Friday, September 2, 2011

A Concerned Individual

A Concerned Individual
By Author Unknown

I just got back from visiting my mistress. She's about 5'7" with
long reddish-brown hair, a beautiful 25 year-old face, a slim-yet-
shapely figure, and wonderfully soft, smelly, beautiful size 7 feet.

I arrived and she ordered me to remove my clothes and kneel before
her. When I did so, she ordered me to place my hands behind my back,

When I did this, she proceeded to hogtie me. She then tied my body
to the edge of a 3-foot high bed, so that I was laying on my back,
face upwards pointing to the foot of the bed.

Laying there helpless, I looked into her beautiful green eyes and
she said, "Looks like someone needs a gag."

No arguments here. "If it pleases you, mistress."

She proceeded to slowly remove her sneaker and sock (which she had
been wearing for 30 hours straight!) inches from my face. The moment
her shoe came off, a very strong cheesy smell hit my nostrils. Once
she removed the sock, she said, "open wide," and I did, and she
shoved the sock, turned inside-out, toe-end first, into my mouth.
She then proceeded to take some very thick rope and tie it around my
head, so that it kept the sock in my mouth very tightly.

So here I am, laying there at the foot of the bed, hogtied to the
bedpost, with a sock tied into my mouth. She smiled at me, climbed
up on the bed, and wasted no time plopping her other socked foot
over my nose.

She placed her toes over my mouth and the ball of her foot tightly
down on the sock, making sure I couldn't breathe through my mouth.
She ordered me to take deep breaths, and I did, breathing in a
wonderful cheesy stench for at least 10 minutes. Then she took off
her other sock, and placed the toes of that foot over my nose, and
the other foot down above it, pressing the toes into my nose. I lay
there like that breathing in her toe-stink for another 10 minutes,
while she alternated feet and rubbed them all over my face. Her toes
and soles were so wonderfully soft and sweaty and warm.

Then she said she was going to move me, but had to give me something
to smell while she did it. So she took the other sock, tied it over
my nose, and proceeded to move me over to the middle of the room, re
hog-tied me, and then told me to lay down on my back and raise my
legs up to give her a chair.

I did so, and she sat on my legs, took the sock off my nose with her
toes, and proceeded to plop both bare feet on my face, completely
covering my face and eyesight. I lay like that for another 10
minutes or so, breathing in the stench of her bare soles. She just
kept saying "Good slave, take deep breaths of my footstink," which I
did, naturally.

Whils I lay there smelling her feet, she tied some rope around my
erect penis and started jerking it with the rope. This was driving
me crazy, of course, because with it tied so tightly, it felt great
but I couldn't come. All this with her soft, warm feet on my face,
pressing down hard.

Then she untied me and brought me over to her throne. There, she had
me kneel at the foot of the throne, and tied my hands and feet to
the throne so I couldn't move. Then, she sat down with her feet at
the edge of the throne, and proceeded to plop them back on my face,
this time toes over the nose, and the other foot on my chin. She
then pressed my head/body back as far as it would go, straining my
arms against the rope, while I breathed in her footstink, with the
gag still on, unable to move or breathe through my mouth.

Finally, after about 5 minutes of that, she asked if I would like to
kiss her feet. I nodded, she took the gag off, and I proceeded to
kiss her feet, all over, for about 20 minutes, all while still
breathing in the heady cheesy stench, while tied to the throne.

Eventually, she said to me, "Open wide slave!"

I did, and she stuck all 5 toes of her right foot in my mouth.

"Suck 'em all, and get in between, slave," she said. I did, tasting
the salty footsweat and toejam between her tiny toes. She put her
other foot over my nose so I could smell her feet while sucking her
toes. I stayed like this for another 10 minutes or so, after which
she switched feet.

Then, she ordered me to lick every inch of both feet clean. I did so
while she held my head in a firm grasp by my hair, guiding my head
and tongue where she wanted them.

Finally, she said to me, "You've been a very good slave, I think
I'll let you masturbate, but you have to do it my way!"

So, she untied me from the throne, re-hogtied me, took the rope off
my dick, placed my dick in her shoe, so that I was laying face-down
on top of the shoe, and ordered me to hump her shoe until I came.
When I started doing so, she stuck her left foot in my mouth so I
could have 5 toes to suck on, and started rubbing her right foot all
over my face.

Needless to say, after all that stimulation, it only took me a
minute or two to finish. She still made me worship her feet for
another 20 minutes or so before untying me, though.

She then told me she had fun, and she'd be giving me a call to come
back and do it again. Once again, no arguments here. :)

She gave me the sock that I didn't suck on, and I'm smelling it
right now. It still smells wonderfully cheesy, and I think I'll be
putting it in a Ziploc for later enjoyment. :)

Great way to spend an afternoon, eh?

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