any longer and she needed to have something to eat. She crawled over to Amira and looked and the pizza pulp on Amira's sole and between her toes. Danielle laid down on the floor and started licking Amira's toes. It wasn't even too bad, the taste of the pizza camouflaged the smell. Then Danielle's tongue went between Amira's toes. After licking of the pizza, her tongue also licked up some toejam between Amira's toes. Danielle got all her courage and swallowed that too.

After that, she started to work on the soles. Amira walked almost all of her life barefooted and had very rough soles. Licking them hurted Danielle's tongue but complaining would not have any effect. Luckily, Amira's soles where not realy that black anymore. Most of the dirt mingled with the pizza pulp. Amira told Danielle to keep licking till she would tell her to stop. Danielle did while Amira just watched television, not one moment looking at the little girl serving her at her feet.

At the end of the evening, Danielle could finaly stop the licking when some late night show on television ended and Amira was tired and wanted to go to bed. Amira looked down and the girl and saw she cleaned her foot perfectly. Her rough and dirty dancers feet where completly clean. Danielle's mouth on the other, was sore from licking and it was if she could taste the floor and the soles of all the women in Amira's dancin class.

Amira got up and walked upstairs to go to sleep. Danielle quickly got up and took the pizza box and threw it in the dustbin. After that she crawled upstairs to the bedroom. Amira was already sitting on the bed, wearin only a nite shirt now. Daniellecrawled in and lay at her feet beside the bed. This was where she had to sleep. When Amira would wake up, she wouldn't have to step directly on the cold floor but instead she could step on Danielle's soft belly.

Amira looked down at the little girl at her feet and just showed that evil grin again. Danielle was so tired her tongue was so sore from licking the callused soles for over two hours. Especialy the rough edges on Amira's heels scraped her dry tongue. Amira noticed it and asked Danielle if she wasn't happy to please her mistress. Danielle tried to speak but her mouth was to dry. Amira bursted out in laughter while the little girl tried to answer. "Got a dry mouth there, slut?" Amira asked laughing. Danielle just nodded yes.

Ok, Amira said, and shifted her weight forward. She slipped of the bed and then just sat down on Danielle's face. With her nose covered by Amira's ass it was hard to breath for the smothered servant. When Amira moved a little she could sometimes take a little breathe but the air was filled with the smell of Amira's ass. Arroused by the feeling of Danielle's face underneath her crotch, Amira started riding the girls face, her wet crotch moving up and down on her nose. Her nose covered in her ass and her pussy on her mouth, Danielle tried to stay breathing. After a few wild movements, Amira came all over Danielle's face. The little girl could feel her misstress shook all over on her face and after the climax, Amira dropped her crotch on Danielle's face. Amira almost forgot the girl underneath her, still shivering from the climax.

With her face now wet and Amira's crotch so heavy on her, Danielle couldn't hardly breathe. After a minute she paniced and her arms tried to wave and signal her misstress. Amira lifted her crotch just an inch from her servants face and Danielle opened her mouth wide to breath in some fresh air. Trying to do that, Amira simply lowered herself again, and Danielle's face was burried in her crotch again. The little girl signaled it was so hard to breath but Amira just laughed. After a few seconds that seemed to last hours, Amira raised her ass again and Danielle opened up to get a breath of fresh air.

When Amira heared the heavy breathing, she let out a loud fart on the girls face and sat down again. Danielle's last breath was the smelly fart and all went dark again. This time it only took a few seconds and Danielle opened up wide again. Amira now positioned her crotch over Danielle's mouth and ordered her to keep her mouth open.

Danielle looked up and saw Amira rubbing herself. Then Amira relaxed her muscles and let out a stream of warm piss into Danielle's mouth. As best as she could Danielle's dry mouth swallowed the golden juice she got from her misstress. Her mouth was so dry, she could not taste it anymore. After a while, the stream stopped and ended in a few drops. Danielle's tongue licked of the last drops so her misstress was clean again. After that, Amira got up and stepped in to her bed. Danielle laid on the floor, and with a soft voice thanked her misstress for this special saturdaynite dinner...

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